Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mediafire explains..

Good morning groovers,
Yesterday I received mail from the Mediafire-team.
The content speaks for it's self;

It has been determined by Mediafire that you have repeatedly uploaded and distributed copyrighted and/or pornographic material, which is a clear violation of Mediafire’s Terms of Service. Due to this violation, Mediafire has exercised our right to terminate and delete the contents of your Mediafire account. For more information please refer to our Terms of Service, which can be read here:

You can see it has nothing to do with the whole MU consternation.
My files were deleted because I repeatedly re-upped some deleted files.
It is all my own stupid fault and I am so sorry about it. For the moment 
I shall contemplate what to do next. Finding another host and re-up
my whole blog will take lots of time and energy, but is one of the options.
Give me some time to think it over or if anybody has an idea, let me know.
Thank you all for being super supportive..

I mailed Mediafire and begged them to reconsider and give me another chance.
We'll have to see if they grant it..., one way or the other,
I'm gonna take brake to wait and see,
be back some day soon..


Kostas from Piraeus said...

Dear Moos,
"You've performed an invaluable service for the world's collective cultural heritage, keeping alive this amazing body of nearly forgotten music...
Your blog educated me and opened new horizons, and I am grateful to you for that.
Don't give up, but keep safe..."
I rewrite two comments from two friends and I agree with them 100%...
I hope you will find the correct way to keep on!!!
Best regards...

SiamCity said...

yes I, thanks for the music. This is an interesting & valuable blog. Keep up the good works!
Paul Rootsical @ siamrootsical blog

Anonymous said...


kissmynoose said...

Greetings Moos
I don't think the reason for the deletion of the files is the "stupid fault" of anyone - least of all you. More likely Mediafire are running scared that they will meet the same fate as Megaupload. A pity that great blogs such as yours are caught up in all this kerfuffle.

Anonymous said...

you should not have put pictures of sleeves up here were here are pieces of skin visible that are located between the belly and the neck of a woman. You should never show women skin below the belly. so every good mediafire-muslim-christian knows that you were taken down in truth, because there have been pictures shown where you have not used the normal self-censorship. bla bla

John B. said...

The file-hosting services are all walking on eggshells now. Hang in there.

Oro said...

It seems like Mediafire has 3 months to delete their hosting files.
Is it true ?

Oro said...

dear Moos,
Do you know other blogs which met same problem as your's ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Moos,

I agree with everyone else I don't think it's anything you have personally have done. Wrong place wrong time & all that. It must be heartbreaking to see so much hard work swept away overnight & frustrating that Media Fire cannot distinguish between the posting of the latest big selling CD & these long forgotten & unavailable little gems that you post but that's how it is right now. I've always loved the idea of your blog as a resource, like a library & while I don't download everything (my poor ears haven't the time)I often come back to things at a later date. For the future though I wondered whether it was worth you considering posting things for a limited period, 1 month perhaps 'grab it while you can' & all that. Then see how the future of all this privatisation of the web by Rupert Murdoch & his ilk goes.



myr said...

I think the same as the first comment, I know now lot of music thank's to your blog and others... The government hasn't taugh me anything... You share music and If I like it I buy the CD or LP...
The FBI has more important things to do as put the bankers that led us to the crisis into the jail.
Thank's for the great job you've done!

billyclex said...


Have loved coming to your blog to see what classic music you have found. I would not worry about trying to repost what has been taken down. If you decide to continue, just start fresh, it will still be a treat.

Night Hawk said...

Don't give up, by all means. Either by rebuilding or by creating something new. Global Groove is not only a goldmine, but also a state of mind. You are among the places I visit the most often on the web, and I send you thousands of thanks for all the good music you found, saved, and shared here.
Rules become stupids in the hands of stupids.

L.Warlock said...

However, thanks for your work.

gilhodges said...

Far from blaming yourself, Moos, you should feel a wide measure of satisfaction for the contributions you have made in respect for the music and its appreciators. This has been an historic undertaking, really. When you mentioned yesterday that you had uploaded 1200 recordings, it occurred to me that what you have done is make accessible to all one of the world's great music collections. Phenomenal. You deserve a break. Whenever and however you decide to move forward, I will be eager to support your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moos,

hope you find a way to continue, I love your blog with all that fantastic music and all the informations! Good luck and best wishes for yourself
Take care

faud said...

First, thanks for your work and the service done to defend and share the global musical patrimony !
I'm also running a blog and I'm praying for my files.
I use Divshare and until now I do not have to complain about them. Maybe It could help you...
Thanks again for all what you've done !
Keep on sharing.

