Friday, July 31, 2009

Bibi Den's Tshibayi - The Best Ambiance
Earthworks / Roughtrade & The Cartel 1983
12" Single on 45

When my friends and I started to listen to African music early
eighties, this 12"single made an enormous impression on us.
And after 26 years I still like it. If we had a party, it was always
played and we danced like crazy. Earthworks/Roughtrade co-productions
released a bunch of African dance hits on these 12" singles, look out
for them if you are recordhunting, they all have this nice cover.


1 The best ambiance
2 Elisa Kouadio

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zaïko Langa Langa - Nkolo Mboka,
Fan Club Zaïko 1983

One of the groups that made a big difference during the 70's was
Zaïko Langa Langa. It's main man on this album is Nyoka-Longo.
Rare 1983 release by Fan Club Zaïko from Brazzaville.


1 La tout neige
- Nimerita
- Christine
2 Nalali - mpongui
- Paoki
- C'est trop tard Mimi

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Franco & l'Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz, african 1977

Also from 1977 on african is this LP by the late and great Franco.
Unlike yesterdays album, this one is in mint condition. No need to
reduce noise, although recorded in mono it sounds just fine.


1 Ba beaux freres 1&2
2 Ba pensees 1&2
3 Farita 1&2
4 Tala ye na miso 1&2

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Monday, July 27, 2009

l'Afrique Danse avec Sakumuna, Various Artists
african 1977

The 'lÁfrique Danse' series on the african label is of very high quality
if we speak about the music. The soundquality however is not so good.
As I have ascertained before and today experienced oncemore, the dynamics
of these series are very low. When I record them I have to srew up levels
much higher than I normally need to. This way the music reaches the volume
level we wish for but the crackles also sound much louder.

If we forget about crackles we are left with 6 songs which are very enjoyable.
The warm sound of Congo's 70's music is overwhelming again, don't miss
this superb collector. Hope you enjoy.


1 Orchestre Kiam - Kamiki 1&2
2 Orchestre Kamavasty - Kiki puelengi 1&2
3 Orchestre Vévé - Mikolo mileki mingi 1&2
4 Orchestre Kamale - Assana muana mawa 1&2
5 Orchestre Kamale - Masudi 1&2
6 Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Nasepelisa nzoto 1&2
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bezerra da Silva - Violência gera violência,
RCA Victor 1988

One of my all time heroes in samba is Bezerra da Silva.
Through the use of a popular samba rhythm called 'pagode', Bezerra
da Silva's 'Violência gera violência' ( violence generates violence )
expresses demand for political and social justice. In the voice of public
figures such as a police inspector, a government bureaucrat and a garbage
collector, Bezerra captures and translates the popular mood on a variety
of themes: elections, religion and drugdealers are a few of these.
The song 'Raiva de tudo' ( rage of everything ): I see human justice/
selling our conscience/ absolving the rich and blaming the poor' is a good
example of Bezerra da Silva's peculiar combination of humor and political
protest. 'Filho da mãe solteira' ( son of a single mother ) and 'Candidato
Caó Caó are other interesting songs on this LP which displays Bezerra's
always great taste in samba. One of his older albums you'll find here .
In our samba section, below left, we've got plenty related material.


1 Candidato caó caó
2 Feitiço da tião
3 Vida de operário
4 O juramento jurou
5 Pobre compositor
6 Transação de malandro
7 Violência gera violência
8 Raiva de tudo
9 Samba manifesto
10 Povo da Colina
11 Bom Jesus de Nazareno
12 Filho de mãe solteira

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

African System Orchestra, Rogers All Stars 1978

It's time for some Nigerian music today.
In december last year I already posted an album by African System Orchestra.
You can find it here . This one is some 3 years older,
and brings us 4 songs of sweet Highlife, what a great band, check it.


1 Bad friend
2 Bikoko
3 Good night my girl
4 Inyanga no good


Friday, July 24, 2009

Pio Leiva - ...Oye Como Suena, Maype

It must have been 1997 or 8 when one of my friends gave me this ticket
for my birthday. It was for a night in the Amsterdam theater 'Carré'.
Performing that evening was the fantastic group, Buena Vista Social Club.
It was also my first encounter with Pio Leiva who was one of the old
Cuban singers in the original set up. Wim Wenders was filming the band
for his movie that evening and we had a sweet time. This is an old LP
by Pio Leiva I found not so long ago. One of our visitors requested
some Cuban folk and I thought this one to be appropriate.


