Saturday, July 30, 2011

Papaíto - Rinde homeneje a Abelardo Barroso,
SAR-1014, 1980

"Gocen, con Papaíto gocen..", I am quite sure you all
will, listening to the music of one idol, interpretated
by another. Typical SAR recording with all the greats
present, Valdes - piano, Rodriguez - tres, produced by
Roberto Torres, check the backsleeve for details.
Listen to Mario Muñoz Salazar alias 'Papaíto'.


1 El guajiro de Cunagua
2 Bruca manigua
3 El panquelero
4 En Guantánamo
5 Suavecito
6 El huerfanito


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta National ( le Peuple )
- Seigneur Rochereau, Sonafric 50 004

At the back of this album, Rochereau calls tracks 2,4,5,7 not
'rumba' but 'jobs' or 'rumba-jobs'. Can anyone tell us what it
stands for ? I never heard the term before. To me, it's all
rumba, but I'm a layman of course. Hope to learn something
here. But first, absorb the voice of lightness, very nice..


1 Mokrano
2 Gipsy
3 Kashama nkoy
4 Caroline mama
5 Toyota
6 Kasala
7 Mon mari est capable
8 Bel Abidjan


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amadou Balaké Vol.3,
Sacodis 1979

Another West-African musician with a strong tradition in
blending with latin styles is Amadou Balaké. He was born
in Burkina Faso but started his career in Ghana. His break-
through however came in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire where he worked
with Aboudou Lassissi and Sacodis for years, 70's & 80's. Nowadays,
Amadou is a full member of the Africando All Stars. This one
is from 1979 and very mellow. 'Kanan n'djanfa' is like a long
African style guajira, listen.


1 Kanan n'djanfa
2 Soum grouba
3 N'dola abibou


Monday, July 25, 2011

Bentho Gustave Titiou
& l'International Poly-Rythmo -
Le Disque d'Or, LG

I dug up this afro-cuban piece of Benin-treasure in
some dark corner of my little recordroom. It is always
a surprise what to find. Sometimes I start to wander
about in halls and corridors and get lost in piles of dusty
boxes. On other occasions I my feet are grabbed by waves
of liquid vinyl and I'm drifting on clouds of smoking groove...
But serious, this is pure gold,..just love Papillon's guitar..


1 Souviens-toi de ta promesse
2 Gbê sou vê gnin
3 So kê mi
4 Agnon djidjo


Flamenco Puro - Various Artists

I received a comment on that José Reyes LP by Daniel
Flamenco Oz, he said "this is not flamenco at all". I must
admit it is not such a great album. Some time ago I made a
compilation which might be better. It contains a few maybe
not so very pure songs but the major part is. I hope you like
this one Daniel, give it a try and let's hear, okay ? Olé !


1 Beni de Cadiz - Bulería de Cazaora
2 Juan Talega - Que tenia que farta
3 La Perla de Cadiz - Bulerías de Mauela
4 Tia Anica la Piriñaca - Un mo de mirar
5 Antonio Mairena - Gitano rico
6 Camaron de la Isla - Al verte las flores lloran
7 Los Chichos - Quiero ser libre
8 Maria Heredia - Me duele, me duele
9 Gritos de Guerra - Arrinconamela
10 Gritos de Guerra - Bulería
11 Tomasa la Macanita - Bulería de la Mocita
12 Tia Anica la Piriñaca - Que fatiguita tengo
13 José Soto - Del calvario
14 Manuel Soto el Sordera - En esta esquina
15 Tio Gregorio el Borrico - Mi virgen de la Merced
16 Beni de Cadiz - Alegrías de Cadiz
17 Manuel Soto el Sordera - Ventana de la muralla
18 Beni de Cadiz - Que lastima de gitana


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadjes Band International -
The Band of Africa vol.3, African Songs Ltd. 1977

Long before being lead singer in Africando, Gnonnan Sossou Pierre
Kouassivi was leader of this group, the Dadjes Band International.
Gnonnas Pedro started his career aged 20 with leading Benin band
Los Panchos. Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, trumpet,
sax) but most of all performer of multi-sound music. Known worldwide
for Cuban influenced music and Agbadja, a modernized form of Fon
folkloric music. Music from Benin, Nigerian release, enjoy.


