Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sam Mangwana - canta Moçambique
S.A.M. Productions 1983

With only two songs and just over 14 minutes of playingtime,
we can hardly call this Long Play. It is more like a 12"single
on 33 rotations per minute. Sam Mangwana delivers 2 very nice tracks
though which you wouldn't like to miss. Backcover information doesn't
give any other credits but I know it is recorded with the great Franco.
Enjoy this.


1 Vamos para o campo
2 Moçambique Oyé


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Skah-Shah ( l'ex Shleu-Shleu d'Haïti ) - Guêpe Pangnole
Maggie Records 1974

I have to confess to you visitors I am not particular loyal to
my own formula. I started this page to bring together music from
all over the globe, as the blogtitle suggests. Slowly however African
music is taking over. Therefore it is a good thing that visitors wake
me up sometimes, and show me some inspirational material.

Compas ( Kompa ) from Haïti is a delightful style of party music, and
I have a special album for you today. After Shleu-Shleu had split up
part of them decided to stay in Haïti and part moved to New York City.
There they started Skah-Shah of which this is the first album, read_more .


1 Guêpe pangnole
2 Kelly
3 Vinn' dancé
4 Apparence
5 Rinmin
6 Consolation
7 Bam passe


Tchico - La Voix d'Or d'Afrique
Maïkano 1983

Pambou Tchicaya Denis or short, Tchico is back at the GG with an
album from 1983. It's a very sweet sounding one by Africa's Golden
Voice, produced on the smooth side this one goes in like honey.


1 Giselle
2 Kathy
3 Loango
4 Marriage


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lutumba Simaro - Le Poète, Productions Souk vol. 2

He was one of Franco's best composers at the OK Jazz.
Somehow his music can't miss. I like about
everything the man did. This album is called 'Le Poète',
after his nickname. Topnotch musician, a hero.


1 Na boyi ibala
2 Consolation
3 O ndimi ngai te
4 Zulu
5 Ma Adele
6 Patience

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Théo Blaise Kounkou - Ça c'est la vie, TBK

Last year I already posted a couple of Théo Blaise albums, he is
the Congolese singer with the sweetest voice. This one waited on the
postingplile way too long but today it has finally found
it's way to you, enjoy it.


1 Ça c'est la vie
2 Rose na ngaï
3 M'bana
4 Nyelenga


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou Benin -
avec Zoundegnon Bernard 'Papillon', Albarika Stores

There's guitarists and guitarists. Zoundegnon Bernard 'Papillon'
is a true virtuoso. With his Orchestre Poly Rythmo he brings this
astonishing album. Better take it while you can.


1 Cherie Coco
2 Mille fois merci



Eric Agyemang - Wonko Menko ?

I recorded this LP from a friend's copy quite some time ago.
Today I recovered the file, unfortunately I was not very sharp those
days and never photographed the backside of the cover. Now I don't know
anything about it except the fact that it's a fine album. Whenever I see
Eric Agyeman's name pass by, all alarms go off. You can't afford to let
any of his work go by unnoticed. So check this and tell us the year,
the publisher and whatever you can tell more, cheers.


1 Wonko Menko ?
2 Nya abotare ma me
3 Odo bra & Men koaa


Monday, June 22, 2009

Oriental Brothers International Band,
Decca / Afrodisia 1978

Lets go bazerk for once, and post two albums by this super group
in a row. This one goes back three years and is is from 1978.
What sweet rhythms, what funky guitars, I love it!
Unfortunately it has a few little jumps, sorry it's an oldie.


1 Ibezim ako
2 Elu rie ala rie


Sir Warrior and his Oriental Brothers Band,
Afrodisia 1981

Oriental Brothers Band from Nigeria scored hit after hit
in the seventies. This one is from 1981 but it rocks your
socks off. These rhythms take you on a journey across
the floor, let your feet go..hips loose, volume up..


1 Jide nkegi
2 Omenma special


Chuito, el de Bayamón con Claudio Ferrer y su Conjunto -
Mi Gallo Camagüey, Ansonia

The authentic mountain music of Puerto Rico is called 'jíbaro'.
One of the most important interpreters of the style was certainly
Chuito, el de bayamón. On the LP of his collegue 'Ramito' I posted
recently, Ramito sings his goodbuy to the late and great Chuito.


