Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Computer Problems

Dear visitor,

Due to problems with my computer I am not in the opportunity to post
at this particular moment. I am trying to uplaod but for some days now
it does not seem to work. Our service engineers are doing their best
to find out why. Hope to be back real soon,

thanks for understanding, stay tuned.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tante Leen - Successen, His Master's Voice 1965

Last oktober I posted an album by a dear artist from Amsterdam,
the city of my ancestors. Johnny Jordaan is still a hero of the
old days and has sentimental value to me. He used to sing with
this fine lady. Tante Leen and Johnny Jordaan are unforgettable
and there's even a Johnny Jordaan Plein ( square ). Funny enough
I bought this LP today in Utrecht instead of Amsterdam. The music
is typical for the 'Jordaan', an area in old Amsterdam. Music quite
different from what you're used to find here. Tante Leen had her own
little café where she used to sing for the public, the only day she
didn't sing was when Ajax played at home. Every fortnight on sunday she
was in the Ajax football stadium cheering for her club.


1 Mijn ouwe Amstelstad
2 Oh Johnny
3 Wanneer
4 Ik ben zo verliefd
5 Hand in hand
6 Ik kan vergeten
7 Aan de Amsterdamse grachten
8 Waarom wil je niets meer van me weten
9 De oude straatmuzikant
10 Mijn jongen
11 Kijk mij eens aan
12 Op die ouwe Nieuwendijk

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco - Celia & Johnny, Vaya 1974

After the 1959 revolution on Cuba, Celia Cruz left the island together
with the legendary 'la Sonora Matancera'. In New York she played with all
the great latin artists you can imagine. After singing with the Orchestra
of Tito Puente she met Johnny Pacheco and his Fania crew. Together they
had tremendous succes. This LP contains the great 'Quimbara', a huge hit
from those days. And weren't they hip ?


1 Quimbara
2 Toro mata
3 Vieja luna
4 El paso del mulo
5 Tengo el idde
6 Lo tuyo es mental
7 Canto a la Habana
8 No Mercedes
9 El tumbao y Celia
10 El pregon del pescador

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beny Moré, Sonero Mayor vol. 4, Egrem/Areito 1982

This is not a career album but just a kind of 'Best of'. Still it's
a great way to learn about Beny Moré. Haven't you heard him yet ?
One of Cuba's highest mail voices, what subtle perfection, I
just love his mambo's, uuhhh.


1 Te quedaras
2 Encantado de la vida
3 En el tiempo de la colonia
4 Oh! Vida
5 Locas por el mambo
6 Mi chiquita quiere guarachar
7 Barbaro del ritmo
8 A media noche
9 Cinturita
10 Corazon rebelde
11 El bobo de la yuca
12 Me voy pa'el pueblo

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Segun Adewale - Ase, S.A.Records 1983

I received a request some time ago for more Sir Shina Adewale, this
is Segun Adewale without Sir Shina Peters. I am not so sure I understand
the lyrics, the music however answers exactly to my critical taste.
On special request, this
is Segun Adewale.


1 Nigeria
- Kenimani
- Emi igberaga
- Jesu loba iye
- Halleluya
2 Owo ni gbongbo ese
- Eleyo e yo
- Ase
- Omo oba lo ndade

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Sonora Matancera presenta a Daniel Santos, Tropical 1950

La Sonora Matancera is a group that played with almost every great latin
singer from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominicans. This fine LP is with
Puerto Rican hero 'Daniel Santos'. He was the most delightful singer,
loved by many. It is from 1950 and brings a few cracks but for
it's age, some 59 years, I think it sounds swell. Enjoy Daniel Santos.


1 A la buena de dios
2 Amnistia
3 Asi- asi
4 Celos con Lola
5 Como me da la gana
6 Moñito
7 El bobo de la yuca
8 El granito de maiz
9 Siempre contigo
10 Mambo pide la gente
11 Amor de ayer
12 Escribeme

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ayinla Omowura and his Apala Group, Ire wole de ( Owo udoji ), EMI 197?

From the Nigerian Yoruba tradition, this music is called 'Apala'.
It is based on drums and voice, I can't seem to figure out
the difference between 'Fuji' and 'Apala'. To me it sounds more
or less the same. Ayinla has a great voice, combined with smooth
talking drums this is awesome music. Enjoy Ayinla Omowura.


1 Ire wole de
- Egbe ewenla maduguri
- Egberun asa ni Nigeria
- Alhaji Raufu Adeola
- Ona da ki ikan wo nu apata
- Buari oloto
2 Agbo ma ye'ti l'orin tiwa
- Egbe basiri ni sango
- Fari kini iwofa o se
- Rgbe ifelodun Lagos State
- Mo tun de pelu adidun orin

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sekou Batourou Kouyate et sa Cora, Disques Kouma 1976

From Mali this is Sekou Batourou Kouyate. He was the world's greatest
cora player of all time according to Worldservice.
Strictly instrumental cora album, very relaxed.


1 Mamaya
2 Soundiata
3 Alla lake
4 Toutou
5 Mari
6 Toutou

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Pompon Kuleta de l'Afrisa International, KP Productions 1986

I never heard of Pompon Kuleta untill I found this LP.
Neither could I find anything usefull on te world wide web.
What I do know, this is a fine album, very nice voice and
great back up band. With Sammy Massamba, Kabassele and other
artists that do not sound familiar to me.
Check it out and get back to me if you can enlighten us
on the subject.


1 Faites attention
2 Ba souvenir
3 Bolingo lady
4 Mbula esili

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Escrete do Samba - É samba no pé, Disques Esperance 1975

Dear visitor, I use to post more often and I would
if only I could find the time, well today I did.

