Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Asi Kapela et Zoe Matondo - Sama-sama,
Disc Orient

What do we have here ? Singer Asi Kapela and Congas-player Zoe
Matondo formed this group in which we find on solo guitar, Lukeau-Jean
Julios, on rhythm guitar Lokassa K., on drums Moya Lotula Ringo,
bass guitar Manana Antoine and second bass and vocals Keletingui
Papus. I saw that only our friend at Ambiance Congo had one track
posted before, now here's the whole album. The LP gives no year of
release, just guessing, I would say mid-seventy's. If you know,..


1 Sama-sama
2 Mariane
3 Etalyo problème
4 Kabibi


Chuito y Chuitin, padre y hijo - Um Jibaro Termináo,

This afternoon one of my friends reminded me how nice ;Jibaro' is.
This Puerto Rican style is brought by guys like Ramito, German
Rosario, Odilio Gonzalez and of course 'Chuito'. They call him 'el
Decano de los Cantores'. On this Ansonia album from ?, Chuito
performs with his son 'Chuitin', they made a couple of records together.
Enjoy Chuito y Chuito con su Conjunto Típico.
Hey Kout, this one's for you buddy !


1 Un jibaro termináo
2 Quien manda en la casa
3 Parrandeando
4 El viejito y el pollo
5 La malvada
6 Se me sta acabando
7 Las cadenas
8 Baile de pajaros
9 Remordimiento
10 Lindo amanecer


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coração Brasileiro - Various Artists

Uma coisa bem diferente pra variar. Eu também tenho um coração
Brasileiro e fiz ese compilação para vocês. Espero que vão gostar.


1 Alberto Mota e seu conjunto - Tamborim
2 Marilia Medalha - Ausencia
3 Ary Cordovil - O que é que eu dou
4 Gal Costa e Caetano Veloso - Coração vagabundo
5 Thelma Soares - Palhaço
6 Noël Rosa - Gago apaixonado
7 Chico da Silva - Sambaterapia
8 Garota de Ipanema
9 Manoel Conceição - Genta humilde
10 João Gilberto - Este seu olhar
11 Thelma Soares - Fora do baralho
12 Cartola - Peciso me encontrar
13 Alberto Mota e seu conjunto - Jogado fora
14 Maria Bethânia - Ultimo desejo
15 Aparecida - Saravá, Saravá Bahia
16 Maria Creuza - Pouco importa
17 Raul de Barros - Folhas secas
18 Doris Monteiro - Nos e o mar
19 Abel Ferreira - Chorando baixinho
20 Tito Madi - Chove la fora


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band - Simba Africa,
Gema 1984

Do you remember that fine LP by D.O. Misiani, called Benga Blast! ?
Benga is this music's name, guitar driven hot hot stuff with astonishing
rhythms. The lyrics are sung in Swahili, this group is one that holds on
to the old Kenyan values. Kakai Kilonzo and his Kilimambogo Brothers
Band are here to make you dance across the place till you drop.


1 Baba mkwe pt. 1
2 Simba Africa
3 Mongeli
4 Baba nipe mali
5 Wakumbuke wazazi
6 Kithetheesyo kimuka
7 August one
8 Shangila christmas pt. 1


Friday, June 25, 2010

Trio Madjesi - Orchestre Sosoliso,
african '73, '74

Ehem.., okay, I won't keep rubbing it in. I know some of you
have it bad right now. Me, myself, I want to express my happiness
through this album with beautiful orange cover. It opens just like
I would today, I'm sorry ! What a splendid LP by Trio Madjesi and
the next piece in the big 'african' 360.000 series puzzle. No 55 is a
hell of an LP by this group of gifted musicians, it displays their
originality and variability. Congo's 70's at their vey best.
Moseka is my favourite # with them happy kids..


