Saturday, October 30, 2010

King Ubulu & his International Band of Africa -
Onweli Egwu Na Amu Ka Nma,
Afrodisia 1989

On Nigeria's Afrodisia label we find this album from 1989.
King Ubulu's International Band of Africa's sparkling rhythms
grab you straight away and it's hard not to get up from your
chair and dance across the room. So don't hesitate.


1 Onweli egwu na amu ka nma
2 Osa asaa
3 Onu onye ba adono


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dr. K. Gyasi & his Noble Kings - Sikyi-Highlife,
Essiebons Enterprises Ltd.

Certainly I'm not the first blogger to post this here LP.
Every self respecting African music collector should have this
in their archive and I'm sure most of you already do. It's a classic
and therefore it is justified to appear oncemore I guess. If you didn't
have it yet, take your chance today.
With Eric Agyeman, Thomas Frimpong,
sublime highlife from Ghana.
Global Groove's 320kbit vinylrip.


1 Non stop medley of :
- Yede aba
- Mene menua mienu
- Sabarima
- Ebia Nie
- Amintiminim
- Siakwaa
- Nana agyei
2 Non stop medley of :
- Efie ne fie
- Nyankonton nko nyaa
- Kwankwaasem nti
- Egya ananse yi wonan baako
- Kwaadede meyare merewu
- Eda a mewu


Monday, October 25, 2010

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé Vol.9,
Direction Verckys, Sonafric 1978

You lucky bastards, today's post concerns an album, what
can I say ? It is so marvelous, we don't find them like this
every day. I posted volume 1 and 5 of 'Les Grands Editions
Vévé' already, now vol.9 follows. It starts off with the great Nyboma
with his Orchestre Kamale and then Verckys himself takes over.
Far before track #3 I was captured completely, true fireworks.


1 Orchestre Kamale - Andoya 1&2
2 Orchestre Vévé - Bilobela 1&2
3 Orchestre Kamale - Assana muana mawa 1&2
4 Orchestre Kamale - Olela 1&2


Africa, Round of Countries

I planned to do this for quite some time and now
I finally did it. A compilation of songs from 16 different
African countrys. The right order of the songs is always
tricky and most of time I later wish I chose different. Same
shizzle today, but after changing order and files several times,
this is it. The next 16 tracks made it through the final round, enjoy.


1 António dos Santos - Quando eu morrer ( Angola )
2 T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Gendamou na wili we gnannin ( Benin )
3 Franco et OK Jazz - Boma l'heure ( Congo )
4 Bembeya Jazz - Whiskey soda ( Guinée )
5 Stephen Osita Osadebe & his Nigerian Soundmakers – Come again ( Nigeria )
6 African Brothers Dance Band - Ena eye a mane me ( Ghana )
7 Moussa Doumbia – Samba ( Cote d’Ivoire )
8 Na Hawa Doumbia - Kungo Sokoni ( Mali )
9 Etoile de Dakar - Esta China ( Senegal )
10 Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band - Dr. J.Abuya ( Kenya )
11 The Four Brothers – Pahukama ( Zimbabwe )
12 The Nuta Jazz Band – Amina ( Tanzania )
13 Dolly Rathebe - Thapi ke noga ( South Africa )
14 Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare - He o oe oe ! ( Lesotho )
15 Alemu Aga - Abatchen hoy ( Ethiopia )
16 Cheikha Remitti - Debri debri ( Algeria )


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Global Sampler vol. 30

Still about a year behind, I'm catching up slowly with Global
Groove's Samplers. This is volume 30 and handles music from
posts in august ans september 2009. Before I used to take a
track of every album, nowadays I am more selective.
Enjoy the ride.


1 Monte Adentro - Igualito que tu
2 Pépé Kallé - Pon moun paka bougé
3 Laba Sosseh - Stierrita
4 Ramito - Soy el canario
5 Zuzuca - Tristeza de um sambista
6 Tele-Jazz de Telemele - Beere modya
7 Los Nemus del Pacifico - El picaflor
8 Baianinho - Mágoa
9 Le Grand Maître Franco et le TP OK Jazz - Sadou
10 Trio Tariacuri - Costeña hermosa
11 Nyboma - Aïcha motema
12 Cortijo y su Nuevo Combo - Pica pica
13 Tabu Ley - Mimi Ley
14 Los Montuneros - Francisco del otro lado
15 Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena - Taxidriver
16 Os Bambas - Quando eu me chamar saudade


Friday, October 22, 2010

Original Super 5 of Africa - Helena,
Olumo / Decca 1977

Hello there, today I felt like listening to some Nigerian highlife.
It was about time we had us some of this sweet party music.
Although called Super 5, they appear with eight on the front
and back-sleeve. What splendid sound these guys bring here,
rolling rhythms, strings that drive you crazy and great vocal
harmony, at times just a tiny bit false but that is all part
of the charme of this group. We had an album by them on the
2nd of march this year, use the page search for fast result.
I congratulate you with your new done purchase, put on
track #2, furniture aside, volume up and let go...

