Monday, January 23, 2012

Disaster strikes !

Well, I am very much affraid that this
is the end of the Global Groove. All my links are dead.
Even the most obscure lp's, everything is gone.
I re-uploaded Kwamy Nico Rochereau but I guess it won't
last long so take it rapidly. We'll have to see if anything
changes, untill further notice..
For now, no re-ups..
Sorry, %#@*&#$*%$#*##$%$*!


Henk Madrotter said...

same here, many of us are hit hard by this, i'm still uploading, just to be defiant, i'm not going down without a fight, hope you won't either, for now things look pretty hopeless though, it's not just megaupload others are down too and who knows what the copywrong nazi-bastards are going to pull next.... many thanks for what you've been doing!

Chris Albertyn said...

Moos - is this your own systems - or do you think this is something external? Have you received warnings? I am so sorry for your loss - and still hoping something can be done to fix everything

Anonymous said...

your blog is legendary. sorry you're experiencing these problems.

noreille said...

Damn!!! All your good work... That's a bummer!

I think about all the ressources lost and all the curious ears that will miss a damn lot of good music.

Please Moos, never stop...

dial africa said...

I can't believe it!

A black day for spreading the cultural heritage of the African continent!
It will not take too much time and they will close down libraries and all places where culture is free. I'll suffer from paranoia if it will go on this way, but still hope things will arrange and clear up.

Your last post Kwami, Nico and Rochereau is soooo beautiful!

How can we live without GG

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hasty... I think there is some server movement going on in the wake of the MU disaster. I'm currently accessing your previous post successfully.

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't see that you had uploaded that one file again! My bad

Very sorry, feel free to delete both these comments - you will be missed, you have introduced me to some amazing obscure sounds! Thank you!

ajnabi said...

So sorry. Assume you're a MU user?. Sorry.

aduna said...

We must fuck this system who forbid to share all these forgotten albums. Your work is vital and appreciated.
"Angry" Aduna

John B. said...

Well, this is certainly unfortunate! The other day my external hard drive with 600+ GB of music files died. I have a backup on my daughter's drive, but it's 400 miles away & I won't be able to get at it for a month or so. I'd hoped to make up my loss in the meantime by downloading stuff from here.

So far my Mediafire account is okay. Wonder how long that will last?

NGONI said...

I think good idea Moos, doing nothing is the best decision for now.

Globalgroove still remains a wonderful platform for meetings.

Take the opportunity to take a breath, but appears here from time to time to post something, no matter that there are no links.

Let the beast run when she has calmed down, among all will see the way.

yoyo said...

holy shit, so sad to read this

buruno said...

what a monday... I'm saddened to see efforts to share CULTURE summarily dismissed. it seems we're heading closer and closer into a internet dark age. we need to keep taking actions!
my best wishes to you and your blog. from brazil.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that seems to be the "game" of blogging. nothing last forever, but no matter what happens, you have spread joy and culture to thousands of people. i especially enjoyed your impossible-to-find-cumbia stuff wich is still with me, spreading further at parties and dj-gigs, so your fine work will never be entirely "lost". i hope you will continue, but if not... a big respect and thanx here from Denmark!

Paw, Copenhagen

Anonymous said...

Dear Moos, I am such a music addict that I often check your blog to see whether anything new has appeared before I've even had my morning coffee. You have no idea how much joy you have given me (and countless others, I'm sure) over the years. Thank you, and don't give up!!!! Veronika

Oro said...

I am sad today.
But I won't stop writing about music.
They can censure music but not words.
My mediafire links are still alive but for how long ?

Je suis avec toi

Oro said...

Keep us in a touch if you have more informations
Thank you so much for all your work, it is not ending.

Moon Ra said...

Don't give up, we're counting on you ! So much good music in here, so many discoveries...

mela.... said...

Whatever you do...
music you shared remain with us forever.

Today more than ever: thank you very much.

O s i b i s a b a said...

I'm so sorry to read this Moos, very depressed and disheartened by this incredibly sad news. Long live the Global Groove!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for all the music i got to know through your blog

Apurva Bahadur said...

