Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orchestre Les Bantous de la Capitale - Bakolo Mboka,
Fiesta 1978

Hearing and seeing this album by Les Bantous de la Capitale, makes me think
of the 'african' label. The way the label is built up, orange background, the numbering,
360.118, and how it is positioned. Maybe you can tell me Bo, isn't this the missing
360.118 in your african list? I may be completely wrong here but it sure looks like it.
They had similar layout style. What was their connection, how did they relate?
Any way, this is an album, released on Fiesta in 1978, but the backsleeve
states it was originally recorded by 'le Société Française du Son' in 1968.
Songs are written by ( chronologically ), Bwanga Fély, Michel Boyibanda,
Kabongo Wetu, Pandy Saturnin and two times Nino Malapet. Damn good !


1 Riamana
2 Bolingo nakozonga
3 Elili ya sanza
4 Sisi
5 Zala reconnaissant
6 Momo yombo



zim said...

I think this must be the same catalogue number. There were a number of releases in the 360 series from Fiesta (see http://www.muzikifan.com/sono.html) and if you look at the 360.xxx catalogue numbers from the fiesta listings on http://www.discogs.com/label/Fiesta+Records it matches up with some of those titles that are missing on Bolingo's discography - these are mostly of non-congolese artists such as manu dibango

Anonymous said...

African label or not, this is great music - thanks for sharing! Marc

Timothy said...

Bantous de la Capitale are great! I got to know them through tunes such as "Kumbele Kumbele", "Makambo Mibale" and "Tokumisa Congo". Their bright-sounding horns bring up the very image of Africa, with its Rainforests and sand dunes! Thanks Moos!

david said...

Thanks for this great music.