1 A los campesinos
2 Lamento jíbaro
3 Se solicita un novio
4 Quiero saber
5 Alegre Diana
6 Mi gallo Camagüey
7 Mi casita
8 Pobre de mi
9 Mi plena
10 Tabaco
11 Mejor que el pan
12 La tranca


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thomas Mapfumo - The Chimurenga Singles 1976 - 1980
Earthworks 1984

Tomorrow or rather, today, 21st of june, I'll go to the
Amsterdam_Roots_Festival, a multi cultural music event
in the Amsterdam Oosterpark with 7 stages and
groups from all over our Globe. One of the groups,

Chiwoniso, you see here with Busi Ncube, is from Zimbabwe.
A fine moment to post some music by an other Zimbabwean,
Thomas Mapfumo, check out his Chimurenga
Singles from between 1976 and 1980.


1 Chauya chirizevha
2 Tozvireva kupiko
3 Pfumvu pa ruzevha
4 Kwaedza mu Zimbabwe
5 Africa
6 Nyarai
7 Chipatapata
8 Butsu mutandarika
9 Munhu mutema
10 Ndiyani achatipa runyararo


Friday, June 19, 2009

Prince Nico Mbarga et Rockafil Jazz
Pathe Marconi / EMI 1978

This Prince Nico Mbarga album was brought out with at least two
different covers. The one we have here is on Pathe/EMI, the small
photo shows the original RAS cover. Either way, I think this LP
'rocks', maybe that's why they wrote their name like this.


1 Another woman's husband
2 Remember
3 Rosa
4 Abortion
5 Salani
6 Afufu uwa
7 Nature
8 Roraghabe


Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux - Mana Mani / Primpin,
Sako Production 1981

From Mali we have this album of Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux.
These guys are legends, Composer Guitarist Kante Manfila and
Singer Salif Keita, Le Domingo de la Chanson they called him.
Great piece of Malinese music from 1981.


1 Mana mani
2 Diata
3 Marfa
4 Primpin
5 Toubaka 81

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ramito, el Cantor de la Montaña -
78 Pueblos Borincanos, Ansonia 1979

Click to enlarge.

One of the last artists that kept the Jibara alive was Ramito.
On this album Ramito sings about his beloved Puerto Rico
with the great Trio Vegabajeño. I found it with a bunch of others
in a Paris recordstore, great catch. Goza con el Gran Ramito !


1 78 pueblos Borincanos
2 Boricua hasta el hueso
3 El enamorado
4 Memorias de Chuito
5 Mano a mano
6 El trabajo y la vagancia
7 Para recordar a Ladi
8 Cadenas del 1800
9 La mujer de mi tierra
10 Por causa del ron


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sam Mangwana & l'African All Stars International -
Vol. 1, Matinda, Albarika Stores 1979

Sam Mangwana, the Pigeon Voyageur, left Congo in 1976 and formed
the African All Stars in Abidjan. On this LP we hear only Stars,
Dizzy Mandjekou - Solo guitar,
Lokassa Ya Mbongo - Rhythm guitar
Kanyama 'Ringo' Moya Lotula - Drums
Syran Mbenza - 2nd Solo guitar
Bopol Mansiamina - Bass
Pablo Lubadika Porthos - Bass
David Diambouana - Saxophone
Tidiane - Saxophone
Sam Mangwana - Vocal
The music is in fact Congolese but being recorded in West Africa,
it has a more uptempo Nigerian-like sound with certain Highlife
elements. I saw this LP somewhere before but could not resist
ripping it oncemore, enjoy it !


1 Matinda
2 Zamba y'Africa
3 Djamo djamo
4 Est ce que ça tourne ?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe & his Nigeria Sound
Makers International - Makojo, Polygram 1985

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe is back at the GG with a sweet
album. His music gets you hypnotized and in cool trance.
Better don't listen to me, listen to Stephen Osita Osadebe!


1 Makojo
- Egwu ogolo
2 Abube 85 oghiagha
- Okugbalu afia onitsha


T.P. Orchestre Poly Rythmo of the Peoples Republic of Benin -
Special Festac 77 in Nigeria, Albarika Store 1977

On one of my last recordhunts I found this LP by T.P. Orchestre Poly
Rythmo of the Peoples Republic of Benin. African groups love long names.
And we love their music, they truly honour their name by delivering
this super rhythmic highlife. The second side starts kinda abrupt,
sorry but it has little damage. Fantastic dancing material.


