Saturday, February 28, 2009

Global Sampler vol. 22

Global Samplers are useful guides through this page. Whether you're
a regular or a new visitor, they help you to find what you're looking
for quickly. Check the Global Samplers 1 to 22 at our side-bar.
This one guides you along the posts from january 21 to february 8.
I hope it is of any use, enjoy.


1 Théo Blaise Kounkou - Nadia soleil
2 Carlos Embale - Timbalaye
3 Benedito Nunes - Quando esse cabra morrer
4 Sam Mangwana, Franco & le TPOK Jazz - Toujours OK
5 Joseito Mateo - Me quiero emborrachar
6 Roberto Torres y su Caminantes - Rapsodia en el solar
7 Carlos Lyra - Ciume
8 Franco et le TPOK Jazz - Ida
9 Los Ahijados Cuco y Martin Valoy - Deja gozar mi negra
10 Los Vituosos de Cuco Valoy - Juliana
11 Le Seigneur Rochereau - Ki-makango mpe libala
12 Bopol - Afric'Ambiance
13 Tiers Monde Coöperation - Bowao
14 Clementina de Jesus - Sonho meu


Friday, February 27, 2009

Akwasi Yeboah's Band - Obaatan ( Good Mother ), Makossa 1979

It is always nice to do new musical discoveries. On one of my last
recordhunts I found this highlife album by Akwasi Yeboah's Band.
I think they are from Ghana, correct me if I'm wrong. It is in
good condition and sounds perfect for it's 30 years of age.
There are 6 great songs here, anybody who can tell us more ?


1 Obaatan pa ( Good mother )
2 Obaa yi ho ye fe ( Beautiful woman )
3 Aboa abirekyire ( Wisdom of a goat )
4 Adam nana rekoo ( Mother nature )
5 Ade akye asa( the beginning and end of a day )
6 Koose part 2 ( Daily bread )

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Super Negro Bantous,
Decca / RAS 1978

It's been a while since we had Nigerian music. This is a tremendous
group that plays a very relaxed highlife. The cover of the LP does
not give us any useful information, please feel free to comment
on this sweet highlife album by the Super Negro Bantous.


1 Professional Super Bantous
2 Life responsibility
3 Take time
4 Judgment


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meireles e sua Orquestra - Brazilian Beat vol. 2, London 1967

If you like a good Brazilian Beat, this is the thing for you.
Meireles' orquestra was famous for it's renditions of popular
Brazilian numbers. Although it ends with a couple of songs
I heard a few times too much, this is a great album.
It's been recorded 42 years ago and sounds as if it was yesterday.


1 Ritmo
2 Madureira chorou
3 Nêga do cabelo duro
4 Praça onze
5 Máscara negra
6 A banda
7 Marchinha no grande galo
8 Allah-la-ô
9 Cidade maravilhosa
10 Mas que nada
11 Garôta de Ipanema
12 Desafinado

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tito Rodriguez and his Orchestra - Charanga Pachanga, United Artists

Puerto Rican singer and percussionist Tito Rodriguez moved to New
York in the 30's. He later became one of the biggest bandleaders
who worked all the big Latin clubs like the famous Palladium.


1 Componte cundunga
2 Sobando el son
3 A callarse
4 Bacalao salao
5 Ahora me toca a mi
6 El latigo
7 Manteca de coco
8 Que cocine caridad
9 El panuelo
10 Oiganlo

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pamelo Mounk'a - Propulsion, Eddy'Son 1983

Another fine Eddy'Son production from 1983. Congolese singer Pamelo
Mounk'a is back with this Paris recording. What can I say ?
Eddy Gustave always seemed to create the perfect atmosphere
with the perfect musicians. It all comes natural here, it's only
half an hour of music but don't miss it, Class A material.
A tiny bit of damage though, sorry.


1 Laisse toi vivre Mamouni
2 Affaires de coeur
3 Yhiayhia dzellat
4 Mariaker

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chappottin y sus Estrellas - Sabor Tropical, Antilla late 50's

The brother of that Arsenio Rodriguez album of last week. It has a
cover by the same artist, that much is clear. I guess it must be
more or less from the same year aswell. It sure sounds like it.
One of the inventors of Cuban Son with a great LP.


1 Quimbombo
2 Canallon
3 Rompe Saraguey
4 Yo si como candela
5 Me voy contigo
6 Ay que canuto
7 Yo soy tiburon
8 No tiene telaraña
9 Que se fuñan
10 Aunque mami no quiera
11 Fidelina
12 Nereyda


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grands Succes de l'Orchestre OK Jazz, african 1975 - 1977

What do you think ?

