Sunday, February 28, 2010

African Music - Various Artists, Phonogram 1983

I don't know about you but I am a hopeless layman if it comes
to dealing with computers. If there is a problem I need to get
my system manager to fix it. At this moment I have an argument
with Winamp, it refuses to exercise my rippings. It took me quite
a detour to get the ripping done but pfffiew, I managed.
What have we got today? A collector that, to my surprise, was
released by Phonogram, a Dutch record company. The man who
compiled it, Roy Teysse, sure knew what he was doing. What a heap
of great artists he brought together here. The image of the frontcover
did not like to get registered, the shiny parts are a bit hard to capture
with camera. Hope you enjoy.


1 Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestros - Ekassa 24
2 Gentleman Mike Ejeagha & his Premier Dance Band - Obiako nnwam
3 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Onu kwulunjo
4 Victor Uwaifo and the Titibitis - Five days a week love
5 Dr. Victor Olaiya - Ewa
6 Cardinal Rex Lawson & his Majors Band of Nigeria - Tamuno bo ibro ma
7 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe & his Nigeria Sound Makers International - Odindu nyuliba
8 Prince Nico Mbarga and his New Rocafil Jazz - Let them say
9 Celestine Ukwu & his Philosophers National - Igede
10 Dr. Victor Olaiya & his International Stars Band - Mo fe mu'yan
11 Martha Ulaeto - Ndito isong emana nyin


Friday, February 26, 2010

Canciones mi mama no me enseno - Various Artists,

It must be at least ten years ago when one of my friends gave me a copy
of another album with the same title and the same artists. I guess it was
volume two, we didn't have the original cover. These albums contain 12
naughty songs each, songs my mother never taught me. Very funny
LP's with not only hilarious lirycs but also great music, enjoy.


1 Miguelito Valdes - Cubanito
2 Joe Cuba Sextet - Prestame la olla Teresa
3 Graciela & Miguelito Valdes - Juanita saca la mano
4 Graciela & Machito - Si si no no
5 Joe Cuba Sextet - Chupa
6 Graciela with Machito Orchestra - Juanito
7 Tito Puente Orchestra - El plato roto
8 Graciela & Miguelito Valdes - La manguera
9 Joe Cuba Sextet - Los perros del curro
10 Graciela with Machito Orchestra - Ay, José
11 Miguelito Valdes - Atesa el bastidor
12 Joe Cuba Sextet - Ella sola se engancha


Thursday, February 25, 2010

D.O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz - My life and loves,
Discafrique International 1988

In today's post we visit an African country we haven't seen
much at the GG. One LP by Abana Ba Nasery some time
ago but this is 'Benga'. D.O. Misiani is one of the pioneers
who transferred the old acoustic style to electric and
added bass and drum to it. The benga hype started late 60's and went
on all through the 70's. A benga lover once said;" Benga is a feeling you
get when dancing. Your body has weakened when you dance, because you
are happy. It is not weak because you are tired, but because you are dancing
the best you can." 'My life and loves' is the name of this LP and features
10 dynamite tracks by the master, dance away on Misiani's benga !


1 Sweetie I love you
2 Sister Mary Lucy
3 Susana Wacha Maringo
4 Helen Nya Kisungu
5 Lala Salama
6 J. Rabour Bade Dongo
7 J. Rabour Bade Dongo part 2
8 Tafadhali Nikuone
9 Tafadhali Nikuone part 2
10 Amuka Salama


Edition Vévé - Various Artists, african 1973

I've been talking too much lately.
This album deserves listening without disturbance,
it is so beautiful, it needs no further recommendation.


