Monday, May 31, 2010

Master Bob Akwaboah and his Supreme Internationals -
Maye Kom, Ambassador

On Ambassador Records MFG. Co. Ghana Ltd., 'The Big Recording
Company In Ghana', they called themselves, this rare LP. Bob Akwaboah
and his Supreme Internationals were unknown to me untill this album
and it is still the only work I ever heard by them. Not a lot of information
here. Tomorrow, the Netherlands play a friendly match of soccer against
Ghana to get warm for the big tournament. I'm looking forward to this match.
African football is always a joy to look at and if we're lucky, our guys will
play an attractive game too. I throw in this piece of highlife to create
the proper atmosphere. We are slowly getting there, 11 days to go.
Meanwhile enjoy bassplayer Bob Akwaboah and his superb highlife.


1 Mame
2 Saman bakoma
3 Maye kom
4 Wabo so
5 Mafe ena


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ethel Waters - Complete Decca Records,
Swingtime 1989

Since I found this blog with sweet old jazz and other classic
stuff, I am completely gone listening to it. It's a time consuming matter
but I just can't stop. I bet you know what I mean. This is Ethel Waters,
she made huge impression on me when this came out. It was released
in 1989 with recordings from 1934 and '38. If you like this, better take a look
here, you'll find a lot of Ethel Waters and more.


1 Miss Otis regrets
2 Dinah
3 When it's sleepy time down south
4 Moonglow
5 Give me a heart to sing
6 I ain't gonna sin no more
7 Trade mark
8 You're going to leave the old home, Jim
9 You're a sweetheart
10 How can I face this wearied world alone
11 I'll get along somehow
12 Miss Otis regrets*
13 Dinah*
14 I ain't gonna sin no more*
15 How can I face this wearied world alone*


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mayaula Mayoni - La Machine a Tube,
Africa New Sound 1984

This morning I heard we lost one of the greatest singers composers from
the African continent. Mayaula Mayoni died on may 26 at the age
of 64. He had suffered from a stroke some years ago and got partly
paralised. I had this LP waiting for quite a while, waiting for a good
moment. RIP Mayaula, we will honour you once more playing one
of your finest albums. It was made with Les Redoutables d'Abeti in 1984.
It's presented in Mayaula's favourite colours, pink and white, a preference
I didn't share with our hero. What I do share is his musical taste, I think
he was one of Franco's best songwriters. Here are some articles that
give more information on the subject.


1 Veniuza
2 Mokili makambo
3 Omari
4 Sauce ya bolingo


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucho Bermudez y su Orquesta -
Cosas de Lucho, CBS

Did you enjoy that Colombian compilation I called 'Cumbia Sabrosa'?
You can find it back on may 31, 2008, in our archives. It contained
that hot track, 'Colombia tierra querida'. Lucho Bermudez was one of
the orchestral leaders that wrote history. Check out this album with
the traditional pretty lady cover. Gaita, porro, merengue, paseo,
cumbia and bolero by one of Colombia's master composers.


1 La gaita de las flores
2 Miguelito
3 Lina
4 Lo mas lindo que yo tengo
5 Tierra mia
6 Muchachas Colombianas
7 Maqueteando
8 Hasta luego Medellin
9 Me gustas
10 Mosaico Colombiano


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Orchestre Lokassa de Makale,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

What can I tell you about this LP? Nothing much I guess.
Just the facts, Orchestre Lokassa de Makale from 1977's
Congo. Auteur Compositeur : Liata Lokassa. You be the judge.


1 Nelia 1
2 Nelia 2
3 Liata Lokassa 1
4 Liata Lokassa 2
5 Passi ya mokili 1
6 Passi ya mokili 2
7 Liwa 1
8 Liwa 2


OK Jazz - Authenticité,
african 1964

Next in the never ending story of the great Franco's repertoire
is the first from OK Jazz's 'Authenticité' series. it contains recordings
from 1960 to 1962. Singers are Mulamba 'Mujos' and Munsi 'Kwami'.
Lutumba Simarro - rhythm guitar, Tshiamala 'Piccolo' - bass, Moke 'Simon'
and Musekiwa 'Isaac' - tenor saxophone, Albino - alt saxophone, Bosuma
'Dessoir' - tumbas and Luambo 'Franco' solo guitar and lead vocals.
The cover speaks of 1960/62 but the label of '62, '63 and '64, anyway,
sparkling material by Congo's greatest of all time, enjoy it.


