Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
& his International Brothers -
Miliki Sound, Decca West Africa 1973

From Bahia, we jump back across the ocean to West Africa
where originally most of Bahia's inhabitant's ancesters came from.
It has indeed been some time since we had us some of this
sweet Nigerian sound. Miliki Sound is what Chief Ebenezer
called it in 1973. Nowadays it goes for juju. One way or the
other, mellow but still funky, enjoy Chief Ebenezer Obey &
his International Brothers.


1 Alowo majaiye
- Aiye laba ohun gbogbo
- Rora
- Gba mi lowo ota
- Ma di oni kanra
- Ile baba mi
2 Miliki
- Oluwa mo njade lo
- Pepeiye bimo
- Maje nyo aiye wa
- Baiye nsata


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Osvaldo Nunes - Bota Samba Nisso,
CBS 1970

Ontem voltei d'uma viagem pequena. Fui para Salvador
de Bahia para pasar férias e descansar. Outra coisa que
sempre faso é procurar música. Vocês ja sabem que
sou louco por um bom samba e olha que encontrei agora...

Okay, in plain English, I just came home from a little trip
to Brazil. Portugese is such a great language and I love
to learn a bit more from time to time. I went to Salvador de
Bahia for a while. Relaxing, enjoying the culture and the
historic centre of Brazil's first capital. I stayed in the Santo
Antonio neighbourhood which is close to the famous
Pelourinho. Another goal on my travels is always to find
music. As you know I love a good samba and I came home
with about forty LP's from the seventies. To kick off, this
nice piece by Osvaldo Nunes, a very happy album, enjoy..
So Arnaud, no exciting affairs, however a little adventure
always occurs as you can imagine, estou solteiro hein...?

Oh, something else, I found out that Mediafire removed
some of my recently posted African files. Old LP's of which
I am sure they're not available on CD or otherwise. I really don't
understand why but I'm working on a solution, I'll get back on the
issue real soon. Meanwhile please keep informing me about
dead files, okay ? thanks folks..


1 Bota samba nisso
2 Segura a nêga
3 Como eu chorei
4 O couro come
5 Me deixa quebrar
6 Ele é rei
7 Sete sinos da felicidade
8 ôba-la-la
9 Bate cabeça
10 Volta
11 Vou morrer de rir
12 Sou doidão por você, menina
13 Mistura de embalo


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monguito el Unico in Curaçao,
Sacodis 1980

One of you asked me for the track "Curaçao'' by Monguito
el Unico. I did not find that song but I did find this album.
Monguito el Unico in Curaçao is an Aboudou Lassissi pro-
duction for Sacodis. It's been recorded in 1980 and features
artists like, singer - Ramon Quian, piano - Alfredito Valdez,
1st trumpet - Tony Marrero, 2nd trumpet - Lionel Sanchez,
3rd trumpet - Charley D., tres - Charley Rodrigues, bass -
Guillermo Edghill, bongo - Joan Mendes, Conga - Julian
Cabrera, coro - Adalberto Santiago.hope U like..


1 Me ase falta una negra
2 Roncon caliente
3 Deuda
4 Como el macao
5 El lema del Guaguanco


Monday, March 14, 2011

Sonora Ponceña,
Inca Records 1972

On Inca Records, this is Sonora Ponceña. With father Quique Lucca
as bandleader and son Papo Lucca, one of Puerto Rico's best pianists
and multi instrumentalist. Produced by Larry Harlow, a swell
piece of 'son'like salsa from 1972..enjoy..
Papo Lucca at Wiki


1 Changuiri
2 Suena tu bongo
3 Imploracion
4 Tu y yo na ma
5 Tu son mi soro
6 Yo vengo del monte
7 Espejismo
8 Nacio cansao
9 Cariño mentiroso
10 Como mango


Master Bob Akwaboah & his Supreme Internationals -
Wagye Wodee Anaa, Ambassador

Second LP by this artist at the GG. I am sorry to inform
you a-side has a few unfortunate pops. I guess it's been
played a couple of times before. Still, however a bit crackly
it is worth a spin or two. By the way, don't you think Bob
looks spectacular and supercool at this hot sleeve ?
Click on sleeves to enlarge !


