Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soki Vangu et le Bella Bella,
Badé Stars Music

Look, think, imagine, decide, download, unpack, listen and enjoy !
oh..and check the video..
not from this album but still..


1 Touche pas, don't touch
2 Ngombele
3 Fololo
4 Kifafa


Monday, August 29, 2011

l'Orchestre Empire Bakuba -
Mamie Music Clarification
Editions Alamoulé 1992

Your patience as follower of Congolese music is rewarded again
today. What can I say ? Pépé Kallé and Papy Tex are plain heroes.
Pépé Kallé for his huge voice, and Papy Tex was responsible for
composing this stuff. 6 magnificent tracks from 1992, and they sang
'm with passion. Damn,..I'm a sucker for this sound, how 'bout you ?


1 Muinto
2 Mamie
3 Ibetibi
4 Musique clarification
5 Adieu Leya
6 Sinitia


Friday, August 26, 2011

Global Sampler vol.33

With over 1100 posts, the Global Groove is becoming
quite a reference book. Lots of styles from lots of countries
are to be found here. To help you find your way through all
those LP's, there are several options. If you know what you're
looking for, just type it in our search-bar on the left. If you don't,
maybe the Global Samplers can be of help. They contain some
personal favourites and highlites. Single tracks from selected LP's
that were posted through time. Sampler No.33 covers posts from
january and february 2010. Being a bit behind doesn't matter, this
way it is of help to everybody, even this old dusty brain.
Listening is the only way, get it now, happy searching.


1 I.K. Dairo and his Blue Spots - Salome
2 Les Bantous de la Capitale - Tokumisa Congo
3 Ranking Joe - Sister Pam
4 Le Grand Kalle - Africa bola ngombi
5 Cortijo y su Combo - El chivo de la campana
6 OK Jazz - Liwa ya wech
7 Orchestre Negro Succes - Nakota zebola
8 Oriental Brothers International - Oriental's special
9 Juan Piña y su Orquesta - La puyanga
10 Les Loups Noirs - Echec
11 Sammy Cropper and his Wire Connections - Papa Akwasi
12 Tito Puente - Vete pa'la luna
13 Docteur Nico & l'African Fiesta - Exhibition dechaud
14 Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Titibitis of Africa - Iranm'iran
15 Gardner Lalanne - Ananas
16 Lion Youth - Love comes and goes
17 Bavon Marie Marie - Yalimbisa bijou
18 German Rosario - El jolgorio en el batey


Bembeya Jazz sous la direction
de Diaoune Hamidou, Editions
Syliphone Conakry 1968

Something quite special for you today.
This is SLP 4 on the mighty 'Editions Syliphone
Conakry' label from Guinée. It's from 1968
and a real treasure.

Diaoune Hamidou - Bassite
Kaba Achken Mohamed - Trompettiste soliste
Camara Sekhou Legrow - Trompettiste
Camara Mamadou - Guitare accompagement
Dioubate Sekou - Guitare solo
Dioubate Siaka - Tumbiste
Camara Demba - Chanteur soliste
Cone Mory - Batteur
Kaba Salifou - Guiros
Traore Bangaly - Saxo tenor


1 Djanfamagni
2 Almamy mamaren
3 Dembaty galant
4 Guinée hety horémoun
5 Minuit
6 Bembeyako
7 Air Guinée
8 Djamana bara sabati
9 Trafiquant
10 Loi-cadre

Hope U enjoy !


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chano Pozo & Arsenio Rodriguez
with Machito and his Orchestra -
Legendary Sessions, Tumbao 1992

Yesterday I got so pleasantly surprised. I watched that
wonderful animated picture that flellow blogger 'Coleção
de Sons' posted recently. Chico & Rita is a movie that plays
in Cuba in the 1940's. It contains passages dealing about
the great Chano Pozo. Now it is not a habbit of mine to post
music from CD, but in this case I must make an exception.
Check out this superb album on 'Tumbao'. You can find loads
of Cuban classics on that label, highly recommended. Listen.


1 Serende
2 Seven seven
3 Rumba en swing
4 Porque tu sufres
5 Cómetelo to'
6 Pasó en Tampa
7 Tumba palo cucuye
8 Apurruñenme mujeres
9 Tintorera ya llegó
10 Yo no engaño a las nenas
11 Tocoloró
12 Monte adentro
13 Cumaye, Semilla de caña, Brava so caballo
14 Los guapos en Yatera, La yuca de Catalina, El reloj de pastora
15 No vuelvo a Moron, Las tres Marias, Apurrúñenme mujeres
16 Qué caña, Mi China me botó, Cangrejo fue a estudia


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ambassadeur International - Mandjou,
Badmos 1979


Ambassadeur International

Kante Manfila : Chef d'orchestre, Guitare solo
Cissoko Moussa : Saxo-alto-tenor
Traore Kabine ( Tagus ) : Trompette
Salif Keita : Vocal
Ousmane Dia : Vocal
Nouhoun Keita : Batterie
Ousmane Kouyate : Guitare accompagement
Sekou Diabate : Guitare basse
Kaba Kante : Balafon
Smith : Orgue

Title : Mandjou
Label : Badmos
Number BLP 5040
Year of ( re- ) release : 1979


1 Mandjou
2 Kandja
3 4V
4 N'toman
5 Balla

R.I.P. Kante Manfila 1946 - 2011

At first I didn't realize I already posted it back in 2009.
Other copy, slightly different cover.
This one's more dynamic.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Les Grands Succes des Editions Samay,
Sonafric 1976

Once more I am presenting you an album by a group I can't
tell you anything useful about. There is a certain link with
the music of Angola but I do not know which. A fine opportunity
for you to make up and leave me a note. I think the average post
gets downloaded some 400 times in one week. If I'm lucky, one
percent drops a line or two. Mostly less. It's no problem, the main
thing is the music gets spread and people are able to listen to it.
Good thing it doesn't get forgotten and stowed away in dusty closets.
..suck it in and give it a spin..


