Monday, April 12, 2010

Ashanti Brothers Band - Kill me and Fly,
Philips West African Records 1978

I was trying to find me some usefull information on this topic,
but Ashanti Brothers Band's album 'Kill me and Fly' seemed
( how about this word ) ungoogleable. The leader of the band's called
Osei Vasco, and that's really all I know. Being from 1978, I must
say, the vinyl is in very good condition and spins beautiful.
And then, the music, I have seldom heard such great highlife,
I'm very fund of this sound with warm vocal harmony
and hammond organ !


1 Kill me and fly
2 Onipa retu ne nan
3 Saa na yede beye wo
4 Asem bone se hiani
5 Gyae nkonta buo yi
6 Kusa wo bankye
7 Me wu a mo bebre



Anonymous said...

I like it already, and I haven't even heard it yet.
Thanks for another outstanding post!

Richmond said...

haha great title and graphic.
thanks again DJ.
from houston. :)

Kostas from Greece said...

Thank you very much....track 6 is missing...
Be good!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a song by the Ashanti Brothers Band from a LP titled Phonogram to Polygram - Congratulations - 10th Anniversary 1969-79. Other groups like Teacher and his Africana, Gomoa Afransi Merry Makers, Sweet Talks & Melo Togo Band are showcased. Thanks for the LP Moos.


Anonymous said...

Also, I've read that members of this band were once part of The African Brothers Band.


moos said...

Nice one Alexsam, thanks..

Buns O'Plenty said...

hey love the blog! Just wanted to tell you Buns O'Plenty on blogger got shutdown but I am still going strong on wordpress. If you could update the link on your blogroll, i'd appreciate it. I'm linking to you, thanks and keep up the good work.

aduna said...

A masterpiece! Music from Ghana is so class & sweat!

doc patcheko said...

I'm so in love with this record. thank you, moos.

anon said...

great stuff! thank you for this blog