Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sekou Batourou Kouyate et sa Cora, Disques Kouma 1976

From Mali this is Sekou Batourou Kouyate. He was the world's greatest
cora player of all time according to Worldservice.
Strictly instrumental cora album, very relaxed.


1 Mamaya
2 Soundiata
3 Alla lake
4 Toutou
5 Mari
6 Toutou

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moos said...

Hello groovers out there, 182 downloads and not one comment ?
That is not very kind !

NGONI said...

MOOS,is not ungrateful, this spring are blooming so many post, so interesting that we are too busy listening.
(Sorry,but the truth is also,that it seems difficult to me, to talk to a dog.)

For me it is fantastic, letting me carry for a kora and leave the world around me, especially in the instrumental version.

Thank you very much for extending the worldservice proposed.

Momo said...

Great album to listen in the middle of the night!
Hey Moos,182 downloads without comment is not cool at all.

Groovers should start thinking about leaving at least a simple "thx" for your work and the time you spend looking for theses wonderful LPs.
Or show at their support for blog


Tone said...


Anonymous said...

Let me register my appreciation, 1 year later notwithstanding. I am busy enjoying the gems you post. The only shame is that I came to learn of this wonderful blog this year!


NGONI said...

Batourou in cassette format ¡¡

Anonymous said...

infinite thanks for this. this man is an absolute master and this surely stands as one of the best kora albums ever recorded.

Anonymous said...

i thank you for this a thousand times, again and again