1 Photo Madjesi
2 Moussa photo na yo
3 Na leli mokili 1 & 2
4 Carte blanche 1 & 2
5 Mama Tshika ngai nalembi
6 Moseka
7 Cinema


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kofi Sammy and his Okukuseku Band - Bosoe Special,

Kofi Sammy, who left the K. Gyasi's Band and Water Proof, who
left E.K.'s no.1 Band, then formed the Okukuseku's No.2 Guitar
Band in 1969. After recording some 60 plates on 45 rpm, this is
their second LP. It's quality is not perfect and makes a little
jump in track 2, but still... We congratulate Ghana with reaching
the last 16 country's to appear at the world's biggest football stage.
Well done & good luck!


1 Akokohwere agya bode
- Anomaa oreko
- Medofo bra
- Mohammadu
- Obiara beko
- Yede yagoro aba
- Tonola afe
2 To wo bo ase
3 Moma yenka
4 Odo bra
5 Paapa aye ade
6 Wo mpe mea gyae me
7 Ma damfo pa wu a


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mamadou Doumbia - Vol. 2,

Mamadou Doumbia is a footballplayer from Côte d'Ivoire but we are not
talking about him. This Mamadou Doumbia is a Malian musician who worked
with stars like Salif Keita. Read more about him in this article.


1 Horonya sira
2 Mousso itelen
3 Djocouadjo
4 Komi ikalon
5 San kolo
6 San gara
7 Ani barrah
8 N'te rithie


Orquesta Revé - El Ritmo Changüi

Let's forget about the vuvuzela's and concentrate on music instead of football for now.
I first heard the music of Orquesta Revé through 'La Explosion del Momento!'.
( small picture )
It was released in 1989 on Peter Gabriel's Realworld label. Changüi is a form
of 'Cuban son', and was played only in the eastern parts of Cuba. I quote the
late Elio Revé, founder of this group and the one who re-invented changüi. "I play
son-changüi: they call me the father of changüi - although changüi has been around
far longer than I have. Changüi is a very old and traditional form...The son left the
eastern provinces and, via Havana, went around the world; but changüi has just
stayed at home untill I took it to town and dressed it up."
On this LP we don't hear the distinctive voice of old Elio Revé, his son Elio jr. is
following up his father but I am not sure if he is the one we hear on this album.
It doesn't give any information on the subject so we have to guess. If you can
shine a light on the matter, please do. One way or another, although this LP has
quite a dark and sad cover, the music is a lot brighter. If anyone knows anything
about it, let us participate in that knowledge, thanks folks, listen.


1 Yo soy el changüi
2 Yateras changüi
3 Changüi morena
4 Juaniquita
5 La betea changüi
6 Pulmeron
7 Mi ritmo changüi
8 Conel diablilo
9 Sama
10 Rigodon
11 Changüi esta en la calle
12 Los Reve del changüi lamas

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mahotella Queens - Izibani Zomgqashiyo,
Earthworks 1977

If you are into Zulu Jive, the South African music of the people,
you better don't miss this one. This is one of their best albums.
The Mahotella Queens are here with their backing group, Makhona
Zonke Band. They are also accompanied by their 'male groaners'
Robert Mbazo Mkhize, Potatoes Mazambane or Joseph Mthimkhulu.
The Queens are Emily Zwane from Brakpan,
Thandi Radebe from Dube ( Soweto ),
Beatrice Ngcobo from Durban,
Thandi Nkosi from Emdeni ( Soweto )
and Caroline Kapentar from Bloemfontein.
They are considered the best Mgqashiyo entertainers in Southern Africa.
Maybe someone can explain to us why on the cover they speak of five
queens while pictures show only four of them ? Strange.
An early post this saturday, so much football I don't want to miss,
we, The Netherlands, shall play Japan this afternoon and later we get
Ghana - Australia and Cameroon - Denmark. Great day of sports
in South Africa, let this music make you dance through it.
By the way, just the cover we need today, lots of orange, catch my drift ?


