Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nyboma & Madilu - Stop Feu Rouge,
Bleu Caraïbes

Today's post is giving me trouble from the beginning. First, my
image moderating program refuses to rescale my coverpic.
Then after rebooting it finally works. I spent an hour to remove
the permanent marker with which some former owner wrote
his name on the sleeve. Trying to upload the image, blogger
refuses my upgraded photo. Damn, lots of work for nothing,
I am already happy blogger accepted the unfixed picture.

Good, let's forget about the stress and continue to bring
you this LP. Two famous voices on one album, Nyboma
Mwan-Dido and Madilu System, le Grand Ninja. I have no
idea in what year it was released, somewhere halfway the
eighties I presume. With Pompon Kuleta, Odette, Kiwa Kana
Aime, Lokassa ya Mbongo, Mayaula Mayoni, Dally Kimoko,
Nguma, Arsene Kunde, Djudju and Nado. Hope U like.


1 Voisin
2 Keva
3 Stop feu rouge
4 Magali


01 - Nyboma & Madilu - Voisin by deejaymoos

Sunday, May 29, 2011

African Party, vol.1 - Various Artists,
african 360.089, 1968

Number 360.089 in the 'african' series is a collector with
15 songs recorded in 1966, 1967 and 1968. African Party
volume 2 was posted in january 2010 already and now
here's the first volume. A bunch of classics
of which a few songs appeared on other albums
but still, you wouldn't want to miss this
splendid collector.

b.t.w. shouldn't Kasabelle (7) be Kabasele ?


1 Kalle & l'Ensemble African Team de Paris - Merengue fontaine
2 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - l'Age et l'amour
3 Orchestre Conga Succes - Helena tuna mama bebe
4 Kalle, le Saxo Essous & l'African Team de Paris - Enale ya Kongo
5 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta Nationbal - Laisse toi aime
6 Kalle & Le Trio Vocal de l'African Jazz - Ilunga Zephe
7 Kasabelle & l'African Jazz - Carrefour Addis-Abeba
8 Pablito & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - Y a martes
9 Orchestre African Fiesta - Eh bien mon ami
10 Dr. Nico & l’Orchestre African Fiesta - La palomar
11 Flujos & Orchestre Negro Succes - Naleli Coco
12 Orchestre Vox Africa - Aladji Baba
13 Gospy & Orchestre Negro Succes - Albertine mwana ya ndeke
14 Dr. Nico & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - Damela que tu la tiennes
15 African Team - El bantou


14 - Dr. Nico & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - Dame la que tu la tiennes by deejaymoos

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nguashi Ntimbo & l'Orchestre Sentima - Citoyen,
ASLP 959

On this friday evening we'll listen to Nguashi Ntimbo. A swell
beginning of our weekend I'd say. Wonderful LP with his
Orchestre Sentima, I really can't tell you anything useful
about them. Just play it and make up your own mind.


1 Trop bon pt.1
2 Trop bon pt.2
3 Citoyen pt.1
4 Citoyen pt.2
5 Mama pt.1
6 Mama pt.2
7 Dokotolo


03 - Nguashi Ntimbo & l'Orchestre Sentima - Citoyen pt.1 by deejaymoos

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orchestre du Bawobab - Senegaal Sunugaal,
Buur Records BRLP 003, 1975

A little piece of Senegalese musical history
is to be found on this album from 1975.
From the first time I heard them, I was
determined to be a fan for life. How
about you folks ? No fan yet ? Better
listen to :

artist - Orchestre du Bawobab
title - Senegaal Sunugaal
label - Buur Records
release number - BRLP 003
year - 1975

saxo tenor - Issa Cissokho
guitare solo - Barthelemy Atisso
guitare accompagnement - Ben Geloum
guitare basse - Charles Ndiaye
chanteur, batteur - Balla Sidibe
chanteur - Medouné Diallo
chanteur & maracasses - Laye M'boup
clarinette - Peter Udo
tumba - Mountaga Kouate
chant-tama - Ndiouga Dieng
chant - Thione Seck


1 Ndaga
2 Lamin gey
3 Nijaay
4 Ayda ba wuri
5 Faatu joop
6 Senegaal sunugaal
7 Geeja ngala riir
8 Mbegeel
9 Yaama doon xool


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abelardo Barroso y la Sensación -
Bruca Maniguá, ARO 108

Abelardo Barroso y la Sensación were an institution
within the marvelous music of Cuba. In their days
this was a famous record and today it is pure history.
It goes for rediculous prices on the web so, take it
and listen to this rarity free of cost.


