Monday, January 31, 2011

Mexico, Besos de Tequila, Masters
in Mariachi - Various Artists

Why don't you go out to buy a bottle of mezcal, lemon and
some seasalt. Then, invite a couple of good friends, put on this
Mexican collector and open up the booze. A lick of salt, a shot
of mezcal and a bite of lemon to maximize the thrilling effect.
Aaaaay aaaay aaaay, llego borracho el borracho..
Some of the songs used in this compilation were downloaded
from the great blogs of our collegues, Holy Warbles and
Musica Popular Mexicana, some are my own. Hope U like'm


1 Miguel Aceves Mejía - Ella
2 Trio Tariacuri - Gorrioncilo pecho amarillo
3 José Alfredo Jimenez - El rey
4 Luis Perez Meza - El barzon
5 Rosina Navarro - Que se me acabe la vida
6 Lalo Gonzalez Piporro - Agustin Jaime
7 Irma Villa - Como México no hay dos
8 Miguel Aceves Mejía - El capiro
9 José Alfredo Jimenez - Llego borracho el borracho
10 Trio Tariacuri - Pelea de gallos
11 Mariachi Jalisco - La madrugada
12 Miguel Aceves Mejía - El jinete
13 Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán - La negra
14 La Consentida - Rancho alegre
15 José Alfredo Jimenez - Besos de tequila
16 Las Texanitas - La manteca
17 Antonio Aguilar - El mosquito cariñoso
18 Miguel Aceves Mejía - Que me toquen las golondrinas
19 Los Donneños - Benjamin Argumedo
20 Trio Tariacuri - Rosita Alvirez
21 Dueto Oro y Plata - Pobre de mi corazon


4 Re-Ups

Dear visitors, thank you very much for reporting
dead links. I have re-uploaded the following albums
for you. Enjoy listening to these beauties.

Beth Carvalho - de pé no chão

Los Teen Agers - Se armo la pachanga

Otis Redding - Tell the truth

Orchestre du Bawobab - 75

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chuito el de Bayamon - El Buen Borincano,
con Claudio Ferrer y su Conjunto,
Ansonia 1976

Here at the GG, we feel a lot of sympathy for the oldies.
Old records of old singers, like this Puerto Rican grandpa.
Chuito, el de Bayamon, one of the greatest jíbaro's of all time.
On this 10th volume on Ansonia, he appears multiple style again.
Merengue, villarrán, plena bomba, seis chorreao, guaracha, canto serrano,
canto Jíbaro, aguinaldo Jíbaro, trulla, seis cañabon, milonga and
aguinaldo cagueño. 12 terrific songs, sparkling
and energetic, listen..


1 La vieja buena
2 Aunque usted no lo crea
3 Isabel la negra
4 Y tu no queria'
5 Que pescao'
6 Mi guitarra
7 Los carreteros y el buen Borincano
8 El soco del medio
9 Trulla de Bayamon
10 Despues de muerto VIVI
11 Sigue sufriendo
12 Adios año viejo


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol.7 - Various Artists

Congo Comp No 7
For your pleasure.


1 Théo Blaise Kounkou - Massy
2 Pambou Tchicaya Tchico - Salima
3 Orchestre African All Stars International - Zamba leke
4 Mbilia Bel - Boya ye
5 Sam Mangwana - Zewa idée
6 Mose se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Masikini ya mola
7 Le Poete Lutumba Simaro et le TPOK Jazz - Coeur artificiel
8 Zaïko Langa Langa avec Bimi Ombale - Moloki
9 Mayaoula Mayoni – Potopotoville


To be honest I must admit I used one or two songs in my
compilations that I downloaded from other blogs.
Thank you very much Worldservice !

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smart Nkansah and his Sweet Talks - Adam and Eve,
Philips 1975

One of the originators of the non-stop style highlife from
Ghana. Around 1975 it was the 'in thing'. Three tracks
in which 5 numbers. Smart Nkansah did a fine job, here
aswell as with the Sweet Talks as resident band of the
talk of the town hotel 'Tema'. Love it or leave it..


