Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa,
african 1981

This LP by Nigerian Highlifers 'Ikenga, Super Stars of Africa'
is on 'african'. On the front it shows us also the logo of 'Afrodisia'.
Same time backsleeve is typical 'RAS'. Distributed by 'Sonodisc'
and licenced by 'Decca West Africa', Lagos Nigeria. All the important
clubs seem involved in this project. Combining forces had a great effect,
the album sounds perfect. I can already hear it blast from the
speakers of some pumping 'picó' in Barranquilla,
how 'bout you Fabian ?


1 Nwa enwe nne
2 Anyi ga gbalu enu oso


Monday, November 29, 2010

Jean Serge Essous & Nino Malapet -
Les Meilleurs Sax's d'Afrique Centrale,
Editions Bakolo Mboka

The best saxophones in central Africa, that's how they call
Jean Serge Essous and Nino Malapet on this fine LP. They
also claim to play the best African interpretation of 'the Peanut Vender",
'el Manicero', quite an assumption. I don't know if it's the best
one but I love the guitars that play the basic melody. So many
versions around. check out Isabelle by Pambou Tchico, golden
voice. On Editions Bakolo Mboka de Brazzaville.


1 Pot pourri sur le passe
2 Bongo
3 Na gagner bango
4 El manicero/Mayéya
5 Suzy
6 Isabelle


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alex Konadu - Agyata Wuo,
Ambassador Records

I really don't know this time, you tell me.


1 Agyata wuo
2 Agyemang dua
3 Mene obiara
4 Mesi wo kon ho
5 Yensua yo
6 Bebome mame nko

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Special African Sound 76 - Various Artists,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976
2( C 062-82243 )

They have beautiful names, Dr. Mengo, Dr. Collela, W. Toto,
J. Ambogo or Oxelo Obengo. These are Kenyan musicians
and not the least as I would say. Benga is subtle but jiving
and makes it impossible to stay in your chair. Once the first
notes enter your ears, there's no stopping to this train. Kick
aside your furniture and let go with this 'Special African Sound 76'.


1 International de Nelly - Ngima piny No.4
2 International de Nelly - Onge wuom mwandu
3 International de Nelly - Otete
4 International de Nelly - Lemuru chom
5 Victoria Jazz Band - Paul Odera
6 Victoria Jazz Band - Ouma jakadianga
7 Kusa Luo Band - Jopiny wuorndi
8 Kusa Luo Band - Hippolitus


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Star Band de Dakar,
Soumbaya Musique

I've read somewhere on the internet, Laba Sosseh only sang one
year with the Star Band. Logically this one must be from that year, 1964.
Vocals by Laba Sosseh, Doudou Sow and Magatte N'Diaye.
Somehow it feels like it's not that old, can anyone shine a light
on this matter ? Not that it is all that important,
it's the sweetness of this music that matters.
Sorry it has a few minor pops, love this.


1 Solla
2 Mamaya Ssima
3 Yena Neckla
4 Yadaque
5 Gualletana
6 Vagane
7 Le lolaye
8 Sigala


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Les Kamale,
Sonafric 1979,
SAF 61012

Some two weeks ago I posted an album by les Kamale
with a cover quite similar to this one.
BTW, I made a little mistake, you'll have to
change the file name of track #4, it's now called
track #5, sorry about that.


1 Salanga
2 Afida na ngai 1
3 Afida na ngai 2
4 Petits nes

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Canon du Zaïre - Monotonie, Djo Mpoy,
Shakara Music

It's been a while since we had Djo Mpoy. Hearing his voice is
a real treat. On this record we hear him with his friend Diato
Lukoki and their group 'le Canon du Zaïre'. It's called 'Monotonie'.
A title that doesn't cover the load of great music exposed here.
I am not sure but in Dutch the word has no positive meaning.
Except from the fact he worked with Fanco's OK Jazz, I can't
tell you a whole lot more about Djo. I do know this is a very
nice album, beautiful harmonies, the drummer in this band
is a sheer hero, enjoy le Canon du Zaïre, damn fireworks.


1 Santa
2 Monotonie
3 Nalelela Nani
4 Cherie Na


Monday, November 22, 2010

Kenya Partout vol.1 - Various Artists,
Playa Sound

I'm so happy to have this crazed hobby. Every time I learn
something new, like here. When my dear fellow blogger
Nauma at Freedomblues posted The Victoria Kings last week
with 'the Mighty Kings of Benga', I got excited, I didn't know them
yet and I just love that Benga sound. Thank you ever so much Nauma.
Then, when I was browsing the fair last friday I found some fantastic
Kenyan stuff. Always nice to be able to return the favor. Here's the
first volume of 'Kenya Partout !', I found it with a couple of others.
It contains some of that 70's benga by the hottest bands.
Get under this freedom global blues groove,..wow...
Already made it when I found out Africolombia's blog
posted 4 tracks in october, well,
here's the whole thing.