1 Bruca maniguá
2 El cangrejito
3 San Luisera
4 El fantasma del circo
5 Guajiras de hoy
6 La mulata canela
7 Suavecito
8 Changüi monte
9 Los tamalitos de Olga
10 Vacila con tu trago
11 Resabroso chachacha
12 Lo que la vida enseña


07 - Abelardo Barroso y la Sensacion - Suavecito by deejaymoos

Monday, May 23, 2011

Orchestre Bella-Bella - les frères Soki,
african 360.064, 1974

The 300th Congolese post at the Global Groove.
Oh yes my dear visitor, this is wonderful. On 'african' we
have this 1974 album by Orchestre Bella-Bella. It is
another jewel from Congo's seventies you don't want
to miss. Number 360.064 was still absent in our list
but today that finally changes. The brothers Soki
wrote some fine songs and 'african' took care of
a nice atmospheric cover for the album.
Pure gold.


1 Houleux-houleux
2 Youyou
3 Sentima
4 Kukulu cache cache
5 Menga
6 Bienvenu doudou


04 - Orchestre Bella-Bella - Kukulu cache cache by deejaymoos

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alcione - Alcione,
Philips 1981

Woke up with a samba feeling today. This 1981 LP by
Alcione has a lot of the earlier stuff. It sounds well produced
like it should coming from '81, but the music has a strong 70's
feel. I think this woman has a unique voice, so powerful, so strong,
I can't seem to get enough of it. The LP is a bit dusty maybe
but it contains some great songs, track 12 even has
an African title and touch, rare, hope U like.


1 Sem perdão
2 Força do amor
3 Pintura sem arte
4 Marcas no leito
5 Sangue novo
6 A volta da gafieira
7 Novo amor
8 Minha filosofia
9 Ave coração
10 Luto
11 O papeiro é meu
12 Nzambi-Muadiakime

new link

Sorry, no Soundcloud,
track was not accepted.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Les Ambassadeurs du Motel,
Sonafric 1976

Promised Arnaud to post some 'kompa' but every time
I start listening it just doesn't get to me like it does to you.
Shame and scandal in the family, really sorry but I need some
time to get there. Meanwhile I'll post something that you might like
aswell although quite different. From Mali we have Les
Ambassadeurs with Salif Keita and Kanté Manfila, it's a
Sonafric release from 1976.
Got the music but no got no info, wanna try anyway ?


1 Diandjon
2 Wara
3 Kibaru


Friday, May 20, 2011

le Likembé Geant, direction Nkouba André,
Sonafric 50052, 1977

I gave you one number on the first 'Congo, Tours de Force'
compilation. The likembé geant or 'kisansi' is an instrument,
used to accompany the telling of legends, at night, by the
fireside. That's what the backsleeve tells us. This group, led
by Nkouba André or Kouran, brings us some swell songs.
I found a very short but nice youtube film, not this group,
but fun to watch. enjoy.


1 Bouyala bua kunguna
2 Bika nzanga
3 Marceline
4 Longo luafua
5 Ndandua buyala
6 M'bongo n'kuyu
7 Weta weta
8 Nsuka ya muntu


01 - Le Likembé Geant - Bouyala bua kunguna by deejaymoos

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tchico et son Orchestre Kilimandjaro,
Afro-Rythmes 1982

Did you say you'd like some soukous ?
This is the album to download for you. Pambou Tchicaya
Tchico et son Orchestre Kilimandjaro are here to make
you rock your socks off. Kick aside tables and chairs
before you but this on. Shoes off, volume up!


1 Dinamic Afro-soukous
2 Mwana ngalifourou
3 Oh! maman cherie
4 Aminata fleur du Sahel
5 Princesse Maguy


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yamoah's Band - Asem Sebe,

Second Album by Yamoah's Band which started in 1957
under this name. Leader of the group is Peter Kwabena
Yamoah. Unfortunately the hole in the middle is not
located as it should be which causes the music to get
falser towards the end of the sides. Still, especially in
the beginning of the LP, it is very enjoyable.
Listen to this rare Ghanaian highlife.


1 Wo do me a bra
2 Saman me
3 Obi do me
4 Abotare
5 Konkonsani
6 Obaa 'B'
7 Asem sebe
8 Dede nye
9 To wo boto mu
10 Osaman ba
11 Onipa ye bad
12 Dabi asem nti


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Syran M'benza - Kouamé,
Afro Rythmes 1980

artist - Syran M'benza
title - Kouamé
label - Afro rythmes
number - AR 065
year - 1980

lead vocals - Sammy Massa
1ere guitare solo - Syran M'benza
2eme guitare solo - Dizzy Mandjékou
guitare accomp. - Lokassa Kassia
guitare basse - Bopol
batterie - Ringo Moya
saxo alto - Bento Sax
saxo tenor - Jean Lumbeta
Trompette - Johnny
Tumba - Zoé Matondo

Too good to be true LP,
get it now and listen quick.
...go crazy...