1 Special Festac 77 in Nigeria A-side
2 Special Festac 77 in Nigeria B-side

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Le Grand Kalle et l'African Jazz,
Productions Souk vol. 4

Congolese music changed forever after Joseph 'le Grand Kalle' Kabasele
started African Jazz in 1953. Kabasele is seen as the father of
Congolese Rumba. Some huge stars made their fame playing with him, among
who guitar wizard Nicholas 'Dr. Nico' Kasanda, Pascal Tabu Rochereau
and Cameroonian Saxplayer Manu Dibango. After Kabasele died in 1983,
the great Franco said; "Joseph Kabasele was the founder of Zairean
music and, although we were in competition, he made many things possible
for me." This album on Productions Souk, has a poor cover which doesn't
give us a lot of information. The recordings are from early 60's probably,
if anyone can tell us more, please do. ( photo from Rough Guide )


1 Matanga ya mobido
2 Lolita
3 Lipopo ya ba nganga
4 Jamais kolonga
5 Lolo wangai
6 Tangana rumba matata
7 Maria mama na mulamba
8 Information 3171
9 Adios tete
10 Anishayi
11 Djumanango
12 Yoka nainu miziki
13 Pablito de su amor


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pambou Tchicaya Tchico et Lolo Lolitta -
Les Evades de Ponto le Belle, Sonafric 1983

In this series of Tchicaya Tchico in Nigeria, we already saw a few
here at the GG. This one is from 1983 and delivers 4 songs with
quite some contrast. It has a few of those typical guitar parts with
Tchico's superb sound effects, enjoy this. I have the idea they
misspelled the title a bit, a previous Tchico was called, 'Le Retour
des Évadés de Ponton La Belle'. BTW I replaced all dead links,
all twenty are now hosted by Mediafire and working properly.
Please keep reporting any dead links you find and I shall replace
them ASAP. Thanks everybody for your help! I just need to
repost the 5 Juju albums that I removed completely,
we're getting there.


1 Salima
2 Retrait deuil
3 Rosalie
4 Adieu H.L.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Syran - Signé Eddy'Son,
Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial

Good evening, there are still quite some albums I have
to re-upload. As you know I just moved from Rapidshare because
they killed about 20 of my links. I am changing them to Mediafire
now, that seems to be the best solution. With a little patience
all links shall be fixed again, thnx.

The sessions with Eddy'Son's Consortium are always great.
Syran Mbenza gathered a group of topnotch musicians around
him, with Bopol, Eddy, Lea and Assy. I'm very fund of this one.


1 Ilanga
2 Vie ya moto
3 Zola
4 Nalembi


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & his Inter Reformers Band -
Juju Jubilee, Shanachie 1985

Okay, here we go trying out Megaupload for the first time.
I received lots of advice and it's hard choosing the right one.
A try-out seems to be the best way to find the best solution.

Since Rapidshare attacked my juju posts so massively, a Chief
Ebenezer album seems at place today. This Lp on Shanachie is not
the least, Shanachie Records always stand for quality recordings
and so is this one. I found it in mint condition and it sounds
just great. Let me know if you have problems downing it, check.


1 Awa ewe iwoyi
2 E ma se lo
3 A fi eni oluwa koyo
4 Ohun oju ri laiye
5 Asiko mi ti to
6 Ko easy lati je omo okunrin
7 Oro mi ti davo

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Fellow Bloggers' Help Asked

Dear visitor and fellowblogger, today I received a message
that the last 5 Juju posts have dead links.
I took a look and found that Rapidshare has killed at least 20
African posts. That is a lot of work I did for nothing.
Slowly I am getting tired of removing perfect posts of old
and out of print albums. It is not that they are to be purchased
in CD stores, neither does anyone send me a message I am
infringing in someones rights.

Question to my fellowbloggers;
What is the filehoster that gives the best service?
I want no advertisements and free users should not have to wait.
I also of course don't want them to remove any of the files I've put
in lots of time. Give me a good tip please.
Thank you for answering. If I have found a better hoster I shall
create new links for the lot. thnx.

Oliver de Coque & his Expo '76 -
Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya, Olumo 1982

Always great covers on Oliver de Coque's LP's. Like this album
from 1982, it is a bit worn out but spins like it should.


1 Ekwueme youth club of Nigeria
- Ndi amama nenuwa
2 Onye aghana nwanne ya
- Onye nwelumadu nuwa kene chukwu

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lanrewaju Adepoju & his National Akewi Theatre -
Itumo Ayé, Lanre Adepoju Records 1977

Lanrewaju Adepoju was a Poet in the Yoruba tradition.
This music is called Ewi, it sounds a bit like Juju but not
exactly. Try out Lanrewaju Adepoju.


1 Itumo ayé
- Igbesi aye omo eniyan
- Alhaji Danjuma Haruna ( agege )
2 Wonyosi
- Oba William Ayeni
- Oba Tijani Oyewusi - Alhaji Alimotu Sadia

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - No Die, No Rest,
Rogers All Stars 1980

Good afternoon groovers, today I have another Nico Mbarga for you.
African music, and specially West African, is ruling at the GG, no
other part of the world attracts so many listeners. Prince Nico is
back and he's kind of restless.