Moos, I am very sorry for this unpleasant turn of events. Give this a few days, a workable solution would surely emerge.

As a temporary measure, anyone missing Moos' albums from Central Africa - Congo Zimbabwe, Kenya, I have them all - the mail id is in my profile.

Apurva from Pune, India

Anonymous said...

This comes to you as anonymous - I'm a professional journeyman musician of 50 years, who has had the honor and joy to have played with many of the absolute best, including at Woodstock with half a million happy music lovers. I also enjoyed the total kick of playing as a journeyman with forty of the world's top bands in the 60's. And, I'd like to personally thank you for all the wonderful music you have brought to people's attention. The record industry is exactly that an 'industry' - that in reality DOESN'T give one single damn about music or musicians - it's always been about money. Hurting the artists they say. Ha!! - the music business pretty much "raped" just about every one of my beloved blues musicians and singers from the 1920's until today. It takes great individuals like you to bring the joys of music to the ears of the public. Music that means absolutely nothing to the 'industry', but means 'the world' to the rest of us. THANKS for all YOU have done for music!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheer up! Nothing is forever. One door closes and another one opens up.

pop-ola said...

You introduced me to sooo much excellent music, and through your blog roll I discovered a boat load more. A sincere thank you, and I'll keep checking back.
Let's hope this blows over, otherwise, it just blows.

Anonymous said...

Tsjonge jonge, een ramp voor alle liefhebbers. Ben je ook echt dingen zelf kwijt.plaat verkocht en geen toegankelijke backup? Er zijn manieren om dat te verhelpen.
Ik denk zelf dat dit een streek van mediafire is , iedereen laten vallen en zelf overeindblijven



dusty jeeves said...

Did you keep all your files on MU or did you have backups? I wonder if those who have downloaded music from this blog in the past couldn't mutually help to restore links...just a thought...

dial africa said...

We could re-up files we have downloaded before and put the download link in the comments of the repective blog entry - so that you must not upload everything again - many people who have downloaded can open an account with RS, MF or another service and share the link. Would you agree with this?

Let's keep our heads up. My links seem to work, actually.

moos said...

thank you all for your supporting words. I think it's best to take a couple of days to see what happens. I am waiting for Mediafire to answer my mail. Hopefully they will tell me an errror has been made and they'll restore all my files. Untill now they didn't answer. If not, I am not sure what I'll do. Without the certainty my files find a place to stay, I'm not gonna upload again. Some time ago we already changed Rapidshare for Mediafire, at this moment we have almost 1200 posts, I need to be sure first. Meantime don't worry about me, I have all my files backed up several times, learned my lesson. Let's listen to all the stuff we had buffered and keep hoping for a fast solution, cheers everybody !

moos said...

sorry to make this public if you didn't want to Ngoni, I think people need to know this !

NGONI to me

I found some recent information, these fanatics believe they will get something, what fools they are.

Read here:

- MegaUpload - Closed.
- FileServe - Closing does not sell premium.
- FileJungle - Deleting files. Locked in the U.S..
- UploadStation - Locked in the U.S..
- FileSonic - the news is arbitrary (under FBI investigation).
- VideoBB - Closed! would disappear soon.
- Uploaded - Banned U.S. and the FBI went after the owners who are gone.
- FilePost - Deleting all material (so will leave executables, pdfs, txts)
- Videoz - closed and lockedin the countries affiliated with the USA.
- 4shared - Deleting files with copyright and waits in line at the FBI.
- MediaFire - Called to testify in the next 90 days and it will open doors pro FBI
-Org torrent - could vanish with everything within 30 days "he is under criminal investigation"
- Network Share mIRC - awaiting the decision of the case to continue or terminate Torrente everything.
- Koshiki - operating 100% Japan will not join the SOUP / PIPA
- Shienko Box - 100% working china / korea will not join the SOUP / PIPA
- ShareX BR - group UOL /BOL / iG say they will join the SOUP / PIPA
Japan, China and Korea said NO to the FBI and that even if laws are passed in the USA will nothave any value within the sovereignty of their countries!
Nacopy paste q lang xa status ng direct movie download yan >.<

arnaud said...