1 Adam and Eve
- Fakye me
2 Womma yenyi ewuradze aye
3 Onyame aye ewie
- Adam nana


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

le Poète Simarro Massiya - Maya,

The first solo album of 'le Poète Simarro Massiya'.
'Maya', the first girl I fell in love with was also called
Maya. She was beautiful, as is the titlesong of this LP.
Superb vocals by Carlito, I think it's from 1984,
can anyone confirm ?


1 Maya ozali coupable ya misere na ngai
2 Tshala
3 Affaire kitikwala
4 Bangaka basi ya bato


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol.6 - Various Artists

Verckys, Franco, Negro Succes
Saxophone, guitar, only the bes'
Another bunch of incredible licks
Suck a little on this volume six


1 Veckys - Bankoko baboyi
2 Franco - Likambo ya ngana
3 Sam Mangwana - Celica souvenir
4 Zaïko Langa Langa - Vie ya mosolo
5 Bholen & Negro Succes - Permission
6 Luambo Makiadi - Cinq ans ekoki
7 Rochereau, Kalé, Ndombe Pépé - Mua metela wa tshikuluka
8 Orchestre Negro Succes - Bholen mwana ya mama Helene
9 Orchestre Afrisa International - Aon-aon
10 Vicky et OK Jazz - Nakufeli invitation
11 Franco & Tpok Jazz - Kinsonia
12 Orchestre Vévé - Mfumbwa 2eme
13 Rochereau Tabu Ley - Dialogue
14 Orchestre Negro Succes - Nakota zebola
15 Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé - Mama Djele


Monday, January 24, 2011

Muddy Waters - at Newport 1960,
Chess International 1960

After that rush of Congolese music a little variety.
Some blues will do the job I guess, that's why we have an LP
on 'Chess'. Recorded live in concert at the Newport Jazz Festival.
Some classic tracks like hoochie koochie man, listen.


1 I got my brand on you
2 I'm your hoochie koochie man
3 Baby, please don't go
4 Soon forgotten
5 I wanna put a tiger in your tank
6 I feel so good
7 Got my mojo working pt.1
8 Got my mojo working pt.2
9 Goodbeye Newport blues


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol.5 - Various Artists

Good to see these comps finding their way to you. I found vol.1
to be downloaded almost 600 times already. The more reason to
expand the series a bit further. The fifth volume is waiting for you
now. Get it and pass it on, let's all make the
world sound Congolese this week !


1 Les Grands Maquisards - Tokosenga na nzambe
2 Vicky et OK Jazz - Ngai na boyakiyo te
3 African All Stars - Les champions
4 Franco & Tpok Jazz - Tozonga na nganga wana
5 Orchestre Afrisa International - Kaful mayay
6 OK Jazz-Issac Pedro - Si tu bois beaucoup
7 Franco & Tpok Jazz - Mabele
8 Rochereau Tabu Ley - Leki ya mongali...tosuki wapi ?
9 Tiers Monde Cooperation - Bowao
10 Sakade Band - Beya moke
11 Orchestre Vévé - Baluti 1&2
12 le Docteur Nico et son Orchestre - Beya okei wapi ?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol.4 - Various Artists

'Damn Moos, you're looking younger all the time, what's
your secret ?', they ask me. Well folks it's quite easy actually,
Do not miss one single day if it concerns listening to the music
you really love. Last week I heard on the news that listening to music
helps the body to make dopamine. The stuff that makes us feel happy.
So, next to a few other things of course, listening to music is a very
healthy habbit, keeps you young. So listen at home, at work, especially
in your car, the best place to live through it completely. Well, long story short,
download this musical health unit and start exercising, left foot front, right.. additional little dance can't hurt, come on, move that ass..


