Monday, February 28, 2011

Carlito - Pangala,
Rythmes et Musique

Remember 'Bon Samaritain' by Papa Noël, or 'Maya' by
le Poete Simarro ? They are just two of the famous songs
sung by this great voice. Carlito also made quite a few with
le Grand Maître Franco and his OK Jazz. This LP gives us
some of his own songs and I'm not quite sure who are the
members of the band that accompany him here. Can you tell
us by clicking on the small picture ? The album was realised
with the help of some friends of the C.L. restaurant in
Brazzaville. Listen to Carlito and his wonderful voice.


1 Pangala Kety
2 Bolingo ezui nkorma
3 Gea mwana Gabon
4 Je deviens malheureuse


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Global Sampler vol.32

These Samplers are meant to help you find the music you like
best at this blog. Listen to the various songs that were extracted
from the LP's posted just over one year ago. Being a little behind
doesn't hurt. New visitors are served better finding some of the older
files this way. To find the post you want, use our search option for
fast result. Enjoy this assorted compilation and happy searching.


1 Super Jamono de Dakar - Ndaxami
2 Franco et l'O.K. Jazz - Baila mi Carabine
3 Ramito - Buena en cantadad
4 African Brothers Band ( International ) - Wose yeanko pt.1
5 le Docteur Nico et son Orchestre - Mokili ya nzambe
6 Ramito - Rosas del campo
7 Ramblers International - Mbre ofio
8 S.B.B. du Congo - Mougagniga
9 Kyerematen Atwedie Stars - Ketewabiara nsua
10 Orchestre African All Stars International - Antaley
11 Odilio Gonzalez - Quisera amanecer
12 Justin Hines and the Dominoes - Natty take over
13 Bezerra da Silva, Partido Alto, Nota 10 - Piranha
14 Orchestre African Fiesta - Angola siempre
15 Don Carlos - In pieces
16 Dr. K. Gyasi & his Noble Kings - Odo yewu da baabi
17 Les Shleu Shleu - Ce la ou yé
18 Fruko - Mi rio Cali


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Típico Cibaeño -
Merenges vol.1, Canta: Dioris Valladares,
Ansonia ALP1206

Merengue is the music of the Dominican Republic and Angel
Viloria was one of it's originators. "Angel Viloria and his magic
accordeon are just the spark that starts the fire burning. The
inspired saxophone solos of Ramon Garcia and the expert
handling of the difficult 'tambora' typical Dominican drum by
Luis Quintero, are the combination that brought to life the famous
merengues 'A lo escuro' and 'Consigueme eso'. these two famous
merengues as played by Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Típico Cibaeño,
helped give birth to a whole new panorama of music."
( sleevenotes )
What can I say more, hope U like, enjoy it.


1 A lo escuro
2 Mi cariño
3 Yo bailé con Josefina
4 Dora
5 Una mujer de color
6 La empalizá
7 Consigueme eso
8 Quita sueño
9 Rosaura
10 Merengue cerrao
11 Eroina
12 Te van a pegar


Friday, February 25, 2011

Les Editions Vévé présentent
l'Orchestre Kamale & son Célèbre Chanteur
Nyboma ( Davos ), african 360.109, 1977

Good evening groovers, how are you today ? Welcome at the
Global. I have another sweet record on 'african' for you. It's a
true beauty with the great Nyboma Mwan'dido doing the vocal
parts. Directed by Verckys and I think originally on Editions
Vévé. Nice picture of the two in wintercoats, I bet it wasn't
taken in their tropical home country. How do you like
Nyboma's Afro hairdo ? Isn't that wild ? Great stuff.


1 Ayindjo
2 Andoya
3 Abissina
4 Zaina mama


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gem Lucky Jazz - Kenyafrica ! vol.2,
Playa Sound 1976

Volume 2 in the series Kenyafrica. This one concerns recordings
by a group called Gem Lucky Jazz from the seventies Benga-scene.
It's on 'Playa Sound' and was released in 1976, hope U like.