Moos, you've already done a big job, maybe it's time to consider a social life ? Ok, ok, I'm joking...
Maybe you could spread your music in other ways ? With you other blog fellowship, such as Yoyo, Oro, Holyw, you could make a f.... good webradio program ?
Don't take stupid risk for us, if it's getting to complicate sharing music this way consider painting or visiting good old friends living in countryside abroad.

Anonymous said...

Moos, you're blog was indeed a legend, I discovered some very nice music here and it was always a place to learn something. The spirit of posting so frequently such quality seems unique to me. So the news is hitting hard. I hope you at least have access to your files, maybe - and I keep up this hope - there will be a new host standing up that makes it possible for you to keep on sharing your love and efforts for the music. What you have done for music has nothing to do with 'piracy' or robbing artist their money, since most of them are death, their copyrights are passed or they are simply not for sale anymore/ Here.

Anonymous said...

You've performed an invaluable service for the world's collective cultural heritage, keeping alive this amazing body of nearly forgotten music.

Nearly forgotten, in great part, due to the greedy & racist nature of the corporate music industry.

Thank you so much for all you've done, and hopefully you will be able continue on in some form.

Henk Madrotter said...

bloody hell this is getting CRAZY. i've been uploadinmg the last two days with, i know these links will probably be gone in no time but i'm not uploading to share right now, i'm uploading in defiance fuck these bastards rats

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work and for your time.
Your blog educated me and opened new horizons, and I am grateful to you for that.
Don't give up, but keep safe.

zeporro said...

creo que somos muchos los que te debemos mucha de la música que nos has dado a conocer.

opino como Ngoni, es mejor esperar unos dias para ver por donde sale todo y no tocar ningún enlace.

por muchos servidores que cierren siempre habrá alguno que funcione o alguna persona con conocimientos informáticos invente otro sistema para poder seguir compartiendo esta maravillosa música que tanto nos gusta.

cuenta con mi apoyo para todo lo que se pueda.

un gran abrazo Moos!!!

I think many of us owe you a lot of the music we've released.

I think as Ngoni, it is best to wait a few days to see where everything goes and do not touch any links.

by many servers will always be one close to work or someone with computer skills up a new system to continue sharing this wonderful music that we like.

my support for everything you can.

Moos a big hug!

WrldServ said...

Indeed a disaster.
What really gets me is that clearly no financial gain is sought in sharing these files. Particularly in this point there is a distinct difference with a lot of the producers.
The victims of this action by the so-called entertainment industry are not only the public (who get a censored view of what is globally available!), but also the artists, who risk fading away into oblivion (and for the majority get paid a pittance anyway). Their last hope is in most cases blogs like this one.

Moos, don't give up!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear this.

SOPA and PIPA wont be able to totaly deprive us of this wonderful music that is out of print.

We shall get a way to share this wonderful music

Apurva thanks for your offer.


Wuod K

dial africa said...

Blog wurde entfernt.
Leider wurde das Blog unter entfernt. Diese Adresse ist für neue Blogs nicht verfügbar.

abudaiyo said...

This is terrible. All that work and effort you put into creating this amazing site, for the benefit of everyone and at the expense of no one but yourself.

Thanks again for hosting one of THE essential sites, and here's hoping things will settle down eventually.

yoyo said...

let's fuck the industry and support the musicians
what about a musicoftheworld wiki?
alltogether we have enough examples to rock it :)

JasonG said...

Moos - very sorry about this, and thank you for all your wonderful, hard work. You have helped spread music far and wide, and for that we are all grateful. Carry on however you see best.

Hackmaster said...

You have provided the world a remarkable resource. I feel fortunate that I have been introduced to so much incredible music. On many occasion you have posted albums that have brought manly tears to me eyes.

ron art said...

dammit! so many great music treasures are lost. its a shame. ill still be following in case a solution is found! sincerely,

ron art said...

all file sharing sites are at risk. the internet changed the day megaupload was shut down :(

Unknown said...

Whatever happens, you have made a positive impact on many sound heads and the ripples continue on.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. But the work you do is IMPORTANT. There is nobody else out there who is archiving this music the way you do --- withou Global Groove, this music would be essentially lost to history forever. With Global Groove, it not only lives on but THRIVES.

