Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dzadzeloi - Two Paddy Follow One Girl,
Agoro Records

"Alternating between the different rhythmic forms of the
Dagomba, the Ashiko and the Otofo, the Dzadzeloi ( 'bards' )
combine dexterous drumming and harmonious singing, using
epigrams and platitudes as the basis of their songs."
( backsleeve )

"Another initiative came in the Ga Cultural Revival spearheaded
by the neotraditional cultural troupe 'Wolumei' ( Ga for 'Fetish Priest' )
- to encourage pop-minded young people "to forget foreign music
and do their own thing", in the words of leader Nii Ashitei. They toured
with Kwaa Mensah and were soon followed by other Ga bands such as
Dzadzeloi, Blemabii, Abladei and Suku Troupe."
( the Rough Guide on World Music )


1 Two paddy follow one girl
2 Kotei
3 Mini mfe bo
4 Awie awie
5 Afolo yo
6 Wonshe hunu
7 Laye bi
8 Sweet Elizabeth
9 Gbele ngbe mi
10 Aye oshugya


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Admiral Dele Abiodun and his Top Hitters Band -
Original Super 7 in the Apple New York City,
Olumo 1977

here's another scratchy old record, Admiral Dele Abiodun
and his Top Hitters Band Original Super 7. It's a 1977 live
registration made in New York. Shame the quality is so poor,
fantastic to hear the crowd at the Manhattan Centre go
completely nuts.


1 Alleluyah
- Opo enia
- Dami la re
- Aja oni gbagbe olore
- Salawe orokosu
- Egbe ogbomoso ( America )
2 Aringbere
- Are ije
- Kobiti kobiti
- Olowo la gba
- Alhaji Owolabi


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Negro Bantous,
Decca 1977

A very popular Nigerian Highlife group is this one. We had two of
their albums before at the GG. The album cover aswell as the label
of this one speak of one track on the A side, I found two so I named
them A and B. Enjoy Super Negro Bantous' 1977 album.


1 People no fit understand A
2 People no fit understand B
3 Proudness
4 One suffer go finish


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mayaula Mayoni "Don Padrino - Ousmane Bakayoko" -
Mizele, Alia Music

Mayaula Mayoni is one of the songwriters who worked with
Franco's O.K. Jazz for some time. In fact this LP is made with
the orchestration of l'O.K. Jazz. Check out the musicians on this,
unfortunately, crackely record. To call a few names; Carlito Essou-
Doué, Malage de Lugendo, Ntesa Dalienst, Nana, Baniel, Dizzy
Mandjeku, Papa Noël Nedule and Empompo Loway. Not the least
as you can see. Although a bit noisy at some points, an album
that deserves a few spins. Enjoy it.


1 Mizele
2 Poit carré
3 Chaty
4 Liwa


Friday, March 26, 2010

Kiland & l'Orchestre Mabatalaï -
Zaïre Promotion 2000, vol. ?, Zaïre Promotion

Today's album raises some questions. As you can see,
the label of the album matches quite well with it's cover.
It's just that the titles on the backsleeve of this cover say
something different than the label does. So, I show you a
sleeve that does not belong to this LP. The artist is also
what we call nowadays; 'ungooglable'. I can't tell you anything
about the band, and album and cover don't match,... have fun.
Oh, I almost forget, music is quite okay !


1 Se bipale
2 Mayanou
3 Medisance
4 Mon amour est perdu


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Libre - "con Salsa...con Ritmo",
volume 1, Salsoul 1976

Manny Oquendo and Andy Gonzalez are the leaders of this great
salsa band. 'A bailar, a gozar con el Conjunto Libre'. This is salsa
by musicians with love for their work. Great instrumentations and
vocal parts make this LP a masterwork. I love that baritone sax-
solo on track 5 by Ron Cuber. Great cover art by Walter Velez.