1 Zibuyile nonyaka
2 Yadilaka intaba
3 Asambe mntakamama
4 Uthuli lwezichwe
5 Bekumnandi
6 Demazana
7 Ziyatshitshimba izintombi
8 Vuka uzibuke
9 Siqhamuka kwazulu
10 Xola mama
11 Ifa lenkosana
12 Asambeni bafana


Friday, June 18, 2010

Oriental Brothers International Band - Obi Nwanne,
Decca / Afrodisia 1980

Today I saw Mexico play France, wow, quite a match. I also saw
Nigeria play Greece. I am trying to see as many matches as possible,
great tournament. Mexico, Nigeria, today's post also makes a connection.
The Oriental Brothers International Band, led by F. Dansatch Opara, one of
Nigeria's absolute greatest highlife bands, are here to add a bit more flavour to
that already boiling vuvuzela atmosphere. Check this 1980 album and play ball.


1 Obi nwanne
2 Ebele onye uwa


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Los Rivereños con Yomo Toro y su Conjunto -
"Cuando Mexico Canta",

Some Mexican music for a change. I'm always looking out for
the ranchera stuff with lots of ayayayay. This LP by Los Rivereños
starts quite good although it doesn't reach the level of Miguel Aceves
Mejia or José Alfredo Jimenez. Still, on a quiet summer evening with
some moonlight and your loved ones...ay ay ay ay...


1 Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu paloma
2 Una paloma herida
3 La noche y tu
4 El sauce y la palma
5 Parodia "Y"
6 La que se fue
7 Eternamente
8 Ojitos verdes
9 Dios te bendiga, madre
10 Sueños y esperanzas
11 La ultima lagrima
12 Capricho de amor


Monday, June 14, 2010

Orchestre Micky Micky,
Sonafric 1979

After ripping this LP, I went searching for some decent information
and found that Worldservice already posted it last year. I could have
decided not to post it anymore but this happens. Sometimes I find other
blogs posting stuff I already did, no problem. In this particular case I think
the album deserves to get the extra attention, as my collegue already
stated, it's a classic. So, did you miss it earlier, here's your chance.
Enjoy Orchestre Micky Micky !


1 Koumba
2 Ba Micky-Babimi


Le Grand Maïtre Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz -
l'Animation Non Stop, Edipop 1987

With more or less the same group of musicians as last week's OK Jazz
post, Madilu, Simaro, Josky. But on this 1987 album still with le Grand
Maïtre himself. Great late material by Congo's biggest, listen..
By the way, did you see Ghana win today ? Happy African feeling..


1 Mario III - Sept ans de mariage
- Iran-Irak
- Merci Bapesa na chien
- In memoriam, Lukusa
2 Mamou II
- Decision echange Maloba
- Bolingo etondi ba souvenirs
- Nganda parlelle ba vanda


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Arum Achoro Nsogbu,
Phonogram 1979

From 1979 we have this nice LP by the great Nigerian highlife
master Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe who composed and arranged all
songs. Let the music speak for it's self.


1 Arum achoro nsogbu
- Onye g'epu elo n'uwa?
2 Ugo youths special


Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Thunder before Dawn', The Indestructible Beat
of Soweto volume two - Various Artists,
Earthworks 1987

Remember 'The Indestructible Beat of Soweto vol. 1' ? This is
the second volume and it's called 'Thunder before Dawn'. Another dose
of Zulu Jive, played by several groups and just the thing for today. Burn it
on cd and play it everywhere tomorrow, the day the worldcup of football
starts the big tournament in South Africa. Just within a stone's throw from
Soweto the South African national team plays Mexico to open the games.
I hope it will become a huge international football fiesta, just happy news
and beautiful matches, let's all go for that ! Happy Games !


1 Amaswazi Emvelo and Mahlathini - Utshwala begazati
2 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo - Thuto ke senotlolo
3 Dilika - Amazimuzimu
4 Abafakasi - Wakwami
5 Johnson Mkhalali - Sunsine boots
6 Jozi - Phumani endlini
7 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo - Kwa volondiya
8 Makgona Tshole Band - Vula bops
9 Amaswazi Emvelo - Jabula mfana
10 Amaswazi Emvelo and Mahlathini - Siwuhambile umhlaba
11 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo - Ngasebenza ngedwa
12 Malombo - Motshile


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sam Mangwana et l'African All Stars - Affaire Video,
Celluloid 1982

1 Affaire video
2 Tokoma famille
3 Yenga yenga


Monday, June 7, 2010

Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena Jazz Band -
Devera Ngwena Jazz Band vol. 11,
Tusk Music Company 1987

As we get closer to the worldchampionship of football, we slowly move
southwards in listening to African music. Some Zimbabwean chimurenga
is exactly what we need now. Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena, their sharp
guitars and superb singing, oh man, I just love this.


