Friday, December 30, 2011

Youlou Mabiala - La B.C.C.
( Banque Commerciale Congolaise ),

Good morning groovers. 2011 went by faster then prehensible.
This is already the last post for this year. It is a 12" single that
was not for sale. It was a present of the 'Banque Commerciale
Congolaise' for their 'binal annuel'. A rare single by Youlou
Mabiala. I do not know who are accompanying him on this
one, I think it must be his group 'Kamikaze Loningisa'.
Anyway, thank you all for being such loyal visitors and
keep checking the Global Groove in 2012. We're
gonna continue to try and bring the unexpected.
Lots of luck and health in the new year !


1 B.C.C.
2 Annee test


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Atakora Manu's Band - Pim No Bi,
Ambassador Records 1981

After bringing several Ghanaian groups who operated from
Nigeria, today a band who stayed at home. This 1981 album
by Atakora Manu must have been recorded in at least two
sessions. We hear 6 instruments and only have three
musicians. Atakora Manu, Maringe and Moses
Akwaboa did a good job, I would not have
noticed without reading the backsleeve.
Only 25 minutes but you don't
wanna miss dem...


1 Sunkwa
- Owuo nye
2 Pim no bi


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Les Choc Stars - Akufa Lobi
Akoni Moto, Espera 1986

Very powerful album by one of the offsprings of the
famous Zaïko Langa-Langa. The Choc Stars deliver
a slow kind of soukous, cool and mellow yet passionate.
Don't you just love Carlito's fragile vocals ? Sweet.


1 Ponini eza mpasi
2 Abengi ngai depasse
3 Mauvais souvenir, buana
4 Zikondo


Monday, December 26, 2011

Chuito y Chuitín, padre y hijo -
Aqui se me daño Lola,
Ansonia SALP 1532

Jíbaro is Puerto Rico's country music. One of it's originators
is Chuito, on this album he appears with his son Chuitín.
They are accompanied by the great Maso Rivera y su
Conjunto Típico, very strong instrumentation, listen.


1 Que vas hacer
2 Las penas mias
3 Ese barrigon no es mio
4 Besos malditos
5 Aqui se me daño lola
6 Lejos de ti
7 La numero cien
8 Se que volveras
9 No te casaras
10 La mama y la hija
11 Padre e hijo
12 La joya de los campanos


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ouedraogo Mamadou & l'Orchestre
Super Rail Band International -
Dioulou Koussoube, Sacodis 1979

Speaking of discoveries, did you know the Super Rail Band
performed with this singer ? Ouedraogo Mamadou is the
name and the album is astonishing good. Check out the
line-up on this LP;

Dexter Johnson - 1e saxo
Kabine - 2e saxo
Issa Touncara - guitare bass
Djelimadi Tounkara - guitare solo
Djeli Moussa - guitare d'accompagnemer
Cheick Tidjane - orgue
Leo - batterie
Sekou - tumba
Ouedraogo Mamadou - chanteur
Mory Kante - 1e coeur
Sekou Kante - 2e coeur


1 Dioulou koussoube
2 Nong tem sega
3 Sovo p.e.r.
4 Toem zougo


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Odoyewu International Band of Ghana
led by Eddy Maxwell - My Business,
CY Records 1982

Next chapter in the book of Ghanaian Bands operating
from Nigeria, we have an album by the Odoyewu Inter-
national Band of Ghana, led by Eddy Maxwell. Another
highlife LP to have us diggin' deeper into the wonderful
world of West African music. There is still so much
to be discovered, anybody who knows more,
please let us all share that knowledge.


1 My business
2 Kyere me wodo
3 Baako ankonam
4 Odo ko agege
5 No where cool
6 Se ebewie


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ambassadeur International
Seydou Bathily,
Badmos International Records 1980

out of words..