1 Na banzi zozo
2 Maria de mi vida
3 Bolingo ya mbongo mabe
4 La mulata Congolaisa
5 Olongi yo mayi ya bwatu
6 Nono bolingo na Mujos
7 Na ko banza mama na mwana
8 Sakina Jacky
9 Sentiment poto poto
10 Mobembo mabe boye
11 Ndale mi querida
12 Bebe ngai na zongi


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Star Band de Dakar,
Soumbaya Musique early 70's

Today's album is a hell of a find but unfortunately it sounds like
nothing. The whole LP has a disturbing hiss and that is a real shame.
Normally I would not ask but, which one of you smart ol' digital devils
is the first to give us back a link with a polished version ?
( part from that little rough start )
According to the online discography's it's the Star Band's first album,
from the early seventies, great historic stuff that deserves a clean listen.
Thank you for being such help!


1 Bamos pa'al monte
2 Cheri Coco
3 Sene-Gambia
4 Malaguena
5 Caramelo
6 Thiely

new link


Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers vol. 2
Slower Version, Columbia

Slowing down Robert Johnson's 'King of the Delta Blues Singers' was
a huge succes, everyone or almost everyone agreed with the new version.
The next step was easy to figure out, slowing down volume 2 of course.
So here's part two, treated with the same amount of slacking. I trust it you
will agree with this one too. That's all there is folks, just two albums.


1 Kind hearted woman
2 I believe I dust my broom
3 Sweet home Chicago
4 Rambling on my mind
5 Phonograph blues
6 They're red hot
7 Dead shrimp blues
8 Preachin'blues
9 I'm a steady rollin' man
10 From four till late
11 Little queen of spades
12 Malted milk
13 Drunken hearted man
14 Stop breakin' down blues
15 Honeymoon blues
16 Love in vain


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orchestre African All Stars International -
Super-Disco, Albarika Store 1980

Super Disco from Congo by the legendary African All Stars. With
Dizzy Mandjeku in the leading role and Lokassa ya Mbongo on
rhythmguitar, vocals by a.o. Nyboma, love this sound, dance away !


1 Disco 80
2 Loulou
3 Nene Bambara Mousso
4 Aminata


Friday, May 21, 2010

Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers,
Slower Version, Columbia

Some time ago I posted Robert Johnson's King of the Delta Blues Singers.
The next day I received the following comment;
Moos - it's widely agreed now that all of Johnson's 78s were speeded up. If you've
some means of slowing the LP down - like a direct drive turntable - you'll
suddenly find yourself listening to a sexy young black guy with a cool guitar
sound - less of paranoid gabbler, more of a human being.
Le Grand Maître.
Well, Grand Maître, here it is, I had to gamble a bit how much to slow it down.
My Technics turntable helped me finding a suitable speed and I guess this
must be it more or less. I totally agree with the slower version.


1 Crossroads blues
2 Terraplane blues
3 Come on in my kitchen
4 Walking blues
5 Last fair deal gone down
6 32-20 blues
7 Kindhearted woman blues
8 If I had posession over judgment day
9 Preaching blues
10 When you got a good friend
11 Rambling on my mind
12 Stones in my passway
13 Traveling riverside blues
14 Mikcow's calf blues
15 Me and the devil blues
16 Hellhound on my trail


Orchestre Lomeka,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Today's post concerns a rare album from Congo, or Zaïre in those days.
I didn't find any information about these guys, the group is ungoogleable.
Just two names appear on the backsleeve, 'Fundu' and 'Tounta Albert'.
I do know that I like this album very much, sweet guitarsounds and
vocal harmony. If you read the titles and see track #6, EMI, one gets the
impression this might be the first album they recorded. They must have been
grateful and so are we ! Enjoy this rare beauty by Orchestre Lomeka.


1 Kidiba 1
2 Kidiba 2
3 Godet 1
4 Godet 2
5 Nki kwe didi


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etta James - Tuff Lover,
ACE 1983

Let's stir the place up a bit. R&B today means a kind of music,
with all respect, not for me. Back in the old days, R&B would stand
for rhythm and blues, honest stuff with stunning instrumentation and
mindblowing voices. Such as this one, if you speak of a woman with
bollocks in her voice, this is her. Etta James, although quite light
coloured and with blond hair, she has a fat black sound like no one has.
Bluesy, New Orleans based rock and roll with crazy saxophones and
Etta's unique way of singing. check track #2 in which she has
a conversation with a talking sax, greatly performed by Harold Battiste.
It's all recorded in the 50's, over half a century ago, don't you just love it?