All the best,


dial africa said...

You see that we all love and depend on your service; once in the comments we've had the word addiction to describe our state. ok.

I will use your break to listen to some of your music I couldn't find time to listen to until now. So you have some time for the break; but then, please let's go on.
In one way or another.

If you think that the reason for the complete deletion of your blog is that you've re-uploaded several deleted files I'm curious if I will survive. One of my last ups was deleted by MF; and I will not reup to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

As I read what MediaFire has written to you, I along with many other commenters take their words to mean simply that they chose to delete your files because of the content. It has nothing to do with you having reuploaded something that was deleted. MediaFire wouldn't care about you re-uploading something that was deleted, all they do is provide the storage space. Their problem with your content is specifically with the copyright aspect, doesn't matter whether it was a re-upload or a first time upload.

Anyway, sorry you're being caught up in this wave of hysteria.

Gonzalez on Speed said...

Sad to read all of this Moos.
Obviously just some automatic generated bullshit message from Mediafire. We will probably never know the real reason for removin' all links. Anyway, no need to blame yourself please. With all your good work you have given so many followers and visitors of this blog eye-openers to a fantastic variety of music from all over the world and you should get a statue for that ;-)
Internet is a great place to find precious musical shares like yours but one disadvantage : a man "behind the buttons" can sweep away all with a single mouseclick.
But no man can ever sweep away your hardcopy collection ! Hopefully you will be back one day.
But I think it is very good to take a break and first see how all this strange movements behind the scenes about sharing music on the internet are developing.
Take care !!
greetings from Rotterdam ;-)

Oro said...

Whose next: WeLove-music ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Moos,

Sorry to hear the news. Your blog is a true treasure.

Thank you for sharing your great work. I hope you'll find a way to keep it going.

Brah Mixalot

legrandmaitre said...

Definitely not your fault Moos - afer all, which albums might have caused a problem?
Kissmynoose is right I think. There are quite a few download sites now running scared - Filesonic and Uploadstation are two that I've encountered. They now say that only the uploader can download - no sharing.

Meanwhile a 1000 sincere thankyous for all your work and dedication.

Gonzalez on Speed said...

WTF !!!! Seems more bloggers having serious problems - also Rock It! (rockit1.blogspot.com just per today completely blank !!
Forget the eurocrisis, THIS IS THE REAL CRISIS !!

Joseph DeStale said...

Shall we say nothing last forever ? You runned a great great blog !

Toto said...

Sorry to hear the sad news Moos...Global Groove always reaches the parts other blogs fail to.

LeonLeon said...

Thank you for the job you've done, we all have dicover things and find thins that we knew they exist but coudn't fond... The truth is that I have enough good music for the rest of my life... May be It's is good to have time to enjoy it and give it it's thrue value... more than just music boulimia... wich may be my case even with excellent music.
See you

Unknown said...

As if we could buy this stuff in the store. At the very minimum, the Cuban stuff is just not available in the U.S.

Marc from Madagascar said...

Quand j'ai découvert votre blog il y a quelques mois, je n'en ai pas cru mes yeux. Quel Trésor!!! J'ai retrouvé de nombreux disques que j'avais découvert avec la communauté africaine de Marseille il y a une vingtaine d'année; ce n'était qu'une goutte d'eau au milieu de toutes ces merveilles que vous avez mis à disposition de tous les mélomanes aux oreilles bien ouvertes. Je regrette de ne pas avoir tout télécharger, me disant que c'était là, qu'il n'y aurait qu'a les découvrir petit à petit. Grosse erreur!! Honte à ceux qui se permettent de faire disparaitre tout ce travail de partage et d'éducation musicale. Tous mes encouragement pour la suite et un très grand merci.

kabuga said...

Hi Moos,

Sorry for the problem. Was able to download the Rochereau lp. A solution is sure to be found. GG is too good to let go.


WILLIAM said...

dios adelante con este blog realmente tienes buena musica, adelante te apoyamos

Kwabena Boakye said...

Dear Moos, sorry for all this trouble you are going through for our sake....we are very willing to help you re-construct this blog again if u so wish....I can volunteer to upload every album from here by Ghanaian artistes in Ghana or outside Ghana that you ever posted, as soon as you give the greenlight. then I will post the link to each upload in the comment section....I believe if each & everybody contributes their part, there will be less work for you and everything will be back on course in a short time for you to continue your good work here....we are with you in whatever decision you decide to take. You are here for us, and we are also here for you. Long live the global groove.

Anonymous said...