1 Seydou bathily
2 Saly
3 Jean ou Paul
4 Une larme d'amitie
5 Super-coulou


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scientist - Dub Landing,
Starlight Records 1981



1 Invaders
2 Landing
3 Dark side
4 Attack
5 Beaming
6 Vulcan
7 Black out
8 Time passage
9 Meteorite
10 Galaxy


Three Minute Magic - Various Artists


1 Kiskedee Trio - Congo bara
2 J.B. Lenoir - Sitting down thinking
3 Buddie Johnson - It's the gold
4 Orquesta casino de la Playa - Bruca manigua
5 Carmen Dela Dipini - Dimelo
6 Teddy Wilson - You showed me the way
7 Slim Gaillard - Beatin' the board
8 Count Lasher - Talking parrot
9 Bemi - Nabosani ndako
10 Cab Calloway - Reefer man
11 Robert Johnson - Terraplane blues
12 Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra - Rumba rumbero
13 Roberto Ledesma - Con mi corazon te espero
14 Mildred Bailey - I see your face before me
15 Earl Hines - Blue drag
16 Alex Konadu - Owuo mpe silka
17 Wrangler - Limbo teacher
18 Effie Smith - Gettin' out
19 Big Joe Turner - Lucille, Lucille
20 Louis Jordan - Psycho-loco
21 Edmundo Arias - Chituchi
22 Jimmy Pedroso - El loro
23 Angel Luis Torruellas - El abusador
24 Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band - O le ku
25 Miguel Aceves Mejia - Orgullosa y bonita
26 Humphrey Eshitool - Jirani waganga


Monday, December 19, 2011

Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé -
Lassissi présente, Editions
Vévé/Sacodis 1979

Subject of today's post is this LP by Verckys et l Órchestre
Vévé. It appears on 'Editions Vévé International' in collaboration
with 'Sacodis'. In their series 'Lassissi présente' it is LS 65 and
on Editions Vévé it is EVVI 11D. It feels like one of those
albums that will stay forever. Timeless rocksolid
rumba-rock from Congo's wonderful
seventies, damn good.


1 Dribling ya somo
2 Djumani
3 Obaluki
4 Espoir perdu


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cesaria Evora - Mar Azul,
Mélodie 1991

Yesterday, age 70, Cesaria Evora passed away.
This is one of her finest albums and I added a
few bonustracks for you, honour her oncemore
by playing her marvelous mellow music !


1 Mar azul
2 Cize
3 Estanhadinha
4 Cabo Verde
5 Belga
6 Cretcheu di ceu
7 Cinturão tem mele
8 Separação


9 Sodade
10 Miss Perfumado
11 Tudo tem se limite


Friday, December 16, 2011

Harlem ain't what it usta,
pts 1 & 2 - Various Artists

My dear mother was born in Brooklyn in 1920. Did you know
Brooklyn was called after a little Dutch town named Breukelen ?
Another New York neighbourhood, Harlem, was called after our
city of Haarlem. How do you like this picture of my grandmother ?
It must have been taken around 1918 when she and my grand-
father moved to New York. They stayed for twelve years and
then returned to the Netherlands. 20's and 30's jazz from the
area still makes me feel at home like nothing else. It has a
nostalgic feel and I catch myself listening to it more and more.


part one
1 Mildred Bailey - Doin' the uptown lowdown
2 Skeets Tolbert - Harlem ain't what it usta
3 Una Mae Carlisle - Oh I'm evil
4 Fats Waller and his Rhythm - Truckin'
5 Lena Horne - That's what love did to me
6 Aunt Jemima - Can't help lovin' dat man
7 Gene Krupa - I won't believe it
8 Sidney Bechet & Noble Sissle's Swingers - Viper mad
9 Mildred Bailey - Lazybones
10 Una Mae Carlisle - I can't give you anything but love, baby
11 Billie Holiday - Fine & mellow
12 Bennie Goodman and his Orchestra - I thought about you
13 Fats Waller - 'tain't nobody's bizness if I do
14 Una Mae Carlisle - Now I lay me down to dream
15 Lee Morse - Yes sir! that's my baby
16 Red Nichols - If you haven't got a girl
17 Cab Calloway - Harlem holiday
18 Lena Horne - Stormy weather
19 Eddie Condon - The man I love
20 Victoria Spivey - Harlem susie-kue
21 Mills Blue Rhythm Band - Drop me off in Harlem
22 Bob Howard - Bojangles of Harlem
23 Ethel Waters - You've seen Harlem at it's best
24 Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra - These foolish things
25 Lil Green - Why don't you do right

