Sunday, September 27, 2009

African Brothers Band International, led by Nana Kwame
Ampadu I - Abortion, Jayjay Records

Although this cover looks very vague and worn out, we got us a real
nice gem here. The more I regret to tell you, track number 2 opens with
a disturbing hiss. I washed it several times and it looks clean but still.
Class A Highlife nevertheless, you wouldn't want to miss.


1 Araba Lucy
2 Adjoa nyarko
3 Eye Akwantu
4 Abortion
5 Ase do wo

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icastico said...

A great record.
Also available at

moos said...


Perrata 2000 said...
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moos said...

I am sorry but that Ikenga album was already posted here..still good to see you Perrata