I can see, by checking download figures, that most visitors of this
page are interested in African music. Latin scores reasonably well,
but Samba, Calypso and reggae not so well. The reggae part now
takes place at my parallel page. It did not fit in this formula
very much. The other styles match quite well I think, What
do you think ?

Here we have an example of some of that sweet African music.
Franco never failed to score yet, he was and is a master
in his style. Le grand maitre they called him, and that is
absolutely justified.


1 Matata ya muasi na mobali ekoki kosila te
2 Radio Trottoir
3 Oko rgretter ngai mama
4 Mace
5 Bandeko na ya mibali basundoli ngai
6 Moleka

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Grupo Fundo de Quintal - Samba é no Fundo do Quintal, RGE 1987

Carnaval started today, so I thought it would be appropriate
to post some Rio Samba for the occasion. Grupo Fundo de Quintal
was a very popular samba group. At least two of these musicians,
Almir Guineto and Jorge Aragão also made quite some albums under
their own name. The LP says to be from 1987 but Beth Carvalho, who
tells us to buy the album on the back of the sleeve, signs her notes
5/9/80. A little confusing, how can she comment a '87 recording in
1980 ? If you know, enlighten us.


1 Você quer voltar
2 Sou Flamengo, Cacique e Mangueira
3 Prazer da Serrinha
4 Olha a intimidade
5 Volta de sorte
6 Marido da madame
7 Bate na viola
8 Gamação danada
9 Lá no morro
10 Bar da esquina
11 Voltar a paz
12 Zé da Ralé

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto - Sabroso y Caliente, Antilla 1957

He was eight years old when he got kicked by a horse and became blind.
Cuban tres player and Band leader Arsenio Rodriguez is still the
main name if we speak of 40's and 50's Son. They say he is one of the
most influential figures in Cuban Son, together with trumpeteer Felix
Chappottin. Salsa we hear today is still based on the sound that these
great musicians made some 50 years ago. This is a rare and classic
Cuban album, get it while you can.


1 Carraguao alante
2 Hay fuego en el 23
3 Buenavista en Guaguancó
4 Devuelveme la ilusion
5 Adorenla como a Marti
6 El homenaje esta hablando bien
7 Blanca paloma
8 Mami me gusto
9 Que feliz yo fuera
10 Besame aqui
11 La fonda de bienvenido
12 Recuerdo bien

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mothmen on Ramdog's Rough Site

Good evening,
Tonight I have a little message for you.
As you all know, I use this page to post all kinds of worldmusic.
But it just so happens that this crazy old collector has a taste
that goes further than worldsounds alone. I must admit that it is
on the winning hand the past few years but I still listen to loads
of other music too. To be able to post music that doesn't fit in
at the Global Groove, I created a second blog. Ofcourse I shall
continue to post the music you're used to find here, nothing is
changing. For people interested though, I'd like to redirect you to
On this page you can find obscure popmusic, rare black stuff and
other things that don't combine with worldmusic.
Pay Attention ! to the Mothmen and to Ramdog's Rough Site.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

King Sunny Adé and his African Beats - Synchro System, Island Records 1983

In 1983, Island Records came with this great album. It's back side
has almost the same photo as African released 'Ajoo' had on the front.
There are also some simular numbers. This European LP has the numbers
nicely devided, while the African release had them melted together.
To me, this is one of King Sunny Adé's very best albums.


1 Synchro feeling, Ilako
2 Motimo
3 Penkele
4 Maajo
5 Synchro sytem
6 E saiye re
7 Tolongo
8 E wele
9 Synchro reprise

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Los Virtuosos - No Me Empuje, Discolor 1975

Cuco Vlaoy is back with his Virtuosos, this one is from
1975. Funny cover, great salsa and merengue.

1 No me empuje
2 Salsa caliente
3 Ella me olvido
4 El vacilon
5 Amor, amor
6 La protesta matrimonial
7 Blem, blem
8 Mas dano me hizo tu amor
9 Malditos celos
10 El juicio


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eddy'Son Présente Sam Mangwana,
Eddy'Son 1979

Here's another Sam Mangwana on Eddy'Son's label. This one is also from
1979. Eddy Gustave took care of the arrangements for this one.
The LP cover does not give any futher information and to be
honest, I can't tell you a damn thing about it. I'd say,
just go and listen. It has a few scratches, just like you and me.
Check it.


1 Matinda
2 Mbanda kazaka
3 Bi kumba-kumba
4 Djamo-djamo


Friday, February 13, 2009

Horace Andy - Dance Hall Style, Wackie's 1983

Hello Groovers,
what happened this morning. I visited a fellow music blog, one I had
linked at my own sidebar, when I found out he had turned the blog
into a site where you pay for every song you download. I thought
the whole idea behind these pages was to share your old vinyl-
collection with your friends online. At this blog the music always
was, is, and will be FREE. Sharing my old records with you guys makes
me feel good, I hope it does you too. I removed that link from my page.
Bye Bye !

