Thursday, April 28, 2011

Empire Bakuba - Trop C'est Trop,
Rythmes & Musique 1985

I know we have a lot of Pépé Kallé fans in our little
Groovers community. Today's post concerns an album
from 1985 by the man with his buddy's Papy Tex and Dilu.
Greetings from Ma Ngoundi at Brazzaville, enjoy..


1 Trop, cést trop
2 Na koboya ye te
3 Drame
4 Mille baisers


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sugar Minott - Showcase,
Studio One 1977

Early sounds of a singer I digged from the first tones I
heard him. Sugar Minott's sweet voice with, in this case,
backing by Earl Walker, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace,
Jackie Mittoo, Pablove Black and Noel Bailey. Then
the magic of Clement Coxsone Dodd to top it off and
the groove is complete. On Studio One from 1977.
The dub-parts at the end of the songs are connected
quite poorly but after playing it so many times as I did
you get used to it or even start to like it, I must be mad.


1 Vanity
2 Roof over my head
3 Guidance
4 Jah Jah children
5 Try love
6 Oh Mr. D.C.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Victoria King's Jazz,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

On Pathé Marconi comes this LP of sweet benga, it's from
1977 but contains songs, recorded in 1975 and 1976.
Benga was Kenya's popular sound from the seventies,
but you can spot influences of Congolese music, for instance,
in Dr. Collella Mazee's 'Susana'. Highly energetic East
African sound, kick aside y'r funiture and dance away !


1 Z. Abuya
2 Sunga Jomwandu
3 Oscar Obuogo
4 Come on Jack
5 Chunya we wita
6 Susana
7 Ben Bobo
8 Cham Luchi


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bezerra da Silva e Reyjordão -
Partido Alto Nota 10, vol.3
Os pagodes mais cantados nas
rodas de samba da malandragem,
CID 1980

A sunny saturday with sunny music. I have been asked to post
some of that samba I brought home lately and It's my pleasure
to do so. I am not so fond of them over-produced types of samba,
you know, with violins and huge orchestration.
The beauty lies in simplicity and strong lyrics if I am concerned.
The samba of Bezerra is perfect in that aspect, simple but effective
instrumentation and lirycs that really stand out to my opinion. He sings
about the people's daily problems including his own. Crooks, thieves
and dopeheads are often subject in his always mocking songs. This
uncut samba with it's delightful rough edges is like candy for the purist.
6 songs by Bezerra da Silva and 6 by Reyjordão, enjoy.


1 Mulambo só
2 Mulher da melhor qualidade
3 Meu pirão primeiro
4 Cara de cruel
5 Todo enrolado
6 Velha demais
7 Matemática do feijão
8 Boi que morre na minha fazenda
9 Greve dos ladrões
10 Lei da madeira
11 Caboclo porrete
12 Tô com poderoso


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Les Plus Grands Succes Zaïrois, vol.3 -
Various Artists, Sonafric 50044, 1977

To complete the series, the third and final part. I am not the first
to post them ( 2+3 ) but a series like this one deserves to find it's way to
you as much as possible. Personally, I think this number 3 is just
too good to be true, one track more beautiful than the other.
Verckys' sensual saxophone captures me again and again, did
he participate in some of the other songs aswell, or is it just my
imagination ? Anyway, do not hesitate and get them while you can.


1 Franco & l'O.K. Jazz - Beyos
2 Kongo Vox - Mabala ya ndenge ya kala
3 Verckys & son Ensemble - Bawaka
4 Cercul Jazz - Na sapeli Aline
5 Congolia - Bolingo na ngai Jeanne
6 Franco & l'O.K. Jazz - Ngai na boya na boyate
7 Kongo Vox - Ndoli ya mosapi
8 Veckys & son Ensemble - Nakokufa mpona muasi nalingi
9 Cercul Jazz - Eloba Kalle... Pepe
10 Congolia - Nakolela nani

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Les Plus Grands Succes Zaïrois, vol.2 -
Various Artists, Sonafric 50043, 1977

After those nice words you sent me, I can't let you down.
I just recently found parts 2 and 3, so here's the next volume.
Feels great sharing them with you guys, volumes up !


1 Franco & l'O.K. Jazz - Dix makuta
2 Kongo Vox - Mibali ndoki
3 Verckys & son Ensemble - Okokoma mokristo
4 Cercul Jazz - Lily komikosanate
5 Johnny Roger & son Ensemble Cocorico - Bampita bawidi
6 Franco & l'O.K. Jazz - Club 53
7 Kongo Vox - Ambroise mon amour
8 Verckys & son Ensemble - Sasa akeyi conge
9 Cercul Jazz - Foire nabisokin
10 Johnny Roger & son Ensemble Cocorico - Vivi tozongana


Monday, April 18, 2011

Docteur Nico et l'African Fiesta Sukisa -
Les Plus Grands Succes Zaïrois, vol.1,
Sonafric 50042, 1977

We already had us a bunch of wonderful Docteur Nico albums,
check in Search. Today's post concerns another top notch
album by le Dieu de la Guitare, on Sonafric
from 1977. Do not miss.


