Friday, September 30, 2011

African Fiesta, Nico, Rochereau & Izedi -
Merveilles du Passé 1962 - 1963,
african 360.162, 1986

Released in 1986 with music from 1962 and 1963. This one
was requested by Reservatory, get it and enjoy.


1 Bilombe ya Africa
2 Mwasi abandaka
3 Pesa le tout
4 Vivo Africa
5 Rythmo ya suka
6 moto abungaka
7 Vidas
8 Toyei na sango


Thursday, September 29, 2011

African Brothers Band International of Ghana -
Enyimba di N'aba, Makossa Records

We had us some 10 or 11 of their albums already. The African Brothers
must have been the most popular highlife group in Ghana. I hardly ever
heard anything I didn't like by their hand. Wonderful atmospheric music
you can't deny, so... do not hesitate and listen to this treasure..


1 Onipa nnse hwe
2 Anibere nye
3 Susu manonye wo de
4 Kwabena
5 Kofi nkrabea
6 Masis maso


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

l'Empire Bakuba et Pépé Kalle -
Divisé par Deux, Sonodisc 1992

Good evening groovers, after some very busy days, I
finally found some time to do a little blogging. I know
most of you visitors, like myself, are lovers of soukous
and Pépé Kalle is one of the genres finest interpreters.
This 1992 production sounds awesome and will make
you wanna move y'r lazy bones as they
never did before..


1 Divisé par deux
2 Monano
3 Soso ya tongo
4 Mama leki ndaya
5 Mabele riche
6 Retroviseur


Thursday, September 22, 2011

King Sunny Ade and his African Beats -
Aura, Island 1984

Good idea Tony, we'll honour the man at his 65th birthday.
Happy birthday King Sunny, we still love to play your LP's.
Thank you for all the goodies, like this one on the London
Island label. Great production by Martin Meissonnier and
King Sunny Ade. With the participation of Tony Allen -
drums on 'Oremi' and Stevie Wonder - harmonica on 'Ase'.
Another treat by the great KSA to the world on his 65th,
spread the word and of course the music..


1 Ase
2 Gboromiro
3 Ogunja
4 Oremi
5 Ire
6 Iro


Monday, September 19, 2011

Kawere Boys Band - Kenyafrica ! vol.5,
Playa Sound 1976

This is volume 5 in the Kenyafrica series. It features the
'Kawere Boys Band', a wonderful group that delivers
a strong album of benga. It appears on Playa Sound
and was released in 1976. The LP's backside doesn't
give us any information but I am sure this was one of the
leading bands from the era. Listen and you'll have to agree.
Remarkable, most of the benga albums from the seventies
have titles concerning people's names.
Volume up, make space, dancing
mood, jivin' pace..


1 Omolo Mzee
2 Aoko Sipy
3 Joseph Awiti
4 Twkiko Abala
5 Elizia Atieno
6 Anjilina Oloo
7 Ochieng Abok No.2
8 Anyango Anah
9 Anyango Margaret
10 Atieno Risy


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anti Choc,
Sterns 1988

Lead vocals - Bozi Boziana, Cele le Roy & Fifi Mofoude
Vocals - Lidjo-Kwempa & Walli-Gonda
Lead guitar - Dodoly
Rhythm guitar - Nono-Monama
Bass guitar - Guma Shungu
Drums - Mwanga
Congas - Mwanga & Komba

Lyrics, compositions & arrangements - Fifi Mofoude,
Cele le Roy & Junior Atipo Ngapi


1 Adieu l'ami
2 Matengami
3 Emilie Zonga
4 La chevre de Monsieur Seguin
5 Canaon ya mofude
6 Lipassa ya clesh


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rolando La'Serie y Tito Puente -
Pachanga in New York,
Gema 1963

El Rey de la Pachanga y el Rey de los Timbales, together
on this album ; Pachanga in New York. From the time these
guys blew the ceilings through the roofs in NYC. A colaboration
between two titans that resulted in this dynamite recording, listen.