1 Oye como suena
2 El pirimpimpin 3 Como mango
4 Te lo juro
5 Pobre Nicolas
6 El Pio mentiroso
7 Mis tres mujeres
8 Chachaguere
9 Anabacoa
10 Dime adios Caramelina
11 Adios Mariquita linda
12 Cariñoso si, mentiroso no

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Empire Bakuba, Pepe Kalle & Nyboma
Syllart Production 1986

If you like a good rhythm driven Soukous, check out this LP by Empire
Bakuba with Pepe Kalle, the elephant of Congolese music & Nyboma,
two singers with superb voices. Stir up the sound with the rhythm guitar
of Lokassa Ya Mbongo and the beats of Boffi and dance till you drop.
Emoro is the name of who they also called 'the dancing dwarf'.
Thumbs up for Empire Bakuba !


1 Nazingi maboko
2 Zouke-zouke
3 Dodo limbisa ngai
4 Reviens Alima
5 Pamelo okemema ngambo
6 Tika makanisi

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Donga e os Primitivos - História da Música Popular
Brasileira 48, Abril Cultural / RCA 1972

Goodmorning, today I received a load of nasty mails again,
some people on the web think blogging is some kind of competition.
I just want to say, I will not participate in throwing dirt at
each other. Only positivity on this page please. It is only meant to
serve the world and make people happy.

And now about this little album, it's small but very nice.
Donga was an important figure in Brazillian music. His songs are
played by many even today. This LP contains the great 'Pelo
telefone', a song I first knew by the also great Martinho da Vila.
If you listened to this album and like the music, take a look at
this , another fine Donga LP. Hope you like it.


1 Vou te abandonar
2 Acorda, Adalgisa
3 Jocosa
4 Isto é bom
5 Pelo telefone
6 Cabide de molambo
7 O vatapá
8 Chuá-chuá
9 Saudosa
10 É batucada

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Os Originais do Samba - Samba é de Lei, RCA Victor 1970

Good morning Groovers, it's been quite a while since I've posted
some Samba. I received mail from a friend. He wondered
why I post so little samba nowadays, and he's right,
I don't. The cause of it lies in the fact it's very difficult
to find a lot of samba here in the Netherlands. As some of you might
know, I do love a good samba from time to time. Today I have an album
by the famous Originais do Samba. Maybe I can still make up to all
who missed it. It's a very nice album from 1970 on RCA Victor.
I hope you do not have it yet, this one's for all
you sambalovers out there.


1 Tá chegando fevereiro
2 Vestido branco
3 O segundo cara
4 Canta comigo
5 Rio de Janeiro ( um samba só não dá )
6 Perdão com dignidade
7 É de lei
8 Eu queria era ficar sambando
9 Todo morro acordou
10 O bem e o mal
11 Prá ela
12 Sambista

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz a Paris - On Entre O.K. On Sort K.O.
V.I.S.A. 1980, volume 1

Last night, I had a meeting with my Congolese friends Serge and Joe
in Amsterdam. We had a couple of beers and went watching Youtube
video's and listening to music by, among others, Djo Nolo, Madilu
System and Lita Bembo & Stuka Boys. I had a good time and when I
came home, I dived into my little phonotheque to look if I have any
of that stuff for you. I found this Franco album, a Belgium release,
on which we see a picture of a Djo performing. I am not sure but
is it Djo Nolo who participates on this LP? Other great artists on
the album are Ntesa Dalienst, Ndombe Opetum and Lutumba Simaro.
Please leave a comment if you can enlighten us on the subject.

We are also preparing for an African dance evening on friday,
the 27th of august in a bar in Hilversum, my hometown.
It will take place during 'Hilversum on Air', a weekend with
several live acts and other music related events. Stay tuned for
more info, and when you live in the neighbourhood, consider a visit.
We still have a week or 6.