1 Margaret Achieng
2 Manas Otieno
3 Mwalimu F.A. Kodemeo
4 Jenipher Atieno
5 Chief James Ongongo
6 Paro Ogikie Pesa
7 Auma Lando
8 Julie Rose
9 Yuniy Honey pt.1
10 Yuniy Honey pt.2


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

African Brothers International Band of
Ghana - Sanbra, Jay Jay Records

It's been quite a while since we had us some 'African Brothers'.
This LP is titled 'Sanbra', after the song written by Alex Konadu.
It does not tell us from which year it is, do you know ? It does
tell us it's a Nigerian production on Jay Jay Records, listen.


1 Otan hunu ara kwa
2 Konadu ( Sanbra )
3 Meko nea odo no
4 Odo nti madiamia
5 Kofi Asante


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz presents
Madilu System, Edipop 1985

Speaking about magnificent voices, Madilu System
was gifted as very few others. Together with heavy
weight Franco he made this 1985 album on Edipop.
I can't give you an informative background story but
an album like this can go easily without.
Just listen.


1 Mamou
2 Pesa position
3 Bourreau deg coeurs
4 Non !


Zeca Pagodinho - Zeca Pagodinho,
RGE 1986

I received a couple of messages telling the link of this LP
was dead. I re-uploaded it and decided to re-post. One of
my first encounters with samba was by that great collector
that David Byrne launched on his Luaka Bop release for
Virgin Records. It's from 1989 and called 'O Samba'.
The cd contains the great 'S.P.C.', which came from Zeca
Pagodinho's debut LP, the very one we have right here.
In the mean time Zeca grew out to be possibly the most
popular Samba and Pagode interpreter of today. Get this,
it's still one of his best works.


1 S.P.C.
2 Coraçao em desalinho
3 Jogo de caipira
4 Se eu for falar de tristeza
5 Quando eu contar
6 Cheiro de saudade
7 Pout-Pourri de Partido Alto
8 Casal sem vergonha
9 Quintal do céu
10 Cidade do pé junto
11 Judia de mim
12 Brincadeira tem hora


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Veckys Présente
Les Derniers Succes de Lipua-Lipua vol.1,
Editions Vévé International

Got no words tonight.
The music speaks for it's self.
..till tomorrow..


1 Noka
2 Blanche
3 Mimi
4 Youyou


The Legend - Various Artists,
Atra Disc 1980

On Atra Disc we find an LP with some of the finest of
reggae artists. It opens with 4 tracks by the great Augustus
Pablo. The genius and his melodica. I usually prefer songs
but Augustus' instrumentals make a big exeption. All numbers
are backed by these swell musicians; Thin Legs-Carlton Barret
on drums, Family Man on Bass, Leroy Sibbles - rhythm guitar
and Ossie Hirbert on organ. Only track #6 is backed by 'Umojo
Group'. Love that Max Romeo song, 'Crime does not pay',
and how about I Roy singing: "Ya Ya Yahama"...


1 Augustus Pablo - Pablo in dub
2 Augustus Pablo - Hap ki do
3 Augustus Pablo - Lovers mood
4 Augustus Pablo - Palace of peace
5 Big Joe - Jah guide
6 Freddy McKay - I'm a free man
7 Horace Andy - Children of Israel
8 Max Romeo - Crime does not pay
9 I Roy - Yamaha ride
10 Horace Andy - Problems


Friday, February 18, 2011

Orchestre Sega Sega - Kenya Partout !
vol.6, Playa Sound / A.I.T. Records

Don't you just love a good piece of 'benga' ? Tonight's post
brings us this wonderful album by Orchestre Sega Sega.
I didn't get much wiser about them on the web, maybe
you are able to tell us something more ? I do know I like
this LP very much. Names that appear are; Odhiambo
Ossumbah, Osumba Rateng, Peter Owiso, Alego Ogwanjo,
Silvester Odhiambo and Okech Ombasa. I especially like
the vocal contributions here, less highly pitched harmonies
but more basic and spoken parts increase the atmosphere.


