Thursday, December 30, 2010

African Retro vol.1 'Pont sur le Zaïre' -
Various Artists, Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976

From 1976 we have this collection of Congolese songs called
African Retro vol.1 'Pont sur le Zaïre'. On side one, 6 songs
by the great Orchestre OK Jazz. Track #4 was written by Coimy,
track #5 by Dele, the other 4 tracks by Franco. On the second side
#1&2 by Essous, Orchestre Bantous, #5&6 also Orchestre Bantous
#5 by Essous and #6 by Mujos. Tracks 3&4 are by Orchestre Cercul.
#3 written by Henry Biby de Massouka and #4 by Franklin Boukaka.
Some fireworks saved for you at the end of the year, cheers.


1 Orchestre OK Jazz - Misele
2 Orchestre OK Jazz - On a ose le dire
3 Orchestre OK Jazz - Polo
4 Orchestre OK Jazz - Bolingo ya bougie
5 Orchestre OK Jazz - Si tu bois beaucoup
6 Orchestre OK Jazz - Le temps passe
7 Orchestre Bantous - Pa' vacillar
8 Orchestre Bantous - Bantous pachanga
9 Orchestre Cercul - Mobali ya craneur
10 Orchestre Cercul - Honole
11 Orchestre Bantous - Endiable merengue
12 Orchestre Bantous - Tout Brazza


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alhaji ( Chief ) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister
and his Supreme Fuji Commanders -
Nigeria, Siky Oluyole Records Ltd. 1983

Another great Nigerian musician has left this world. Sikiru
Ayinde Barrister died last week, december 16 after an ilness.
Several visitors requested for some of his work and so here it is.
To honour him once more, play this record very loud and enjoy.


1 oro ibo
- Alhaji Oluwanishola Amao
2 Oluwa lo lowo
- Eni bi eni
- Alhaji Moshood Olaniyan
- Ki keke pa rere
- Late Bobby Benson


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cardinal Rex Lawson & his Majors Band of Nigeria -
Greatest Hits, Polygram / Polydor

First LP by this artist on this page. We had one track on
the collector 'African Music' some time ago but that's it.
About time to give Rex Lawson some deserved attention.
12 short tracks of which 7 to 12 can be a bit false. B-side
wasn't centered right unfortunately. Still, I think it's worth
a couple of spins, I enjoyed it a lot again while recording.
Mellow kind of Nigerian highlife, listen.


1 Oko
2 Serra nene
3 Ene bate
4 So ala te mem
5 Love mu adure
6 Mekine wa bo te
7 Jolly papa
8 Tamuno bo ibro ma
9 Oweibo nua
10 Ibi na bo
11 Fi gboru ene
12 Ibari ikoru wa


Monday, December 27, 2010

Celestine Ukwu & his Philosophers National -
Ndu Ka Aku, Philips 1974

Celestine Ukwu started his career in the 60's under Mike Ejeagha.
Early 70's he started with the Philosophers National. He was soft
spoken and gentle and his music was more laid back than other
Igbo Highlife. The band was truly philosophical as their songs dealt
with social evils and the need for peace. Tragically Celestine Ukwu
died in a car crash in 1979, not yet 40 years old.
( info - )


1 Ndu ka aku
2 Ego eju aka
3 Onwu ama eze
4 Ebemi
5 Ife uwa adi agwuagwu
6 Chi ji oke


Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Exciting Talkatives - Peace & Love,
Phonogram / Polydor 1977

The leader of this highlife group is Kwabena Ampiah, he
is also the lead vocalist. Guitar highlife with additional
horn arrangements to make it complete. Nice atmosphere.
Mysterious and hypnotising sleeve, appropriate themes,
listen to the Exciting Talkatives.


1 Bribery and corruption
2 Susu twa mpowa
3 Papa ye asa
4 Jealous baby
5 Obiara bewu
6 Edwumaye


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

le Seigneur Rochereau et l'African
Fiesta National - Tango ya ba Vieux Kalle no.2
african 360.009, 1969

I am trying to write something with this post but I guess
it's not going to be much. I caught a cold and feel miserable.
I am ripping this LP to get some distraction. The music is
like a warm bath and makes me feel a little better. Besides,
an album like this one doesn't need a lot of recommendation.
It's a jewel and lovers will recognize it instantly, enjoy.


1 Minge rumba fiesta
2 Molangi ya malasi
3 Cubana vis-a-vis
4 Cafe Rio
5 Majolina
6 Jaloux jaloux
7 Suke
8 Dit coco
9 Djeke
10 Mama Ida

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Highlife Treasure - Various Artists

One of you visitors requested for a highlife compilation. It's
been some time ago but I kept it in mind. This selection
covers some of my favourite Ghanaian songs. Yesterday
I had a conversation with this lady from Ghana I met, her
mother and she would be extremely happy to find it aswell.
So Regina, this collector is for you, hope you'll enjoy it.