part two
1 Una Mae Carlisle - Papa's in bed with his britches on
2 Slim Gaillard - Yeo-roc-heresay
3 Jack Teagarden - Fare-thee-well to Harlem
4 Mildred Bailey - Rockin' chair
5 Roy Eldridge - Echoes of Harlem
6 Jerry Kruger with Cootie Williams - Ol' man river
7 Ethel Waters - Harlem on my mind
8 Billie Holiday - 'tain't nobody's business if I do
9 Una Mae Carlisle - Don't try your jive on me
10 Gene Krupa - Harlem on parade
11 Andy Kirk - Downstream
12 Ethel Waters - I can't give you anything but love
13 Big Joe Turner - Cherry red
14 Fats Waller - Squeeze me
15 Mildred Bailey - Shoutin' in that amen corner
16 Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra - Prisoner of love
17 Bob Howard - Formal night in Harlem
18 Ethel Waters - Stormy weather
19 Una Mae Carlisle - Mean to me
20 Red Norvo - There's a boy in Harlem
21 Mildred Bailey - Harlem lullaby
22 Putney Dandridge - Chasing shadows
23 Ethel Waters - Old man harlem
24 Boots and his Buddies - A salute to Harlem
25 The Boswell Sisters - Everybody loves my baby



Thursday, December 15, 2011

Josky Kiambukuta & Madilu System

Do you know that saying, 'never judge a book by looking
at it's cover' ? The same wisdom can be used here. About
everything at this sleeve is tasteless. These two guys deserve
a whole lot better to my opinion, and the album as well. Driving
force behind the music machine is the versatile Rigo. The voices
belong to these heroes, Josky Kiambukuta and Madilu System.


1 Destin
2 Erreur
3 La sincerité
4 Priere


Only during the recording of the fourth track
I realized it has a religious message. If I had seen
it sooner I would have ignored the album. I am against
all religion. It is strictly out of respect for these
great singers I let it slip through,
enjoy nevertheless !

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ramito con Chorolo y su Combo -
Acontecimientos, Ansonia

For this occasion Ramito put on his best suit, and
said to himself "I'm gonna show them something
completely different." Ramito con Chorolo y su Combo
come in multiple style with this album. Listen.
1 Acontecimientos
2 Candela
3 Sin adios
4 Otra mujer en mi vida
5 Bomba Hawaiana
6 Velandome
7 La romana
8 Que bonita bandera
9 La chismosa
10 Salseate
11 Reina mora
12 Por el pecho no

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Canadoes - Super Stars Band of Ghana,
Rogers All Stars RASLPS010, 1980

This could be one of those bands from Ghana who
operated from Nigeria. On Rogers All Stars we find
this 1980 LP by 'Canadoes Super Stars Band of Ghana'.
The bass player on this album immediately caught my
attention, amazing rhythms and voices to complete the beat.
Highlife Haven once gave us a song, today we've got us
a RAS recording from the year 1980, love it or leave it.


1 Oga sorry
2 Esu a meresu yi
3 Wawu anaa ?
4 Menyeden ?
5 Maria
6 Ankonam due


Monday, December 12, 2011

New Age Steppers - Foundation Steppers,
On-U Sound LP21, 1982

I have always been a sucker for the fatback dubsound of
dubwizzard Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound productions.
When this stuff was released early eighties, no slice of
vinyl escaped our attention. Skips were very tight on
this one, I hope they fell in place.
Special thanks to Scotty
and Roots Radics.


1 Some love
2 Memories
3 5 dog race
4 Misplaced love
5 Dreamers
6 Stabilizer
7 Stormy weather
8 Vice of my enemies
9 Mandarin


Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Franco" Luambo Makiadi & his O.K. Jazz -
Live Recording of the Afro European Tour,
african 360.114 & 360.115, 1978

Good afternoon, oncemore I am asking for your opinion on
a matter. The title of this LP is 'Live Recording of the Afro
European Tour'. When listening I get the impresssion the
music was made in a studio and the audience was mixed
in afterwards. We saw it before. Another strange thing is
that the pictures inside show the band playing in a studio.
I could be wrong, what do you think ? One way or the other,
the music is as Franco as always, just beautiful, enjoy !


1 Oh ! Miguel
2 Sala lokola luntadila
3 Malou-o bijou
4 Bomba, bomba, mabe
5 Na vanda bombanda
6 Libala ya bana na bana

1 Lisolo ya adamu na nzambe
2 Mama na bebe
3 Meta mama na bana
4 Mbongo
5 Amour viole
6 Lotambe



Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucky Boys International
Band of Ghana - Love Your
Neighbour, Jomo Records 1982

Last thursday's post on Okukuseku Int. Band of Ghana
found quite a few happy ears. Another Ghanaian group
that operated from Nigeria is this one. This LP was pro-
duced by Jomo Records from Aba, Lagos, Nigeria. It might
be the first appearance on the web for this band, I didn't
find anything about them. If you did, please show us.


