Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orchestre Masano
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Soukous is nice, however, I tend to like the older stuff
better. Maybe it is because I'm getting older myself. Anyway,
what we have here today is an album by an orchestra I can't
tell you a whole lot about. It is from 1977 on Pathé Marconi
and selected by Blaise Fayette Mikano like most of the 70's
LP's on this label. The songs were written by Pierre Loukoua-
moussou, Pascal Bonanga, Diop Terzieff and Tomba Dian
Mahungu. No familiar names to me, wonderful sleeve-pic.


1 Mikala
2 Bisanga
3 Kimpa kia Maano 2
4 Ngindo
5 Simplicité
6 Ata ngai 5e


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bopol Mansiamina & Syran Mbenza - Sambela,
Production Guerry Alain 1987

Bopol Mansiamina, Syran Mbenza, Sam Mangwana,
Theo Blaise, 4 names you can't ignore when read on
the cover of one LP. This one is from 1987 and that's
exactly how it sounds, typical eighties soukous with
some of the world's greatest. Enjoy.


1 Sambela
2 Africa diaspora
3 Reviens Moussa
4 Marie Jeanne
5 Mokili


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Lone Ranger - On the Other Side of Dub,
Studio One 1977

At first I was a bit puzzled cuz the LP and label give
only 5 tracks per side while in fact there are 6. Good
thing we have the world wide web. I found the mystery
tracks in Roots Archives. So listen and skank.
I just love that #5, an absolute hit, check.

1 Barnabbas Collins
2 Noah In The Ark
3 Apprenice Dentist
4 Quarter Lb. Ishen
5 Everything She Want
6 Natty Dread On The Go
7 Grave Yard Skank
8 Where Eagles Dwell
9 Dentist Dub
10 Collie Rock
11 Roots Style
12 Dub A Natty Dread


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kante Manfila et Salif Keita -
Dans l'Authenticité vol.2,
Badmos 1979

From 1979 we have this second volume of Kante Manfila
and Salif Keita's 'Dans l'authenticité'.
You can find some info here .


1 Tara
2 Dimbassin
3 Toubaka
4 Badougou


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Le Prince Youlou Mabiala avec
La Grande Force Kamikaze Loningisa -
Loufoulakari, 5ème Anniversaire, IAD 1985

Le Grand Maître's son in law appears on this IAD album
from 1985 with his 'Grande Force Kamikaze Loningisa'.
Celebrating the 5th birthday of..?.. the band maybe, do
you have any idea ? Whatever it is, these guys would
have been very welcome to celebrate any birthday
on my account.


1 Loufoulakari
2 Agna
3 Je suis encore jeune
4 Beranga ondongo


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orchestre Bella Bella - Houleux Houleux,

On a label we don't see much, the Star label, comes this
LP by Soki Vangu and Orchestre Bella Bella. Somewhere
half way the second track, volumes go down and then slowly
up again to be followed by another silence on the moment
part 1 switches in part 2. If you listen to a lot of old
African Lp's, you get used to these little sloppy things.
For instance, each LP has a little hole that's
supposed to be in the middle, catch my drift ?
Still, you wouldn't want to miss this album that
contains some fine Congolese music, enjoy.


1 Houleux houleux
2 Mea culpa
3 Zamba
4 Pambi n'doni


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Duo Los Compadres - Los Compadres,

I didn't hear any complaint about not having that Soundcloud-player
anymore. I suppose nobody really misses it. Maybe we'll have
another player some day, for now just download and listen.

Duo Los Compadres was formed by Lorenzo Hierrezuelo in 1947.
Second voice and 'tres' was taken care of by Compay Segundo.
We hear them performing on this album which was a re-release
from during the seventies. Can you tell us the year of the
original release ? Listen and enjoy in the mean time.


1 Todo a tus pies
2 Con el temporal
3 El gato y la gata
4 La rebelion de mayo
5 En la casa de Don Juan
6 Envidia de amor
7 Yo tengo pena
8 En el monte
9 Pruebe este tono
10 Descripcion de la rumba
11 Paloma mensajera
12 Preparen candela


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Le Peuple,
Editions Moninga Star

Today's post concerns a very nice Congolese album
on which I did not find any useful info. I can tell you that
the group are; Kifouetti Loubassou, François Mackosso,
Alphonse Mavungu and Tino Muinkua Mvura. It was released
on Editions Moninga Star. Very bright sound, sparkling guitars,
tight rhythms, hot saxophone and sweet vocals, just the thing for
your sunday afternoon, and mine. Hope U enjoy.


1 Massavi fololo y' Africa
2 Nzoto ya muana ya moto
3 Absence
4 Luta


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emeneya Emerite & Victoria Eleison -
Kimpiatu, Rythmes et Musique 1988

Quite some time ago, some of you asked for music by
these guys. I am not the man to tell you a whole lot about them
but the most important thing, I have some of their work. From
1988, Emeneya Emerite and Victoria Eleison with 'Kimpiatu'.
With such a name, one doubts about the meaning of the lyrics,
I don't understand the words, but I do love the sound.