P.S. I took the Liberty to call this LP after it's first song,
a thing seen often when the album has no name.


1 Helena
2 Master open eye
3 Vea mama
4 Original Super 5 of Africa


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz se Déchaînent,
Edipop Production 1982

Long time no see. Le Grand Maître took a while to return
but here he is. A recording from 1982 on Edipop, 4 strong
tracks by these heroes. Josky, Dalienst and Ndombe Opetum
deliver their songs in a great way and Franco gives them the
finishing touch with his swell guitarwork, love his Princesse Kiku.
groove on this..


1 Nostalgie
2 Princesse Kiku
3 Tantine
4 Mawe


Monday, October 18, 2010

Succes d'Hier - Various Artists,
african 360.051, 1969

Some of you might have noticed already, Global Groove's engineers
are working hard replacing all the old Rapidshare links. Through the past
few years, more and more of our links were deleted for unknown reasons.
We thank Rapidshare very much for their service and move on to Mediafire.
Untill now I didn't hear any complaints, so if everybody is still happy, allright.
If we keep up the present pace all should be done in another week's time.
What have we got cooking to celebrate this huge progression ?

This is one of the finest collectors on the african label here,
from 1969 but with recordings from 1964, 1965, 1966 1968 and 1969.
We find Rochereau with his African Fiesta but also Bholen and Negro Succes
and African Jazz. A beautiful Congolese collection, Succes d'hier, yesterday's
highlights, presented to you today, enjoy them.


1 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - Rendez-vous chez Labas
2 Bholen & l'Orchestre Negro Succes - Permission
3 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - Amasco dima no 2
4 Orchestre African Jazz - B.B. 69
5 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - Tuson
6 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta Nationale le Peuple -
-- Mokitani ya wendo
7 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta - l'Age et l'amour
8 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta Nationale le Peuple -
-- Martin Luther King
9 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta Nationale le Peuple -
-- Connaissance koyebana
10 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta Nationale le Peuple -
-- Libala ya 8 heures du temps
11 Rochereau & l'Orchestre African Fiesta Nationale le Peuple -
-- Marie Clara


Something else,
This town has a brandnew Stage and theatre since the beginning
of september. It's called 'de Vorstin' and promises to become
one of Holland's finest stages. I've become one of the Vorstin's
volunteer home-dj's. As from now you can come to do a little dance
on my tunes two or three times a month. I'll keep you informed
through this humble page on when I'm deejaying. This thursday,21st
of october I shall be playing in the Music Café downstairs from
20.00 - 1.00. I promise an evening with sounds from all over the world.
On friday the 29th I'll be doing a late dance night 23.00 - 4.00 h.
From left to right and from then till now. Take a look at de Vorstins
website, be dazzled and pay us a visit.
The Café has Free Entrance.

de Vorstin

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Orchestre le Peuple, Trio Ce Pa Kos,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

It is Kosmos Moutouari week I guess at the GG. After Orchestre
Sinza and Les Bantous de la Capitale, today an album by Orchestre
le Peuple and Trio Ce Pa Kos. Back in 1972, Kouka Celestin, Bemba
Pamelo Mounk'a and Kosmos Moutouari left Les Bantous de la Capitale.
It took the musical pioneers one year to settle and get their show on the
road. On august 4 of 1973 they presented l'Orchestre le Peuple and Trio
Ce Pa Kos and scored huge succes with the people of Brazzaville.
Great idea to display panther and piano at the albums sleeve, shame
some record stores didn't have enough respect for a nice cover. I tried to
remove that ugly sticker but the only options I had were to destroy the
sleeve or to leave the sticker. I left it so you can see who ruined it.
Anyway, enjoy the nice music !


1 Patchi manga
2 Veve na linga
3 Pepe mwana ma Louisa
4 Evy nana
5 Kouka badia n'tseke
6 Caprices
7 Tosaka mateya


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd - Musical Fever 1967 - 1968,
Trojan 1989

At the end of the eighties, Trojan Records launched the Producer
Series. A bunch of historic Jamaican music, every collector should
have. This double album brings us the early work of Clement 'Coxsone'
Dodd, the legendary founder of Studio 1. It contains both vocal and
instrumental tracks from the years 1967 and 1968. Don't miss it.


