Monday, October 31, 2011

Wuta May - Wuta May,

After having music from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria,
we'll close the month with a Congolese post. Wuta
May comes in at the GG accompanied by l'Ensemble
Bongo-Rama, the album doesn't give any further information.
Just take it from me, you don't wanna miss this one, get
to it. Turn up the volume, kick aside funiture and let go...
1 Tshitsha ya mama
2 Adieu mes parents
3 Nzoto na mota la ka
4 Tikaba coin

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pele Asampete,
Rogers All Stars

Don't you agree Pele Asampete is wearing a beautiful outfit ?
I'm always a bit jealous, if this white ass would wear it I'd look
like a jerk. On Rogers All Stars comes this RAS LPS 043, a
nice work of Nigerian highlife. No familiar names if it comes
to personel, take a look at the backsleeve which is in the file.
I think this LP is from 1983, giving the date on the front cover's
little sticker of Sud Radio. It can't be younger, that much is clear.
The music on this album really makes me happy for it's clear
and rocky sound, however I must take distance from any
religeous messages on this one. Lucky are we who do not
understand a word of what he is singing,..enjoy..


1 Ezi o goli
2 God only knows
3 Umn igbo
4 Which side you dey


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
& his Inter-Reformers Band,
Decca West Africa 1974

Hello groovers, it's saturday th 29th already, october is almost
gone, tonight we're going to turn back the clock one hour again.
Goodbeye summertime and hello autumn. Right here at the GG,
we're gonna extend summer a bit more. Maybe not sunny but
Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey warms us with his hot blanket
of bubbling juju atmosphere, enjoy the chief once more...


1 Iwa ika ko pe
- Gbogbo bi a ti nse
- Maa se niso
- Ninu odun t'awa yi edumare jeki a lowo lowo
- Ori mi ma jeki nte
2 Motun gboro agba de
- Imole de
- Ilu mi ko kere
- Egba national anthem
- Lai ku ekiri
- Jinadu isale eko
- Eyo o


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zambiance ! - Various Artists,
Globe Style 1989

In 1989 Globe Style came out with this collector of Zambian
music. We get to hear songs in several languages such as;
Luvale, Bemba, Tonga, Mambwe and Lozi. Nothing yet if you
realize Zambia has a population of some 7 million people from
over 73 tribes. Styles like 'kalindula', 'mantyantya' and 'zam-
rhumba' are just a few of the country's rich flavours.
Get a taste of Zambiance !


1 Shalawambe - Kambowa
2 Shalawambe - Icupo cha kulala pa mpapa
3 Amayenge - Mao ( 2x2 )
4 Alfred Chisala Kalusha Jr. - Itumba
5 Kalimbo Hit Parade - Nyina kataila pt.1
6 Kalimbo Hit Parade - Nyina kataila pt.2
7 Julizya - Tai yaka
8 Labani Kalunga & Fikashala Band - By air
9 Alfred Chisala Kalusha Jr. - Ni maggie


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the Bhundu Boys - Shabini,
Discafrique 1986

The Bhundu Boys, 5 guys from Zimbabwe who mixed
chimurenga with pop music and other European and
American styles. They were quite popular in the eighties.
This is one of the albums that made them known in our
part of the world. Listen to the style they called 'jit'.


1 Baba munini francis
2 Hupenyu hwangu
3 Pachedu
4 Zvichatinesta
5 Kuroja chete
6 Hatisitose
7 Manhenga
8 Shabini
9 Dai ndakaziva
10 Wenhamo haaneti


Monday, October 24, 2011

Rochereau & l'Orchestre Afrisa International
Tabu Ley, african 360.127, 1979

Originally registered on Éditions Isa, Zaïre, this is a true
beauty. As 'african 360.127' it was released in 1979, the
recordings must be a bit older though. Four wonderful songs
with his Orchestre Afrisa International, listen to Rochereau..