1 Kit Mikayi Cisco Jazz - Buthwa gi nyigem
2 Victoria Jazz Band - Sister Jack
3 International de Nelly - Ruoth meda teko
4 D.O. 7 Band - Charles Kibeche
5 Victoria Jazz Band - Samwel Otumba
6 Kit Mikayi Cisco Jazz - Taberius gi matha
7 Victoria Jazz Band - Jery Ouma
8 D.O. 7 Band - H.O. Ochiri
9 International de Nelly - Ohon wanyang
10 D.O. 7 Band - Perez Owino


Calypso Carnival - Various Artists,

Being a calypso lover, I got thrilled finding this crackly 10" record.
It contains some of the funniest songs. They are not new of course
and although I already knew some of them and the quality is bad,
I'm still very happy. 60's Trinidad records are hard to find.

P.S. I tried to upload this the whole day yesterday but
Mediafire didn’t allow me, somehow today it works again.
Get it while you can.


1 Lord Kitchener - Big toe
2 George Brown - Single man
3 Eric Hayden - Give her the No.1
4 The Lion - Come Punksie
5 The Charmer - Stone cold man
6 Little Nora - Tomato
7 The Mighty Terror - Chinese children
8 Tony Johnson - Man smart, woman smarter


Saturday, November 20, 2010

King Sunny Adé and his African Beats - The Message,
Sunny Alade Records 1981

If I recall well, many people must be on the look out for
this album. King Sunny Adé made quite a few and we've
seen some passing by here. Now here is 'the Message'.
I have no idea whát the message is and I'm not even sure
I want to know. I listen to music sung in Lingala, Swahili,
Wolof or Griot. I really think sometimes that it's probably
better I don't understand every word. I guess it lasts longer,
the lyrics can't get boring this way, that's for sure. During
the first track there's a tiny silence and I could have made
a skipping point but I left it like it was. My message to you,
let music be the force that brings us together,
ain't nothin' beating thát !...


1 Baba orun a mbe o
- Igbala ni mofe
- Oro dugbe dugbe
- Ko s'agbe mo loko
- Mo beru oruko t'aiye nje
2 Ma j'aiye oni
- Alhaji Bode Osinusi
- Alhaji Rasaq Ogbara


Friday, November 19, 2010

Kintweni Sukisa,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977,
2(C 264-15808)

Good evening friends of the Global Groove. Did you notice ?
Our counter went over one million visitors today. Somewhere
in the beginning I once lost a counter and started over, so
it is not entirely from scratch but now it's official. Stats say we
have over 10.000 visitors every week and a minor growth is still
visible. Thank you all for being here.
It is a very good day for an other reason aswell.
Today's record fair in Utrecht brought us a big new pile
of old and scratchy African vinyl. Though some remain in
mint condition also. It contains material from several country's
so plenty variety ahead. To start with an album by Kintweni Sukisa.
searching the web I find it must be Congolese but it has some
east African flavour over it. I find it very pleasant, the vocal harmonies
and stacato guitar rifs taste a little benga I think. Well, happy
home coming, stay tuned and consume today's
catch in peace, cheers.


1 Nsongo Nena
2 Monzuma
3 Nzila nzenga
4 Mbenza
5 Mabanza
6 Kuviguila


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kwasi Boateng's Band - Enne Mpo Ni,

I had this post ready for placing last night but I could not
get into Mediafire to uplaod it. There might have been some
maintenance going on. Anyway, today I did get through. This
Ghanaian highlife band was lead by Kwasi Boateng who also
took care of arrangements. Songs were written by Kyei Mensah,
also leadsinger and accompanied by K.Addai and Afriyie.
Ghanaian highlife at it's best, don't miss.


1 Enne mpo ni
2 Nsonkronsuo
3 Adee a obi wo
4 Pee pee pe
5 Obaa mansa abene
- Otwe
- Obirebe
- Besa ma menhwe
6 Asem ato me


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rachid King et les Imbattables,
Sonafric 1976

Sometimes it's hard to see the logics of things, like here.
The LP's label is quite clear about a-side and b-side but
on the back of the sleeve they turned things around. It happens
more often than you would think,..bla bla. I am really starting to
talk nonsense when I don't know anything about the album.
It's true about the songs though but I can't seem to find out
anything else that's useful. Matsuli used some of it once, maybe
he can tell us more. For now you'll have to do with listening to it.