I know it's hard, but please hang in there - the work you do is as important as preserving a dying language.

Anonymous said...

Love your work thanks for everything

soukousman said...

Damn Moos, I'm sorry for what happened to your blog and the music world in general. They're stopping all sharers from uploading their files but all this is about greed and making more profit for themselves, some of these albums you can't find no where else but on the internet and without it's a tremendous loss. I see the file sharing site Sendspace still seems to work, I used it a lot when I activated my blog. But don't give up, there's still hope for GG you've have done well for us music enthusiasts.

EladR said...

such bad news!
hope everything will trun out for the best.
Your blog is (IS not was) Awesome! and exposed me to such a great variaty of excellent music i wouldnt have a chance to listen to elsewhere.
Thank you so much for all of this.
Stay strong, We shall overcome!

ledenn said...

I can't thank you enough for the doors you have opened on music, the people who made the music and the cultures from which they came. You have helped make my world smaller and friendlier. You have helped keep alive musicians that otherwise would be lost forever. People like me now share these lives/musicians/cultures/history that we have learned from you. Your work goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Caro Moos,
I feel pretty sad right now, but hope things may come back to normality (why don't these neonazis move to another planet?) at some point. For many months now, this has been one of my preferred spots on the web, where I have found countless treasures!
I have most of GG files safe, so let us know if you need any help for re-posting in the future.
Grande abraço,

Anonymous said...

i am so so sorry to hear this! your blog has been such a treasure.

FrancoPepeKalle said...

This is just horrible. I am sorry for you Moos. This is just an effort to get rid of any music that is not Western Junk Shit. I mean seriously, you have done a job and giving us African Music that many of us don't have access to. I am so happy for you. I just hope these stupid Western assholes shut down your site. Thanks Moos, I will make a post dedicated to you.

Want to talk to me: EMAIL here

jahcisco said...

This is a sad day, a very sad day. I hope that this is not the end.

CharlieW said...

Maybe a Paypal button for donations to cover the expense of online storage would work.

I love your blog and appreciate the time and effort you've put in.

Truly a great resource.

Yaronimus said...


yoyo said...

and many others are closed, too...

wilfofhove said...

Hope very much this blows over and your amazing blog will return. More importantly, take good care of yourself and remind yourself how much your work meant to so many people. Thanks so much for all the heavenly music. Cheers, Jon, Hove, UK

hector said...

you've given pleasure to millions and you've educated and informed as you spread the word.your passion for the music we love came over in your legendary blog.thank you sir

Anonymous said...


Jeroby said...

Σ' ευχαριστούμε πάαααρα πολύ
Γεράσιμος απο Ελλάδα!!!!
Thank you veeeery much, Gerasimos from Greece!!!

So What ?Di Khrap said...

intorai 487
This is unacceptable.......this industry dont even know 1% of the artists you spread the art over here.....Maybe you should move to zippyshare or smtg else cause Mediafire is deleting a lot of accounts recently....

Your site is a goldmine, THANK YOU for all you did/will do !!!

Rascal said...

Have been a fan of yours for a number of years, then suddenly today I realized I could follow!

Aint I the fastest!

Now here's the thing I have just discovered a Franko song that I have never heard, or at least part of it, can you help me track the album or at least a reasonable recording it is so dam sweet!

Franco Luambo Makiadi- Heleini

I really hope you can help, happy to donate or pay just got to find the rest of this if its possible

Best Regards
Jonathan Aka Rascal

edgar said...

Es mejor pensar en ir recuperando por pagina el blog Moos debemos admitirlo hay que ayudar en ello propuesta de montar todo de nuevo los link viejos con otros servidores ya nuestro colega de tenerife lo hizo y esta activo con todos sus link tardo menos de un año ya esta publicando y esta muy bien , por favor no esperes que el tiempo es nuestro enemigo


No es momento de claudicar MOOS por favor levanta tu rostro y con esmero y dedicación empieza a restaurar los links en otro servidor no puedes dejar esa joya tirada es una biblioteca te apoyamos!!!