Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nguashi-N'timbo - Mboyo, Osala Ngai Nini,
Edition JNT Music, Paris 1982

Let's go back to posting old LP's again. The cd by Mose se
Sengo 'Fan Fan', 'Belle Epoque' appeared to be available
everywhere so after some fuzzing about I decided to withdraw.
No post, no fuz. Okay, let's see what we have here. This 1982
LP by Nguashi-N'timbo should not cause any trouble. He was
composer of the song 'Shauri Yako', famous through Mbilia Bel
and Orchestre Mazembe. He sang alongside Sam Mangwana and
with Franco's OK Jazz for a couple of years. One of our visitors sold
me a bunch of African LP's and I promised to post this one being
one of the first. So here it is Fr., thanks for supporting the GG
on behalf of our visitors, I enjoyed our meeting, cheers.


1 Mboyo, osala ngai nini
2 Na retiré bolingo
3 Mokolo ekonginda
4 Bolingo pasi



Anonymous said...

Hey Moos, sorry about the fuz. Sterns hadn't had that Mose Fan Fan Belle Epoque CD so for so long I kinda assumed it was out of print. Oops, I'll check better in future. Sounds so sweet though and it's important that these guys get at least some of the attention they deserve. Hopefully no harm done...MamboPete

Timothy said...

Thanks Moos ... memories are made of this! I'm not overstating things if I say that some of the digitally-mastered CDs available for sale don't do justice to the original music. Your vinyl rips are awesome!

moos said...

Thanks Tim, it's because I make a one on one copy on cd first, this 'mother cd' guarantees topquality rips.

Oh and Mambo Pete, no worries there, it's cool. You've got it, I'm satisfied..

dial africa said...

What a surprise! Another LP by Nguashi; tracks I haven't heard until now. I will uodate his discography (http://ricorodriguez.wikia.com/wiki/Nguashi_N%27timbo).

May I ask: Do you have even more???

Timothy said...

... the hitherto unrevealed ingredient in this album is the fact that NTESA DALIENST co-stars in the backing vocals, which makes it all the more special, naturally without taking anything away from Nguashi-N'timbo.

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you Moos! Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

Still looking for one elusive lp by Nguashi Ntimbo. I think the LP is a polygram Kenya production and if i'm not wrong all the four tracks are in swahili.