Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tante Leen - Successen, His Master's Voice 1965

Last oktober I posted an album by a dear artist from Amsterdam,
the city of my ancestors. Johnny Jordaan is still a hero of the
old days and has sentimental value to me. He used to sing with
this fine lady. Tante Leen and Johnny Jordaan are unforgettable
and there's even a Johnny Jordaan Plein ( square ). Funny enough
I bought this LP today in Utrecht instead of Amsterdam. The music
is typical for the 'Jordaan', an area in old Amsterdam. Music quite
different from what you're used to find here. Tante Leen had her own
little café where she used to sing for the public, the only day she
didn't sing was when Ajax played at home. Every fortnight on sunday she
was in the Ajax football stadium cheering for her club.


1 Mijn ouwe Amstelstad
2 Oh Johnny
3 Wanneer
4 Ik ben zo verliefd
5 Hand in hand
6 Ik kan vergeten
7 Aan de Amsterdamse grachten
8 Waarom wil je niets meer van me weten
9 De oude straatmuzikant
10 Mijn jongen
11 Kijk mij eens aan
12 Op die ouwe Nieuwendijk

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Gonzalez on Speed said...

you will get computer problems if you post "tante leen" ...
greetings from Rotterdam

moos said...

Ha ha, Hey Gonzalez, I posted this one especially to get you to comment on it. Good to hear you're still there..

doctor_spock said...

goed hoor om tante leen tussen al die andere fantastische muziek te vinden

E De Grave said...

ha! dus toch hallo holland m
denkl je iets ver te halen...
met vriendelijke groet van