1 Tough lover
2 The pick-up
3 By the light of the silvery moon
4 Fools we mortals be
5 Come what may
6 Dance with me Henry
7 Good lookin'
8 Tears of joy
9 Shortnin' bread rock
10 Baby, baby, every night
11 Then I'll care
12 Market place


Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé, Vol. 5 -
Various Artists, Sonafric 1978

The Grands Succes des Editions Vévé series is a real
treasure chest. On this volume 5 we find some Orchestre
Kamale with among others 'Nyboma'. The other 4 tracks
go by the name of Mulamba Panya and Orchestre African
Team. All tracks directed by Verckys.
Don't you think track 5 is about this blog ?


1 Orchestre Kamale - Abissina
2 Orchestre Kamale - Masua
3 Orchestre African Team - Ma Vicky yee zozo
4 Orchestre African Team - Monsieur Largent
5 Orchestre African Team - Mpo na G.G. mawa
6 Orchestre African Team - Essous spiritou

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Monday, May 17, 2010

l'Incomparable Gerard Kazembe et son Orchestre Jambo-Jambo -
l'Afrique Danse, african 360.033, 1971

Slowly and bit by bit the african 360.000 list is growing to a
hopeful completion some fine day. This is no 33 or 360.033
as you wish, a quite funny LP. The first 5 songs are Congolese,
and sung in Lingala. But when you turn the album and start track
6 and 7, you're in for the big surprise. Suddenly you think you're
listening to someone else. Two songs in English, then two in French,
and it ends with a rock and roll song. Something one doesn't really
expect behind a sleeve like this one. Originally it looked like the
small picture shown. Crazy to hear,...."only youóuóu..."
Hey ba be rebol..ha,ha,ha


1 Nsele paradis ya Congo
2 Basantu ba temoin
3 Naboy greve
4 Yo motema
5 Lipate ya bolingo
6 Only you
7 The great pretender
8 Adieu jolie Candy
9 Wight is Wight
10 Hey ba be rebol


Sunday, May 16, 2010

General Prince Adekunle and his Western Brothers -
"in the United Kingdom", Ibukun Orisun Iye

It is time we had us some juju music. General Prince Adekunle
and his Western Brothers are back at the GG and they rock.
I am guessing if I say this album is from the mid 70's, it just feels
that old. I particularly like the tight rhythmsection that gives this
LP a strong push in the back. Don't hesitate, just hoover away.


1 Oluwa ni mo gbekele
- Akanbi olatundun
- Kola dosunmu
- Iwa ibaje ko dara
- Dr. Tejuosho ( Teju foam )
2 London Special


Friday, May 14, 2010

Lassissi presents
Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band -
Algo Diferente, Sacodis 1980

According to the little survey I kept, it appears over 70% of our
visitors prefer to find African music and a good second with over 40%
is in for latin. Of the other styles I gave as an option 23% likes calypso,
26% digs reggae and only 15% can appreciate some samba.

From 1980 this is a classic album on Sacodis. Lassissi presents
Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band. Monguito has a unique voice
indeed, I even like his version of 'Mi guajira', a song recorded way too often.
Monguito is 'algo diferente', something else!


1 Con todo el corazon
2 Suavesito
3 Los problemas de pantaleon
4 Mi guajira
5 Vuela la paloma
6 Palo de caña


Thursday, May 13, 2010

l'Afrique Danse avec l'Orchestre Bella-Bella & Soki Vangu,
african 360.093, 1976

When I saw this video at Youtube, I knew what to post today.
Orchestre Bella Bella & Soki Vangu. What a great match.
Both record and video are very nice, I love the way those four
up front are dancing, completely loose. Pure joy to
see and hear this group perform, feast upon this.

PS the last track sounds quite crispy although it
looks brandnew, track 4 same thing, looks perfect but
seems to jump a couple of times. Maybe it's the recording.


1 Pambi ndoni
2 Yakani
3 Mea culpa
4 Nzingi zong
5 Zamba
6 Nakomi moto


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guinée, An XI - Various Artists,
Editions Syliphone Conakry

Although old and not at all in mint condition, this is an LP
I keep playing. It contains only 7 songs, and my stylus
jumps over a couple of holes in the road along the way.
Still, I have to put it on again,.. and again. I found a video at
Youtube that accompanies it very well. The last track from this
slice of vinyl,'Sara', but not by Balla. Performed by le Syli-orchestre
at the first Festival Culturel Panafricain á Alger.
Thanks to Worldservice.


