Friday, June 25, 2010

Trio Madjesi - Orchestre Sosoliso,
african '73, '74

Ehem.., okay, I won't keep rubbing it in. I know some of you
have it bad right now. Me, myself, I want to express my happiness
through this album with beautiful orange cover. It opens just like
I would today, I'm sorry ! What a splendid LP by Trio Madjesi and
the next piece in the big 'african' 360.000 series puzzle. No 55 is a
hell of an LP by this group of gifted musicians, it displays their
originality and variability. Congo's 70's at their vey best.
Moseka is my favourite # with them happy kids..


1 Photo Madjesi
2 Moussa photo na yo
3 Na leli mokili 1 & 2
4 Carte blanche 1 & 2
5 Mama Tshika ngai nalembi
6 Moseka
7 Cinema



Apurva Bahadur said...

Sir, great music. Orange IS a great colour and yours is an amazing team to watch in action.

Timothy said...

Wow DJ Moos! You really spin the music that rocks! "Photo Madjesi" was all over the air waves in 1974. Thanks so much for posting this special album, as ever in outstanding quality!

JamaRico said...

That you for this one. I've added it here:


reservatory said...

Have just been reading about this outfit in Rumba On The River and now look forward to putting a sound with the name. THANKS!

Kostas from Greece said...

Thank you for this wonderful LP...

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

david said...

I like this old school congo music. Yes indeed. This is a great LP. Thanks.