1 Lamento Borincano
2 Risque
3 Saoco
- Afterthought
4 No critiques
5 Donna Lee / A gozar y bailar
6 Bamboleate


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena - MFZ Vol. 10,
WEA International 1986

Highly infectious is this Music From Zimbabwe. Jonah Moyo
and his Devera Ngwena are extremely popular in their
country. Very understandable if you hear this superb LP.
This is volume 10 of a series which I hope to bring to you
in the future. Most of them are still on my huntinglist.
Next month we'll already have the next big recordfair
in Utrecht. I am already looking forward to it.
For now, listen and dance to this sweet piece of vinyl,


1 Masvingo ne carpet
2 Huyai mose
3 Ngatishandei pamwe
4 Victoria falls
5 Unobuda nepi
6 Ndakatadza here
7 Uchaendepi
8 Ndochema naani


Monday, March 22, 2010

Guillermo Portabales y sus Guitarras -
Viva Portabales, Gema 1976

Now this is something really good. Guillermo Portabales is
a hero. I love his bright and dynamic music, Guillermo's
guitarstrokes are so firm and sparkling, nothing can compare.
Where do you find such guitarist with such a voice ?
Absolute fantastic collection of his songs. I can even cope
with his version of Guantanamera, a song I use to avoid
like a toothache. One of Cuban's biggest.


1 Cumbiamba
2 De 1920
3 A la orilla del cauto
4 Nostalgia guajira
5 Asi es mi guajira
6 Tristeza guajira
7 Oye mi son
8 Guantanamera
9 Junto al rio
10 El arroyo que murmura
11 Cuando sali de Cuba
12 Yo te canto Puerto Rico



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Franco & Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz - African Party,
african 1977

I am a little confused over some facts concerning this LP. Backsleeve
notes say; 'Original recording by Editions Cefa, Zaïre (P) 1977. It looks
brandnew and has a barcode. It is probably a re-release but from when ?
The recordings sound older than 1977. I guess it was originally released
as african 360.096 in 1977 and already contained older recordings.
Some time later it must have been re-released. Anyway, Franco delivers
as always and wont make you regret this download, enjoy.


1 Fuala nbombu ngulu kadia
2 Yaka nalongola yo botutu
3 Da da de tu amor
4 Linzanza ebongi na langi
5 Anny sukisa ngai bandoto
6 Ata mosika yoka mongongo na ngai
7 Telegramme maloba mokuse
8 Nani apedelaki te ?
9 Awa nazui likambo oyaki ?
10 Libongi lizongi
11 Accident ya cherie
12 Mbongo zi ya voni


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monguito - "el unico", Sacudelo

Monguito's unique voice is what gave him his name 'el unico'.
He's one of my all time favourite latin singers and spoils us
with 10 sweet songs, perfect material for your saturdaynight.
Enjoy Monguito 'el unico'.


1 Seboruco
2 Que te hace pensar
3 Pasito tun tun
4 La protesta de Baragua
5 Don Ramon
6 No hay yaya sin Guayacan
7 Vida, que beso !
8 Sacando palo del monte
9 Mi guaguanco es moderno
10 Al son del Carame

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This is Calypso - Duke, Canary, Fighter
and Blakie, RA 1968

...and now for something completely different...
This is Calypso, you already know ? sure you do but really ?
Calypso is more than meets the ear, Duke, Canary,
Fighter and Blakie explain.


1 The Mighty Duke - What is Calypso ?
2 The Mighty Duke - Woman baccanal
3 Canary - Beatnik generation
4 Canary - Tribute to Luther King
5 Fighter - What you sow you reap
6 Fighter - Pom pom
7 Fighter - Send me instead
8 Blakie - Monica
9 Blakie - We ain't going back again
10 The Mighty Duke - Send them girls by me


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band -
Benga Blast!, Earthworks 1989

Benga Blast ! Kenya's Hottest Sound, Oh yes, most certainly.
Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band rocked Africa through
the eighties with earth-shattering bass, bubbling and stinging
guitars, strong vocals and totally compulsive rhythms. The whole
topped with sharp witty lyrics. Backsleeve states the following;