1 Orchestre Kiam - Kamiki 1&2
2 Rumbanella Band - El Congo
3 Mayos Muana Ngombo - Nalembi-kotuna
4 Tabu Ley Rochereau with Afrisa International - Karibou ya bintou
5 le Docteur Nico et son Orchestre - Sukisa miziki ya lokumu
6 Orchestre African Fiesta - Merengue President Roger
7 Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards - Mariam Mboka
8 Sam Mangwana, Franco & le T.P.O.K. Jazz - Toujours OK
9 Vicky et OK Jazz - Rocky a kovenger n'gai
10 Orchestre Cavacha - Okomi kolangua 1&2
11 Jean Bokelo - Mwambe No.4 de Jean Bokelo
12 Orchestre Kamale - Assana muana mawa 1&2
13 Mose se Sengo "Fan Fan' - Pele odidja


Friday, January 21, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol.3 - Various Artists

One of the things I like best about having this blog, is
making compilations, I used to do it with casettes in
the old days and still have boxes full of them. My little
shop was the place we played them and in the car of course.
Every tape has a story and belongs to a certain period. It brings
back memories from long gone times. Nowadays we have
technics beyond imagination and the fact I can share them with
you folks straight away makes it all the more complete.
Next in line is this third volume in the Congolese series,
Hope you like'm like I do, cheers..


1 African Fiesta, Nico - Biatondi Kasanda
2 Kalle, Papa Noël - Moselebende too bolingo
3 Bavon Marie Marie - Maseke ya meme Congo
4 Orchestre OK Jazz ( Franco ) - Savon reward chez Marsavco
5 Kongo Retro Band 83 - Air fluvial
6 Camille Feruzi - Cha cha cha bay
7 Papa Noël – Bon samaritan
8 Lucie Eyenga - Yaka mama
9 Jean Bokelo & Ensemble Conga Succes - Bana conga baleli liwa ya Sinatra
10 Vicky et OK Jazz - Na zali kitoko mingi
11 Verckys & l'Orchestre Vévé - Vicky
12 Fantastic Tchico - Méditation
13 Rochereau, Mujos & Nico et l'African Fiesta - Tabalissimo
14 Mose se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Cheko
15 Orchestre Shama-Shama - Basaleli ngai likita


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Celia Cruz con la Sonora Matancera -
Sabor y Ritmo de Pueblos,
Seeco 1965

If you are a Celia Cruz fan, this LP with the legendary
Sonora Matancera is one not to miss in your collection.
With her champion voice she is the queen in practically
all latin styles. A handfull is displayed on this album. Afro,
Son Montuno, Bolero-bon-bon, Rumba, Ritmo Charanga,
Milonga, Bembe, Merengue and Ritmo Guason, some of
which are straight from the village. Enjoy
'Sabor y Ritmo de Pueblos'.


1 Rinkinkalla
2 Al son del pilon
3 Retozon
4 Cuba bella
5 Oye mi rumba
6 Vengan a la charanga
7 Cogele el gusto
8 La milonga de España
9 Chango
10 Merengue arrimao
11 Traigo para ti
12 Imoye


Monday, January 17, 2011

Congo, Tours de Force vol. 2 - Various Artists

The original plan was to wait a bit in between the volumes
and do some regular albums but I could not resist. So, not
too fast, just the No.2 and we'll take a break okay ?


1 Pambou Tchicaya Tchico - Tam-tam d'Afrique
2 Franco et l'O.K. Jazz - Colonel Bangala
3 Zaïko Langa Langa - C'est la verité
4 Rumbanella Band - l'Age et l'amour
5 Johnny Bokelo & l'Orchestre Conga 68 - Tambola na mokili
6 Orchestre Afrisa International - Mose-Konzo
7 Mose Se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Julie la petite
8 Docteur Nico & African Fiesta - Pauline
9 Orchestre Vévé - Zonga andowe
10 Tiers Monde Cooperation - Tiers monde
11 Verckys - N'dia
12 Sam Mangwana - Georgette Eckins
13 Camille Feruzi - Kahagwe
14 Tabu Ley - Mimi Ley


Congo, Tours de Force vol. 1 - Various Artists

During the past few weeks I have been going through
my Congolese files to pick out the most beautiful songs.
A proces that takes a lot of time and I ended quite some
evenings almost sleeping behind my PC. Today I am ready
to present you the first compilation. I have named them
'Congo, Tours de Force' and this is volume 1. A collection
of my very favourite tracks, hand picked for you, hope U like.
More volumes are about to follow.