1 Para la quimbamba
2 Caimitillo y marañón
3 Un poco más
4 Marta
5 Todo para tí
6 Que me digan feo
7 El pachanguero
8 Malagueña
9 El manisero
10 Mis tinieblas
11 Flores negras
12 Con las glorias


Monday, September 12, 2011

Ngwashi N'timbo - "Musica Nova" présente,
Musica Nova

Ngwashi N'timbo, with 'w' instead of 'u', is not the only singer
on this marvelous album. Backsleeve doesn't give us one
single name so we'll have to guess. Maybe you are the one
who can help us. To whom belong the other sweet voices we
hear ? Any information on the subject is welcome, check.


1 Banganga ya moyindo
2 Lembi
3 Zala serieuse
4 Pneu reserve
5 Moto ya train


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jair Rodrigues - Self Titled,
Som Industria e Comércio 1985

Yesterday we had us another very nice gathering in the
park. Most of you are not able to come and visit me in
Amsterdam, I understand. Fortunate were a few who live in
my neighbourhood. Very nice to meet like that, in a relaxed
atmosphere out in the open. I want to dedicate this post to one
visitor in particular. Rogier, this one's for you. I was happy to
meet you and am looking forward to our next. We spoke about
Brazilian music and the coming events in our Netherlands capital.
I need to say something about the subject of today's post. Like all
Brazilian artists, to my opinion, Jair Rodrigues made far too many
records. Brazilians tend to play each others songs without exception.
The result is that more than half of it is undesirable. I am very sorry, do not
misunderstand me! I am a lover of good samba but the ballads for instance,
are really not made for me. I've been looking to find some of the samba's
on this record for years and finally found them on my trip to Salvador last april.
To my humble opinion, 'Não bota no meu' and 'O carioca' belong to the
hottest samba's ever. So being honest, I have mixed feelings about
this LP, but since it contains these hits, I feel obliged to post it.
Focus on side one and you'll be dancing around the house all day.
Só um pouco de besteira você vai agüentar, ..hein.. ? Escuta..!


1 Não bota no meu
2 Sonho nordestino
3 O carioca
4 Êta fuzuê
5 Na boca da avenida
6 Todo Brasileiro
- Dona Maria
- Maria pé de boi
- Prepare o limão
- Pagode Japonês
- A feijoada
- Menina Baiana
7 Majestade o sabiá
8 Papo informal
9 Coração de malandro
10 Sonho e vida
11 Pega prá capar
12 Eu sou de você


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Number One du Senegal - Jiko -
Nafissatu Njaay 1980

Na twee super gezellige try-outs, zogezegd, moeten we komende
zaterdag echt nog een keertje profiteren. Het wordt drukkend warm,
er kan een buitje vallen maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Ik wil
je bij deze dan ook uitnodigen naar het Vondelpark te komen.
Vanaf zo'n 15.00 uur strijk ik neer onder de grote bomen naast
het standbeeld van Joost van den Vondel. Met de Global Groove's
Mobile Soundsystem probeer ik dan het tropisch zwetende sfeertje
verder af te maken. Afrikaanse klanken, broeierige latin grooves,
Calypso en reggae, oude jazz en zigeuner muziek, van alles wat.
Als je een stukje naar beneden scrollt, vind je 'n filmpje van laatst.

Saturday the 10th of september is going to be one of this summers
last hot days. It will be one of the last opportunity's we'll have
to go to the park and chill out under the blue/grey sky. Bring some
food and drinks and join us at the Amsterdam Vondelpark. From
around 15.00 hrs. the Global Groove's Mobile Soundsystem will be
playing from underneath the big trees next to Vondel's statue. Be my
guest and come around if you're near.