1 Liyanzi ekoti na motema
2 Youyou
3 Na komipesa na nani
4 Kadima

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Youlou Mabiala et la Grand Force Kamikaze Loninguissa
Mon avocat a voyagé, Disco Mabele 1987

Ripping LP's is not always as much fun as it should be. There are days
you start recording and blow one disc after another. I remain calm
at most times, but it can spoil my mood and make me throw aside
an album from time to time. This is what happened with this one last
week, so let's try again.

Youlou Mabiala made quite some solo albums after he sang with
Franco's OK Jazz. This here LP is from 1987, listen.


1 Mon avocat a voyagé
2 Tubela
3 Djeliba
4 Ma-vali

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Orchestre Vévé - Orchestre Vévé, african 1977

This collector is from 1977 but contains a couple of songs from
a little earlier. Fifi is from 1973 and tracks 1 and 4 from 1976.
Very sweet material by one of Africa's greatest saxplayers.


1 Baluti 1&2
2 Muana mburu 1&2
3 Nakoma juste 1&2
4 Mikolo mileki mingi 1&2
5 Bilobela 1&2
6 Fifi

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King Sunny Adé and his African Beats - vol. 7

Last but not least in this series of juju updates is this LP
of King Sunny. The cover was used for a compilation CD recently,
funny enough they did not take any of the tracks from it.


1 Afai bawon ja
- Igba tode
- Won so wipe a kere
- Asese bere
2 Omo wumi
- Jarinatu seriki
- Memudu alabi
- Danfo

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Dele Abiodun - It's time for Juju Music

It's time for juju music, but that must be clear by now.
Another repost for all juju lovers.

1 Ayanmo ko gbogun
- Oridere Eye Okun
- Oloruka
- Akin Ademokoya
2 It's time for Juju music
- Eledumare o seun o
- Omo gbemi luyi
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King Sunny Adé - Sweet Banana, Sunny Alade Records

This album by King Sunny Adé was also removed, so once again..


1 Sunny loni ariya
- Sweet banana
- Bo se nse oju yen
- Olomoge ma jo
- E wa woo
- Jinginrin
2 Ore meji lo nbe l'aiye
- Mo ti kole mi sori apata
- Ona mi la
- Mo l'oluwa
- Ohun to mu bale ile
- Sesede ko rora se

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Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his Inter-Reformers Band
Current Affairs, Obey

Next in this series of reposts, Ebenezer Obey.


1 Oba sijuade
2 Ogonpa flood disaster

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Admiral Dele Abiodun and his Top Hitters Band, Olumo

Some time ago, after Rapidshare had killed a bunch of my links,
I removed 5 Juju albums from my page. I should have just replaced
the links but I didn't. Now I am posting them once more.
This is an album by the great Dele Abiodun and his Top Hitters Band.


1 Toju wa oba oke
- Eshin o we wu
- Omode yi fi iru fonna
- Ara o ro'kun
- Igun ba le
2 Dele ti de
- Won ngbe e on yan
- Eru o'ba mi
- Bini binu
- A te be

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Warrior & his Oriental Brothers International Band Original
My Success, Afrodisia 1981

Warrior and his Oriental Brothers were a popular band in Nigeria
late 70's and early 80's. This one's from 1981 and brings us
the usual amount of listening pleasure. Just two tracks
but better don't miss them.


1 Ndo ma iki
2 Onye obula zoba isi onwey a

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Le Poete Lutumba Simaro et le T.P. OK Jazz - 4 Ans apres
la mort du Grand Maitre Luambo Franco, Sonodisc 1993

A couple of weeks ago I posted an album by Lutumba Simaro that
appeared to be a fake. To make up to all of his fans, today a real
one. This time I'm sure we are dealing with the real Lutumba.
4 years after the death of le Grand Maitre Luambo Franco.


1 Dati Pétrole
2 Bilonda
3 Ono Bienvenu
4 Mumune
5 Ofela
6 M.T. Inongo

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National Badema with Kassemady Diabaté,
Syllart Production 1981

Last year I've posted several albums from Syllart's Mali Stars
series. In this series, this is the second LP by National Badema
with the great Kassemady Diabaté. It brings us Mandingo Rock music,
based on traditional songs but played in a rock or latin style.