1 Franco & le Tout Puissant OK Jazz - Ku kisantu kikwenda ko
2 Orchestre Conga 68 de Jonny - F.C. Dragon
3 Verckys - Nakomitunaka
4 Trio Madjesi - Photo Madjesi
5 Vicky et OK Jazz - En memoire de Bayon
6 Bavon Marie Marie & Négros Succés - Libangana libumu
7 Fantastic Tchico - Mieux vaut tard que jamais
8 Orquestre Maquis du Zaïre - Na tango ya zala
9 Empere Bakuba - Numero Empire
10 Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz - Siluwangi wapi accordeon
11 Likembe Géant - Bika nzanga


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gentleman Mike Ejeagha and his Trio -
Akuko N'egwu Original vol.1,
Polygram 1983

Mike Ejeagha's highlife is just what we need on a quiet
sunday afternoon. The rhythm is so mellow, it almost brings
one in a kind of trance, going on and on, hypnotising 1983
West African minimal sound.


1 Onye ori utaba
2 Ka esi le onye isi oche


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Merengues - Alberto Beltrán y su Conjunto
Típico, 'El Negrito del Batey',
Ansonia SALP 1531, 1975

Some Merengue from it's origination for you today.
Alberto Beltrán was one of the Dominicans who made
this music big. Great stuff for lovers of accordeon music
'like me' said the nutcase. Master voice, master sound.
This LP contains the song that gave Alberto his nickname,
'El negrito del Batey'. A fast saturdaynight dance album, enjoy.


1 Caña brava
2 La empaliza
3 La yuca
4 El hombre marinero
5 A bailar
6 Compadre Pedro Juan
7 El negrito del Batey
8 A lo oscuro
9 Siña Juanica
10 La cruz de palo bonito
11 La maricutana
12 El sancocho prieto


Friday, January 14, 2011

Orchestre Baobab - Baobab à Paris vol.1,
'On Verra Ça ?', Productions Ledoux 1978

Some Orchestre Baobab always brings comfort when
you long for summer times and warm evenings. From the
1978 Paris sessions, volume 1. Six songs that will make
you happy instantly and forget about winter, open up.


1 On verra ça
2 Mi son
3 Sibam
4 Wane ma maguiss
5 El son te llama
6 Thiossane


Orchestre Sinza Kotoko - Basi-Bakeseny,
Sonafric SAF 50041, 1977

Every song was written by another member of the group.
Next to the brothers Pierre and Kosmos Moutouari, this
band had some excelent writers. Fidèle Samba, Jean-Pierre
Mapounga, Daniel Fouilou, Jaques Kimbembé, Alphonse
Bahouka, Luc Kounkou, Anatole Bokasso, Gabriel Dianzolo
and Hyacinte Malonga. Beautiful names, great music, listen.


1 Basi-bakeseny
2 Samba-mirita
3 Mamy-giro
4 Bakento
5 Qui vivra verra
6 Waba-kandi-tetoka
7 Doudou
8 Tchy-tchy
9 Loutina
10 Mouboyo

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Atakora Manu - Disko Hi-life,

On Ambassador Records, this is LPAM 029. An album of
Ghanaian highlife by Atakora Manu. You might have heard
that track 11 on my recently made highlife compilation.
I found out about Atakora not so long ago but the more I hear,
the more I like his music. These three songs from an unknown
release-year are very much worth listening to, hope U enjoy.


1 Palm wine seller
2 Self contention
3 Obiaa ne mre beba


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Justo Betancourt - Pa Bravo Yo,
Fania Records 1972

How sweet was the sound of Fania in the early seventies ?
Larry Harlow produced this spicey slice of salsa vinyl and
I think he did very well. Sparkling Fania recording with some
great songs by Justo Betancourt, smooth voice. To break the
routine it don't hurt to have us some salsa, I should
do it more often, move your feet and wiggle your
hips to the latin beat, ..azucar..
Especially for my old buddie 'Baldrick'.
Makes me think of café de Kroeg ?