1 Dadje von von von
2 Ngbahanov O.
3 Ennemi toton
4 Agbadja moderne no.2
5 Hommage aux dovaniers
6 Adigbedoto
7 Fini les pave's


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sedim Présente Boybanda Michel
(Maître Bobo) dans Spécial 3ème Anniversaire,
avec Les Rumbaya International,

Michel Boyibanda was a member of OK Jazz in the
seventies. This is one with Les Rumbaya International.
Wonderful voice, great band. A couple of familiar faces
on the front sleeve, Tabu Ley and ... do you recognize
any ? Meantime listen to
this terrific album.


1 Ba bijoux ya tchicaya
2 Ma fille vient voir
3 Bikisa ngai yabi
4 Ngai na didi

Special 3eme Anniversaire

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bembeya Jazz National - Special Recueil-Souvenir,
Mémoire de Aboubacar Demba Camara,
Les 11 plus grands succes internationaux,
Editions Syliphone Conakry, SLP 44, 1974

To remember and hail the great 'Aboubacar Demba Camara' and
pass his legacy to the younger generations, Syliphone
made this LP with their 11 biggest international successes.
Bembeya Jazz National led by Aboubacar Demba Camara.
Aboubacar died in a tragic traffic-accident, april 5th, 1973,
Listen and experience sheer beauty,
..I am blown away...
..sweet Rumba-Guinée..


1 Moussogbe
2 Beni barale
3 La Guinée
4 Dagna
5 Fatoumata
6 Armee Guineenne
7 Ballake
8 Alla-lake
9 Waraba
10 N'borin
11 N'wato m'barale


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Orchestre "Afro Succès"
direction Hilarion Nguema -
Collection Afro-Rétro vol.1,
Sonafric 55101, 1978

First time we have us some music from Gabon. From
it's capital Libreville. It's the sound of Hilarion Nguema
and his Orchestre 'Afro Succès'. Rumba based West
African chillin' groove and something different for your
saturday night. The album looks mint but b-side sounds
quite unclear at moments, older recordings, it's sad.
more info, check.


1 Espoir
2 Libreville
3 Je demande divorce
4 Décision approuvée
5 Ce n'est pas difficile
6 Tawole messam
7 Makokou
8 J'ai dormi la porte ouverte


Friday, July 15, 2011

Monguito el Unico presents
Laba 'Sosseh' in USA
Salsa Africana vol.1,
Sacodis 1980

We had volume 2 in september 2009, use our search-bar
for a quick find. I was very honoured to receive a comment
by Mr. Sosseh's nephew. Today's turn goes to volume 1. Son
montuno and guaguanco Laba Sosseh's way, a blend of latin
with African sauce and spices. Presented and accompanied
by the great Monguito, 'el Unico', enjoy..


1 Micorason
2 Ade-ade
3 Boniboni
4 Yatinama
5 Sitierra


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pépé Kallé - l'Argent ne fait pas le bonheur,

We all know some tight soukous, that's for sure, but this
LP which was organised by Diblo Dibala is truly smashing.
With the great Lokassa ya Mbongo on rhythm guitars and
Diblo himself doing the solo-parts. Fantastic guitars and
Pépé's fantastic voice to round it all up, I love it.
Hope U do too..


1 L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur
2 Bolimbisa
3 Ami ya bomuana
4 Vengi
5 Famo
6 Famo (instrumental)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kakaiku's Band - Adadam Paa Nie,

Amsterdam is a city with hundreds of nationalities. Last
sunday I met people from Bolivia, Argentina, Senegal,
Sierra Leone, Surinam and the Netherland's Antilles of
course, from Congo, Brazil and Ghana. This one goes out
to the last one. Mr. Moses K. Oppon alias Kakaiku is here
with an album that was posted by Afro-Slabs in 2009. The
blog seems dead since one year, what happened ? Anyway,
this LP deserves a second chance, if you didn't get it the
first time, take it while you can. Highlife to get your life high..
b.t.w. I díd meet a couple of Dutch folks as well..