1 Kwaadede
- Obi abayewa
- Asem ebae
- Ode de muntie
- Maboa meho
- Mo mma yenom nsa
2 Wagye wo dee anaa
3 Mehunu ye a anka manba


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Orchestre Kiam - Les Grands Succes des
Editions Vévé vol.8, Sonafric SAF 50 081, 1978

..*§øØ#$«@»..hóly côw,..I am just absolutely...
..crazy..about Orchestre Kiam,..and this is a hell of an
album. Do you buggers realize just how damn lucky
you are to get to hear this ? Incredible stuff from one
of Congo's greatest bands ever. Directed by the
fantastic Verckys...

Okay, that's enough
on superlatives, now just down it,
..and lísten !


1 Maketa
2 Ifantu
3 Bomoto
4 Mbale


Friday, March 11, 2011

Akwasi Yeboah,
Ride Away Records

Highlife comes in various forms and styles, Nigerian or
Ghanaian for instance are quite different. I tend to favour
the last one. This LP by Akwasi Yeboah is a striking
example of a style I adore. Hope you feel the same way.
Strange, label says 'Menua ne memuna' and cover 'Memuna etc.'
Enjoy this rare album on the Famous Ride Away Records.


1 Memuna ne memuna
2 Owuo yi nti
3 Aba no saa
4 Abra a mebo yi
5 Asuso atue
6 Eye a ko ayie
7 Papaye asa
8 Obaa yi nti
9 Wo amma a mewu
10 Asamands nye oman


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sam Mangwana - Est ce que tu moyens ?,
Star Musique 1981

I think we already had over 10 Sam Mangwana LP's,
type his name in the search-bar and find them instantly.
Today we've got us an American release on Star Musique.
It contains a couple of fantastic songs,
like the beautiful 'Selica',


1 Est ce que tu moyens ?
2 Auto stop
3 Hondo bolingo
4 Selica


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laba Sosseh - el Sonero de Africa vol.2,
'el Manisero'
Disques M.A.G. late seventies

Last weeks post with Monguito contained a song by Laba Sosseh, today
an album by the man's own hand. Laba Badara Sosseh, 12 March 1943,
Bathurst, Gambia - 21 September 2007, Dakar, Senegal.
The son of a Senegalese father and Gambian mother, Laba was born and
raised in Bathurst (renamed Banjul in 1973), the capital of The Gambia, a
British colony at the time. Regarded as one of the greatest musical
innovators in the Senegambia sub-region, he grew up listening to Cuban
dance music of the '40s and '50s. Johnny Pacheco was one of his favourites
and he became known for his perfect imitation of the Dominican bandleader's
style. The rare French vinyl albums El Sonero de Africa (N'Dardisc) and
El Sonero de Africa Vol. 2 / El Manisero (Disques M.A.G.) compile
Laba's early and mid-'70s recordings.
( info: )


1 El manisero
2 Ojos para banos
3 Los carreteros
4 Senegal an X
5 Seyni kay fonema
6 Ayo nene
7 Aminata
8 Salsa na ma
9 El Canuto


Monday, March 7, 2011

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited -
Chamunorwa, Gramma Records 1989

Wanted to post this LP way earlier, however because of
a disturbing series of ticks and tacks straight from the
beginning, I posponed it a couple of times. Today I decided
to post it anyway and fade start past the disturbance. You
must know that we miss a couple of tones consequently.
It's a shame our Thomas kept his handkerchief wrapped
around his microphone, other than that it sounds cristal clear.
Still, worth a couple of spins, I leave you with this 'chimurenga'
from Zimbabwe which we didn't have for quite some time.