1 Pa bravo yo
2 Psicologia
3 Guajira sentimental
4 Una audiencia muerta
5 Caracas tiene su guaguanco
6 Oyeme cantar
7 Lagrimas y tristezas
8 Guaguanco 'ta moderno
9 Adios felicidad
10 Catano


Monday, January 10, 2011

City Boys Band - Nya Asem Hwe,
led by Obuoba J.A. Adofo
'the Black Chinese'
Scottie Records 1977


1 Nya asem hwe
2 Nko nngya m'akyir
3 Osu a meresu
4 Ofie nipa see wo a
5 Akutiabo
6 Ankwanoma dede
7 Baabi dehyee
8 Nko besie


Sunday, January 9, 2011

l'Unité Africaine vol.1 - Various Artists,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1978

I'm gonna tell you straight away, posting this album is a kind
of compromise. It contains a few things I would not post when
standing on it's own. Nigerian reggae for instance, I think reggae
should be from Jamaica. And how about rock and roll sung in
wolof from Senegal. As a whole however I think it's kind of funny.
The collector also contains some typical African styles, like on
the b-side, sweet benga by Victoria King's Jazz for instance.
It's a 1978 selection made by Blaise Fayette Mikano who used
to do a great job for Pathé Marconi. I think this LP with songs from
1975, 1977 and 1978 gives us a unique view on Africa's taste
during the late seventies, listen and tell me what you think.


1 Sonny Okosun - Rain
2 Konn-Konn - Sagak-sagak
3 Abeti Masikini - Mwana muke wa miso
4 M'baye Abdoul - Soko bouge
5 M'baye Abdoul - Douces douces filles
6 Victoria King's Jazz - Rieko Magftich
7 Trio Ce.Pa.Kos - No title
8 Kouka Celestin - Veve na linga
9 Pamelo Mounk'a – Mabeyey


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Onye Bili-Ibeya Ebili,
Polydor POLP 058, 1981

An album a day keeps the doctor away. It becomes like a
kind of therapy after a while. Not posting is no option, it
feels like my day is not complete and leaves a big hole.
So first I pick an LP, I record and rip it and then I need to
make a solid picture of front and back-cover. Okay, all done.
But next after uploading the files I must write a few lines.
Anything useful to say about the album? Chief Stephen Osita
Osadebe's albums are always good, no doubt. The most important
is listening to them. So I wont keep you up any longer, get it and
play it. ..oh, and screw my writing, sucks..


1 Agadi nwanyi na inine
2 Morning Star Social Club


Friday, January 7, 2011

Horace Andy - Exclusively,
Solid Groove Records 1982

Every voice is like a fingerprint. Unique in every way, how many
people do we have in this world ? Every one's different. Horace
Andy is blessed with a vocal instrument you can recognize from
thousands. Clear and bright with his special tremble, I love it.
This LP is recorded at Wackie House of Music, New York and
I must say producer Lloyd Barnes did a hell of a job, what great
sound. Songs like 'Stop the Fuss' and 'Eating mess' are dj tracks
I treasure since 1982. English formation 'Massive Attack' asked
Horace to participate on their album 'Blue Lines' in 1991, I added
the song 'Hymn of the big wheel' as a bonustrack, enjoy.


1 Bob lives on
2 Stop the fuss
3 Love him
4 Good will survive
5 Take it easy
6 Eating mess
7 Musical episode
8 Live in the city
9 Live in unity
10 Lonely woman


11 Massive Attack - Hymn of the big wheel


Thursday, January 6, 2011

T.G. Lembe-Lembe du Zaïre,
Sonafric SAF 61004, 1978

I saw it passing by at the back of some sleeves earlier
and then I found it at the fair. Again I can't tell you anything
useful. It is a fine piece of 1978 Congolese music, that's
a fact. Glad we can finally listen to it, catch !