1 Kimpiatu
2 Isbond
3 Mobali ya ngenge
4 Soiree dansante


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunny Adé & his Green Spot Band -
The Master Guitarist, vol.2,
African Songs Ltd.

In Sunny Adé's Master Guitarist series, this is volume 2.
It was recorded in the London EMI studio by Tony Clark.
Some juju to spend your thursday with, hope U like.


1 Ile labo sinmi oko
2 Dr. Sehindemi
- Oshodi lo'lepetedo
- Late Rex Lawson
- Aiye ema ma pa


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé, vol.2 -
Various Artists, Sonafric 50040, 1977

The track by Orchestre Kiam on number 3 of this album, was
also on Their LP with the title 'l'Afrique Danse avec Sakumuna'.
It is called 'Kamiki 1&2' on that one and 'Bamo kangi' on this one.
Then on track #4 we find Verckys doing some funk, let's say he
was experimenting something new. I like his own sound better.
Rumba or funk, it's another piece of history, directed by Verckys,
with four of Africa's greatest groups ever, check that out.


1 Orchestre Kamale - Ayidjo
2 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Bongisa maloba
3 Orchestre Kiam - Bamo kangi
4 Orchestre Vévé Star - Bassala hot


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Discotheque 73 - Various Artists,
Editions Syliphone Conakry 1975

Hello groovers, slowly rebooting I'm squeezing
one out for ya. Not full speed yet, hang on...

From 1975, this collector with at least 5 authentic
Guineean tracks. Wonderful music by superb musicians.
What the .. could have been the idea behind Makeba's
participation on this album. Commercial reasons I suspect.
Coincidentally track 3 has some bad snaps,
it wasn't me ...honestly...
Enjoy this nice music.


1 Bembeya Jazz National - Super tentemba
2 Horoya Band National - Were were
3 Myriam Makeba - Malouyame
4 Keletigui et ses Tambourins - Miri magnin
5 Bembeya Jazz National - Mami wata
6 Super Boiro Band - Darinole


Monday, June 6, 2011

Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz - l'Afrique Danse,
african 360.132, 1979

I got caught by a cold, awful, head stuck, snotty party.
Bèèh, can't think straight. Lp is from 1979, songs are older.
Written by 1 Lutumba Ndomanueno, 2 Josky Kiambukuta,
3 Mayaula Mayoni and 4 Lola Djangi, enjoy.


1 On ne vit qu'une seule fois
2 Bisengambi
3 Momi
4 Oyangani ngai na moto


03 - Orchestre Tpok Jazz - Momi by deejaymoos

Sunday, June 5, 2011

African Brothers Band International of Ghana -
Owuo Aye Me Bi, Makossa 1982

Here's an other LP on which the African Brothers console
the bereaved using words like allah, jah and god. Personally,
I would rather read some Lao Tse on a moment like that, but who
am I ? On this 1982 LP, we miss one title. The sleeve speaks
of three songs while the actual vinyl counts four. Can you clear
up this mystery ? What's the name of track 4 ? Thanks in advance.


1 Owuo aye me bi
2 Ne nko ne me ho asem
3 Kyeremaa ( medley )
4 ???


Friday, June 3, 2011

Empire Bakuba - Kabambare,
Gabon Music 1985

To stir up your friday night with dazzeling funkiness, soukous
like you haven't heard much before. Pépé Kallé's Empire
Bakuba outstrips it's self on this 1985 LP, the album has
a certain magic. It is different, groovy, just the thing for you.


1 Kabambare
2 La terre sainte
3 Mwana-Gabon
4 Il n'y a pas de sots métiers


03 - Empire Bakuba - Mwana-Gabon by deejaymoos

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his
International Brothers Band - in London, vol.3,
Decca West Africa 1972

Hello groovers, there's something I wish to tell you for
some time now and today seems a fine day to do so.
I am a non-religious person. I know this is a strange
phenomena for some people but in our country I think
more than half of the population is. Money and religion
are the two biggest causes of war in the world and for
one, that's a huge reason to be like I am, without religion.
In the music that I post, maybe more often than I realize,
religious utterances are made. I wish to keep aloof from
this. It's the music that I love to hear, often I don't even
understand the words but that's okay with me. The
'groove' is the most important thing and also the
reason for posting an album. If you think I am a bad
person, that's also fine with me, I know I'm not and stick
to my feeling about this. So if Chief Commander Ebenezer
Obey speaks of religious things, those are his words,
not mine. Okay, I'm glad I made this clear, I am not
open for discussion but just wanted to make this
statement. Still, hope U like and enjoy.
Peace, love, happiness and health to all !


1 Ara nbada owo oje
- Ile baba mi more
- Kabiyesi oba lipede
- Iwo omo ateni gbore
2 Motewo mi soke
- So - morue
- Kaiye maba irawo mi je
- Eje kajo