1 Bembeya Jazz National - Alalake
2 Balla & ses Balladins - Limania
3 Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis - Toubaka
4 Bembeya Jazz National - Boiro
5 Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis - Manghoya
6 Bembeya Jazz National - Fatoumata
7 Balla & ses Balladins - Sara "70"


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orchestre Les Bantous de la Capitale - Bakolo Mboka,
Fiesta 1978

Hearing and seeing this album by Les Bantous de la Capitale, makes me think
of the 'african' label. The way the label is built up, orange background, the numbering,
360.118, and how it is positioned. Maybe you can tell me Bo, isn't this the missing
360.118 in your african list? I may be completely wrong here but it sure looks like it.
They had similar layout style. What was their connection, how did they relate?
Any way, this is an album, released on Fiesta in 1978, but the backsleeve
states it was originally recorded by 'le Société Française du Son' in 1968.
Songs are written by ( chronologically ), Bwanga Fély, Michel Boyibanda,
Kabongo Wetu, Pandy Saturnin and two times Nino Malapet. Damn good !


1 Riamana
2 Bolingo nakozonga
3 Elili ya sanza
4 Sisi
5 Zala reconnaissant
6 Momo yombo


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kyeremateng Stars - Nkrabea,

One of Ghana's finest highlife groups is this one. I found some
terrific LP's by them on that last fair. The music is fantastic but
the information is confusing. Some of the titles on the label of this
album match the sleeve, some don't. I have given the Mp3's the names
from the label and give you both underneath this article. I have the feeling
it is the right album but am not sure, can anyone shine a light on this
matter? I read in a comment at Worldservice, 'Nkrabea' means 'faith',
now I am not very religious myself but faith is something we all can use.
Listen to Kyeremateng Atwedie and his Kyeremateng Stars.


1 Mafura kyenkyen hunu
2 Nkrabea
3 Yepae afasie a pra ada
4 Saa na etie
5 Otanfo na aden koraa
6 Se wone me betena a

sleeve tracks;

1 Hwe dee mawie
2 Nkrabea
3 Yepae afasee a pra ada
4 Eye ampa
5 Kakani
6 Nokware nkoaa


Saturday, May 8, 2010

La "Mus". Africa,
Sacodis 197?

Let's extend that partyfeeling a bit more, it's a good thing these
slices of pie can stand a little waiting. They only get more tasty
after a while. Take this here LP, another one for the Sacodis list
Bo. You know I'm a good recordhunter but a lousy writer, I envy
guys like my collegue Stefan who can really tell you something
useful about the matter. I found this real nice album in a treasure-
box with some brothers and sisters and it's like nobody has ever
taken it from it's sleeve, it spins like a new one and holding that
heavy carton cover always makes me real happy.
Cheers Folks !


1 Atanazaudo kombo nangai
2 Marica
3 Kesse
4 Mobali yakoloba


Friday, May 7, 2010

Franco & OK Jazz - Ok Jazz vol. 1&2,
Pathé Marconi, EMI 1977

After the first double year, I now post the first double album.
I kept it waiting for this special occasion and today is the day.
With songs by some of the greatest composers of their days,
such as De La Lune, Vicky, Youlou Gilbert, De Wayon and
Simarro, see backsleeve for details. Confusing is the fact that
cover speaks of a re-edition from 1977 while the first LP's label
says 1965 and the second LP's label, 1976. I am no specialist
but these songs must be from the sixties, right? Anyone to clear
things up? One thing I do know, damn beautiful.

tracks part one;

1 Masumbuku
2 Nakobanza cherie
3 Matinda
4 Course au pouvoir
5 Obimi m'bwe
6 Vincent
7 Na Congo na zali refugie te
8 Cesar aboya yo
9 Est ce que oyebaka
10 Mivais temoin
11 Tango na zalaki somele
12 Allince mode sucees
13 Tongo se elangisa


tracks part two;

1 Cherie Lovy
2 Gare a toi Marie
3 Nakozela mama azonga
4 Ah bolingo pasi
5 N'dima n'gai
6 Nalingi na bina
7 Masua emani
8 Zuani naweli kitayele 9 Katherine
10 Zuana na bala na mbonso
11 Dit Laurence
12 Faitail akossi n'gai

part two, new link

Thursday, May 6, 2010

l'Afrique Danse No 2 - Various Artists,
african 360.002

Somewhere around a year ago, I had some trouble with Rapidshare, they
kept deleting my files untill I got tired and quitt using them. From then I
just use Mediafire. They never deleted one of my precious files. Some of my
posts also got lost in those days and this is one of them. I somehow forgot
to re-up this LP. A good moment to post it oncemore, enjoy it.