1 Orchestre Vévé - Olingi nakufa 1
- Orchestre Vévé - Olingi nakufa 2
2 Orchestre Bella Bella - Lipua Lipua
3 Orchestre Zaïko - Onassis
4 Orchestre Vévé - Diamile
5 Orchestre Bella Bella - Sola 1
6 Orchestre Bella Bella - Sola 2
7 Orchestre Empire des Bakuba - Massamba
8 Orchestre Lipua Lipua - Kamale 1
9 Orchestre Lipua Lipua - Kamale 2


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smart Nkansah, Agyaaku, the Sunsum Band featuring Becky B
Odo ( Love ), ASA Records 1984

Let's see what we got here. Smart Nkansah and Agyaaku are friends
since they played together in Yamoah's Guitar Band in the late 60's.
They went separate ways for some time, Agyaaku stayed with Yamoah's
and Smart Nkansah worked with the Sweet Talks. They rejoined and started
this band around 1981. Fellowblogger Likembe already spoke about this album
februari 2009, one year later you can dl it entirely at the GG. Hope U like it.
Fusion of Guitar Band and Dance Band hi-life, with Smart Nkansah's sister
in law, Becky B doing nice vocals here, this one is for sweet sister Nauma
for leaving such warm comments and that superb link. ***


1 Odo, Love
2 Yei nti
3 Me ampa ara ni ?
4 Mensee Madwen


T'zeta, Ethiopian Blues - Various Artists

Do you know that 1989 BBC double CD, 'Under African Skies'?
When it first came to my ears I was blown away by one song specially.
It is the last track on the album but it made an incredible impression.
The voice of Bezawork Asfew is the most extraordinary, first time I heard
it, it sent shivers down my spine, spontaneous goosebumps, tears,
words can't express how that felt, ever since I've been looking around to find
her music. All paths seem to lead to the CD this track comes from. If anyone
can help us to find something, anything she made, that would be super.
With the help of the great series on Buda Musique, 'éthiopiques', I made a
compilation of different versions of 'T'zeta' or 'Tezeta', a traditional
that practically all Ethiopian musicians seem to have played, listen.

After receiving all your tips, it seemed appropriate to post this fantastic
Youtube movie, thank you very very much for enlightening me !!!


1 Bezawork Asfew - T'zeta
2 Mahmoud Ahmed - Tezeta
3 Mulatu Astatqe - Tezeta
4 Sèyfou Yohannès - Tezeta
5 Menelik Wèsnatchèw - Tezeta
6 Either/Orchestra - Soul Tezeta
7 Tèsfa-Maryam Kidané - Tezeta
8 Mahmoud Ahmed - Tezeta, long version
9 Gétatchèw Kassa - Tezeta, slow
10 Gétatchèw Kassa - Tezeta, fast


Sunday, February 21, 2010

9 Re-Ups

The following 9 albums have been Re-Uploaded.










Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles -
Ngoma Ngairire, Gramma 1987

Robson Banda is a Congolese musician in Zimbabwe. He worked with
Thomas Mapfumo, Jonah Moyo and many others. Although Congolese,
Robson sings his music in Shona language and brings it close to genuine
Chimurenga. Including mbira-based guitar licks and elements of Jit.


1 Ngoma ngairire
2 Dziva renjuzu
3 Kafira mbira
4 Ndiwe wega mwanangu
5 Baba Vachipo
6 Tofara sei


Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
and his Inter Reformers Band -
Eda to mose okunkun, Decca 1977

Another fine album by the great Ebenezer Obey, the label of the LP
tells us it's from 1976 but the cover says 1977. One way or the other,
I think it's a fine recording and very much worth a few spinnings.
Pay attention to the drummers on this one, outstanding team of players.


1 Eda to mose okunkun
- Aiye mi a toro
- Oluwa gbemi leke
- Bowo fun baba ati iya re
- Igbagbo ati imale
- Kaluku lo nse odun
2 Kini ti ma se aiye yi si
- F'eso j'aiye
- Rora rora
- Omoluwabi ni mo feje
- Kaka ki gbajumo jale
- Eledumare a segun elegan


Friday, February 19, 2010

Verckys présente Empire Bakuba - La Belle Étoile,
Editions Vévé International 1984

Pépé Kallé was big in more than one way. Part from being a giant
in size, he was a great singer with a fantastic voice. This is a production
on Verckys' Vévé label, with this team nothing can go wrong. The cover may
be a bit vague, the music certainly isn't. Class A material
from Kinshasa, Zaïre. Enjoy 'La Belle Étoile'.


