Friday, December 4, 2009

African System International,
Rogers All Stars 1983

We have seen two albums by African System Orchestra, one from
1978 and one from 1981. I am affraid to make the same mistake
again so is this the same band in a later stage or another band ?
I truly don't know, you tell me.


1 Amina
2 Selika
3 Babilons
4 Bolingo



Daniel said...

Hi Moos,
First, I want to thank you for all the music you've been sharing - you have a great collection and you are very generous! Regarding African System Orchestra, they have more than two LPs. I have the following - "Bad Friend", "Fine Country", "Canon Kda Kum", "Sa Majeste Bokassa 1er" and "God Help Me". These were all released during the late 70s to early 80s, and I think they have at least one more release. I have the LP you posted, by African System International, but I don't know anything about them. I suspect they are an offshoot of African System Orchestra as they sound very similar.

ReeBee said...

Sorry but you know where I can find something of
"the sahara all stars of jos"?

moos said...

I am very sorry Reebee,

I am not familiar with that group, I took a look at your page and am very much impressed by your drawings, absolutely great.
Big compliments !

Africolombia said...

I think they're the same orchestra, African System Orchestra.

Moos thanks for the album,

I think these album along with "Bad friend" was arrived first came to Colombia by Cartagena.

ReeBee said...

Moos thanks for the compliments.
Your blog for me is vital!

The Sahara All Stars of Jos appear on the compilation of SoundWay Nigeria especially with the beautiful song Feso Jaiye and also on the compilation Nigeria 70.

Someone knows something?

Moos take a look at

moos said...

Very nice Reebee, I've just linked you guys at the GG.
Keep up..

ReeBee said...

thank Moos!!

Dan said...

thanks for the album!

Does anyone know where in Africa this group is from?

moos said...

If you look at the label Dan, which is under the post, you see Nigeria, check ?

LeFranck said...

I know I'm posting in an old post but I have to.
If both African System Orchestra and African System International is from Nigeria, why are they singing in Lingala? I need to find that out.