1 No die, no rest
2 Forgive me
3 Celibataire avec des enfants
4 H.N.B. Explosion

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Noël Rosa - São Coisas Nossas

Many of us know the songs of Noël Rosa, they are still being
played today by lots of Brazilian artists. Mostly we hear the
countless renditions by those artists but seldom by Noël Rosa himself.
When one of our visitors told me he was so happy discovering the
music of Noël Rosa, I decided to put together a compilation with
his songs and all sung by himself. There are two songs on which he
is accompanied by others, there's one with Marília Baptista and one
with Ismaël Silva. I went through all the material I have available
so no vinyl rips this time. Noël Rosa was one of the most important
composers in Brazilian musical history. Whether it's samba, bossa
nova or MPB, it would not have been the same without
the work of Noël Rosa. Enjoy this comp.


1 São coisas nossas
2 Onde está a honestidade ?
3 Conversa de botequim
4 Você vai se quiser (with Marília Baptista)
5 Gago apaixonado
6 Positivismo
7 João Ninguém
8 Malandro medroso
9 Com que roupa ?
10 Seu Jacinto (with Ismaël Silva)
11 Minha viola
12 Cordiais saudações
13 Por causa da hora
14 Mentiras de mulher
15 Coração
16 Arranjei um fraseado


Friday, June 5, 2009

Ambassadeur International - Mandjou,
Badmos late 70's

This is an album of Ambassadeur International, Ex Ambassadeurs
du Motel de Bamako. It's a late 70's album with the young Salif
Keita and his fantastic voice. Sweet old Mandingo with Kante Manfila,
Cissoko Moussa, Ousmane Kouyate and Sekou Diabate to call a few.
If you know the exact year, will you tell us ?


1 Mandjou
2 Kandja
3 4V
4 N'Toman
5 Balla

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Los Virtuosos - El Brujo, Kubaney 1976

From the Dominican Republic, these are Los Virtuosos with
Cuco Valoy. The name El Brujo would stay with him after this LP.
Inside the cover we find a little booklet with some magical
recipes. They are in Spanish and if you want, they're included.
A great piece of salsa and merengue, beware of El Brujo !


1 Corre, Policia, corre
2 La receta de un brujo
3 Do re mi
4 El lio de mi vecino
5 No te descuides
6 Mi tumbao
7 El baile de las toallas
8 Homenaje a Matamoros
9 Estatutos 76
10 Mi rumbon

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Le Seigneur Rochereau et l'African-Fiesta National
Les Merveilles du Passé no.4, african 1969

le Seigneur Rochereau already brought us a few great albums
at the GG, today he is back with one of the sweetest ever.
I don't need a lot of words to tell you,
do not miss this one !


1 Ana Kokoy
2 Maria Maria
3 Djibebeke
4 Savon Omo
5 Laisse-toi aimer
6 Lina
7 Nganda ya dialo
8 Zando ya malonga
9 Mokolo nakokufa
10 Amour-fou

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Bala et ses Balladins - Objectif Perfection,
Editions Syliphone Conakry 1980

The Guinée Syliphone label is very popular among collectors of
West-African music. On fairs you find these albums for prices
up to € 120,-. Crazy amounts of course, and by paying it, it
only gets worse. Here is one by Bala et ses Balladins and it is
a fantastic one. I don't know about you but to my humble opinion,
they have reached their objective. This is just beautiful, my
favourite track, 'Paulette'. What superb vocals, and that hornsection..


1 Bambo
2 Soufougne
3 Paulette
4 Assa
5 Keme bourema

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smahila & S.B' s - Love, RAS

On the Nigerian RAS label I recently found this LP.
Smahila's work was unknown to me untill this album.
It contains a couple of great songs among which, 'All Stars',
an ode to Roger's All Stars, and they deserve it, very nice.
Unfortunately the soundquality is not so good, but still..


1 Love
2 Help
3 Ils n'est jamais trop tard
4 All Stars

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe -
People's Club Special, 10th Anniversary, Polygram 1982

With the Nigerian civil war, late sixties, Highlife practically
came to an end in Nigeria's western region. Tribal discrimination
forced all Igbo musicians to move from Lagos as guitarband highlife
was more and more identified with the east as Igbo-Highlife.
One of the diehards, keeping guitar highlife alive, was Stephen Osita
osadebe who recorded more than 30 albums. Here's one of them.
( Info from the Rough Guide on Worldmusic )
By the way, this dish starts a little crispy
but mellows out along the way.


1 People's club special A
2 People's club special B

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