1 Kouamé
2 Kisodisa
3 Rosa Mwanemiena
4 Samba samba


03 - Syran M'benza - Rosa Mwanamiena by deejaymoos

Abaraka Guitar Band of Nigeria - '77,
Melody Sound Stores / Feathers 1977

Sometimes it can be very annoying, it depends of your
mood I think, but sometimes also, it can be enjoyable.
I'm talking about crackely old LP's, and this is one of
them. Somehow I kinda liked it when listening to this
1977 Nigerian album. It's sleeve has hardly survived
the 34 years and the vinyl is in comparable state.
Just imagine sitting and listening by the fireside,
close y'r eyes and before you know it you only
hear the sweet rhythms, give it a try.


1 Peoples Club of Nigeria
2 Oru owerre
3 Azu anu uka
4 Agadi nwanyi


Saturday, May 14, 2011

N'tesa Daliens - Iza-Isse,
Tchika, 12" single

Little time, short post !
nice a-side,
awful b-side.


1 Iza-Isse
2 La dernière lettre


Friday, May 13, 2011

Michelino & Franco - Lisanga ya Banganga,
Michita Production 1984

Good evening, welcome back after a day of blogger
chaos and confusion. I woke up this morning and
found my two latest posts gone. Blogger was buisy
with maintenance and blew it somehow. I decided
not to wait and took immediate action to repost them.
What do we have for you today ? Michelino, who spent
10 years with l'Afrisa International and 4 years with
Franco's TP OK Jazz at this point, gathered Rochereau,
Franco and some collegues to do this project on the
lesser known Michita label in 1984. Check it out.


1 Mutambula mpimpa
2 Prince d'XL
3 Point carré
4 Va et vient


Star-Lite '78' - Special Hi-life Numbers,
Soronko Sounds / Music Hall 1979

Last night's post also disappeared so we'll post this
LP again too. It's a rare album of funky psychadelic
highlife, a more or less 'ungooglable' gem. I had written
down all them difficult names for you but since blogger
threw my posts away, get the info from the backsleeve
after downloading it. Hope you like it.


1 Fa akonndwa
2 Ase yene woka
3 Yempe hen ho asem
4 Oyaa suro oyaa
5 Obaatan pa
6 Hune suban


Colompilation 5

Okay, let's see, Blogger made some big mistake
while updating their website and my two latest posts
got lost somehow. I'm not gonna sit and wait so here
they are once more. In a while they restore them and
we have them two times all of a sudden. We'll see
what happens. Anyway, enjoy Colompilation 5 again.


1 Tonu Zuñiga - El palito de aji
2 Eliseo Herrero - La adivinanza
3 Guillermo Buitrago - Dame tu mujer José
4 Andrés Landero - Cumbia cumbe
5 Calixto Ochoa - Mata'e caña
6 Nora Tatis - Caimán gallizano
7 Juancho Polo Valencia - El sombrerito
8 Jairo Likasale - El sapo muerde
9 Crescencio Camacho - Compadrito
10 Lisandro Meza - Las Africanas
11 Jimmy Pedrozo - Negrito Cayaya
12 El Pibe Velasco - Palenquerita
13 Orchestra Edmundo Arias - Ligia
14 Ramón Vargas - Alegria Costeña
15 Plutarco Urrutia - Esperando a Patricia
16 Julio Erazo - Espumita del rio
17 Nora Tatis - La tabaquera


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rigo Star - Ne Refuse Pas,
Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial 1985

Well Fernando from Zaragoza, I guess this is your
lucky day. First visit at the GG and you already find what
you've been looking for so long. It just so happens I had
this one waiting for the appropriate moment and that might
aswell be today. Isn't it strange they wrote his name wrong ?
I can't imagine you don't check the spelling before print,
unless they thought they would sell a couple LP's more,
I can't imagine that.
Typical Eddy'Son album,
clear production,
smooth sound.


1 Ne refuse pas
2 My love
3 Tour a Abidjan
4 Week end
5 Rosalina


Monday, May 9, 2011

Syran M'benza - Symbiose,
Hysa 1990

Syran Mbenza gathered a bunch of great musicians to
realize this project, take a look at it. This must be the
line-up you were waiting for, am I right Apurva ? This one
is for you buddy. Oh..and yes of course, you folks can take it
aswell. Let's all move our lazy buds around
on this wonderful sound..


