Sunday, March 25, 2012

African System Orchestra - Fine Country,
Rogers All Stars 1980

The GG has quite a few friends in the Barranquilla area of Northern
Colombia, the're crazy for Nigerian highlife in that outpack, understandable.
A request was received for this particular lp and it just so happened
it was waiting upfront of my Nigerian record pile. I hope you can
use it and create some phat pico champeta sound with this.
Get to it. In case you forgot,
password = globalgroove.

A little update for all new or not frequent visitors;
Some time ago all our files were deleted by Mediafire.
For the time being, no re-uploads take place. New posts
keep appearing and some older posts like our compilations
have working links. Some fine day in the future all links
shall be re-uploaded. Some fine day in the future...


1 Fine country
2 Monique a duala
3 Nobody knows tomorrow
4 Agnes my love



moos said...

..sorry but I made a mistake, inside the file you'll find that I forgot the letter 'n' in African. You may have to chage it yourself..

Victor said...

Yes...., Moos glad you'r back. You made my sunday, sun in the house as ouside. Thanks.
Victor B, Italy

Jaime said...

thank you very much!

LeFranck said...

Thanks Moos for this great album.
Track 2 "Monique a Duala" is French and Lingala.
Do you know the name of the members of African System Orchestra?
I can hear on their English that more than one is from Congo/Zaire. Even the guitar got the Congo rythme.


Juan Carlos said...

this band is from Cameroon, John Blade commented some years ago.

"Actually, groups like this, Super Negro Bantous, etc. are more Camerounian than Igbo, as was Nico Mbarga’s band for a while. These musicians all came to Nigeria when the oil money was flowing, and were deported when the going got rough in the mid-’80s." Jhon Blade

about the names of the members of this orchestra


Juan Carlos
Barranquilla - Colombia



Choco said...

Liking this - thanks for the share Moos. Like that saying some fine day - very true. Even a gloomy cloudy lifts eventually to reveal a beautiful sun.

Anonymous said...

moos well thanks if you could upload the super negro bantous album called god will pay you ... I'd appreciate it moos ...

moos said...

I would NEVER post an album called; God will pay you, never ever..
there is NO god...

Anonymous said...

Don't be upset Moos. There is No god. I think some people have a placebo-positive efect, at best. 99 percent of religion is vomit.

Nevertheless, you have posted quite a lot of religious music. I could not be bothered, the music was always greater than understanding of the language. Super Negro Bantous have made a lot of great albums (you posted them, so I know).

Thank you very much Moos.


moos said...

..not upset, I just can't take enough distance from the poison, old frustration..thanks

Anonymous said...

dear Moos.....

just wanted to thank for the past 3 years!!!

you have truly enriched my life with beautiful sounds en spirituals....

I will always remember where i got the goods from!!!!

but..... this life is moving in a different direction for me... i will be travelling so i wont be able to download for quite some time....

whatever your decide with this super blog of yours:

i had a ball!!!!!!!!!! [& in the end i hope you did too ;-] ...]

cheers & love


moos said...

Anonymous said...

moos I really like the album Prince Nico Mbarga - good father if you could upload it .. I would greatly appreciate you friend ...

soukousman said...

Thanks for the African System Orchestra Moos! Their music is an combination of Soukous and Nigerian Highlife which was primary influenced from Prince Nico, etc. Also do you have more from the Zaire Promotion series its quite rare and the ones I found are Vol.1 and 3

moos said...

Anonymous said...

On April 2 Ebenezer Obey celebrated his 70th birthday. Can you upload one of his albums to celebrate the man


moos said...

dear Visitor, if you think; why is nothing happening here, I am re-decorating and building a new recordwall so all equipment is waiting for a new setting. Hang in there, we'll be back later this month..

abudaiyo said...

Phew.....I was beginning to worry. Thanks for the reassuring update!
Enjoy your redecorating! As for me, now the loooooong winter is almost over, I'm starting to think about gardening.