1 Tira makan
2 Sama
3 Kana bla n'a
4 Guede
5 Ciro
6 Nakanle

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rochereau, Kalé, Ndombé Pépé et l'Orchestre
African Fiesta National, Sonafric

An outstanding album by one of the greatest Congolese singers
of all time is this one. This LP contains some historical tracks,
Rochereau's sweet voice was, and still is, a winner. Listen.


1 Mokitani ya wendo
2 Christine
3 Mua metela wa tshikuluka
4 Nakoli kotika yo te ! Papa
5 Marie Clara
6 Hortense
7 Song + song = songi songi
8 Longo

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oliver de Coque and his Expo '76 Ogene Sound Super of Africa
Afrodisia / Ogene 1987

Let's have us a little more Highlife from Nigeria.
Igbo Highlife that is with the great Oliver de Coque.
I especially like the harmony's on this album, blended
with Oliver's Congo style guitar, another Nigerian killer.
Sorry for the many crackles and snaps.


1 Engirigbo
2 Ife gadi nma na Nigeria
3 Klub nationale
- Uwa bu ofu mbia

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fantastic Tchico - Méditation
Sonafric 1980

Pambou Tchicaya Tchico is back with another album from his
Nigerian period. Tchico's albums are hot already but these
are even hotter. This is the fifth album with more or less
the same cover. Well, as long as the music is this good,
who cares? What can I say? Fantastic Tchico
is simply Fantastic.


1 Méditation
2 Mieux vaut tard que jamais
3 Lettre ouverte à mon époux
4 Zebola


l'Incomparable Johnny Bokelo - A.S. Biliman
Shakara Music

Another great Congolese guitarplayer is Johnny Bokelo.
This LP doesn't have a year, can you tell us what it is ?
I can only tell you it's a very nice album, and know nothing
more about it, I'd say just down it and go listen..


1 A.S. Biliman
2 Yeba mabe nayo
3 Ozangi Nbanda
4 Okomisi mimi

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Happy Birthday
Decca West Africa / Rogers All Stars 1978

If it's your birthday today, then this one's for you !
And if it's not, you may take it too, one specific visitor
must feel like it's his birthday cause he requested for this album.
My favorite track is no 3, listen and pick your own.


1 Happy birthday
2 Adam & Eve
3 Love and unity for Africa
4 Sickness

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Global Sampler vol. 25

Sampler no.25 shows posts between
march 13 and march 28, enjoy.


1 Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey - Adam and Eve
2 Escrete do Samba - Salgueiro chorao
3 Pompon Kuleta - Bolingo lady
4 Sekou Batourou Kouyate - Mamaya
5 Ayinla Omowura - Ire wole de
6 Daniel Santos - El bobo de la yuca
7 Beny Moré - Encantado de la vida
8 Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco - Toro mata
9 Tante Leen - Oh Johnny


Global Sampler vol. 24

Goodmorning, as some of you know I have been struggling with
several webhosters to find one that doesn't kill my links for
what ever reason. Now Mediafire seemed to be a real good one and
it would be if it didn't get blocked in China. I think the World
Wide Web should be available worldwide but it is not. What I shall
do is use Rapid Share untill a link gets killed. If so please report
it to me ASAP and I'll replace it with a Mediafire link. This way the
whole world can still benefit as it should.

Some listener suggested a new Global Sampler and since I'm far behind
on them I'll make a few to reconnect with the present.
This Sampler shows the posts between march 1 and march 10 2009.
Catching up slowly but sure.


1 Cristóbal Pérez - La negra Celina
2 Eddy Gustave - Hora de carnaval
3 Ikenga Super Stars of Africa - Ikenga in Africa
4 Neguinho da Beija-Flor - Oficio de puxador
5 Mbilia Bel - Ba gerants ya mabala
6 Oriental Brothers International Band - Ihe eme uwa adimma


Friday, July 3, 2009

Le Quart de Siècle de Franco de mi Amor et le T.P. O.K. Jazz,
vol.1, Respect, Edipop Production 1982

Le Grand Maitre Franco is still Master if we speak of Congolese music.
He has been on the scene for decades and his style changed continually.
This is some of his work from the early eighties, it has that hypnotic
rhythm I like so much, it goes on and on and makes you want to dance
till dawn. check it..


1 Bina nangai na respect pt.1
2 Bina nangai na respect pt.2
3 Mobali malamu
4 Mujinga

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