Caro Moos,
Others are being affected as well. Have a look at the following article (in French):

moririver said...

Thank you Moos, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have some of my favourite music (most of the benga music on here is amazing).

With a lot of these out of print records, people will be selfish and only trade them for other rare releases or even ask money (yes, sadly I'm talking about mp3s. not physical copies). So it really prevents new listeners to discover beautiful music.

After trying to get some benga music online that wasn't on here, I realized how kind and awesome you are for posting all this music to share with everybody.

With great sadness, I still have hope for the future of the freedom of music sharing.

If there are any huge benga music fans that read this, send me a shout. Id love to meet more people into East African Gems.

Thank you.



doc patcheko said...

this is heartbreaking news. but please, don't let it get you down, moos. just think of the pleasure you brought to people by sharing your collection of this incredible, almost lost music.

take a break and see how this all plays out. as others have expressed, i don't think it has anything to do with you re-upping files. it has everything to do with mediafire being scared shitless.

you are one of the good guys. take care and thanks again for the music.

Boogie said...

Hi Moos, first of all, thanks for all the good stuff.
Second, we now have to go where the FBI has to stay outside. For the moment Rapidshare is still safe, they are Swiss and they like dollars, but not the FBI. In the future the Russian hosters wil always be safe. I just opened an account on Narod.ru, it works. There is also letitbit and ifolder.
I have my blog on Russian Moole: http://radio_boogie.moole.ru/
I've also posted West African rips, please check them out and help yourself. You need to register there, but they don't molest you - it just helps against Google & FBI. Rock on, Boogie

cabaretdiaspora said...

So So Sorry
You were my best source of music for my radio show

Anonymous said...

this whole episode makes me want to weep. why can't the "film and music industry" of the US just go somewhere and quietly die? instead, it has to lash out every year or two and make a mess of a bunch of people's lives and entertainment. sigh...miserable.
it looks like holywarbles has closed up shop. I pray you don't do the same...something will come along to replace megaupload (and everything else) and, in the mean time, just post a "site on hiatus". too much work and goodness here to just throw away. please please don't throw this away.
this is a really incredible gift the the internet and it's actually fucking tragic that it's being compromised like this. you should be paid to do this...your work on this site has immense social value. thank you!

moos said...

Dear visitors, for the moment being I will just wait to see how everything developes. If I know a safe storage facility, I shall continue and re-up my old files. Do not expect this to happen directly, I need to find a way to avoid this from happening ever again. Just be very patient, I shall not throw away my four years of work and promise to continue in some way. Meantime, thank you all for being there, come back to watch a video every now and then, we'll finally get there ! Cheers folks...

bolingo69 said...

Yes Moos, that is the spirit! Just take a breath and wait a bit and see what is solid ground to thread. Everyone has so much music to listen to in the meanwhile! Most of my own links at my blog are broken. However much more modest than your grand work I will do my utmost to remedy that in some time coming. We will never give up! Resistance is necessary to preserve the sanity of mankind! Babylon shall not crush us!

Anonymous said...

It's really a shame this should ever happen and a shock - feels almost like losing a friend. Mediafire is doing a disservice to music and a service to no-one. Anyway thanks for the music and education Moos. I hope it all works out somehow.


Thom said...

Hey Moos,
That's totally a pain for you - all that thard work lost.
But the thing is, that while it was up, there were loads of peeps who loved the stuff you put up and had their minds educated with all the wonderful music you explored for them.
I do hope you find a way to continue, but while you rest, let everyone who has benefited from your blog send you much love and positive vibes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Moos my radio show was the richer for your posts and my two year old has a love for west african grooves thanks to you site - oh and those cumbia comps and discos fuentes posts - delicous. How about somehow we create a truly global groovers and everyone reups what they've downloaded onto their hard drives on one big community blog.
Someone start it and we will all follow.

Alexis said...

Hey Moos,

I join all the comments left here, you've accomplished a fantastic work over the years making available music most of us probably wouldn't have had the chance to listen to otherwise. I can't tell you how much I am grateful for the LPs you made me discover thanks to your blog.
I understand your deep frustration but I really hope you won't give up because it would mean that people would lose the invaluable opportunity I had to come across the great music you shared in your blog.
Don't underestimate your contribution to musical culture and keep it up as soon as you're ready!

Again, many thanks for your dedication & generosity and see you soon on the web!


Anonymous said...

What is frustrating is that you are posting material that is UNOBTAINABLE !

What should they care?

Thanks for all your grand and generous efforts.

ApoptoseVideoCrew said...