1 Driver nni na meware no
2 Ohia ma adwendwen
3 Adowa ma yenka ntam
4 Adusei se hene ba
5 Odo yede sen sika
6 Minnim
7 Dabi mabrabo
8 Obi namane san bi
9 Nyimpa hia na wahia
10 Fa wo ho gyigya
11 Ekeka bia
12 Ofie ne fie


Monday, July 11, 2011

Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Editions Vévé,
african 360.063, 1974

Yesterday, I had a try-out with my new toy.
I made a mobile deejay-set in a waistbin, the type
on wheels we put outside once a week to be emptyed.
Big rechargable battery on the bottom, car-stereo as an
amplifier and notebook with USB-harddisc to play from.
Built in car speakers, little isolation and we're ready to roll.
I went to the Amsterdam Vondelpark and played for 5 hours.
Great experience to be a deejay-pirate, you never know if
local authority allows you to. The public liked it a lot and I
am sure to be back there on sunny sunday afternoons.
I'll announce future happenings on this page.
On 'african' we have the number 360.063, a magic number I'd
say, remains equal when turning around. It does concern
a magic album, Orchestre Lipua-Lipua whith the great
Nyboma. Sound quality is not fantastic, as is the
sharpness of the frontsleeve's picture.
At first I thought it was me but the picture IS vague.
Not on the web for the first time but it could not
remain absent here, enjoy once more.


1 Mombasa
2 Fuga fuga
3 Niki blue
4 Lossa


Friday, July 8, 2011

Nigerian Highlife - Various Artists

It was time for a collector. I gathered some Nigerian Highlife
songs for your and my pleasure. Take a look at this tracklist,
don't you agree they all have magnificent names ?
Hope you like them tunes just as much.


1 Paulson Kalu Afrikhanah & his Stars 25 - Ochea special
2 The Harbours Band - Koma mosi
3 Rex Williams & his Nigerian Artists - Isip 2
4 Celestine Ukwu - Igede
5 Professional Seagukks Band - Afro baby
6 Sammy Akpabot and his All Stars - Safe it for a rainy day
7 Popular Cooper & his All Beats Band - Arraino
8 Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestros - Votumamuoga
9 Olufemi Ajasa & his New Nigerian Bros. - Aiye le
10 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Onu kwulunjo
11 Dan Satch & Atomic 8 Dance Band - ?
12 Tunji Oyelana & the Benders - To whom it may concern
13 Bola Johnson & his Easy Life Top Beats - Ezuku buzo
14 Cardinal Rex Lawswon & his Majors Band of Nigeria - Tamuno bo ibro ma
15 Chief Enyang Henshaw - Esonta
16 The Nkengas - Anyi bundi igbo
17 Eastern Minstrels Guitar Band - Echehula nwa nne gi
18 Peacocks Guitar Band International - Onye aghala nwanneya
19 Roy Chicago & his 'Abalabi Rhythm' Dandies - Esin o wewu
20 Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - Ojitibi


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trio Madjesi -
Le Retour du Trio Madjesi d'Afrique,
Safari Ambiance 1984

The last LP we had by Trio Madjesi was from 1974,
this here album is made 10 years later, in 1984.
The three members worked solo for eight years and
were re-united for this album. With Syran-solo, Bopol-
Rhythm and Pablo-bass, it became a solid LP. The
sound is different but good, undeniably Madjesi.


1 Deuxième mi-temps
2 Mondjo
3 Village blokosso
4 Matinda lumière


Willie Colon - Willie,
Fania 1974

Fania's great trombone player and composer Willie Colon
is here with an album from 1974. Produced by Jerry
Masucci and Willie Colon. Recording director Johnny
Pacheco. Vocals Hector Lavoe.
sorry it has a few pops,
still love this,
hope U do too.


1 Ah-ah/O-no
2 Abuelita
3 Vo so
4 Piraña
5 La murga
6 Ghana'e
7 El dia de suerte
8 Barrunto
9 La banda
10 Calle luna, calle sol


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Prince Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningisa -
Carte Postale, Voix d'Afrique 1983

Good morning, after recording Youlou Mabiala last week,
I went on listening to him. Some wonderful songs here,
'carte postale' is my fav.


1 Carte postale
2 Mamou
3 Emoa-n'kana
4 Gare a toi


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Groupe Thu-Zahïna -
Les Belles Mélodies des Rêves

We had an album by them in november last year. Today they
are back at the GG with another fine LP. This one is made in
non-stop modus, the numbers flow over in each other without
pause. Les Belles Mélodies des Rêves is a collection of songs
melted together in a splendid way by this group of youngsters.
You visitors provided us with some useful information
on the subject, take a look here .


1 Lokoko
- Zemiya zuwa
- Paty
- Ba patrons na bambongo
- Seko silibanda
2 Diyoyo
- Denise
- Mbotama Marie-Hélène
- Maseliya
- Est-ce que olingi ngai