Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bimi-Ombale - Mbelengo Zouk & Inongo,
Bono Music 1989

Bimi Ombale was one of the founders of Zaiko Langa-Langa
in 1969. This LP is from 1989 and proves Bimi was still
able to write some wonderful songs just
as he did at Zaïko's.


1 Inongo
2 Mbelengo
3 Charama
4 Lelo komikalela
5 Madi


Monday, November 28, 2011

Diblo et le Groupe Loketo -
Super K, Amour et Souvenir,

Some highly infectious soukous by one of the masters in the
field. Diblo and le Groupe Loketo are here with some of his
special invités. If you have a dance event coming and need
strong material, give 'Super K' a chance, knock out sound,
..better save it for last 'cause where to go next..?
Oh and eh,..don't forget to watch the video,..dope..


1 Amour et souvenir
2 Etoula
3 Bolingo
4 Super K
5 Kelele


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Global Sampler vol.34

Anything you like on this sampler ?
Use our search-bar for instant find.


1 Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles - Ngoma ngairire
2 The Dark City Sisters - Tamatie yoyo no.3
3 Gétatchèw Kassa - Tezeta
4 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Kamale 1
5 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Odinda nyuliba
6 The Ethiopians - Hong Kong flu
7 Le Grand Kalle, Don Gonzalo, Manu Dibango - Africa Boogaloo
8 The Four Brothers - Pahukama
9 Kyeremateng Stars - Mesu mefre nyame
10 Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Jazz - Joshirati Misiani
11 Mighty Duke - What is Calypso
12 Monguito - Pasito tun tun
13 Franco et l'Orchestre Tpok Jazz - Da da de tu amor
14 Guillermo Portabales y sus guitarras - oye mi son
15 Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena - Masvingo ne carpet
16 Tata Bambo Kouyate - Banga diabate
17 Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare - Bajoetse saki


Saturday, November 26, 2011

a Tribute to Loronix and Zecalouro -
Various Artists

It must have been somewhere early 2006, a close friend introduced
Loronix to me, the first music-blog I learned about. I was sold right away,
when I found out how it worked blogging took over a part of my life.
Every morning I browsed through a load of blogs and always started
with Loronix. What would Zecalouro have for us today ? Any samba ?
I got totally hooked. When I visited relatives in Rio de Janeiro in februari
2007, I could not resist to cantact Zecalouro. On tuesday februari 27th
we went on a small city trip. I picked him up at his home and we went
to some of the recordshops he used to frequent and had lunch in a 'Comida
a Kilo' restaurant. We talked a lot about music and had a wonderful afternoon.

Zecalouro had really infected me with this blog-virus, no serious, he inspired
me so much, in may 2008 I could not keep it anymore, the birth of the
Global Groove was a fact and I still hold Zeca responsible for that..

As many of you know, Loronix is off the air for more then 2 years now.
Untill today nobody knew why and what happened to Zecalouro. I had also
failed to get in contact and did not know what was going on. Last week I
had the idea of making this tribute and gave it another try to reach him.
Due to health matters Zecalouro was forced to stop his once so popular
music-blog. I had a brief contact with him. Fortunately he is doing much
better now, working as a musician as he once did before.
His life, his blog, his decision..

I dedicate this compilation, fully inspired by himself, to Zecalouro and Loronix !
I respect your choice in life Zeca, however, Loronix was of such richness in
Brazillian music, it will be sadly missed till eternity.. que saudade..