1 Hwahwa
2 Murambadoro
3 Chitima nditakure
4 Chamunorwa
5 Hurukuro
6 Nyama yekugocha


Sunday, March 6, 2011

le Grand Maïtre Franco et le Tpok
Jazz - Baniel - Nana, Choc

If you look for female singers in Congolese music you
don't find a lot. Of course there's Mbilia Bel, Mpongo Love
and Abeti but male singers form the majority by far. le Grand
Maïtre Franco was not only maïtre playing guitar but also in
finding the ladies. Given this Choc Belgian release, even the
police was needed to control the jealous crowd. Haha, no but
serious, doesn't Franco look proud on this great cover ?
Sweet stuff, listen..


1 Les on dit
2 C'est dur la vie d'une femme celibataire
3 Je vis avec le P.D.G.
4 Flora, une femme difficile


Saturday, March 5, 2011

King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown
- Augustus Pablo, Clock Tower

If you're into dub music, King Tubby's name alone must
get you excited. He is one of the inventors of the style
and that shows. With artists like Robert Shakespear, Aston
Barret, Earl Smith, Carlton Barret, Augustus Pablo, Richard
( Dirty Harry ) Hall, Bobby Ellis and Vincent Gordon, this LP
contains some of the most historic dub recordings.


1 Keep on dubbing
2 Stop them jah
3 Young generation dub
4 Each one dub
5 555 dub street
6 Braces tower dub
7 King Tubby meets rockers uptown
8 Corner crew dub
9 Say so
10 Skanking dub
11 Frozen dub


Friday, March 4, 2011

Lassissi Presenta Charanga Para Todos vol.1
Sacodis LS-30, 1980

On 'Sacodis' we have this 1980 album. Aboudou Lassissi
presents Charanga para todos, charanga for everybody.
On this volume 1 we hear 'Monguito' as lead vocalist,
backed by Adalberto Santiago, José Alberto and Ronnie
Baro. On piano - Alfredito Valdez, bass - Joe Santiago,
trumpet - Hector Zarzuela, sax - Mario Ravira, trombone -
Esteve Torrez, drum - Manny Ramos, conga bongo -
Marcelino Valdez and bass guitar - Edy Guagua.
Strange thing is that album sleeve doesn't say anything
about lead vocals. I found a site on the web that claims
it is just Monguito. However if I am not so sure, don't we
hear Laba Sosseh in track 3, what do you think ?


1 Son de la loma
2 En Guantanamo
3 En el monte
4 Se muere fermin


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Orchestre Kiam - Editions Vévé,
african 360.062, 1975

Orchestre Kiam stands out for it's vocal harmonies and
smashing guitar work. Swift light rhythms complete the sound.
I am blown away every time I hear them. Songs are written by
Lele N'sundi, Mboyo Bola, Muzola Ngunga, Bakolo Keta and
Botuli Ilonge. Some of the tracks have a fade out that ends
a bit abrupt, can't help that. Another Editions
Vévé on 'african', hope U like.


1 yoyowe
2 Muana Kiam
3 Kunde kunde
4 Baya-baya
5 Nina
6 Lombe


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe,
The Consistent highlife king -
Osondi Owendi, Polydor 1984

In 1984 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe was rewarded for the
outstanding achievement with the sales of over 750.000 albums
on Polydor label and in appreciation of his immense contribution
to the progress of Polygram Records Ltd. in Nigeria.
He was the first Nigerian artist to receive at a single time 3 awards,
2 gold discs and one platinum. It was for 'Agbalu Aka no ani' and
'Onu Kwulunjo Okwue Mma'. What they did not know yet then,
is that 'Osondi Owendi' would become the most sold out highlife
album ever. At least, that's what the rumour says. One way or
the other, it sure is a tremendous album, listen and judge yourself.


1 Osondo owendi
2 Ndidi kanma
3 Nigeria kanyi jikota