To demonstrate this feeling I ripped us a great old reggae album. One
that always had a special place with me. Horace Andy's voice is very
unique, one you can always easily recognize. Great songs, produced by
Bullwackie in a great way, strongly overdubbed and with a fine message.
Money, money, money, root of all evil !
It was about time I posted some reggae by the way, much too long ago !


1 Money money
2 Lonely woman
3 Cuss cuss
4 Stop the fuss
5 Spying glass
6 Let's live in love

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Merveilles du Passé, Eternel Docteur Nico 1963 1965,
Orchestre African Fiesta, african 1985

This past week I posted an album by Rochereau with African Fiesta and
asked if anybody knew if Docteur Nico was participating. He was not on
that LP. Here is an album from 1985 on which we hear the doctor with
African Fiesta. These are older recordings made in 1963 '64 '65. Docteur
Nico is considered by many Africa's greatest guitarist of modern times.
An important document you don't want to miss.

Global Groove's engineers are working on a better presentation.
Some minor problems still occur however. The quality of the images
for instance is still quite poor. We're on top of that, soon come.


1 Lolita
2 Lakisa bango
3 Au complet
4 Merengue president
5 Kiboloso
6 PB Zonga
7 Mambo Hawaienne
8 Me voy a cantar
9 Naleli godee
10 Libala bisengo
11 Tosa mpe banga
12 Na landa baninga
13 Na bendi nzoto

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Hi-Life International - Music to Wake the Dead, Stern's 1983

Early eighties when this LP was released, I was a rooky concerning
African music. This is one of the albums that became a classic
at my place, we used to play it quite much during the 80's.
Normally I'm not so much into instrumentals, and this LP is
not very vocal, still I think it's a great album. The London
Stern's label always garantees a solid listen.


1 All that glitters
2 Travel & see
3 Wish you were here
4 Abrokyire abrabo
5 I de tell you mama
6 Salaam alekum
7 For better, for worse
8 Your touch is so warm

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clementina de Jesus - Clementina e Convidados, EMI Odeon 1979

In 1979 EMI brought together a fantastic group of artists.
Clementina de Jesus invited the cream of the crop of the Rio
de Janeiro Samba scene. This is samba for the purists among us.
With the participation of Cristina Buarque, Clara Nunes, Roberto
Ribeiro, Joao Bosco, Martinho da Vila, Yvone Lara, Adoniran
Barbosa, Carlinhos Vergueiro, Wilson das Neves, Jorginho do
Pandeiro, Chicinho, Neco and Maestro Nelsinho. I think that
through this album they created a monument for Clementina
de Jesus, an LP that gets better and better along the way.


1 Tantas você fez
2 Embala eu
3 Cocórocó
4 Olhos de Azeviche
5 Boca de sapo
6 Laçador
7 Assim nao, Zambi
8 Na hora da sede
9 Sonho meu
10 Torresmo á Milanesa
11 Caxinguele das crianças
12 Papel reclame

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Tiers Monde Coöperation -
Nouvelle Formule, IAD Sound 1983

Good afternoon, you might have noticed some major changes, from today Global Groove works with a new and improved face. The old header was made very rapidly and although it functioned for 9 months, I thought it was about time for a fresh one.
From today I also use another image in my profile, let me introduce my very best friend. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sjakie', my loyal pal that goes where ever I go. As from now I shall be using Sjakie's fine image as my own. I am a dog under the Chinese stars, so..
Then finally, what this page is all about, the music. Sam Mangwana, Empompo Loway and Ndombe Opetum form this group of which I can't seem to find out very much. I must admit I didn't search very fanatic. A good thing is that visitors fill me in when I get stuck. For now, just listen and enjoy Tiers Monde Coöperation.


1 Bowao
2 Tiers monde
3 Omesongo
4 Ngui-ngon


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bopol - Bopol, Syllart 1984

To post this LP I had to wait for a saturdaynight. It is an old
friend, I had it since it came out in 1984. If you like an uptempo
dance sound, this is the one for you. So, get it, put the furniture
aside, volume up and let go. With Pablo Lubadika Porthos, Syran
Mbenza, Ray Lema and Tchico to call a few. An album that brings
back sweet memories to me, those good Ol'days. Tout le monde,
tout le monde, samedi soir, everybody everybody, saturdaynight.