1 Dala Ber Moloyo no.11
2 Ka Iduaro Kendo pt.1
3 Ka Iduaro Kendo pt.2
4 Patricia Atieno
5 Loko Ngech
6 Jomoko Chamo Jochan
7 Adhiambo P. pt.1
8 Adhiambo P. pt.2
9 George Onyango
10 Peninnah Onyango


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bembeya Jazz National - Parade Africaine,
Syliphone Conakry SLP 39, 1973

From 1973 an album by one of West Africa's biggest
bands. Big as in very popular and known all over. On this
LP we find the fantastic Camara Aboubacar Demba singing
on 6 out of 8 songs if I'm not mistaking. Listen to
this tribute to the man who died in a tragic
car accident april 5, 1973.
Hail, Camara Aboubacar


1 Touraman
2 Moussogbe
3 Dia
4 Demba
5 Payapaya
6 Sou
7 Senero
8 N'gnamakoro

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exitos de Celina y Reutilio,

One of my favourite latin voices belongs to Celina Gonzalez.
Together with her husband Reutilio they form this historic duo.
On Suaritos we have this delightful album, it contains some
of their all time greatest songs. La casa de Yagua for instance,
or Cita en el Platanal, are just two of the 14 magnificent tracks.
Glad to spread the word on this splendid LP, Get it now !


1 Que bueno baila Celina
2 A la virgen de las Mercedes
3 Papa Boco
4 La caña brava
5 Cita en el platanal
6 La casa de Yagua
7 Agua pa mi
8 Canto a Borinquen
9 La prangana
10 Ritmo cordonero
11 Me tenian amarrao con "P"
12 No me conviene tu amor
13 'Ta Cirilo
14 Homenaje a la virgen de Guatalupe


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orchestre du Bawobab - Une Nuit au Jandeer,
Musicafrique MSCLP 002, 1978

A quite rare album by Orchestre du Bawobab is this one, 'Une
Nuit au Jandeer' is from 1978 and is widely sought after. We find
a few cracks in tracks 5 and 7 but are fortunate to find the a-side with
the exelent 'Cabral' and the rest of the b-side in better shape.
Enjoy this collector's item.


1 Liti liti
2 Cabral
3 Digone nga ma
4 Ma penda
5 Baye ndango
6 Diougou diougou
7 Sindieli
8 Souleymane


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alex Konadu - Nsa Dwa Se,

This morning I received a comment about the passing of
master Alex Konadu. I had heard it some time ago but
today finally, we honour him. I don't know from what year this
LP is. It contains a medley of 7 songs on the a-side and
5 songs seperate on the b-side. Ghanaian highlife at it's best.
Read backsleeve for more details, it's in the file. Cheers folks.


1 Enam owu nti
- Odo yewu dan mu
- Menua yaa buor
- Araba sakyiwaa
- Nnaadaa me
- Ahafo kwae da ho
- Fa me ko fie odo
2 Maame awo me
3 Ekom beku me
4 Onipa wu a na wawu
5 Amoakowaah
6 Woye huu-huu


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

l'Orchestre Minzoto Wella-Wella vol.2
Danse Caneton à l'Aisement,
Editions VEVE International EVVI 05 D

Today and yesterday aswell, we had us a couple of beautiful
days. The sun was shining and temperatures were quite
acceptable, I even saw some people at terraces. Far too
early to talk about spring but it sure felt allright.

On Editions VEVE International we have this album by
Minzoto Wella-Wella, I can't tell you much usefull on
the topic. Being from the early eighties probably, it is
an LP you might like. It's a Verckys production and
that always guarantees a solid sound. Give it a spin.


1 Fala
2 Lubutu
3 Pingula
4 Santa Maria


Monday, February 7, 2011

Star Number One - Jangaake
Bellot Records

When I had already recorded and ripped this fine album
I found out my fellowblogger from Orogod posted it in december
2009. I even left a comment, a man's memory fails once in a
while,..ehem. Anyway, I think it is an LP that deserves a little
more attention so I decided to post it nevertheless. This Bellot
MAG 106, comes with a different sleeve if that means something.
The musicians on Star Number One's 'Jangaake' are; Papa Serigne
Seck, Yakhya Fall, Alioune Badara Diallo, Alioune Hane, Moustapha
N'diaye, Doudou Sow, Ali Penda N'doye, Thierno Kouate, Mamane
Fall and Papa Djibi Ba. Originally it was from 1976, I'm not sure
but I think this is a re-release, being on another label,
license Disques Griot, Aboubacar Touré.


