Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orchestra Tumba Africa International -
African People, Sonafric 50092, 1979

Good afternoon groovers, welcome home at the global. Many of
you are waiting for a certain upload or another. It is very hard to
find the energy to re-upload all my files. I guess the hangover of
Mediafire's action to delete all our 1197 files is kicking in a little
late. Maybe I didn't allow it at the time being. Other topics on my
prioritylist are fighting for supremacy right now and for the moment
re-ups'll have to wait a bit. I reckon you understand and give me a
break. A fresh new post like today's shall occur as often as usual.
This is the first time they appear at the GG, Tumba Africa from
Nigeria, five songs from 1978, sleevenote; "A collection of talented
musicians has arrived to blow your mind.",
..signed, Emeka Onuorah.
better judge yourself...


1 African people
2 Chop i chop
3 Sister waka waka no good
4 Take time
5 Sweetheart



Choco said...

This looks good. Thanks for the share. As for the re-ups, take your time and do your priority in life first. We all can wait. This is a community and we understand well.

sulingman said...

I feel that re-ups are mostly unnecessary. I vote to just keep moving forward. And thanks!

ajnabi said...

Moos, with the now and not the past! You're a hero.

Wadys Mercado Silgado said...

Mr. Moos, congratulations on this tremendous albun that gives us, these artists are in their melodies explendidos thank you very much and greetings .....

edherfor said...

great band highlife
greetings from colombia
happy weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great music!