1 Samedi soir
2 Madela
3 Afric' Ambiance
4 Muana samba

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Le Seigneur Rochereau et l'African Fiesta National, african 1969

After having recorded already some 400 titles, Rochereau started
African Fiesta mid sixties with guitarist Dr. Nico. I am not sure
if Dr. Nico is still playing on this album because they split up
after two years. The album's cover doesn't give much information.
If someone knows, please let us know. It's an LP released specially
for Christmas and New Year 1969-1970. Pascal Tabu Rochereau later
took the name 'Tabu Ley' and is still one of my all time favourite
Congolese singers.


1 Ki-makango mpe libala
2 Libala ya maloba
3 Nganga ya maza
4 Mutambula
5 Bonane na Noël
6 Mosolo
7 Basi basalaka
8 Zuwa ya bosenzi

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Los Virtuosos de Cuco Valoy - Salsa con Coco, Discolor 1978

Part from Los Ahijados, Cuco Valoy played with his band Los
Virtuosos. 'El Brujo' they called him, 'the Wizard'.
This LP contains perhaps his most famous song,'Juliana'.
and the typically loopy 'La muerte de Don Marcos'.
( World Music the Rough Guide )


1 Juliana
2 La muerte de Don Marcos
3 No hay que preguntarlo
4 Yo te dije
5 Pa gozar contigo
6 Cuando quieras
7 Daniel
8 Enamorado

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Los Ahijados, Cuco y Martin Valoy -
Sones Montunos vol. 2, Discolor 1981

The brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are from the Dominican
Republic but they played mostly Cuban style Son, Merenge
and Salsa aswell. Their voices matched like bread
and butter. This is son montuno like you haven't heard much
before, absolutely great. You can find plenty more of the
brothers at Listentoyourears, listed at our sidebar.
Enjoy Los Ahijados.


1 La lechuza
2 Virgencita del consuelo
3 No compay
4 Traicionera
5 Malli
6 Bailalo y gozalo
7 Deja gozar mi negra
8 Quiero un vacilon
9 El huerfanito
10 Calma y olvido
11 El son del campesino
12 Mi son Cubano

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Le Grand Maitre Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz - La Vie des Hommes, Choc Choc Choc 1986

I received some request for more Franco, 'le Grand Maitre' made
some 150 albums and I have a few left unposted. He was a real
heavyweight, not just physical (over 300 pounds at his peak),
with about 1000 songs on his name he remains one of Congo's main
artists. Favourite theme in Franco's songs was the difference
between men and women, this LP is from the period in which he
peaked on the subject. It's one of my favs with the great
voice of Malage de Lugendo, superb material.


1 La vie des hommes
2 Ida
3 Celio

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Carlos Lyra - Bossa Nova, Philips 1959

It's purely coincidental this LP also shows a photo of the artist
with a burning cigarette. I was not looking for it, but when I
was ripping it I found out. I must say, it didn't harm
Carlos Lyra's voice aswell.

Some two years ago I first got aquainted with the phenomena
of 'Music Blogs'. It was because a friend pointed me the great
Loronix, the best blog on the web when it concerns Brazilian
music. I got hooked to visiting the Great Zeca Louro's Loronix
and did not start one day without going there. Zeca, I want to
dedicate this album to you, without you I would not even know
about Carlos Lyra's existence. Thank you so much for showing me
all that wonderful music, Loronix is not just a music blog,
it is a 'Bossa Nova Institution' and my great example !
Check Loronix at our sidebar !

Carlos Lyra is one of the inventors of Bossa Nova, he was one
of the first to record a Bossa Nova album. Several of the songs
he wrote and co-wrote with for instance Vinicius de Moraes
became Bossa Nova standards later. A song like 'Maria Ninguém'
was interpreted by practically every Brazilian musician.
Enjoy the Bossa Nova of Carlos Lyra.


1 Chora tua tristeza
2 Ciume
3 Barquinho de papel
4 Rapaz de bem
5 Só mesmo do amor
6 Gosto de você
7 Quando chegares
8 Maria Ninguém
9 Cançao do olhar amado
10 O bem do amor
11 Menina
12 Sem saudade de você

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roberto Torres y sus Caminantes - Estan en Buenas Manos, Salsoul 1977

Times they are changing, nowadays you'd never see an artist
on the cover of his or her CD with a burning cigarette in
their hands. In 1977 this was the most normal thing, and why not ?
Smoking didn't effect Roberto Torres' voice, and if it did, it made it
more attractive to my opinion. Later on Torres was known for his
charanga vallenato but on this album he spoils us with some sweet
salsa. Listen to Roberto Torres y sus Caminantes.


1 Rapsodia en el solar
2 Que me den de tu salsa
3 No me avergüenzo
4 Los caminantes
5 Y yo lo se
6 Chachareo
7 Dejame en la esquina
8 Cuando tu me quieras
9 Por las cosas de la vida

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