1 Anaba samy na Cathy No 3
2 Telema Angola
3 Annita
4 Nzambe botisa ngai
5 Madja
6 Loposo
7 Mwana Angola
8 Yaka kwa diyokele


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Okp'uzo Enweilo,
Polygram Records 1982

This is POLP 092, on Polygram Records, Lagos, Nigeria.
It contains two numbers of which the second one is the
titlesong. Osadebe wrote some 500 songs in his career
so we'll have to keep collecting his work a bit longer.
Always fantastic rhythms and melodies, hope U like'm.


1 Osumenyi Freedom Social Club
2 Okp'uzo enweilo


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Le Grand Lolo Lolitta - Julie,
Societé Ivoirienne du Disque

This is a quite obscure find, an album by Lolo Lolitta who we know
from his work through the eighties with Pambou Tchicaya Tchico.
Here's a solo project which appeared on this label; Societé Ivoirienne
du Disque, under license of Namaco, Onitsha, Nigeria, grab it now.


1 Oh ma Julie
2 C'est trop tard
3 Koum koum
4 Ne force pas la vie


Saturday, August 13, 2011

King Sunny Adé & his African Beats -
Ori Mi Ja Fun Mi, Sunny Alade
Records Ltd. SALPS 20, 1980

On special request, SALPS 20, King Sunny Adé &
his African Beats. With special thanks to the recording
engineer of Phonodisk Mr. Kayode Salami & his assistant
Mr. Mathew Oghor Osiuhwu. Wonderful names ; ) listen !


1 Ori mi ja fun mi
- Oro ile aiye
- Olowo jeun jeje
- Alhaji Mukaiia Onabanjo
- Segun Akanni Laiwola
2 Omode omela
- Igun nyeyin
- Tiwa ni yio bori won
- Asa waun titi
- Afefe yeye


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rigo & Koffi - Aï Aï Aï,
T.Mayala & G.Kiaba


1 Aï aï aï
2 Amundala
3 Ngulupa
4 Le chemin de la vie
5 Emine


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pépé Kallé - Afro Rythmes Présente..,
Afro Rythmes 1989

From 1989 we have this LP on Afro Rythmes. Pépé Kallé
is here with some hot soukous, the up-tempo dance material
just like you're used to. Ideal for your summer evening party.


1 Cé chalé carnaval
2 Djoni bitoto
3 Tiembe raid pa moli
4 Ndako ya zeke


Monday, August 8, 2011

Gnonnas Pedro & his Dadjes Band -
The Band of Africa vol.1,
African Songs Ltd. 1975

A few weeks ago we had volume 3, now here's volume 1.
Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadjes Band are back with this
hypnotising work of latinized afro from Benin. Do not
hesitate and start to duplicate, pass it on and celebrate.


1 Kou akon 'ka
2 Azo n'kplon doun nde
3 Mo ngbadun re
4 Feso jaiye
5 Ati mawuin dagamasi
6 J'ai aimé


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Franco et le T.P.O.K. Jazz -
Chez Rythmes et Musiques à Paris,
Edipop 1984

Another wonderful LP by our heroe Franco, one we didn't see
in our little bloggosphere untill today. From a time he was at
his absolute peak, 1984, a year that brings back loads of
good memories. I am blown away by the first song with Madilu.
Track #4 contains some debate in Lingala, can someone tell
me what it is all about ? thanks & enjoy.

PS, OOOps I made a little mistake, track 3 is called track 5,
can you fix it yourself for this once ? ..sorry..


1 Makambo ezali bourreau
2 Kimpa kisangameni
3 12.600 lettres a Franco
4 Débat


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Opambuo Internationals - Menim Me Din,
bhm, KBL 017, 1976

This is the first time I am making available an album without
the right cover. I am showing the cover I bought it in, but it's
the wrong one unfortunately. Highlife Haven posted a song from
the LP we see, in february. The LP I am posting now has a mystery-
sleeve up to now. If You know or have the right sleeve to this album,
please send it to us so we all can fit it in afterwards, thanks so much.
The album is from 1976 on 'bhm', Made in Ghana by R.M.G.L.
KBL 017, copyright Brobisco 1197618, led by Nana Agyemang
vocal: Koo Darkey, enjoy and solve our little problem ?
btw, I named it after track #1, not knowing if that's correct.


1 Menim me din ( medley )
2 Obi mmehwe me
3 Boafo ye na
4 Mempe me ho asem
5 Aboa patuo
6 Odwan ba awu
7 Me ho ye wo ahi


Monday, August 1, 2011

Afro-Rythmes présente Compilation
Passi-Jo & Kichar - Vol.1
The Best of Be To Bayayi

Can you deal with straight up soukous, the type that makes
your feet want to move all the time, there's no holding back
with this stuff. I guess early ninetees material with a line-up
that makes your mouth water,..only for experienced listeners.


1 Vengi
2 Mati
3 Jane Otiemo
4 Se yo maman
5 Icha
6 Zembi
7 Kayifi
8 Manuela
9 Ye kilesa
10 Dialo