Last year, June the 1st to be precise, I already posted volume 2.
Now here's number one, a big medley of well known samba tunes
from the early 70's. For samba lovers, a treat.


1a Do jeito que o rei mandou
1b Regra tres
2a Salguiro chorao
2b Nega Tijucana
3a Quando vim de Minas
3b Fala viola
4a Quero sim
4b Tristeza pé no chão
5a Boi da cara preta
5b Porta aberta
5c Teimosa
6a Reza forte
6b Mocoto é meu
7a Serenou
7b Que beleza
8a Hora de chorar
8b Quando eu me chamar saudade
9a Retalhos de cetim
9b Camisa 10
9c Boa noite
10a Anastacio/Samba enredo para um sambista morto
10b Malandro é malandro mesmo

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his Inter-Reformers Band - Adam and Eve, Decca West Africa 1977

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey is back. He brings us a swell 1977
album, on which we see the same stadium in the background as we
saw in the last post by Oriental Brothers. And also on Chief Stephen
Osita Osadebe's 'the People Star in London'. I think it's Probably not
existing anymore because I could not find anything about it.
This LP is delightful as all the Ebenezer Obey albums I heard
before, sweet Juju.


1 Adam and Eve
2 Awa dupe, Odomode e ma se se ole,
--- Aiye yi faji ni, Chief M.K.O. Abiola,
--- I love my darling, Kolawole olokodana

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oriental Brothers International Band - Led by F. Dansatch Opara, Afrodisia/Decca West Africa 1977

Quite a funny surprise, when you come home with an LP looking
like it's really old and dusty, and then when you take it out of
it's cover it turns out to look all fresh and funky.
And then you play it and it sounds like this, wow..
Awesome highlife by one of Nigeria's greatest bands of the 70's.


1 Origbu onye one
2 Ihe eme uwa adimma

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mbilia Bel - Ba gerants ya mabala, Genidia 1984

It's been a long time since the last Mbilia Bel post.
She was one one of the first female superstars of Africa when
she struck gold with Seigneur Tabu Ley and l'Afrisa International.
Mbilia Bel had a quite short and stormy career mid 80's. 'Creamy'
and 'dreamy' voice that makes her unforgettable.


1 Ba gerants ya mabala
2 Ba jeu de coin
3 Paka wewe
4 Boni yo boye

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Neguinho da Beija-Flor - Ofício de Puxador, CBS 1985

This morning I got a strange surprise. The Blogger Team sent me a mail
I violated other people's copyright by posting a reggae compilation
on my paralel page. When I went there to remove it ( which I always do )
I found out it was already removed. I didn't know and still don't if
this is a usual thing to happen. Have any of you collegue bloggers
ever experienced this before ? Tell me about it.

Neguinho da Beija-Flor comes in with this 1985 samba album.
Assuming it is here to stay, I can tell you it is a nice
and kind of traditional album. With the participation of
a group of experienced musicians like Wilson das Neves' rhythm
section and many others. Powerfull and smooth samba with
the strong voice of Neguinho da Beija-Flor.


1 Ofício de puxador
2 Dinheiro do pis
3 Bem melhor que você
4 Sem batismo e sem Adeus
5 Se liga doutor
6 A Deusa da passarela
7 Bom dia, melhores dias virão
8 Fim de nós
9 O homem do colarinho branco
10 Angela
11 Problema social

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa, AIT / RAS 1977

Another Lp by the great Ikenga, some time ago we had an album
by them without title too. These guys are completely cool, such
hypnotic highlife. The Ikenga Super Stars of Africa, led by Victor
Okoroego, weigh in here with a funky slice of Ikwokilikwo. The
Ikengas were born in 1973 as "The Nkengas" when they split from
bandleader Osita Osadebe, in the process read_more


1 Ikenga go marry me
2 Ikenga in Africa

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eddy Gustave - Merengues 1, Eddy'Son

Saxophone player Eddy Gustave is from Guadeloupe. He started his own label
in Paris where he produced lots of Congolese music of which plenty examples
on this page. Surrounded by all these great African musicians he made this
instrumental Merengue album. I don't know in what year.
If you can tell us, please do. Sweet stuff by the great Eddy Gustave.


1 A bailar merengue
2 Merengue Harengue
3 Celedonio
4 Juanita - Morel
5 Hora de carnaval

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bailables de Oro 1952 1972 - V.A. , Sonolux

This afternoon I paid some Amsterdam shops a visit and
found this Colombian collector from the 70's.
It contains 3 or 4 songs with Edmundo Arias' orchestra. When I
first heard it some years ago, it captured me straight away.
As a bonus I added 6 extra songs by Orquesta de Edmundo Arias.

1 Alfredo Gutierrez y sus Estrellas - La banda borracha
2 Amparito Jimenez - Pepe
3 Edmundo Arias y su Orquesta - Ligia
4 Sarita Lascarro - Quiero amanecer
5 Noel Petro - Cabeza de hacha
6 Antonio Gonzalez G. - Playa blanca
7 Lita Nelson - Algo se me va
8 Orquesta Sonolux - Diciembre azul
9 Cristóbal Pérez - La negra Celina
10 Gladys Viera - Suave
11 Corraleja 71 - La pollera colora
12 Super Combo 'Los Tropicales' - Cumbia sobre el mar

bonus tracks

13 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Atlantico
14 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Juanita bonita
15 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - El mecanico
16 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - La luna y el pescador
17 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Alma quibdoseña
18 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Cumbia sobre el mar

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