Getting those files is going to be hard, but I sure as hell hope that they will somehow get back online... I've been following this blog for a while and the music you brought me was making so many people around me happy...

I sadly lost my computer in a fire recently, out of all the 200gigs I lost I was saddest to know that these records where lost and unobtainable again. I hope that they will somehow be available to folk again, if not I thank you deeply for the great times!

Anonymous said...

Moos, so sad to hear about this. I am so grateful to you for all the work you put into your blog. I learned so much about wonderful music from around the world, especially the Congolese goodies. Thanks for sharing!!!
Jorge in FL (formerly in NH)

Kevin said...

I don't really know what to say about all of this, as I'm a bit shellshocked. Thank you so much for sharing so much amazing and rare music on here. I have a blog too and will be forced to make a decision on a file-sharing service in the near future. I hope that you do continue in some way, as this blog has been an invaluable resource for finding rare international music. However, if you don't it is understandable.

Best to you!


legrandmaitre said...

I've just read this on World Service:

"I am still upset about the brusque (over)reaction by other filehost services to the injust and in my opinion illegal action taken against Megaupload. I sincerely hope the pause at the Global Groove blog will be a temporary one, and that all blogs dedicated to the unearthing of non-western music in general, and African and Latin music in particular, will carry on uncovering and promoting the artists which have not received the global recognition and acclaim they thoroughly deserve."

What is so infuriating is that if things were left entirely to corporations like Universal, all you'd be able to listen to would be Robbie Williams - because for them the best business strategy is to persuade everybody to listen to much the same rubbish. They don't want diversity, and they certainly have no interest in curating beautiful music from the past.

I see that Holywarbles has closed - that's tragic, best wishes to owl and I hope he can resurface in some way.

Hang on in there Moos, things will change round again, it will just take a little time.

FK said...

Dear Moos, just coming back from a long trip, I was curious what surprise you had posted meanwhile and I am really sad to see what happened. You may have violated a copy right or two, but mostly you have been preserving music and hohoring artist that may have have gone lost/forgotten completely if not for your blog. I want to thank you for this and I really hope that your issue will be solved one way or another.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

I second what all the previous commenters have said: Thanks for everything, Moos. This blog was/is a genuine cultural gem, and I hope there's a way you can continue. I'd love to see some academic African music program get behind you to distinguish what you're doing from those pirating the latest Jay-Z recording or Brad Pitt movie. In an event, take pride in what you've accomplished thus far - you've introduced a lot of people to some of the best music ever made, music they would never have heard otherwise. Well done, sir.

David said...

Moos, I join all the others in regretting your pause - let's not call it closing! As others have said, you've educated me & no doubt hundreds of us - I've learned so much, followed so many links, enjoyed such a variety of music. It wouldn't have been possible without you, and some others like you. New horizons, great music. I too regret not taking more earlier - but I already have 60 or 70 albums of backlog to listen to so I hope you will be there in spirit as I do, enjoying a well eearned break and a beer, getting ready for when the madness & fear have stopped and we can all get back to enjoying great, old, forgotten & unavailable records again!!

Oro said...

Hello Moos:


Best regards

Steve Pile said...

I'm currently downloading your most recent album on mediafire. It seems to be working fine....hmm...

moos said...

Yes Steve, and that is exactly the only working link at this page. I re-upped it as an experiment..

wilfofhove said...

Global Groove has given me so much pleasure over the last few years and I'm gutted to see it in limbo. Enjoy your well-earned rest. Hope to see you back very soon. Wilf, Hove, UK

Anonymous said...

try this...


D Sullivan said...

Your blog has been great to me - what a wonderful service it has provided, reviving loved but lost music -- and leading me to buy it from record companies in some cases where I could. And your taste is impeccable, the Congo stuff is amazing. I miss it already and hope that it returns. Thank you many times. And the opposite sentiment to those who closed you down - they are doing a great disservice to this planet.

Master1 said...

This site has given me more than many sites that I have visited on the internet for many years. Your contribution has been invaluable to the world. Thanks to you music that would have disappeared, did not. There are many hosting companies that can still allow you to upload good content. I am an expert in this field, I will check every provider and give you another place where you will be safe.

Anonymous said...

so good !

Mikey said...

My dad passed away last October. I used to visit every Sunday with some new African and jazz music. thanks to you and your blog (and Sic Vos Non Vobis) we didn't have to hear the same record twice in maybe five or six years. You really helped make his last years pleasurable.

I came back after a couple of months only to hear of your problems with Iain Scott. I hope you can beat this and come back even stronger.

Thanks for opening my ears to a whole universe of music.