1 Youyou
2 Mon ami
3 Molatisi
4 Icha
5 Kabibi
6 Biloula


Sunday, May 8, 2011

RCA 1959


It is not an easy task to find sixties Trinidad stuff let alone
even older. This Lp by Sparrow is from 1959 and before he
was called 'Mighty Sparrow'. It has 1959 Hi-Fidelity which
didn't have a whole lot of dynamics and that shows. Still,
eventhough it doesn't sound fantastic, this album is a rare
piece of old calypso, in fact it is Sparrow's first recording
for RCA. Click on the backsleeve to read it properly
and get it while you can. I am especially happy to
finally have the original 'Benwood Dick', been
searching for that a long time.
Have a nice sunday.

1 Lulu
2 Keep the city clean
3 Cowboy Melo
4 Maria
5 Charlie
6 Leave the dam doctor
7 Monica doo doo
8 May May
9 Benwood Dick
10 Raphaela


Saturday, May 7, 2011

6 re-ups

Tonight I re-uploaded 6 LP's for you of which
the links were dead. I hope you'll find them
as you used to, ready to suck in, have fun.

links to the re-uploaded LP's;

Les Ambassadeurs

Ali Toure

Sinza Kotoko

Zaïko Langa-Langa

Lutumba Simaro

Star Band de Dakar

If you should find other dead links,
please report them to me,
much appreciated !

Friday, May 6, 2011

Verckys et l'immortel Vévé vol.2,
Editions VEVE International
EVVI 02D 1980

Songs written by Matadi ( de la France ), Luntadila,
Makamba Dali and by the leading man himself, this is
'Verckys'. Backsleeve does not give any info on who
the musicians and vocalists are. Would you be able
to shine a light on this matter, please leave us a note
and satisfie some like-minded friends, enjoy listening.


1 Seliba
2 Maza
3 Pinjoli ya lolango
4 Muje kabongo


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Empire Bakuba - Bakuba Show,
Syllart 1987

Pépé Kallé and Empire Bakuba are back with another
fine LP. It is from 1987 and contains some excelent
songs. Imagine being Emoro in this funny picture,
where would you be pointing your spear at ? Not at that
poor old cheetah, right ? Hmm, let's just listen to
this nice album before getting distracted,
Great sleeve, great artists, great music.


1 Bakuba show
- Ma belle Dibo
- Vie ya mote
- Nazoki
- O mama lye
- Amena
- Meka okangama
- Wando
2 Phono
3 Miss Goma
4 Naponi Ngoluke


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ballou Canta - Samba-La !,
Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial 1978

Singer Ballou Canta worked with Tele Music, Ray Lema, Pamelo
Mounk'a, Zao and Abeti. He was one of the founders of 'Soukous
Stars'. On this LP on Eddy'Son label he appears with; Syran,
Mimi, Master, Dave Sakou, Ti Paul Nollet, Pierre Letchoumayen,
Jimmy Nvondo, Priso Fefe, Freddo and Roger. Listen to this.


1 Sambala
2 Zomga kato samba
3 Cherie ne me quitte pas
4 Malimbe oh


Monday, May 2, 2011

Zaïko Langa-Langa - Nkolo Mboka vol.1,
ASL 1983

André Bimi Ombale Mwana Wabi, one of Zaïko Langa-Langa's
main singers died last friday, april 29, in a hospital in Kinshasa.
Bimi arrived in Tout Choc Zaiko Langa Langa band to its creation
in the 70's as a drummer, and with his inimitable voice, emerged as a
good songwriter beside Jossart Nyoka Longo, Evoloko Joker, Papa
Wemba, Mavuela Somo, Efonge Gina.... After the departure of Evoloko,
Papa Wemba, Mavuela Somo, Bozi Boziana for creating Isifi Lokole band,
Bimi Ombale remained as a headliner in Zaiko Langa Langa with Jossart
Nyoka Longo. He left Zaiko Langa Langa and created Zaiko Familia Dei
with Lengi Lenga, Ilo Pablo and others. Bimi finally created his own musical
group called Basilique Loningisa before becomming a Christian musician.
Bimi died, but he will remain present among fans of Congolese music
because he leaves a huge work of music with many titles like
"Joliba", "Misolina", "Ngongi", "Banyango", "Mopaya zoba",
"Elima ngando", "Sandra lina", etc ( Allvoices News )


1 Sans espoir
2 Wedu
3 Mopaya zoba ( Bimi )
4 S.O.S. Maya


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nana Kwame Ampadu I and his
African Brothers Band International -
Osoro Siane, Afribros

This record album is a special donation by Nana Kwame
Ampadu I to Okwahu United Football Club ( Asaase Aban )
as his personal contribution towards the upkeep and running
of the club. Very relaxed and laid back highlife by master
Nana Kwame Ampadu I who delivers as always.
For your lazy sunday afternoon, enjoy.


1 Osoro siane
2 Amma adomaa
3 Me domfo pa
4 Yenwiee abrabo