1 Alanga-Nzembo ( 1er )
2 Mawazo-Mwarabu
3 Lukige ( 1er )
4 La vie mot difficile
5 Esprit de Salongo
6 Mwanamuke hana siri
7 Lukige ( 2e )
8 Alanga-Nzembo ( 2e )


Monday, November 15, 2010

David Calvet et les Elus,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1978

Today's post concerns an album I can't tell you sh** about.
This time yóu are supposed to give the information, please
leave us a message with everything you know about it.
Davids last name does sound familiar, who was it again?


1 N'zola
2 Ya kako yamba n'ga
3 Ku mavula
4 Doris Bomba
5 Malembe malembe
6 Mea katu


Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Fats' Waller and his Rhythm - Complete Recordings vol.8,
RCA Victor 1974

Eversince the first time I laid my ears on it, I was
a fan of the music of Thomas 'Fats' Waller. He sounds
just like he looks on most pictures. Behind the piano, big smile,
eyes balled at the ceiling. Listening to Fats always makes me
instantly happy. Check these 16 songs, volume 8 of his 'Complete
Recordings'. Volume 113 of RCA's series Black & White. This
volume covers songs from 1935 and some sound better than
others. I think this compilation is quite outstanding, get it
and play it with your sunday breakfast.


1 There's going to be the devil to pay
2 There'll be some changes made
3 Sweet Sue
4 Truckin'
5 Sugar blues
6 Georgia rockin' chair
7 Brother seek and ye shall find
8 The girl I left behind me
9 You're so darn charming 1
10 You're so darn charming 2
11 Woe! is me
12 Loafin' time
13 ( Do you intend to put an end to )
- a sweet beginning like this
14 Got a bran' new suit
15 Thief in the night
16 When somebody thinks you're wonderful


Friday, November 12, 2010

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Ogbahu Akwulugo,
Polygram 1982

One of Nigeria's greatest performers of highlife was most
certainly 'Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and his Nigerian
Sound Makers International', quite a mouthful. He made over
30 albums of which this is the 5th at the Global Groove.
Check our search option for a quick launch of the others.
Just two 16 minute tracks but what great rhythms.
The B-side of the album wasn't centered right so by
the end of the track it gets a bit false unfortunately.
Hope you enjoy it anyway.


1 Ogbahu akwulugo
2 Star social club of Nigeria


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pépé Kallé & Empire Bakuba - Soucis ya Likinga,
Bade Stars Music 1986

This 1986 album concerns Pépé Kallé and his Empire Bakuba.
Pépé's voice always captured me for having such nice rough
edges. He remains one of my favourite singers and therefore
one of the Global Groove's shining stars. This LP's sleeve
speaks of stars and shows us several stars,
let them shine through your speakers,
bling swing and do da ting.


1 Soucis ya likinga
2 Perfusion
3 Dadou 2e version
4 Simplicité


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Les Kamale,
Sonafric 50.087, 1979

To spoil you all a bit more, this album by Les Kamale.
Their vocal harmonies are breathtaking, with the great Nyboma.
Les Kamale rock tres doucement, doucement, doucement.


1 Anifa pt.1
2 Anifa pt.2
3 Miyeleke pt.1
4 Miyeleke pt.2
5 Mobali alali nzala
6 Ilanda


Monday, November 8, 2010

Orchestre Stukas,
african 360.130, 1979

Good evening, tonight's post is one you can't miss. I found this album in
such wonderful condition, it's some 31 years old but spins as new.
I think I made a mistake, the file-tag says 1977, sorry. It is from 1979.
You can change it yourself maybe. Part from the state this LP's in, it's
music is also fantastic, I'm sure you'll agree. Play it loud and dance
your socks off. Orchestre Stukas rocks...


1 Libota
2 Madimbadie
3 Bomatracien
4 Na regretter


Dear visitor, I must apologise for being such a slow responder some-
times. I should open that mailbox way much more often.
My life is just too full at times, do you recognize?..
Btw, yesterday's posting caused a huge peak in
visitors numbers, ha ha, should I use these kind of
covers more often, or would that be cheating ?
What do you think Arnaud ?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colompilation 4

If you are familiar with Discos Fuentes de Colombia you
know that pretty women go together with their music. So
when I thought about a cover for this collector of Colombian
sounds, the choice was easily made. It's all about the music
of course and you know I'm serious,
..ahem, let's dance till dawn.