1 Rochereau - Pole m'ze
2 Rochereau - Mokolo nakokufa
3 Kalle, Papa Noel - Moselebende too bolingo
4 Rochereau - Likala ya moto
5 Rochereau - Bana ya lipolo
6 Rochereau - Savon Omo
7 Rochereau - Nganda ya diallo
8 Jean Bokelo - Mwambe no 4 de Jean Bokelo
9 Jean Bokelo - Camarade ya nooki
10 Orchestre Los Angel - Sekele emonani
11 Orchestre Los Angel - Retroussons les manches


l'Afrique Danse No 3 - Various Artists,
african 360.003

We've had l'Afrique Danse no 1 and no 2 and now finally here's no 3.
It has had a complete life before it found me, the cover is worn out
and the vinyl is very crackly. Along the way it get's a little better,
especially at the second side of the album. Anyway, untill a cleaner
version comes by, we'll have to settle with this one. Just pretend it's
been recorded by the fireside. No but serious, although played some
times before, it's good to hear Bavon Marie Marie and Leon Bholen
for instance with their Orchestre Negro Succes, just beautiful.


1 Kalle et l'African Jazz - Jolie Nana
2 Kalle et l'African Jazz - Mbombo ya tshimbalanga
3 Kwami et son Orchestre - Camarade ya Kinshasa
4 Kwami et son Orchestre - B.B.B.
5 Kwami et son Orchestre - Nouveau regime
6 Kwami et son Orchestre - Sala lokolo linga ngai
7 Orchestre Negro Succes - Mokolo se mokolo
8 Orchestre Negro Succes - Palado-palado
9 Orchestre Negro Succes - Magie
10 Orchestre Negro Succes - Bila François
11 Orchestre Los Angel - Dis Jeanne
12 Orchestre Los Angel – Kawa


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pacheco - El Maestro,
Fania 1975

A classic Johnny Pacheco from 1975, El Maestro,
with Hector Casanova as vocalist. Fania Records was
the leader in salsa in the seventies and Johnny Pacheco their
orchestral leader. They were a source of inspiration to loads
of salsa artists thru time. The slice of vinyl is very thin but
the sound on it, fat fatter fattest..


1 Las muchachas
2 Guaguanco pa'l que sabe
3 Simani
4 El chivo
5 Hoy como ayer
6 Pretame los guantes
7 Yo quiero una mujer
8 El faisan
9 Yo no parlevu France ( je ne parle pas Français )
10 Mango mangüe


African Brothers Dance Band ( International ) -
Led by Paa Steel Ampadu,
Happy Bird 1970

Dear friends of the Global Groove, on the sixth of may this page
celebrates it's second birthday. Tonight I'm going to stay online
and post us a couple of killer albums. First to go is this joyful LP.
Quoting the backsleeve;"..the African Brothers have recorded 56
plates on the 45 rpm and this their first Long Play." Historic material
to accompany a moment like this. To all of you loyal visitors, a happy
day, have some of this sweet birthday pie and do a little dance.


1 Ena eye a mane me
2 Ebi te yie
3 Abusua nnye asafo
4 Mmobrowa
5 Ofie nwansena
6 Hini me
7 Seantie
8 San behwe wo mma
9 Me nyame wp pennye ho
10 Oyonko brebo


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers,

If you're into blues, Robert Johnson can't be absent in your
collection. Thousands of blues songs have been based on these
simple recordings. Back in 1936 they were made in a hotelroom,
used as a recordingstudio. Just Robert Johnson and his guitar, on
a wooden chair in an empty room. Just about 30 songs have
been saved. Johnson, who had womentrouble all the time was
poisoned by one of them, not even 25 years old. His music inspired
big singers like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.
Check the backsleeve notes for a longer and fascinating story.


1 Crossroads blues
2 Terraplane blues
3 Come on in my kitchen
4 Walking blues
5 Last fair deal gone down
6 32-20 blues
7 Kindhearted woman blues
8 If I had posession over judgment day
9 Preaching blues
10 When you got a good friend
11 Rambling on my mind
12 Stones in my passway
13 Traveling riverside blues
14 Mikcow's calf blues
15 Me and the devil blues
16 Hellhound on my trail