1 La belle étoile
2 Paralyse bis
3 Nunu tresort
4 Aziza


Thursday, February 18, 2010

German Rosario - con Maso Rivera y sus Jibaros,
Ansonia, SALP 1462

Did you like the works of Ramito and Chuito ? You'll probably
like this too, German Rosario is another Jibaro from Puerto Rico
and his music covers multiple styles. Milonga, Seis Rompetables,
Controversia, Aguinaldo, Seis, Mapayé and Llanera. Enjoy
German Rosario con Maso Rivera y sus Jibaros.


1 Historia de mi guitarra
2 Cuando yo era pelotero
3 Promesa matrimonial
4 El jolgorio en el batey
5 Historia de Maria
6 Vaticinio
7 Querella de amor
8 Pipiendole a un pobre
9 El cabro que yo tenia
10 Caidos en Vietnam
11 A la hembra mia
12 El raton y el fiscal


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bavon Marie Marie & l'Orchestre Negro Succes -
l'Intrépide, african 1970

After the tragic death of Bavon Marie Marie on august 5, 1970, it was
Leon Bholen himself who compiled this wonderful LP. It contains some
of his own favourites with Bavon. Some time ago I already posted this_one .
An ode to the music of Franco's younger brother, Siongo Bavon Marie Marie.


1 Maseke ya meme
2 Bilamba ! Mbongo ya mani ?
3 Yalimbisa bijou
4 Libanga na libumu 1re partie
5 Libanga na libumu 2e partie
6 Nadendela mibali
7 Nakata serment ya bolingo


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lion Youth - Love comes and goes,
Virgo 1981

United Kingdom, 1981, after releasing his hitsingle 'Rat a cut bottle',
Lion Youth came with his debut LP, 'Love comes and goes'. It contains
the follow up single and dancefloor raver 'Chant ina dance'. From the first
tones, this album rocks you off your socks, so throw aside the chairs and
table, turn up the volume and dance across the room, sweeeeet reggae...


1 Love comes and goes
2 I want a girl
3 What would you do ?
4 Señorita
5 Easy skanking
6 Frustration
7 Natty bring the cochi
8 Chant ina dance
9 Its ashame
10 Decelia


Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunny Adé and his African Beats - in London,
Sunny Alade Records 1977

Tonight's album is for the juju lovers among us. Sunny Adé, without
King in those days, has always been one of the most popular juju
artists in the field. I have no idea how many records he made through
the years but this is No. 16 here already. Being from 1977, this is one of
the older Sunny Adé's here. The master mixed and produced it himself so
I suppose we can say it sounds exactly how he meant it to.

1 Emi agbadura
2 Igbagbo ndupe


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oriental Brothers International - Anyi Abiala Ozo,
Afrodisia 1987

Yesterday no post, today two. Oriental Brothers International are
back with a short but fine album at the GG. These guys really love
one another, photo's didn't lie back in those days. The brothers Satch,
Dan, Godwin and Warrior scored hit after hit during the 70's. This '87 LP
is, if you count Warriors albums aswell, their eighth album here.
I've always had a certain weekness for this oriental highlife.


1 Onye egbula nwanne ya
2 Anyi abiala ozo


Simon Chimbetu & the Orchestra Dendera Kings -
Boterekwa, Gramma 1989

If you collect worldmusic it is like exploring unknown terrain all
the time. One is learning new names and forms and remains
a student forever. I first learned about chimurenga through the
music of Thomas Mapfumo and fell for it straight away. Then slowly
I started to discover artists like Four Brothers or Oliver Mtukudzi
and Jonah Moyo. Only recently I learned about Simon Chibetu & his
Orchestra Dendera Kings. When I visited Gent in Belgium last week,
I found this LP and some other interesting Zimbabwean music to be
posted soon. To be honest I have not found the difference between
the Zimbabwean styles yet. There's chimurenga, jit and mbira. The
music of Simon Chimbetu, being Congolese, is also called party rumba
or Zim Rhumba. What coincidence to find my collegue posting this
same time. I guess it was meant to be, enjoy.