1 Anna Lucia - Cheiro de saudade
2 Elizeth Cardoso - Quem sou eu
3 Moacyr Silva - La barca
4 Alberto Mota e seu Conjunto - Samba toff
5 Thelma Soares - Samba do carioca
6 Batatinha - Fora do meu samba
7 Lais - Patinho feio
8 Angela Maria - Quando a noite vem
9 Ed Lincoln - The blues walk
10 Bossa Trés - Menina feia
11 Marilia Medalha - Pressentimento
12 Billy Blanco - Camelo
13 Manoel Conceição - Disse me disse
14 Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - So nice
15 Walter Wanderley - Telefone
16 Astrud Gilberto - Baião
17 Dóris Monteiro - Meu refrão
18 Meireilles & Os Copa 7 - Sombrero sam
19 Luiz Bonfá - Sambolero
20 Sergio Mendes & Brasil '65 - O morro
21 Wanda Sá - Aruanda
22 João Roberto Kelly & Luis Reis - Cara de pau


Friday, November 25, 2011

City Boys International Band -
Ankwanobi, Discorama 1982

I received a request for more City Boys Band. This one has
a life behind him, it's a bit crackly but still. Finding albums
like this is getting harder all the time so we must take it as
it is. I do not experience it as disturbing and we don't have any
audio-fanatics here. In short, enjoy this old slice of vinyl...


1 Ankwanobi
2 Agyanka mmobro
3 Medi anwomawuo
( medley )


Thursday, November 24, 2011

African Fiesta - Sous la direction du Docteur Nico,
Sonafric 61.008, 1978

It's one of those albums you were always wondering about.
We've seen it at the backsleeves of other Sonafric LP's.
Can you imagine how it feels to find it in a big pile at the fair ?
YES !, don't react too happy, the price will go up so,
oh ehh.. okay ehh.. I'll take this one as well.. ahem.. a little later
euphoric feeling I can't describe. Today it comes your way, get
to it and share with the other happy groovers around the globe.


1 Bunga
2 Tuna bango
3 Mama ya makambo
4 Samayel


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band -
Alto Songo, Sacodis

His name is 'Monguito el Único' and that's exactly what he is.
I do'nt know a second singer with a voice like his. Look who
Monguito braught with him here; piano - Alfredo Valdez, bass-
Edy Gugua, trumpet - Bomberito Zarzuela, sax & flute - Mario
Rivera, trombone - Billy Hojasi, drums - Manny Ramos, trez -
José Garcia, conga - Marcelino Valdez, violin - Pupi Lagarreta,
Produced by Aboudou Lassissi for Sacodis, Cote d'Ivoire.


1 Alto songo
2 Guajira something
3 Leevalo pal ring
4 En el monte
5 Echale candela
6 La pasion


Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday in Afrika - Various Artists,
EMI / Columbia C048-15106

An absolut magnificent find is this rare collector. It contains
a fine example of a Pierre Moutouari song from the seventies.
Track no.6 was from his hand. The album is filled with songs
that make my heart beat faster, make up your own mind.
It also appeared as Pathé Marconi / EMI 2 ( C054-15106 )
see small pic.


1 Franco et l'Orchestre OK Jazz - Nazangi muana
2 Orchestre Mando-Negro - Voiture ya occasion
3 Orchestre Sinza - Julienne na ponton
4 Orchestre Hi-Fives - Mwana wa mraka
5 Orchestre Les Bantous - Pitié
6 Orchestre Sinza - Ma loukoula
7 Orchestre Hi-Fives - l'Amour est aveugle
8 Orchestre Sinza - Teti bolingo
9 Orchestre Hi-Fives - Nichukuwe twende kwako
10 Orchestre Hi-Fives - Ba kibushi batano na kenya


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alex Konadu's International Band -
Akwadaa Wesewa,
bhm 1983

The African Brothers had a song with the same title,
'Owuo aye me bi'. If it's written by them or by the great
Alex Konadu, I do not know. One way or the other, nice
song. I am very happy to be able to present you another
LP by this wonderful Ghanaian artist, listen to Alex Konadu.

lead vocal - Alex Konadu ( One man thousand )
vocals - Collins Marfo, Barfo Kyei
lead guitar - Collins Marfo
guitar - Elder Osei Bonsu
bass guitar - Maringe
organ - Kwadwo Akwaboa Junior
maracas - Kadido
drums - Yaw Donkor
conga - K. Tawia