1 Vis-a-Vis - Sunsum me gu mu
2 Eric Agyeman - Abenaa
3 Dr.K. Gyasi's Noble Kings - Minnim
4 Sammy Cropper and his Wire Connections - Mensonomu
5 The Comets - Mabedu
6 Kyeremateng Atwede & Kyeremateng Stars - Never follow woman
7 The Republicans - Ahoofe bra
8 City Boys - Me yaree fi mefie
9 Dr. Victor Olaiya - Ewa
10 Alex Konadu - Asaase asa
11 Atakora Manu - Super otete mpomamu
12 Black Beats - Anibre sem
13 Eric Agyeman - Matutu mirika
14 E.T. Mensah & Dr. Victor Olaiya - Mr. Judge
15 Pat Thomas & the Sweet Beans - Wabe aso
16 Akwasi Yeboah's Band - Obaa yi ho ye fe
17 Ramblers International - Megye wo
18 African Brothers Band - Nkrabea, part 1


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trio Madjesi - Orchestre Sosoliso vol.2,
african 360.044, 1973

This is the third album by Trio Madjesi on this page. We already
had vol.1 some time ago and now it's follower. Almost one hour
of delightful music over 10 songs. With Orchestre Sosoliso.


1 A bas les songueurs
2 Feza
3 Longoma
4 Zanga zanga
5 Moni na bandal
6 Coup franc
7 Mimi Lanunze
8 Zowa
9 Camarade ekufaka te
10 Pitié azani


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Toni Iordache -
Tresors Folkloriques Roumains vol.1,
Electrecord 1970

Toni Iordache is a true master on Cimbal. His music
carries a load of suspense like no other. If you are into
sublime instrumentalists, listen to this. I am a lover of songs
and would not post an instrumental album without being
virtuoso. Music for experienced listeners,
don't touch if you aren't.


1 Cintec de dragoste
2 Hora de la bolintin
3 Geaba ma mai duc acasa si hora lui Leonard
4 Hora din ialomita
5 Sirba olteneasca
6 Variatuni pe tema 'Foaie verde si-o craita
7 Hora ca la rudari
8 Cintec de ascultare si Sirba de la Sabareni
9 Ca la breaza
10 Doina de jale


Chuito, el de Bayamon -
Su Vida y Su Musica,

One of Puerto Rico's greatest was 'Chuito, el de Bayamon'.
Chuito was one of the last musicians to play traditional
Jibaro, a few others are, Ramito, German Rosario and
Odilio Gonzalez. Use our search-bar to find them. Perfect
stuff to play during your newyears eve, adios año viejo.


1 Adios a mis amigos
2 Soy un caramelo
3 Quien manda en la casa
4 Mi truyita
5 Ni hablar del peluquin
6 Tiempos que se fueron
7 Adios año viejo
8 Desde mi Batey
9 Que vas hacer con 80 años
10 Parrandeando con Santiago Grevi
11 Soy quien canto
12 Canto a Bayamon


Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band -
Unconditionally Guaranteed,
Mercury 1974

This morning I found out we lost one of my old idols.
Don van Vliet alias Captain Beefheart died yesterday,
age 69. He used to be one of my favourite popstars from
the seventies. His music was not exactly middle of the road.
With his raw and hoarse voice he stood out for bringing us
something different, something new. Although a kind of music
you're not used to find here, I thought it would be appropriate
to post the Captain today. I always loved his music and this
time of year is very suitable for pulling up old memories.
So, try something else for a change and check this
wonderful LP of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.
Rest in peace Don van Vliet, we'll play all your
records again this weekend.


1 Upon the my-o-my
2 Sugar bowl
3 New electric ride
4 Magic be
5 Happy love song
6 Full moon, hot sun
7 I got love on my mind
8 This is the day
9 Lazy music
10 Peaches


Friday, December 17, 2010

l'Orchestre Cobantou de Dewayon -
Merveilles du Passé 1968-1969,
african 360.165, 1987

Today's post concerns an album by l'Orchestre Cobantou
de Dewayon. It's a re-release of tracks, originally released
on 'Londende'. Our collegue Stefan from Worldservice posted
some of that material earlier. This is on 'african' no. 360.165.
Recordings from 1968 and 1969 but released in 1987.
Some historical musical treasure for your december evenings.


1 Makamue Rocky
2 Niama ya zamba
3 Koseka moningate
4 Kuba Alphonse ya Himalaya
5 Pélé Lembé Gaudet
6 Mbué
7 Camarade ya Kinshasa
8 Mbenba


Bunny Wailer - Tribute,
Solomonic Productions 1981

Click on text. Towards the end of the year I always start
playing lots of things I forget during the rest of the year,
memories.. Neville O'Reilly Livingstone, or Bunny Wailer was one
of the original Wailers with Peter Tosh and Bob Marley.
On this LP he brings tribute to his late and great brother.
With Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare among others.


