Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sonora Matancera presenta a Daniel Santos, Tropical 1950

La Sonora Matancera is a group that played with almost every great latin
singer from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominicans. This fine LP is with
Puerto Rican hero 'Daniel Santos'. He was the most delightful singer,
loved by many. It is from 1950 and brings a few cracks but for
it's age, some 59 years, I think it sounds swell. Enjoy Daniel Santos.


1 A la buena de dios
2 Amnistia
3 Asi- asi
4 Celos con Lola
5 Como me da la gana
6 Moñito
7 El bobo de la yuca
8 El granito de maiz
9 Siempre contigo
10 Mambo pide la gente
11 Amor de ayer
12 Escribeme

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Roxana27 said...

some of the songs with daniel santos are not included in other compilations... and i feel very happy to see them here!! }}}}}{{{{{

Anonymous said...

Actually sounds great for its age. Love the campy "Amor de Ayer". Many thanks for this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you