1 Owuo aye me bi
2 Wanim asaman wo
3 Akwadaa wesewa ( medley )



Luambo Makiadi & son Orchestre OK Jazz
Editions Populaires 10e Anniversaire 1965-1975,
african 360.081, 1982

Last friday we had us another recordfair here in Utrecht.
I went out there and found quite some wonderful LP's you're
gonna see passing by in the near future. Now I found out
something I want to share with you groovers. Do you
remember this great Franco LP, 'Editions Populaires 10e
Anniversaire 1965-1975' ? From the very beginning I tried
to remove the two annoying little jumps in the first song; 'Cinq
ans ekoki'. For years I had been thinking that the two disturbing
jumps were from my copy only. I went out searching on the world
wide web but found only copy's with the same disturbing two tics.
It may sound silly but because of this I thought the whole world
was listening to my copy, every time I found it somewhere, it had
the same two jumps again. Last friday at the fair, I found the album
again and bought it for 15 euro's thinking I now finally had a clean copy
of the song I like so much. What the heck, it has the same two little
annoying jumps. So, my fellow collectors, it's now finally clear,
'african 360.081' contains a recording of which probably is NO
clean version available. I ask you, is there anybody out there who
has a clean version of 'Cinq ans ekoki' without a jump in the brrrrrr-part
and in the bla bla bla-part ? I like the song so much, I wanted to use it
in some compilation long time already but never did it because of the
disturbance.( oh, I did, sorry ) Please somebody, give us a clean copy...!


1 Cinq ans Ekoki
2 Salongo alinga mosala
3 Votez vert
4 Epublique du Zaire
5 Tolanda nzela moko
6 Ba depute mbilinga-mbilinga toboyi
7 Belela authenticite na congres ya mpr 1er
8 Belela authenticite na congres ya mpr 2e


Friday, November 18, 2011

Kenya Hit-Parade - Various Artists,
A.I.T. / Soul Posters

By the look at it's sleeve one would say it's the cover
of a children's book. Don't be misled however, the music
on this LP is for the whole family. Wonderful mid-seventies
stuff I wish we had in our hitparade in those days. Succes
guaranteed on your dance-floor. Listen to Kenya Hit-Parade !
...damn,..I jus' love dis.., volumes up !


1 Orchestre Sega Sega - Dala ber moloyo No.11
2 Kawere Boys - William ogembo No.3
3 Gem Dudi Band - Barack ayieye
4 Victoria Jazz Band "B" - Patrick ochieng
5 Orchestre Mandalala - Tika kotongo-1
6 Mori River Jazz Band - Ben maseke
7 Owila Lakeside Band - Margaret atieno
8 Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band - Okoro kalila
9 Orchestre C.-K. Jazz - Pamela awino-pt.1
10 Orchestre Saka-Yonsa - Nabangi makambo-1


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

le Grand Retour de Pierre Moutouari
Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial

We heard him with Orchestre Sossa and with Orchestre
Sinza Kotoko. Pierre Moutouari and his brothers Michel
and Kosmos participated in quite some bands. It appears
he had been away for a while, well that's history now.
This is 'Le Grand Retour de Pierre Moutouari'.


1 Missengue
2 Vévé
3 Kibangou
4 Julienne


Monday, November 14, 2011

Eddie Palmieri - Palo pá Rumba,
Musica Latina Int. Inc. 1984

In 1984, this was the first LP on which Eddie Palmieri
worked with only Puerto Rican musicians. A little salsa
for a change can't hurt. It will make your lazy asses move
around like crazy, better be sure before you download ...