1 Calixto Ochoa - Amor sincero
2 Ramón Vargas - Alegría Costeña
3 Lisandro Meza y Conjunto - El guayacan
4 La Sonora Cordobesa - Pero dame eso
5 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La boquillera
6 Guillermo Buitrago - El amor de Claudia
7 Alfredo Gutierrez - Paloma guarumera
8 La Sonora Dinamita - Feliciana
9 Rufo Garrido - La vaca vieja
10 Andrés Landero - Dejame gozar la vida
11 Los Golden Boys - La negra Celina
12 Clímaco Sarmiento - La borrachona
13 Andrés Landero - Perdi las abarcas
14 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La cosecha de mujeres
15 Alfonso Piña Cogollo - El doctor
16 Miguel Duran – India matea


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Samba da Casa -
Various Artists

Some samba for your saturdaynight. I made this little comp
out of our samplers, known songs, new outfit. I did it to play
in my car, maybe you like a little samba too, so here it is.


1 Chico da Silva - Pandeiro é meu nome
2 Ed Lincoln - Palladium
3 Pedrinho Rodrigues - Salgueiro chorao
4 Martinho da Vila - Calango longo
5 Zé Di - Quando meu Salgueiro desce
6 Riachão - Pitada de tabaco
7 Beth Carvalho - Onde esta a honestidade
8 Martinho da Vila - Plim-plim
9 Grupo Fundo de Quintal - Você quer voltar
10 Alcione - Tiê
11 Nelson Cavaquinho - A flor e o espinho
12 Maria Creuza - Pouco importa
13 Jorginho do Império - Samba sem cuíca
14 Os Originais do Samba - Cachaça no tanque
15 Adoniran Barbosa e os Titulares do Ritmo - Samba do Arnesto
16 Os Batuqueiros e as Mulatas - Minhas razoes


Orchestre Thu-Zahina,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Good evening, I'm affraid I can't tell you much about the group
in today's post. A 1977 release on Pathé Marconi. Some of the
names of the songwriters are, Denis, Juslin, Yoka Gege, Roxy,
Kely and Hendrickx. Well that's about it so if yóu can provide
some useful information, please do.


1 You you nabosana numero
2 Katamba tamba
3 Kobosana te Evelyne
4 Mista ya ba masta pt.1
5 Mista ya ba masta pt.2
6 Mobembo na Congo
7 Jetutu
8 Francy motema


Friday, November 5, 2010

Desmond Dekker - Black and Dekker,
Stiff Records 1980

It's friday evening 19.00 hrs. In a hour I shall be going to de Vorstin.
Our brandnew stage, and tonight we'll have Mark Foggo, Ska from
England. I am asked to amuse the crowd with ska before, in between
and after the bands. Hope it will be crowded so I can shake up the place.
To be able to play 'Please don't bend', I made a cd of this album. Loaded
it up for the ska-lovers among you aswel, enjoy Desmond Dekker.

1 Israelites
2 Lickin' stick
3 It mek
4 Please don't bend
5 Many rivers to cross
6 Hippo
7 007
8 Work out
9 Problems
10 Rude boy train
11 Pickney gal
12 Why fight


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gregory Isaacs - The Early Years,
Trojan 1981

It was impossible to ignore,
when I played this
record again,...


1 Rock away
2 Sweeter the victory
3 Sinner man
4 Lonely lover
5 Loving pauper
6 Promised land
7 Love is overdue
8 Bad da
9 Way of life
10 Financial endorsement
11 Give a hand
12 All I have is love


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Music from Zaïre - Various Artists,
Deram 1978

On Deram, a division of Decca West Africa, this Nigerian
release of Congolese music. Quite a combination, and to
complete the story it's been distributed by Rogers All Stars.
This volume 5 brings us 10 fabulous tracks of which we heard
a couple before. It has a few crackles but still
deserves some spinning, enjoy.


1 Roy & Conga Succes - Mama Elisa Mobange
2 African Fiesta 66 - Savon omo
3 Orchestre Negro Succes - Ngai mwana 15 ans
4 Tabu Ley - Aon-aon
5 African Fiesta 66 - Nganda ya diallo
6 Docteur Nico - Biantodi Kasanda
7 African Fiesta 66 - Bana ya lipopo
8 African Fiesta 66 - Likala ya moto
9 Orchestre Los Angel - Rosa Okoluka Nini
10 Orchestre Los Angel - Sentiment Mama Mapasa


I just finished changing the very last links. If all is
well and right, you should not find any more Rapidshare links
and also no more dead links. Lots of downloadpleasure !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orchestre Sinza,
Pathé Marconi / EMI
2 C 054-15206

If I understood this right, this LP should be from 1972. The group
started in 1964 and this release must be from after their 8th
anniversary. It is truly wonderful and in good condition.
Track 1,2 and 3 go together, track 4 and 5 aswell.
Great album, great picture, all yours.


1 Mahoungo
2 Mama Yirati mi leliwe
3 N'tsiela
4 Louisa
5 Mobali ya mbongo