1 Wapusa wapusa
2 Mudiwa ndakutadza
3 Zvokuzvarirwa zvakapera
4 Siya mwanangu
5 Pasi papinduka
6 Ndinofa muchokwadi
7 Kuri kwedu
8 Parfunge


Eva Corporation
l'Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz
( hetitage de Franco )
avec le Commandant Josky Kiambukuta
"Les Mayeno a Gogo"

Did you know? After Franco's sad passing, his famous T.P. O.K. Jazz
went on and made some great music. I'm sure Le Grand Maître would
have approved. Under devoted leadership of Lutumba Simaro they made
this album with some of the biggest stars. We've got Kiambukuta Josky,
Madilu, Djo Mpoyi, Pablo Lubadika Porthos, Ndombe Opetum and Papa
Noël to name a few. Mixed by Dizzy Mandjeku and Dieudos Makwanzi.


1 Baby
2 Serrer-serrer
3 Cheri Desis
4 Potpourri;
- Fariya
- Ba pensees
- Kita-mata
- Minzata


Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Hit Sound of the Ramblers Dance Band,
Decca 1968

From 1968 we have this classic recording of Ghanaian highlife. Led by saxophonist
Jerry Hansen this is the Ramblers Dance Band. The 15 piece band plays a very
percussive warm African evening sound. A collection of 13 short but catchy songs
with vocal harmony over guitars and sharp percussion, just the way we like it.


1 Ekombi
2 Agyanka dabre
3 Ama bonsu
4 Nyame ne nhyehyee
5 Nyame mbere
6 Knock on wood
7 Onua pa, due !
8 Ima abasi
9 Better ni
10 Gyae su na nkomo dzi
11 Meda gbefa !
12 Meni nda obiara so


Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Negro Bantous - Led by Elah Elvis,
Rogers All Stars 1981

It's been a while since we had us some Nigerian highlife. Together
with Nico Mbarga, Ikenga Super Stars, Oriental Brothers and African
System Orchestra, to call a few, these guys belong to the cream of
the crop of the highlife scene. Everything about this album is right, good
cover, great sound quality, perfect material for a hot summer dance.


1 Travellers
2 Aide-nous seigneur
3 Money hard to get
4 Ndol'a min minya


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ramito - El Cantor de la Montaña vol. 6,

If I am not mistaking, this is the 8th Ramito here at the GG so far.
Volume 6 brings us some songs we've seen on one of the other LP's
but also some new ones. That is new to us of course, the exact year
of release is unknown to me, we'd have to guess. Jibaro is the name
of this style from Puerto Rico and Ramito is one of the originators.


1 Mil felicidades
2 Los pares de Francia
3 Jardines de Borinquen
4 En el juego de la vida
5 Tesoro en el Caribe
6 Regalando rosas
7 Amanecer Borincano
8 La cruz de tu dolor
9 El conde Olivero
10 Mas respeto a Puerto Rico
11 Dulce patria mia
12 Tristeza en navidad


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé vol. 1 -
Various Artists, Sonafric 1977

From 1977 this is volume 1 of the great series 'Les Grands Succes
des Éditions Vévé'. A collection of songs by some of the best of
the Congolese Orchestra's. Les Kamale, Lipua Lipua and Engunduka
spoil us here with sweet harmony's and swell 70's rhythms.


1 Orchestre Kamale - Ngaseme-ngaseme
2 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Yo na beya
3 Orchestre Engunduka - Engunduka
4 Orchestre Engunduka - Tshekande
5 Orchestre Engunduka - Yebisa Tina

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