1 Bandake mboka
2 Charlotte
3 Tima nayebi
4 Cisa
5 Aka osali
6 Muvasi ya mibali
7 Semek
8 Soy del Siboney
9 Pauline ya pre pace
10 Namona makambo


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atakora Manu & his Sound Engineers -
Odefedefe, Ambassador

Atakora Manu was born at Toase in Ashanti in 1940. In 1967 he
formed Kaikaiku No.2 Band with Kaikaiku as lead guitarist. This
lasted only three years. After working as a studio attendant
at Ambassador Records in 1973, he was given the chance to
record again. Singers ; Attakora, C.K. Mensah, S.K. Amoako Agyeman,
Agyei Kyeremateng and Atta Fofie. The Sound Engineers are;
Leader composer - Attakora, Lead guitar - Elder Osei Bonsu,
Rhythm guitar - Attakora, Bass - Attakora, Organ - Kwami Owusu,
Synthesizer - Honny, Drums - Togas. ..enjoy..


1 Odefe defe
2 Menwe abo
3 Woba resu fre wo
4 Di asampa
- Onipa nse hwee
5 Yenam nyaa
- Ankwanoma
- Meyere abenaa
6 Abonima
- Odo'wu anima
- Odonsi wa ama


Thursday, April 14, 2011

l'Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris -
Rythme, Ambiance, Mouvement,
Afric' Music 1980

l'Orchestre Tao-Tao was formed in 1973 at the Campus
de l'Université d'Amiens. The initiative of a group of students
from 7 African Countries; Congo, Zaïre, Centrafrique,
Gabon, Bénin, Guinée and Cameroun. This 1980 album
contains a couple of great songs. I particularly like
the use of organ on this LP. Jeff Louna on guitar, nice,
Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris, Rythme, Ambiance, mouvement..


1 Santa Mutombo
2 Ngbonga ti liberté
3 Lolango
4 Nzambe alakisi la vérité


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunny Adé & his Green Spot Band -
The Master Guitarist vol.1,
American Songs Ltd.

Part One of the Master Guitarist series. We had volume 4
and a kind of Best of the Master Guitarist series. One of the
first albums on which the numbers are melted together to
become some sort of big medley. Only on the a-side here,
b-side separates the tracks like they used to. Listen.


1 Sunny ti de
- Kolawole Bickersteth
- Egbe aburi
- Ka ma gbagbe atijo
- Dele Davies
2 A kunle a tewo adura
3 Prince Remi Aladesuru
4 Gbe mi debute ogo
5 Tonni ani
6 S.K. Dada


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lassissi Présente, Bopol Mansiamina -
Mariage Forcé, Sacodis

On Sacodis, Lassissi Présente 'Bopol Mansiamina'.
If you speak of guitar driven, Bopol Mansiamina as a
string magician guarantees just that. His music
stands firm as a house and rocks on and on. Co-produced
by Bopol himself, the man knew what he was doing. Sacodis'
info is very poor and the backsleeve gives no names at all.
Come on connaisseurs of Congolese music, who are the
other players on this album ? Syran probably,
who else ? I'm sure some of you know..


1 Mariage forcé
2 Yenga yenga
3 Kale ye ngangu
4 Ye... a bouger


Monday, April 11, 2011

Menga Mokombi - Na Pona,
Disco Stock

André Pamomiel had a lot of response at the GG, here's
another one with André doing lead vocals. He is not
the only one though, Kanda Bongo Man takes care of his part
aswell. With Master Mwana Congo on solo guitar, I'm all ears.


1 Na pona
2 Raka yo
3 Na bala mosusu
4 Qu'est ce qu'on attend


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lord Nelson - Ah, ha,
Richie's Music Production 1977

In general I like the calypsos from the sixties better
than I do that seventies soca. Lord Nelson is one of
the always present exeptions. I must admit this LP
of 1977 is most enjoyable. From Trinidad
for your pleasure, dance away..with
Lord Nelson, ..ah, ha...


