Friday, February 4, 2011

Orchestre Kara de Kinshasa,
Sonafric SAF 61.014, 1979

Tonight's post concerns an album by Orchestre Kara
de Kinshasa. If I'm not mistaking Syran Mbenza is playing
on this one. Other heroes on this LP are Djo Mpoyi who
worked with Franco's OK Jazz aswell as Kiyiki Massamba
'Flamy'. Track No.6 was written by Lubadika, Pablo Lubadika
Porthos is most certainly here. I think Djo Mpoyi is fantastic on
track one, 'Ya Kare', what a great voice. The group is called after
the club 'Kara', where they used to play in those days. An important
document in Congo's musical history. Check.


1 Ya kare
2 Ndekese
3 Vonvon mugeni I
4 Vonvon mugeni II
5 Bopendo
6 Nani akosalisa

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soukousman said...

Thanks for this rare LP of Orchestre Kara, Moos. Djo Mpoyi an excellent voice and the guitars of Syran M'Benza & Pablo Lubadika are soothing. So far I know 2 albums from Kara, maybe there are more.

BCR said...

just want to say thanx so much for sharing this amazing music..been digging pretty much everything i've come across on your wonderful blog.

Timothy said...

I don't know this band but I've taken to their music instantly. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

wow, thousand times thanks. Ya Kare is one of my favourite tracks. very glad to have it from you. besides this album and the one wordlservice posted I know of one single they made Balanga Nzembo.


Anonymous said...

Just catching up with my G.G. backlog & discovered this treasure. Nobody mentioned it in comments already but track 4 (Vonvon Mugeni II) cuts out mid track. Wondered if this was as per the LP or if you could upload a full track. Thanks as always for your generous nature.


moos said...

This is how it was on the LP J., cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for checking.


Anonymous said...

Hey Moos, this link is dead, so that you know..

Greetings from Curacao

Anonymous said...

Moos, link is dead

So that you know

moos said...

Yep, I fixed Orchestre Kara de Kinshasa..get to it..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some great music. I'd never heard of this group. What a nostalgic sound!