1 Palo pá rumba
2 1983
3 Bomba de corazon
4 Bajo con tumbao
5 Prohibicion de salida
6 Pensando en ti
7 Venezuela


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Youlou Mabiala - 100% de Pourcentage,
Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial

On Eddy Gustave's great label, Eddy'Son Consortium
Mondial, we've seen quite some albums passing by.
Mostly wonderful productions with a great feel. Today's
post is no exception, four songs by Youlou Mabiala
with his sandy ebony voice giving the full 100 % !


1 Mofutela N'dako
2 100% de pourcentage
3 Zua ebimi maseke
4 Confiance


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bopol Mansiamina - Innovation
BM 05

Get ready for some powerful soukous. Bopol is back
with this album of heavy dance material. Volumes up !


1 Dienaba
2 Misere
3 Aida (instr.)
4 Aida
5 Yembele yembele
6 Djeneba


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oliver de Coque and his Expo '76 -
Ogene King of Africa,
Olumo Records Limited 1984

Want another LP of Nigerian highlife ? Oliver de Coque
is not the world's greatest singer but his music has
a groove I absolutely dig. That much said, it would
deserve at least a couple of spins, two Mp3's
of a tiny 20 minutes each, give it a go..


1 Atutu gepu mpi ekwe gesiya ike
- Chukwu ekwena kifififele meayi
2 Klub nationale
- Egwu omenani


Monday, November 7, 2011

Afrique Varietes - Various Artists,
Afrique Riviera

Gilles Sala was the man who compiled this LP for the Afrique Riviera
label. Tasteful and rich in variety as the title already suggests. I am
particularly fascinated by the likembe songs like tracks 2,7 and 16,
heavenly atmosheric sounds from the Congo with Jean Essous
on saxophone, but also the music of the Mingole brothers is a
discovery. My guess would be this stuff is from about 1972..what
would you say ? Get it and listen to this rare collector.


1 Franklin Boukaka, ses Sanzas & son Orchestre Congolais - Les Brazzavilloises
2 Franklin Boukaka, ses Sanzas & son Orchestre Congolais - Yambi na bana poto
3 Tobbo Eitel - Mes trois femmes
4 Tobbo Eitel - Broda
5 Mondo Mingole - I like Africa
6 Mondo Mingole - Diboa lango na wolo
7 Franklin Boukaka, ses Sanzas & son Orchestre Congolais - Ba yemba Congo
8 Franklin Boukaka, ses Sanzas & son Orchestre Congolais - Pasi na komona
9 Gnonnas Pedro y sus Panchos de Cotonou - Faux temoin
10 Gnonnas Pedro y sus Panchos de Cotonou - Azian-vignin
11 Gnonnas Pedro y sus Panchos de Cotonou - Dadje von o von non
12 Gnonnas Pedro y sus Panchos de Cotonou - Sode lon lon yin
13 La Ferlo-Jazz de Dakar - Ninguem
14 Mondo et Claude Mingole - Londo lasu
15 Tobbo Eitel - Le pays de l'amour
16 Franklin Boukaka, ses Sanzas & son Orchestre Congolais - Kue tu kuenda


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nguashi Ntimbo & le T.P. O.K. Jazz -
Manguta, Shakara Music

This album could not remain absent here, although
posted on other blogs before I could not resist. With
the T.P. O.K. Jazz, Nguashi Ntimbo shines bright
like a star. Listen to sweet Manguta..


1 Manguta
2 Mzazi
3 Bolingo ya sens unique
4 Cheri ago (Ntimbo)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Franco joue avec Sam Mangwana,
Rythmes et Musique

Tonight, my fellow groovers, I am asking for your help on
a matter. While recording this LP I discovered a mistake.
Track 4 is obviously 'Aziza' instead of track 3. I am assuming
the titles on side-b have been switched around but I'm not 100 %
sure. Track 1 is titled correctly to my opinion, I think to hear the
name in the music. Maybe track 2 and track 3 are still wrong.
Can you give us your view on the case ? Good,
than we can sit and enjoy these four
jiving songs, check...


1 Lukoli
2 Awela-awela
3 Decca
4 Aziza