1 Soul rebel
2 I shot the sherrif
3 Crazy baldhead
4 Time will tell
5 War
6 Slave driver
7 Redemption song
8 No woman no cry


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sambadio et les Vivacité Melodia -
Tadie, Disques Esperance 1988

Let's shake up the place a bit with this late eighties
soukous album. Sambadio et les Vivacité Melodia are
here to rock the joint. Dance the Kelewele e Sule Yo Ma !


1 Tadie
2 Sosso pembe
3 Mere Irene
4 Garcia


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Global Sampler vol.31

Next in line is Global Sampler vol.31 already. Some Global
highlites from posts around one year ago.


1 Souzy Kasseya - Le téléphone sonne
2 José Alfredo Jimenez - Maria 'la bandida'
3 Vis-a-Vis - Sunsum me gu mu
4 Vicky et OK Jazz - Bea
5 Mayaula Mayoni - Potopotoville
6 Star Band de Dakar - Misterioso
7 Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé - Sakumuna 1re
8 Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso - Obosani ba voyages
9 Dr. K. Gyasi's Noble Kings - Kokrohenko
10 Junior Byles - Joshua's desire
11 Docteur Nico & l'African Fiesta Sukisa - Lucifer
12 Paulinho e sua Bateria - Estilo clássico
13 Orchestre Viva la Musica - Samba samba
14 Chuito el de Bayamon y Johnny el Bravo - Lamento Jibaro
15 Verckys & l'Orchestre Vévé – Vicky


Monday, December 13, 2010

H-Lifes You Have Loved vol.1 -
Various Artists,
Decca 1972

This is part one of a three record series of Highlife
from the old days. It appeared in the seventies but
contains songs from the fifties. Bands like the Stargazers
or Onyina''s Guitar Band aswell as E.T. Mensah's Tempos
were very popular in Ghana in them days. My favourite
is track #6, Masan Makwo, don't understand a word they
sing but just love that sound, hope you do too.


1 Shambrose - Ma aya nwet
2 Stargazers Band - Sika enibre
3 Onyina's Guitar Band - Bebrebe ye musuo
4 Red Spots - Oya kae me
5 Akompi's Guitar Band - Black bra
6 Stargazers Band - Masan makwo
7 E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Ghana freedom
8 Zeal Onyiah - Vicky nyem afum
9 Black Beats - Meda ho mawo
10 Builders Brigade - Mbra nimfo quist
11 Black Beats - Anokwa edomi
12 Rhythm Aces - Mac's special
13 Moderniers - Ankwankwa hieni
14 E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Domfo wo eni ewu
15 Broadway Dance Band - Hunua


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Orchestre "Les Grands Maquisards",
african 360.086, 1976

I already thought, "what a luck to find an album from
1976 in such great condition." and then I found a barcode
on the backsleeve. This must be a re-release from
some year in the digital era. Nevertheless, we are lucky
to have it I think, never saw it before anyway.
Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards was founded in
1969 by Ntesa Dalienst. With Camille Lokombe Nkalulu,
Diana Nsimba, Nkura, Jeef Mateta, Morendo and Michel
Mavatiku alias Michelino. No. 360.086 in the series.


1 Rosa
2 Marie-Pierre
3 Nakomeka zoto
4 Nawelanini ngai petrouele
5 2e bureau n'ganda
6 Diamante
7 Ida sambela ngai
8 Jaria


Saturday, December 11, 2010

M'Bilia Bel - Bameli Soy,
Leader Records 1987

It's been over a year, in october of 2009, that we had M'Bilia
Bel at the GG. So little female singers from Congo. I am sure
I don't know a bunch of them but the finest of the ones I do know
is without any doubt, M'Bilia. Some of the songs on this album
also appeared on previously posted LP's but not on one LP.
The versions on this album are partly different from those.
It's a Nigerian release on Leader Records from 1987, listen.


1 Bameli soy
2 Nazali mwasi
3 Lizanga bambanda
4 Faux pas

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Le Seigneur Rochereau & Orchestre Afrisa,
african 360.040, 1972

I always thought and still think, Pascal Rochereau has
one of the greatest voices Congo has ever brought us.
This LP opens with a beauty I can hear over and over.
Historic material you don't want to miss. Grab it.


1 Pitie
2 Mongali
3 Londende
4 Felie
5 Objectif 80
6 Cassius Clay
7 Amitie Senegalo Congolaise
8 Mathinda-Mathi


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

El Manicero - Various Artists

Last week, when I posted Essous and Nino and read they
feel their version of El Manicero is the best African one, I
got this idea. I made a collector with 15 versions of the song.
I am sure you can come up with loads of versions I did
not use, there are so many but here are some of my favourites.
Hope you like them too..