1 Ah, ha
2 Boat ride
3 King liar
4 Sweet Tobago
5 All day, all night
6 The big man
7 Send them back
8 Sweet carnaval


Friday, April 8, 2011

Mochico Bay and his Melody Makers -
Orue, EMI

Let's do some Nigerian highlife this evening. I can't seem
to find any info on the man, still, Mochico Bay is here to thrill
you with his funky blend of highlife and afrobeat,
I'm sure you're gonna like.
btw, click on backsleeve, strange poses,
what is Mochico showing us ?


1 Orue
2 Eroro
3 Edegbee


Thursday, April 7, 2011

André Pamomiel - Tedy,
Kvir 1103

I never heard anything by Andre Pamomiel untill this record.
I got interested reading the names of Mpassi Jo, Ringo Star
and Jean-Serge Essous. After hearing it there was no way
back. It would find it's way to you sooner or later. Great
material for a little thursdaynight dance,
get this happy stuff while you can..


1 Tedy na nga
2 Na zangui mobali
3 Horoscope
4 Caro na ponton


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé, vol.7 -
Various Artists, Sonafric 1978

J.M. from Nairobi, your request is granted today. I found
it yesterday and it just so happens I have only vol.7 left
waiting in this series. You're lucky and so are we all, it's
a real nice album. Produced by the one and only Verckys.
Still miss a couple of volumes but hey, who knows, this
friday we have the spring-edition of Europe's biggest
record-fair in Utrecht, cross your fingers. We need vols.
2,3 & 4 and maybe 10, I'm not sure how far it goes.


1 Orchestre Vévé - Nakosambela kaka
2 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Okomi boye
3 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Naleli libala
4 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Ndukidi

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Historia da MPB, Noël Rosa 1 - Various Artists,
Abril Cultural 1970

Noël Rosa's music is loved all over Brazil. His songs
have such strong lyrics, they are like Brazilian blues.
Although about 80 years old, the themes never get
boring and even today find plenty of listeners. The tracks
I recorded from from this 10" record were polished somehow
in 1970 but sound like they come straight from the old 78
rpm plates. Lots of crackle and pop but still I could not resist
ripping them. Part from #2 by Maria Bethania and #4 and #8
by Martinho da Vila the songs are from the 30's. If anyone
has a restoring program, that would be helpful, thanks.


1 Aracy de Almeida - Ultimo desejo
2 Maria Bethania - Três apitos
3 Orlando Silva - Dama do cararé
4 Martinho da Vila - Conversa de botequim
5 Aracy de Almeida - Palpite infeliz
6 Marilia Baptista e Noël Rosa - Quem ri melhor
7 Almirante - O orvalho vem caindo
8 Martinho da Vila - Com que roupa


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol.8

To all lovers of Congolese music, here's compilation
number eight. Hope you like'm as much as you did
the other seven. Sunday morning sunrise with
sunday morning tunes. enjoy them.


1 Franco - Marceline
2 K.P. Flammy - Mu nzila n'sona
3 le Seigneur Rochereau et l'African Fiesta National - Savon Omo
4 Les Grands Maquisards - Maria Mboka
5 Rumbanella Band - Africa mokili mobimba
6 Franco & Ochestre O.K. Jazz - La vérité de Franco
7 Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso - Massengo malingi yo
8 Jean Bokelo & Ensemble Conga Succes - Mawa na biso basi
9 Verckys - Dellya
10 Luambo Makiadi - Tolanda nzela moko
11 Rochereau - Mokolo nakokufa
12 Orchestre Elegance Jazz - Ngalula Marthe
13 Sam Mangwana - Toboyi te
14 Franco et l'O.K. Jazz - Ven y ven y ven
15 Orchestre OK Jazz ( Mujos ) – Revolver


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jerry Hansen & the Ramblers Dance Band -
Dance with the Ramblers, Decca 1967

One of the happiest Ghanaian dance bands of the days is
without doubt Jerry Hansen's Ramblers Dance Band. Track
after track straight dance material you can't resist. I don't
know about you but I am instantly happy when I put this on.
Delightful vocal parts over well arranged orchestral moves
It will make you wanna dance till dawn,
Just the thing for saturdaynight,


1 Odasanyi
2 Agboo ayee
3 Waise abrabo
4 Mmere dan biribi ara
5 Owu
6 Ntoboase
7 Meeba sa ni mafo
8 Ofie mosea
9 Mpaebo na ehia
10 Afutusem
11 Ahomka wom'
12 Yiadom boakye


Friday, April 1, 2011

Zaïko Langa-Langa - Croi Moi,
l'Orchestre de Tous les Ages,
Editions Vévé International 1983

From 1983 we have this LP of Zaïko Langa-Langa.
It contains tracks written by Nyoka Longo, Likinga,
Evoloko and Matima. On Editions Vévé, VVLP1011.


1 Crois-moi
2 Viya
3 Fievre mondo
4 Solomo