From 1980 wit Papa Seck, Doudou Sow, Mar Seck, Magatte
N'Diaye, Malick Hann, Alioune Diallo, Amadou Madani Tall,
Mamane Fall, Ally Penda, Paja Diop, Paja Seck, Yakhya Fall,
Babacar Fall and Moustapha N'Diaye. One of Senegals legendary
groups from that era. Class A material for collectors in the genre.
That sounds awful, no really this is stuff you don't want to miss !
Wonderful atmospheric sound of Dakars early eighties.


1 Fatu sarr waasanaan
2 Medoune xule
3 Lii lumuy nuru
4 Jiko
5 Kumba
6 Ngomar


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

le Grand Maître Franco, Pepe Ndombe
et le T.P.O.K. Jazz attaquent Anjela,
African Sun Music 1988

It is more like a 12" single on 33 than an LP. This one is
extremely short, not even 20 minutes. This is not a complaint
however, just a fact. Franco made strictly wonderful albums.
From 1988, great line up, great sound, do not hesitate.


1 Anjela
2 Tawaba


Monday, September 5, 2011

Culture - Vital Selection,
Virgin 1981

This band delivered a steady reggae sound from the mid seventies
throughout the eighties. Joseph Hill was the group's leader and songwriter,
he died in the saddle, being on a European tour. He got ill very suddenly
and died the next morning on august 19, 2006, only 57 years old.
This is an album from 1981 on 'virgin' records, I am posting this one
especially for the people who were in the park with me last saturday.
We had us a sunny afternoon with irie rub-a-dub, rocksteady reggae
and other global grooves. Behold poor Jah people, stop the fussing and
fighting, work on natty and never get weary,
smoke up the international herb.


1 Behold
2 Poor Jah people
3 Stop the fussing and fighting
4 Work on natty
5 Never get weary
6 Citizen as a peaceful dub
7 Iron sharpening iron
8 The international herb
9 Too long in slavery
10 The shepherd
11 Holy mount Zion


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Zaïko Langa-Langa - On Gagne le Procès,
Prozal 1984

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely perfect in the Netherlands.
Being the worst summer since ever, I didn't have a choice. After
that swell session in the Amsterdam Vondelpark some two months
ago, this was the first and maybe last opportunity for me to try and
repeat the happy happening. I picked the same spot and my newmade
buddies from the last time were all there, playing football, a little BBQ
on the side, sweet easy parklife. I settled in and played till the night fell.
Look at my man Johnny Kluivert, who did this spontaneous rap. I had a
wonderfull time and will be back on the first warm weekend day, be there.
Now, here is another fine album by the great Zaïko Langa-Langa, get it
while you can and enjoy listening ! The next Amsterdam session, I'll
try to inform you in advance, it all depends of the weather forecast.


1 Sandra Lina
2 Foshi
3 Massela
4 Nyongo ekeseni


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kenyan Sound 1977 - Various Artists,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

When I am looking through my collection to determine
which LP to post, I need to have a strong feel about the
sound off course. I also like to bring some variation, that
way we keep listening with pleasure. Another important thing
is the visual aspect of it, we wanna keep up the looks right ?
I think it is a crime to put commercial stickers on albumsleeves
that cannot be removed again. With this one I'm not even trying,
seen 'm before and got frustrated already. You end up destroying
your precious find. Horrible. Anyway, as I said, the sound comes
first. It was hard to place the skips at the right moment, such short
silences in between, I hope they're good. The Benga on this album
is absolutely indestroyable, we can't go wrong there.
Love that Kenyan Sound of 1977.


1 Victoria King's Jazz - Mzee William Agao
2 Victoria King's Jazz - Mr. Andrew Ogol
3 Victoria King's Jazz - R. Bolo
4 Victoria King's Jazz - Michael Odero
5 Victoria King's Jazz - Ben Amon'go
6 Victoria King's Jazz - Zablon Oloo
7 Jolly Matata Band - Okech Oula
8 Jolly Matata Band - Jaber Ola e Boma No.2
9 Kiwiro Matata Band - M.A. Bianeni
10 Kiwiro Matata Band - Oluoch Kanindo