1 Usandisiye
2 Future
3 Musoro wachena
4 Pakati pegungwa
5 One way
6 Bvuma mukwasha


Friday, February 12, 2010

Gardner Lalanne - a New York avec Les Loups Noirs,

The weekend's here, another cold week with lots of snow lies
behind us, who said it wasn't going to be winter like it used to
anymore? It's annoying on one hand but good to see on the
other. Maybe the world is not heating up as much as lots of us
thought it was. At least right here it isn't.

Tonight's LP is another sweet album of compas, the music of Haïti.
Gardner Lalanne et les Loups Noirs are true ambassadors of this
typical style. These guys rock like no other,
danse avec Gardner Lalanne et les Loups Noirs a New York !


1 Conception pa'm
2 Bienfait perdu
3 Ananas
4 New York compas
5 La sirene
6 Moliendo cafe
7 Belle Martiniquaise
8 Tu voz


Thursday, February 11, 2010

L. Diatho & Joe Mpoyi - 100 - 1,
Maïkano 1983

This here LP brings together two Congolese singers with impressive
CV. They appeared in loads of great bands throughout the years. Back-
sleeve shows you exactly where they played, complete with years and
a list of the tracks they wrote. A few names; Veve de Verckys, Somo Somo,
and the legendary OK Jazz. On this album they sing two songs by each
of them accompanied by some of the biggest. Bopol on bass, Dizzy Mandjeku
and Dally on guitares with Manana. Ringo Moya, Bento, Kabongo Wetu and Anany.
Enjoy Dialu Antoine Dit Lukoki Diatho and Joe Mpoyi Kaninda.


1 100 - 1
2 Vava
3 Lubuela
4 Kansebu


Four Brothers - Rudo Chete,
Gramma Records 1988

One of my favourite bands from Zimbabwe is this group. The
Four Brothers made their chimurenga very nicely balanced.
Just the four of them, Marshall Munhumumwe - drums and lead vocals,
Never Mutare - bass and vocals, Aleck Chipaika - rhythm guitar and vocals,
Frank Sibanda - lead guitar and vocals. Just strings, drums and voices, sweet.


1 Rudo chete
2 Ngatipindukewo
3 Vabereki
4 Wakazvarwa sei
5 Kutambura chete
6 Munondizvidza
7 Chenjerera ngozi
8 Nhamo


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Titibitis of Africa - Jackpot,
Makossa International 1981

If you listen to African music some time, take Nigerian music.
You know Juju, Highlife, Fuji, Apala, and then you hear Sir Victor
Uwaifo. I had never heard anything like his music, every song has
something new, original, with surprising instrumental touch. It is
supposingly highlife but with an unusual poppy flavour.
Victor Uwaifo was a professional wrestler in 1960 and
hitmaker in 1970 with 'Joromi', and his own
studio and art-laboratory.


1 Iranm' iran
2 Ovbialeke bolozo
3 Ewere noyoyo
4 Kpomokpa nagan bie
5 Ogiobo
6 Sakpaide special


Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Salsa Singers - Various Artists,
Fania Records 1977

After this weeks Fania post it seems a good idea to honour
this remarkable salsa label a bit more. This LP brings us 11
superb Fania songs by 11 different artists, mixed for us by Richard
Pampinella. An outstanding compilation of typical salsa brava.
And how about the artwork by Jorge Vargas ? Stunning..


1 Ismael Quintana - Mi debilidad
2 Bobby Cruz - Sonido bestial
3 Celia Cruz - Quimbara
4 Ismael Rivera - Mi negrita me espera
5 Santos Colon - Ay cariño
6 Justo Betancourt - Pa bravo yo
7 Pete 'Conde' Rodriguez - Los compadres
8 Adalberto Santiago - Alma con alma
9 Ismael Miranda - Asi se compone un son
10 Cheo Feliciano - Anacaona
11 Hector Lavoe - El todopoderoso


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Docteur Nico & l'Orchestre Afican Fiesta -
l'Afrique Danse No. 8, african 1969

Nicolas Kasanda, one of the founders and Orchestral leader of
African Fiesta, was given many different names, such as, Nico Mobali,
Professeur Nico, Dieu de la Guitare or le Guitariste Hawaïen. His career
started in 1953 with African Jazz, with whom he made several recordings
in Studio Opika and Esengo. This one on african is from 1969
with l'Orchestre African Fiesta, great material for your
lazy sunday afternoon, enjoy it.


