Sunday, August 15, 2010

l'Orchestre Télé-Music de Brazzaville,
Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial

Names like, Kiolo Ferdinand "Watawa",
Itoua Abel "Diamant", Mienandi Gabriel "Muchacho",
Mampounga J.Pierre "Ley", Ballou Canta, Elenga Joseph Ellington",
Sita Joseph "Joe-la-Bass", Bruno Houla, Ferdinand Hemilembolo "Milex",
Kabeya Lubuani, Kembo Mayimona, Nanitouma "Moulou", they didn't ring
any bells. The only familiar name to me was Ernest Massengo, It passed
by shortly on that album of Trio Ce-Pa-Kos with Orchestre le Peuple.
If you can add any information on this group, let's hear.


1 Faux Mari
2 Abonheous
3 Danny
4 Fabety

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Anonymous said...

some great rhumba here!

thanks for this one

if you can please post some anit choc and langa langa stars


wuod k

joe said...

Other than the fact that they hailed from Brazza, I don't know much about them. The track "Faux Marie" seemed to spread like a virus after its inclusion in an "African Serenades" volume.

DJ Daudi said...

One of my VERY favorite albums!

moos said...

..ambiance..ambiance.., glad to hear so guys..

Ronald said...

I think you'll know Ballou Canta, he recorded a couple of albums for Eddyson and was a backup vocalist on many others. He also was on the first Soukous Stars album.

Bass player Joseph Elanga is now with Les Bantous de Capitale.

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you for sharing this fine album. Apurva from Pune, India.

david said...

This is quite hot. Just what the doctor would prescribe for a depression. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

friend moos the link is removed or fallen ... could you please upload again ... your blog is the most ... do not miss it for anything ....thank you...

Anonymous said...

helaas verwijderd door mediafire...

Anonymous said...

this link is dead Moos
wuod k