Friday, December 2, 2011

Altiery Dorival - Bal Champêtre,
Macaya 1979

Bal Champetre ?
Let's shake up the place with something completely different.
From Haïti we have this lp by Altiery Dorival. He brings us a
type of kompa quite unique with his banjo pluckin' sound.
Atmospheric caribbean, French antillian tropical you know...
to help you through winter,...just get it !


1 Tete yout pa manye coeur moin
2 Caresse moin
3 Ce li roi
4 Jacqueline
5 Toute fem ce ter heritie
6 Sauciss
7 Mesdames yo ce lamp
8 Kele keke



Jaime said...

Very interesting. Thank you!

ofallenbranch said...

You made my day !... This LP is far from being perfect, regarding the musicians playing, but it gives the whole thing the touch of reality we often miss. I grew up listening to french west indies music, and listening some Kompa with banjo is just wonderful. I love it !

tktcigcnda said...

This is fantastic ! Thank you for this gem ! His voice reminds me of Wendo Kolossoy... Really great konpa.

labou said...

any chance of getting this re-uploaded?

labou said...

Any chance of getting this re-uploaded?

Anonymous said...

really a pity. file is already deleted. thanx anyway.

jip's said...

is that record will be re upload?
anyway big stand up for your generous and amazing work!!!

Nut said...

Hey will you reupload this one ?

Gary2 said...

Same is true for all of the Haiti grooves. All need to be uploaded again. Pretty please.

Willie May said...

Please any chance for obtain this magic lp?? Could some one please re upload this one??? thank you in advance.