1 Naboi-Matata part 1
2 Naboi-Matata part 2
3 Bisengo-bia-ase-bikotikala part 1
4 Bisengo-bia-ase-bikotikala part 2
5 Masela part 1
6 Masela part 2

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana,
Led by Chief Sammy Kofi -
Black Beauty, Rogers All Stars 1983

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana led by Chief Sammy Kofi
had this recording made at Rogers All Stars Sound Studio, Okolo
Street, Onitsha, Lagos, Nigeria. I think it's a tremendous album,
with that sparkling mixed sound of RAS but with Ghanaian highlife
and it's typical flow. It is a bit crackly but still, don't miss.


1 Why you de run ?
2 Mahunumu
3 Nyame na onim
4 Black beauty
5 Maame a wawuyi
6 Okaniba kwantuni


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

African Kings Pili Pili,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976
2 ( C062-15775 )

An album by a group I really don't know much about.
Backsleeve tells us Loubassou Kifoueti Denis was born in
1948 in Brazzaville. He is guitarist, composer, singer and
arranger in this band. He started out in 1965 with a group
called 'Congo Fiesta'. It lasted but a year and he moved on
with le Super-Tabé de Mindouli. This formation fell apart in
7 days but L.K. Denis did not get disencouraged and started
'Manta-Lokoka' with saxophone player 'Pincky' in 1967.
This orchestra lasted till 1971 when he formed 'African Kings
Pili Pili'. It was in 1973 Loubassou Kifoueti Denis and his
African Kings Pili Pili returned to Congo from Libreville.
This LP is from 1976 and you don't want to miss it.


1 Abus de confiance
2 Milaudou
3 Pepe Pierrette
4 Sambela sambela
5 Limbisa ngai papa
6 Mouzeline
7 Phon phon


Monday, January 3, 2011

Kyeremateng Stars - Obreguo Ye Ya,
Happy Bird 1977

It is confusing sometimes. On the label of this LP, the
tracknames are different than on the backsleeve. At first I
thought they had sold me a mis-fit, you know, wrong LP
inside. But the album inside is the right one, some lyrics
contain words I see on the label. Like b-side , track 1, label
and sound say 'Akwasi akwasi' but cover says 'Pam no o
tware no o'. Titles do compare more or less in some cases.
I suppose Ghanaians can explain all this confusion. One
way or the other, Kyeremateng Stars ( spelled wrong on sleeve
aswel ), bring us some sweet highlife oncemore, listen.

tracks on sleeve;

1 Obreguo ye ya
2 Owuo ama yen mpanin asa
3 Odo bra
4 Pam no o tware no o
5 M'afu na eso kwa
6 Dee wo benya biara fa no saa ara
7 Otamfo na aden

tracks on label;

1 Bere guo
2 Oa owuo yi
3 Odo eye a bra
4 Akwasi akwasi
5 Mo mma mebi nni
6 Die wo benya biara fa no saa
7 Mete meho ase awiemfoo ba


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Orchestre Zaïko - Les Grands
Succes des Editions Vévé vol.6,
Sonafric SAF 50076, 1978

I recently found us a couple more albums in this great
series. We had a few before and next in line is this volume 6.
I can't imagine to find one bad LP among them, under Verckys'
inspired direction only good stuff emerged. From 1978 this one
by Orchestre Zaïko contains tracks written by Bimi Ombale,
Mantima, Lengi-Lenga and M'Fui Muane. Highly recommended.


1 Ima
2 Kin kiesse
3 Makoko
4 Toli kulumpe

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Duo Los Ahijados,
Kubaney MT-139

Happy New Year to all of you !
Thank you for your kind wishes and let's make 2011
a new musical share-year like none before, long live the internet.
To start off, an album on Kubaney with music from the Dominicans.
Brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are back with a fine LP of son and
guajira. Recover slowly with this laid back latin sound.


1 Amargado
2 El vacilon de pantaleon
3 No me sabes querer
4 Don Lengua
5 Quiero un vacilon
6 Prendela
7 El lunar
8 Vuelve otra vez
9 La puchunguita
10 Mariposita nocturna
11 Nadie me quiere
12 Esa eres tu