Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trio N' Yo.Bi.We du Clan Langa Langa - Bilombe Bakutani

Zaiko Langa Langa, who started in 1969, never was a solid group. Musicians
came and went and the band did not really have one leader. When, late
seventies, the group started to fall apart, a whole range of new groups
appeared. One of these is Trio N'Yo.Bi.We of which we have an album here.
Formed around N'Yoka Longo, Bimi Ombalé and Papa Wemba,
this band created a poppy Congolese sound.


1 Lomami
2 Ami mondzo
3 Loli-Andi
4 Anoda cherie A.

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Dear visitor,
Due to a major disagreement with my provider, I am forced to change
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I can make some posts from my work but there will be less than normal.
Hopefully my new connection will work soon, meanwhile a little patience
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soukousman said...

Thanks for this album, one of the best Zaiko sessions with Beniko Popolipo on Solo. I look forward to more Zaiko, Franco, 80's session stuff

Anonymous said...

Thank you Moos! Amazing music on this album. Apurva from Pune, India

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to take a break. As someone who's been ripping LPs, I have an idea of how much time the process takes. Thanks for all the music.


Anonymous said...

Please share some of the stuff you have ripped.
Moos you ar great continue ripping the stuff!
And sharing!
If these Lps were available I would buy them.

jingle said...

Seems very interesting
will check it

moos said...

As many of you might know, bad luck never comes alone. First I loose my internetconnection, it will take another week before I am back on track. Then I had a bad clam ( oyster ) that almost killed me. I am recovering slowly now. Let me tell you, that stuff can be poisonous as hell. Anyway, it will take a little more time for me to get back, meanwhile I'll squeeze one or two albums through to you.
Patience my friends, only patience can save us.