1 Biantondi Kasanda
2 Nakokoma
3 Caroline Caroline
4 Exhibition dechaud
5 M. Felie
6 Tokei koyekola
7 Mamu wua mpoy
8 Alphonsine
9 Mwamba wa mamu
10 Merengue president


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fantastic Tchico - Afro Festival,
Sonodisc 1979

This is the seventh LP by the great Pambou Tchicaya Tchico that I post
with a variation of the same cover. Recorded in the Decca Studio's,
these are the Nigerian productions by this Congolese artist. Very good
without exeption. Do not miss out on Fantastic Pambou Tchicaya Tchico.


1 Operation Soukous 1978-1980
2 Parent love
3 Goodbye confidential
4 Afro-Festival


Friday, February 5, 2010

Scientist, Maxie & Barnabas - 3 The Hard way,
Silver Camel 1981

Early eighties, dub music was hot. There was Prince Jammy, Mad Professor,
Scientist. Less known names but just as good, Maxie and Barnabas,
Crucial Bunny and Mikey Dread, all masters in dub.
At King Tubby's Studio, produced by Al Campbell, we find this
champion with Scientist, Maxie and Barnabas. Have you ever
seen a cover with so much impact ? These three dub the hard way.


1 Barnabas - Prophecy in dub
2 Barnabas - Murder
3 Barnabas - Cool rock
4 Barnabas - Bionic skank
5 Maxie - Master piece
6 Maxie - Blood light
7 Maxie - Ganja syrup
8 Scientist - Cultured dub
9 Scientist - The winner
10 Scientist - Feed back dubstyle


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tito Puente - Best of the Sixties,
Caliente/Fania 1988/1969

I received an e-mail of the people of Fania, they have something
special coming out. A special release with old Joe Cuba recordings.
They asked me if I want to use their videoclip, which is really super.
As you can see I didn't want to let them down, au contraire, I am honoured
to be asked to do so. To accompany it I was looking for a Joe Cuba LP but
I haven't got one. Instead I found this LP by Tito Puente, they have a few
things in common. Both were born in New York and played conga's. They both
made some records with Fania, this one was originally released by Fania in
1969. So enjoy this album of boogaloo by Tito Puente after listening to
Joe Cuba, have fun.
Thank you Fania and lots of sales to Joe Cuba, great stuff.


1 Vete pa'la luna
2 Fat mama
3 Ay cariño
4 Ran kan kan
5 Fancy feet
6 Timbalito
7 Babrabatiri
8 Cuando caliente el sol
9 T.P.'s Shing-a-ling
10 Caramelos
11 A Noro Morales
12 Azukiki


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Music Line,
Rogers All Stars 1981

Prince Nico Mbarga must have been so hot in those days.
On more then one of his covers Nico shows off his high heeled
boots, one leg before the other, sophisticated look. No but serious,
ever since he made 'Sweet Mother', Prince Nico was very popular
throughout Western Africa and beyond. As far as I'm concerned, his
cool looks are completely justified and this is one of his better albums.


1 Music line
2 Oh ! Death
3 Welenga
4 Rocafill
5 Stella


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cortijo - Caballo de Hierro, Coco Records 1977

A while back we had an album of Cortijo on which Fe Cortijo
did a few songs, on this one she does'em all.
Backing vocals by Adalberto Santiago,
Ismael Quintana and even Tito Puente. Great Puerto Rican rhythms.


1 Mapaye
2 Bomba carambomba
3 La otra
4 Songorocosongoro
5 Lloralo, lloralo
6 Guariquiten
7 Guaracha de mayo
8 Bomba merengue


Monday, February 1, 2010

Franco et le T.P.O.K. Jazz - Tres Impoli,

Tres Impoli was one of Franco's biggest hits. The second song,
Tu vois ?, seems to be connected with it somehow. I love that voice
with vibrato in track 2 and 3, I think it's Simaro, can you confirm ?
Just three songs, 38 minutes of pure joy, don't be tres impoli!


1 Tres impoli
2 Tu vois ?
3 Temps mort