1 Joshirati Misiani ( Shirati and Misiani )
2 Safari Tanzania ( visit to Tanzania )
3 Wuoro monono ( Greed is useless )
4 Dr. J. Abuya
5 Honourable Horace Owiti Ongili
6 Agnes Nyashirati ( Agnes, Shirati's friend )
7 Alice Atieno
8 Okoth Atari ( Okoth is supercool )


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kyeremateng Stars - Mesu mefre nyame,
Ambassador 1981

Good evening, I found myself playing Ghana highlife this
morning and continued to do so throughout the day. Time
to share some of it with you. Kyeremateng Atwede and his
Stars are here to brighten up your time, whether you listen in
your car, at home or at work, these guys play the real thing.
The sleeve had a whole corner missing so for this one
time I took the liberty to fix it a little bit. Incredible album.


1 Agya behwe me dabre mu
2 Manhyia no a anka meye den
3 Nsem nyinaa ne nyame
4 Mesu mefre nyame
5 Bra odo
6 Ao yadie yi


Monday, March 15, 2010

Alhaji ( Chief ) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister & his Supreme
Fuji Commanders - Eku Odun, Siky Oluyole Records Ltd. 1982

As usual in fuji music, one Chief honours the other on this
1982 album. I see a certain link between the Chiefs we know
from the New Orleans Mardi Gras, such as these,
and the Chiefs we see in fuji music. They both wear pink dresses..,
no but serieus, we better don't compare Big Chief Jolly with
Chief Benjamin Famuyiwa. This LP was requested by
one of our visitors, enjoy it.


1 E ku odun - Chief Benjamin Famuyiwa
- Adebayo Ogundare
2 Inu bibi ma ya lodo mi
- Alhaji Chief M.K.O. Abiola
- Alhaji Olansile Shaf Awu
- Yegede Yegede a o yale yin


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bokelo - Maître ya ba Maître,
Africa New Sound 1984

Bokelo is short for Johnny Bokelo of course, the legendary
guitarplayer. I have always been impressed by his skills
and on this 1984 LP Johnny brings us some Soukous
many can take as example. Enjoy Bokelo !


1 Isabelle
2 Kakese
3 Lilly
4 Zonga nandako


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Admiral Dele Abiodun & his Top Hitters Band Super 6 -
Adawa King, Olumo 1977

Are you into politics ? I am trying not to be but at the
moment there's quite some turbulence in the Dutch
political situation. Leaders of party's come and go and
major changes take place. There will be elections in june
and the papers are full of speculations and predictions.
Personally I am very happy with a fresh new wind blowing
in The Hague in the future, the old one brought us nothing
but shame. I welcome the former mayor of Amsterdam,
Job Cohen, to the political stage, the best of luck to him.

How was the political situation in Nigeria in the 70's ?
I found us Adawa King, Admiral Dele Abiodun, on a 1977
Nigerian juju album. He can tell us some stories,
listen well. His style's called adawa, a mixture of juju
and Afro-beat with highlife elements. Both sides of the LP
start quite noisy but during the number it gets a lot better.


1 Ile ola
- Adupe lodo baba wa
- Bobo Doherty ( mama Koko )
- Oke ibadan prestige circle
2 Tewe tagba
- Ma se wa bi ko se wun wa
- Ore mi ko mi lofo kan
- Ma ta omi si mi lara
- Abiodun okunuga


Friday, March 12, 2010

CDE Chinx - Ngorimba,
ZMC Production

Liberation war singer CDE Chinx is committed to revolutionary
music. His music is based on battlesongs, and deal about patriotism,
discipline and anti-imperialism. It's been censored a lot and it's said that
either you love it or you hate it. To me it's quite difficult to determine,
the shona language is impossible to understand so I just judge it by
it's musical value. Mellow mbira sound, jit, shona, chimurenga ?
I am still learning here but I kinda like it, cool and easy Zimbabwe beat.