1 Winston & Robin - Bad mind grudgeful
2 Bennett & Dennis - Puppy love
3 Cannon & Soul Vendors - Bad treatment
4 Bumps Oakley - A get a lick
5 The Sultans - Hip hugger
6 Jacob Miller - Let me love you
7 Termites - Rub up push up
8 Winston & Robin - Wailing time
9 Eric Frater - Venus
10 Marshall Williams - Norwegian wood
11 Soul Vendors - Love me girl
12 Winston Holness - You shouldn't be the one

1 Jackie & Soul Vendors - Ram jam
2 Octaves - You gonna lose
3 Soul Vendors - Get with it
4 Viceroys - Fat fish
5 Jackie & Soul Vendors - Grooving steady
6 Zoot Simms - Bye bye baby
7 Soul Vendors - Soul junction
8 Slim & Freedom Singers - Mercy mercy
9 Jackie & Soul Vendors - Baba boom
10 Viceroys - Love and unity
11 Bob & Ty - I don't mind
12 Lester Sterling - Zigaloo
13 Barrington Spence - Contemplating mind
14 Ed Nangle - Good girl
15 The Enforcers - Musical Fever
16 Lester Sterling - Wiser than Solomon



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Les Bantous de la Capitale - Marie Jeanne,
Sonafric 1976

Some time ago we had an LP by Orchestre Sossa. The brothers Pierre
and Michel Moutouari played in it. Before that they were members of
Orchestre Sinza Kotoko with their other brother, Kosmos Moutouari.
On this album by Les Bantous de la Capitale we hear him perform.
But the main man here was Samba Mascot who wrote most of the
numbers in 1976 for this great band. Enjoy Les Bantous de la Capitale.


1 Marie Jeanne 1
2 Marie Jeanne 2
3 Farce
4 Loin du Congo
5 Even
6 Joseline
7 Bana avenir na ngai
8 Nsambi ya sisa ba mbuta
9 Ofnacom


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orchestre Sinza kotoko - 10 Ans d'Animation,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976
C 062-15768

Today's album is a true jewel. Most LP's from Congo's 70's
contain several songs per side, this one too but they're melted
together like a big medley. A-side 10 tracks and B-side 11. I am
specially fond of the rhythm work on this LP, absolutely smashing.
My French is not so well, if yours is, check the backsleeve for a lot
of info on these guys ( in file ). Enjoy Orchestre Sinza Kotoko.


1 Mwana vanda na yé
- Téti bolingo
- Julienne na Ponton
- Ma Loukoula
- Mayoto
- Vévé
- Véro bobébisa tè
- Bilombé y'Africa
- Losambo ya mpokwa
- Qui vivra verra
2 Yanga Chou
- Pépé la péla
- Samba Mirita
- Brigitte
- Ezé Marceline
- Kidiba
- Mwana o mwana
- Adieu la vie
- Wa ba nkandi tétoka
- Elue ya motéma
- Moké


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Duo Los Ahijados vol. 7 - Kikiribu Mandiga,
Soul Posters

From the Dominican republic we have this album by Duo
Los Ahijados. The brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are back
with this volume 7 on Soul Posters. Mellow son Cubano.


1 Kikiribu mandiga
2 Los santos y los precios
3 Traicionera
4 La carta
5 La picazon
6 Yo quiero amarte una vez mas
7 Algo de mi
8 El lloron
9 Amorosa
10 Mi son Cubano


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Global Sampler vol. 29

One of our visitors asked me if there was any chance on another
Global Sampler. It has been a while since I did one and decided to
resume. So, here is volume 29, it is made with tracks from albums
posted in the summer of 2009. A year behind, never mind, enjoy.


1 Fantastic Tchico - Méditation
2 Orchestre Vévé - Mikolo mileki mingi
3 Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz - Kadima
4 Os Originais do Samba - Tá chegando fevereiro
5 Donga e os Primitivos - Cabide de molambo
6 Pio Leiva y Orquesta - Cariñoso so, mentiroso no
7 Orchestre Kiam - Kamiki 1&2
8 Orchestre Cavacha - Okomi kolangua 1&2
9 Zaiko Langa Langa Familia Dei - Songa fiele
10 Pacho Galán - Fiesta de cumbia
11 4 Stars - Enfant bamileke
12 Carlos Embales - Coco may may


Monday, October 4, 2010

Daniel Engobo, Orchestre Lolango,
Sonafric 1979

I think Daniel Engobo must have been a real ladies man given
the eight titles on this LP. Another rare gem on the Sonafric
label. Daniel Engobo and Orchestre Lolango. I hardly have any
information. It's from 1979, SAF 61.015 worthy a couple of spins.


1 Mag
2 Nelly
3 Passi
4 Betty
5 Sola
6 Leontine
7 Suaze
8 Wadeba


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rochereau vol.6,
Tabu Ley et l'Afrisa International - Mazé,
Special An '82, Disco Stock 1982

Goodday Groovers around the Globe, this sunday evening
I finally found some time to make another post. My time is
quite limited lately, lots of work and other occupations consume
almost all of it. It is about to change and the normal pace will
return soon. What have we got for you today ? Our friend Timothy
asked if I have 'Sorozzo', a 1978 album by Rochereau. I've been
looking into it Tim but don't have that one ( yet ). What I did find
however, is this 1982 album which contains the track 'Sorozo'.
I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but you'll like this one
aswell I reckon. One way or the other, Rochereau always stands
for top productions and this is absolutely one of them. Enjoy it.


1 Maze
2 M. Malonga
3 N'gawali
4 Sorozo