1 Lisaso
2 Madia
3 Nzenze motema
4 Mere ando


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zaïko Langa-Langa - Bongama Kamata Position,
Disques Esperance 1987

Let's do another one by these guys. Zaïko Langa-Langa
is represented by quite some LP's already here but we
can't have them enough.


1 S.V.P. Mbey
2 Mathi ya ilo
3 Mupepa somo
4 Paiement cash


7 Re-Ups

Posts with fresh new links are;

Bembeya Jazz National
Kongo Retro Band
Lee van Cliff
Les Kamale
Orchestre Tele-Music
Monguito el Unico
Grands Succes des Editions Vévé, vol.1

Get them before Mediafire decides to remove these
harmless old files again, for no significant reason.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pamelo Mounk'a & Les Bantous de la Capitale
dans la Resurrection de Masuwa

This month's number of posts is extremely low. My work was
demanding most of my time but that's slowly changing now.
Tonight I finally found some and put it to use for y'all.
Pamelo Mounk'a appears here with Les Bantous de la Capitale.
I really can't tell you anything of value about it but
listening makes you forget that instantly,
hope U like..


1 Masuwa
2 Congo nabiso
3 Mama na mwana
4 Ya Gaby
5 Fidelite


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Franco - Global Groove's Selection 2011

Africa's greatest artist of all time is Franco Luambo Makiadi,
that is, if you ask me. He died on october 12, 1989,
exactly 22 years ago today. A fine opportunity to
launch a compilation with some of his work. It seemed
a good idea to use my collage as it's cover. I hope
you like both and wish you happy listening,
after all these years, still the best,
let’s honour him once more !


1 Kinzonzi kitata mbenda
2 Tolanda nzela moko
3 Cheri Lovy
4 Nayebaki likambo
5 Liberté
6 Boma ngai, ngai na boma yo
7 Course au pouvoir
8 Likambo ekoswa na motema
9 Kamikaze
10 Mutambula mpimpa
11 Likambo na moto te


Monday, October 10, 2011

Kalle & l'African Team -
Tango ya ba Wendo Vol. II
african 1970

This LP has a few strange properties, to start with, the frontcover
says it's called 'Tango ya ba Wendo volume II' but the backsleeve
says Volume 3. The number as stated on the sleeve is 'african
360.105', but that place is already taken by a Franco album as
we can see at Bolingo's page for instance. Find it here.
I read; Polygram, african, Sofrason, It's confusing.
Can you help us out please Bolingo ?
Part from all the confusion, we have us an LP by one of
Congo's greatest. He is called the inventor of Congolese rumba.
With songs and/or participation of Mujos, Manu Dibango,
Kwamy, Dédé and Gonzalo next to Grand Kalle himself of course.
The front cover was clearly taken from this one.


1 Ma Vicky... yee zozo
2 Nasengina
3 Theodora
4 Ivette
5 Monsieur l'Argent
6 Loboko na litama
7 Nalongoli motema
8 Mpo na G.G. Mawa
9 Marie Theresa


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe
and his Nigerian Sound Makers International -
Onye Ije Anatago,
Polydor 1982

..were you getting bored ?
Some Nigerian highlife may change everything.
Chew on this for a while..


1 Onye ije anatago
2 Ekesia nama ana nobi


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rochereau - le Seigneur Rochereau a l'Olympia,
african 360.028, 1971

Le Seigneur Rochereau a l'Olympia, I'm not exactly sure
if this concerns a live recording. The applause, the exited
crowd has been mixed in between afterwords obviously.
The actual music thereby, does not sound so live to me.
I do not mean to say I don't like the album though,
Rochereau's songs and beautiful voice always
find a happy and satisfied listener in me.
Is it live or studio ? What do you think ?
In a studio with audience maybe..?


1 Moussa
2 Moto akokana nzambe akosukisa
3 Assambela
4 Mystere
5 Nalembi
6 Fetiche
7 Paulina
8 Riverra