Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kyerematen Atwedie Stars - Faye Me Nkoa,
Ambassador Records MFG Co. (Ghana ) Ltd.

Second album of Kyerematen Atwedie on this page, first one is here .
This is the type of highlife I like best, original Ghana pressing
on the great Ambassador label. I'm sure it will light up your
sunday as it has done with mine already. Enjoy !
By the way, did you see he shows of the same shoes as the
guys on the cover of S.B.B. du Congo do ? is this also from 1975 ?


1 Ketewabiara nsua
2 Abrabo ye bokoo
3 Opete kwaakye
4 Faye me nkoa
5 Ababayere kwasi
6 Woara na wobeko
7 Odasani hwe wo ho yie



Gonzalez on Speed said...

Superb exciting rhythms to start this Sunday Moos!
Also heavy snowfall up here. Very beautiful sight but I ain't going anywhere!
Only to the supermarket .. I will put this record on my Ipod
to walk through the "shopping lanes". I have nothing against
Christmas but these tunes like "Silent night" or "Rudolph the red nose rendeer" they get out of the supermarket-speakers every year really pisses me off and makes me
get the hell out of there as soon as possible. With this record it's "fun-shopping" for sure!!

Akwaboa said...

A great album by one of my favorite bands.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Keep the Ghana stuff coming, so hard to come by this music and so greatly appreciated! Thank you for not hoarding like most other bloggers of West African music. This is what it's all about... sharing and spreading the word. Every album you post makes the world a bit smaller. Your site is the best of it's kind, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great. And I love the "I Go Die for You" album you posted a while back. One of the best, I think.

Thank you!