1 Trio Matamoros - El manisero
2 Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra - El manicero
3 Red Nichols - The peanut vendor
4 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Onyebu chi
5 Rolando la Serie - El manicero
6 Conjunto Siboney - The peanut vendor
7 John Kirby and his Orchestra - Peanut vendor boogie
8 Dexter Johnson & the International Band Ft. Laba Sosseh - Manicero
9 Stan Kenton - The peanut vendor
10 Tommy mcCook - Peanut vendor
11 California Ramblers - The peanut vendor
12 Fantastic Tchico - El manicero se va
13 J.S.Essous & Nino Malapet - El manicero
14 The Skatelites - Peanut vendor
15 Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band – Manicero


Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and his
Nigerian Sound Makers International -
Onye Achonam,
Polygram Records Ltd.

It's incredibly strong, the power of music, once you've
put up this album, there ain't no stoppin' anymore.
You'll start listening quietly and then..when the rhythm
takes of,'re gone...move it like you've never done before.
Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and his Nigerian
Sound Makers International rock the floor...


1 Imo Social Club
2 Onye achonam
3 Eze obinwa


Monday, December 6, 2010

l'Afrique Danse 360.112 - Various Artists,
african 1978


1 Orchestre Les Trois Freres - Kumbe-kumbe
2 Orchestre Stukas Caïman 78 - Nostalgie
3 Orchestre Viva la Musica - Diana
4 Orchestre Viva la Musica - Zonga-zonga
5 Orchestre Zaiko Langa Langa - Verra
6 Orchestre Stukas Mombombo - Idee econo
Caiman Kita-Mata


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Junior Byles - Beat Down Babylon
'The Upsetter Years',
Trojan Records 1987

A little reggae for your sunday evening perhaps ? Junior
Byles in his 'Upsetter Years'. With Lee Perry at the controls
in his very best years, it's like everything falls in it's place. One
song is more beautiful than the other on this superb compilation.
Steve Barrow did a great job here. 10 straight hits and two more
experimental tracks. ( No.s 11 & 12 ) An album not to miss I'd say.
As an extra bonus I have added tracks 15 and 16, have fun.


1 Beat down Babylon
2 Da da
3 I've got a feeling
4 Don't know why
5 Demonstration
6 Coming again
7 Joshua's desire
8 Place called Africa
9 Poor Chubby
10 A matter of time
11 Fun and games/Motion dub
12 Pretty fe true/Pretty dub
13 King of Babylon
14 Pharoah hiding/Hail to power
15 Curly locks
16 Fade away


Saturday, December 4, 2010

the Best of Victor Uwaifo,
Makossa 1981

Hello Groovers,
We've got some Nigerian music for your saturday.
In these parts of the globe winter took a headstart .
Holland is completely white, covered with snow and it's still
falling down in large amounts. Absolutely beautiful if you don't
need to ride through it on your bicycle or have to camp out,
like in some other parts of the same world. All I can do to
make you feel warm is provide you with tropical sound.
Victor Uwaifo helps us today with this 'Best of' album, pure joy.


1 Guitar boy
2 Joromi/Monkey yanga
3 Ebiss ebiss
4 Eserie
5 Erico
6 Do lelezi

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Franco & l'OK Jazz -
Merveilles du Passé 1957 1958,
african 1986

Some oldies but goodies tonight. These recordings are from
1957 and 1958. Being from '58 myself, I can tell you, good stuff
was produced in those days. ha ha, no serious, it should be
possible to update that old rubbish. Give me a USB gate some-
where and a regular update, wouldn't that be 2011 ? This album
brings us 6 songs by the grand master and 2 by Vicky. As usual,
it is high class material, did the old man make one bad album ?


1 Motema ya lokoso
2 Oyangani ngai ?
3 Oleka tukomane
4 Ngai oyo nazongi
5 Bana ages
6 Oh ! Katharina
7 La mulata rumber
8 Malambo zela
9 Mami majos
10 OK Jazz makila mabe
11 Grupo O.K. Jazz
12 Baboni mboka


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pambou Tchicaya Tchico - l'Enfant a la Voix d'Or
"Message", Africana Star

It's been a while since we had Pambou Tchicaya Tchico at the GG,
so when he passed by last week I decided to post this one.
It was waiting because the a-side, tracks1 & 2, is ( are ) quite wobbly
and gets a bit false towards the end. Still a couple of songs
worth having. Message was also on an album called 'Tam Tam
d'Afrique', but this version is quite different. All together, perhaps not
his very best but yet another LP to complete Tchico's discography.


1 Message
2 Lucie e now
3 Soucis yamboka