Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Segun Adewale - Ase, S.A.Records 1983

I received a request some time ago for more Sir Shina Adewale, this
is Segun Adewale without Sir Shina Peters. I am not so sure I understand
the lyrics, the music however answers exactly to my critical taste.
On special request, this
is Segun Adewale.


1 Nigeria
- Kenimani
- Emi igberaga
- Jesu loba iye
- Halleluya
2 Owo ni gbongbo ese
- Eleyo e yo
- Ase
- Omo oba lo ndade

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calumbinho said...

Why? What about the lyrics?

Roxana27 said...

nigerian christian songs... excelent idea, bless

grooVemonzter said...

Greetings from Miami and a big big Thank you! Your blog always has a way to nice up my day. My little home is filled with big sounds!!

jimmy said...

thanks for sharing those great albums, I'm a great fan of Adewale...I've post a LP from them on my blog, I think it might interssed you...