Monday, February 27, 2012

Alhaja Queen Salawa Abeni and
her Waka Moderniser - I Love You,
Kollington Records

This week I received a request for some juju, fuji or apala.
It's been some time but we had her before at the GG.
This is a type of music I enjoy once in a while but know
absolutely nothing about. The rhythms are overwhelming
and I think Queen Salawa Abeni has a huge voice,
why don't you give it a try ?


1 Bi eye oni eye sinu
- Suru lo dara
- Asa pelu adie
- Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla je akeweje
- Oro ibanuje ko ni kan wa
- I love you
2 Eku odun eku iyedun
- Eyin iya eba mi re
- Apada saburu ko ni bawa
- Awa ko ni mo orori omo wa
- Ko seye to le fara we igun
- Olorun lo fun wa lorin wa ko



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this upload. You are greatly appreciated. Wainting for you to upload some King Sunny Ade. Thanks


anders said...

this is gold jerry

Varkenpens said...


It seems that one man's Apala is another man's Fuji, and vice versa.

I'm a massive Alhadji Haruna Ishola and his Apala Group fan. A the mind-bogglingly staggering discovery of a female counterpart/counterpoint to the Great Man has set my mind agog.

I came, I downloaded, I listened: more 'Fuji', methinks! However, none of the other links are functional.

Boo! Hiss!

Ditto with 'Zulu Jive'.

Then again, I have availed myself of the entire 'Ghana, Highlife' library: Ik ben erg blij!

Pardon my Dutch...