Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spot - Ooni Of Ife,
Makossa 1984

From 1984 we got I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spot.
Yoruba juju to make you have a mellow good time,
the West African easefull peacy feeling.


1 Ooni of ife
2 Chief Adebowale
3 Chief Akindele



dailyleftover said...

curious about this as i only have his older work, as last track in WORLD on 45
..thx for this post

aduna said...

Many thanks one more time.
Your collection is just awesome.

Steve Pile said...

you are a Gold Mine!!!!
Contstantly blowing my mind with new shit!
thank you thank you thank you!

moos said...

more mindblowing new but same time old shit coming up, stay tuned..

Kostas from Greece said...

Dear moos,
hello and thank you.
Please take care of the file ,it contains only the track 2,
Thank you again.

Goofy said...

Sorry to say this again, Moos, but I have downloaded this twice and I only get track 2 (Chief Adebowale), playlist, pictures and a text file. Could you please re-up this, Moos...?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the album!

But... am I the only one having probs with track 1? It only plays for 15 seconds....

moos said...

Okay, I re-upped it, hope it's good now..

grooVemonzter said...

This is one sweet album indeed. Nice nice very nice. I just downloaded it and I get both sides by the way. Thank you Moos.

Goofy said...

Thanks for the re-up, Moos! It's a sweet and wonderful album. As for MF, I have noticed that downloaders have similar problems with it elsewhere also.

ledenn said...

Thanks for all you have shared. This link is not working.

cool2004 said...

error downloading this album. it hangs on mediafire. Thanks for the post.