1 Ngorimba
2 Zuva guru
3 Mose garirayi
4 Dzefunde
5 Pasi wempadagu
6 Hazvitenderwi
7 Dzikai mutemo


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Les Veterans, Me Ne Ngon Oyap,
Ebobolo 1983

From Cameroon we have this LP by Les Veterans. It's a big band that
plays both Bikutsi, a typical Cameroonian style with naughty lyrics
and the use of ballaphones and more Rumba like styles like Soukous.
On this 1983 album they bring us both. Soukous on track 1 & 4,
Bikutsi on 2 & 3. Have fun with Les Veterans.


1 Si
2 Kulu
3 Jeannine
4 Ze manga


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Théo-Blaise Kounkou - Zenaba,
Adios Records

This blog, my dear friends of the Global Groove, is helping me
big time. In the first place of course cause it opens the way to
you. You know how hard it is to find like-minded people among
your acquaintances. Through this portal I reach you, at last someone
who knows what I'm talking about, as far as I know myself that is.
Second thing to help me is the fact that every post means one less
LP to digitize. The goal is to digitize every LP that's not been released
as a CD and I gathered quite some over the years. It's fun to do and
if you think I got no social life left, please don't worrie. I'm a happy guy.

Now about today's post, I am very glad to add this one to the galery.
Accompanied by the great guitar of Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Sam Mangwana
and the African All Stars, this LP is a killer. Théo Blaise Kounkou's
sweet voice matches perfect with the sound of this superb Band.
So, hang on, down this one and listen, I'm sure you'll
manage to find the time, it's too good to leave.
This is it's brother, is this one also from 1982 you think ?
( Same clothes and photosession.. )


1 Zenaba
2 Liteya choc
3 Alesia
4 Massy


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Four Brothers - Rugare,
WEA Records 1986

Dance rhythms hot like fire, strong and sharp guitar-riffs and
four voices that round up the sound to make you go mad on
the dancefloor. The Four Brothers were Zimbabwe's No 1 band
in this genre for decades. The band's leader, Marshall Munhumumwe
is Thomas Mapfumo's uncle, he suffered from a stroke in 1997 and
can unfortunately perform no longer. 'The Four Brothers' took this
name to remain equal, so no brother would become 'big'. Many
Zimbabwean groups broke up because of that before them.
Shona music or Chimurenga, either way seductive stuff.
Go dance like crazy with the Four Brothers.


1 Rugare
2 Pahukama
3 Uchandifunga
4 Wakasarudza akanaka
5 unondichimera unondipei
6 Usagare ne chigumbu
7 Ndakatadzeiko
8 Swere ngoma


Monday, March 8, 2010

Le Grand Kalle, Don Gonzalo, Manu Dibango -
et l'African Team, african 1970

Long stories, short stories, Le Grand Kalle is known as the father
of modern Congolese music. Afro-Cuban in this case, with the
participation of Don Gonzalez and Manu Dibango. Classic album
by one of Congo's biggest stars and his African Team.
african 360.017, enjoy it.


1 Gauche / Droite = Debordement
2 Africa d'ambiance
3 Cambridge... mai ya piyo
4 Laurent fantome
5 Safari muzuri
6 Africa boogaloo
7 Kimbombo kimbombo
8 Disiplini na K.D.L.
9 Valentina - Valentina
10 Miango
11 Bongaloo la fontaine
12 Congo soyo
13 Charanga in Paris
14 Suzi N'edo


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alhaji (Chief) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister - Iwa,
Siky Oluyole Records Ltd. 1982

Some Fuji for your sunday, and it's about time. I received a few
comments concerning this music. A good moment to share some
of the stuff. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is one of the heroes in the field,
he made lots of records. Check out 'Iwa' from 1982, rhythm sweetness.