1 Liiti liiti
2 Geej
3 Maa demba
4 Macakki
5 Jangaake
6 Para villas


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Orchestre Les Mangelepa,
Phonogram 1978

There was a shout out for more Orchestre Les Mangelepa.
We're lucky, I recently found us this 1978 LP. Somewhere
in the past we had an other, check our search option for fast
finding. This Congolese group moved to East Africa and operated
from Kenya for some years. Meet 'Walter', I just did last week,
we are learning something all the time.
1 Walter
2 Pambana-pambana
3 Halleluya
4 Maboko pamba

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ali Toure - dit "Farka",
Sonafric SAF 50.085, 1979

Ali 'Farka' Toure was born Ali Ibrahim Touré in Bamako, Mali.
He was the 10th son but the only one that survived. His parents
nick-named him 'Farka', which means donkey, because he was so
stubborn and persistant. Famous in all of Africa his music is a blend
of traditional Malinese and blues. Ali reached worldfame with his '94
album 'Talking Timbuktu' which he made with Ry Cooder. The album
was crowned with a Grammy award as was his 2005 album 'In the heart
of the Moon' with Toumani Diabate. He died 66 years old of bonecancer.
Listen to this 1979 LP on Sonafric, Ali Toure - dit "Farka".


1 Banga
2 Kombocallia
3 Samarya
4 Hany
5 Djoungou
6 Doya
7 Kady

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Orchestre Kara de Kinshasa,
Sonafric SAF 61.014, 1979

Tonight's post concerns an album by Orchestre Kara
de Kinshasa. If I'm not mistaking Syran Mbenza is playing
on this one. Other heroes on this LP are Djo Mpoyi who
worked with Franco's OK Jazz aswell as Kiyiki Massamba
'Flamy'. Track No.6 was written by Lubadika, Pablo Lubadika
Porthos is most certainly here. I think Djo Mpoyi is fantastic on
track one, 'Ya Kare', what a great voice. The group is called after
the club 'Kara', where they used to play in those days. An important
document in Congo's musical history. Check.


1 Ya kare
2 Ndekese
3 Vonvon mugeni I
4 Vonvon mugeni II
5 Bopendo
6 Nani akosalisa

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zaïko Langa-Langa - The Big of Africa,
Edition l'Oreille Internationale

It's a bit difficult to extract an album title from this
LP cover, so full of information. The Big of Africa seems
a quite appropriate name for this rare recording. Leading
figure here was Pepe Félie Manuaku-Waku, with Djo Maly
on bass, Bakunde Ilo Pablo on drums. Vocals by Evoloko Lay,
Bozi-Benz, Chekedan & M'buta Mashakado. Lap up & tuck in !


1 Tangi
2 Sanura
3 Avis
4 Petite Apoza


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nguashi-N'timbo - Mboyo, Osala Ngai Nini,
Edition JNT Music, Paris 1982

Let's go back to posting old LP's again. The cd by Mose se
Sengo 'Fan Fan', 'Belle Epoque' appeared to be available
everywhere so after some fuzzing about I decided to withdraw.
No post, no fuz. Okay, let's see what we have here. This 1982
LP by Nguashi-N'timbo should not cause any trouble. He was
composer of the song 'Shauri Yako', famous through Mbilia Bel
and Orchestre Mazembe. He sang alongside Sam Mangwana and
with Franco's OK Jazz for a couple of years. One of our visitors sold
me a bunch of African LP's and I promised to post this one being
one of the first. So here it is Fr., thanks for supporting the GG
on behalf of our visitors, I enjoyed our meeting, cheers.


1 Mboyo, osala ngai nini
2 Na retiré bolingo
3 Mokolo ekonginda
4 Bolingo pasi