1 Love your neighbour
2 Afua nyama saman pa
3 Odo nto
4 Manpu annfe yi
5 Ebere ye sika
6 Mere bre kwa


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joe Turner - Things that I used to do,
Pablo 1977

When the weather is changing drastic, like this time of year,
and raving storms pull trees from the ground, it's time for blues.
Joe Turner is surrounded by some topnotch musicians on this
1977 session. Alto sax - Eddie Vinson, tenor saxes - Rashid
Ali and Wild Bill Moore, trumpet - Blue Mitchell, piano - Lloyd
Glenn, organ - Gildo Mahones, guitars - Greg Beck and Gary
Bell, bass - Lawrence Gales and drums - Bruno Carr. Spin it..


1 Things that I used to do
2 S.K. Blues
3 Jelly jelly blues
4 Hey little girl
5 Shake it and break it
6 St. Louis blues
7 Oke-she-moke-she-pop
8 My train rolled up in Texas


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Les Grands Maquisards - Les
Merveilles du Passé 1968 1969,
african 360.155, 1986

Let's continue to fill up the gaps in 'african's 360.000 list.
Today's post concerns number 360.155 from 1986. We
already found a few of these songs on other collectors on
this label, #'s 2 and 4 for instance. The major part however
wasn't exposed yet. If you're into Congolese music, you
may consider this a classic, don't miss it !


1 Kiesse
2 Nalela ndenge nini
3 Mado
4 Maria mboka
5 Nsonia
6 Biki
7 Mobembo mosili
8 Obotama mobali ndima pasi
9 Kaka mpo ya makango


Monday, December 5, 2011

Chauya Chirizevha - Various
Chimurenga from Zimbabwe


1 Patrick Mkwamba & the Four Brothers - Zvinonaka zvinodhura
2 Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena - Masvingo ne carpet
3 Safiro Madzikatire - First aid
4 Susan Mapfumo - Dzvoko ( Starecase Dub )
5 Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits - Shanje
6 John Chibadura & the Tembo Brothers - Hosana
7 Thomas Mapfumo - Chauya chirizevha
8 Elijah Madzikatire and Ocean City Band - Gukura hundi
9 James Chimombe & the O.K. Succes - Zvingashure
10 Jairos Jiri Band - Medu
11 Devera Ngwena - Mandinyadzisa
12 The Four Brothers - Wapenga nayo bonus
13 Patrick Mukwamba & the Seasons - Usanyara basa raunoita
14 Robson Banda & the new Black Eagles - Masvingo netara
15 Four Brothers - Siya zviriko
16 The Black Montana – Magumede


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ali Chukwumah & his Peacemakers International,
Editions Namaco 1978

I always liked the word, 'highlife'. While exploring the genre
this feeling only increased. The more I get to know, the
more I get to like it. Take this LP by Ali Chukwumah, I
knew one album untill I found this one. Holy guacamole,
while recording it I could hardly stay on my chair. Rockin'
Nigerian beat that keeps you up and going..


1 Club 25
2 Henrietta
3 Onye melu ogo amazi
4 Ezi okwu bu ndu


Friday, December 2, 2011

Altiery Dorival - Bal Champêtre,
Macaya 1979

Bal Champetre ?
Let's shake up the place with something completely different.
From Haïti we have this lp by Altiery Dorival. He brings us a
type of kompa quite unique with his banjo pluckin' sound.
Atmospheric caribbean, French antillian tropical you know...
to help you through winter,...just get it !


1 Tete yout pa manye coeur moin
2 Caresse moin
3 Ce li roi
4 Jacqueline
5 Toute fem ce ter heritie
6 Sauciss
7 Mesdames yo ce lamp
8 Kele keke


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana
led by Chief Sammy Kofi
Rogers All Stars 1981

Third LP by this artist at this page. As usual I can't
really tell you anything useful about him. I am not even
sure if I like the message he is bringing. The only thing
I am absolutely sure of is what my ears tell me. And that
is something good ! Whether it's is Ghanaian or Nigerian,
I don't know and I don't care, it is a real treat !


1 Nyame nnae
2 Any trouble
3 Nyame kyir bone
4 Suffer suffer
5 Mo nhwe me
6 Daben koraa ?