1 Iwa
2 Alhaji Rasaq Okoya ( eleganza )
3 Late Alhaja Sidikat Abeni
( Haruna Ishola Bello )
- Olabisi Ajala
- Owolabi Ilori
- Fuji Americano
- Singing roundabout


Friday, March 5, 2010

The Ethiopians - The Original Reggae Hitsound,
Trojan 1986

The Ethiopians were founded by Leonard Dillon and Stephen Taylor
around 1966 and started recording for Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd. After
that they worked with several other studio's amongst who Lee Perry's.
This is a 1986 compilation with their music from between 1966 and 1972.
When Ska was starting to change, late sixties, Ethiopians' sound
was hot and leaning towards rocksteady. I think two or three songs were
already on the album 'Everything Crash' which I recently re-uploaded.
Tomorrow evening, saturday 6th, I'll be doing a reggae and dub evening
with Sista Poca from Poca TV, check her out here. It takes place in a tiny
coffeeshop called Andorra in Hilversum. Fat Back Pumping Dub and Reggae
accompanied by coffee and some sweet smoke, I'm looking forward to it.


1 Free man
2 Train to Skaville
3 Engine 54
4 Come on now
5 Train to glory
6 The whip
7 Everything crash
8 Things a get bad to worse
9 Well red
10 One
11 Hong Kong flu
12 Gun man
13 What a fire
14 Woman capture man
15 Feel the spirit
16 Drop him
17 Good ambition
18 No baptism
19 The selah
20 Pirate
21 The word is love

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

l'Afrique Danse No. 4, Le Seigneur Rochereau
et l'Orchestre African Fiesta National, "le Peuple"
african 360.004, 1969

Today is my best friend's birthday, Sjakie made eleven years and
that makes me happy. Only two years ago he had a hugh abscess
on his shoulder and got operated. He recovered wonderwell and is still
doing great today, happy birthday buddy, you're the best.

With such a happy day comes happy music. Le Seigneur Rochereau
is still one of Congo's greatest singers to my opinion. This is african
360.004, and also No 4 in the l'Afrique Danse series. Le Seigneur
Rochereau and l'Orchestre African Fiesta National "le Peuple".
Sweet Congolese music from the late sixties.


1 Mokrano
2 Gipsy
3 Kashama nkoy
4 Caroline mama
5 Toyota
6 Kasala
7 Mon mari est capable
8 Bel Abidjan


2 Re-Ups

These 2 files have been Re-Uploaded for your pleasure.




Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Original Super 5 - on Tabansi Label,
Soul posters

On Soulposters comes this LP, I don't know from what year it is.
It looks like late 70's, if anybody knows ? Another Nigerian highlife
band and not the least. I am sorry that it has a couple of songs,
1 and 3 especially, that open with lots of crackles and pops.
Maybe someone can clean it and return, I don't have that technology.
The album would certainly deserve it, thanks folks, vous amusez.
Click on that pantherprint suit, ain't that a party outfit ?


1 Original Super 5 / Tabansi label
2 Road safety
3 A go die
4 Life before money


I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spot - Ooni Of Ife,
Makossa 1984

From 1984 we got I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spot.
Yoruba juju to make you have a mellow good time,
the West African easefull peacy feeling.


1 Ooni of ife
2 Chief Adebowale
3 Chief Akindele


Monday, March 1, 2010

Le Grand Maître Franco avec Ntesa Dalienst et
le T.P.O.K. Jazz, ASM 1987

Only very few artists can hold your attention like this one.
Le Grand Maitre Franco made about 200 LP's and I haven't heard
a bad one. Of course I did not hear all of them but keep trying to
get there. Untill today the score runs around 40 or 50, and I hope to
find as many as possible in the future. This one, ASM 002 from a
Belgium company is with singer/composer Ntesa Dalienst who
wrote numerous songs for and with the T.P.O.K. Jazz.


1 Mamie Zou
2 Batandeli ngai mitambo
3 Dodo
4 Na lobi na ngai rien