Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pompon Kuleta de l'Afrisa International, KP Productions 1986

I never heard of Pompon Kuleta untill I found this LP.
Neither could I find anything usefull on te world wide web.
What I do know, this is a fine album, very nice voice and
great back up band. With Sammy Massamba, Kabassele and other
artists that do not sound familiar to me.
Check it out and get back to me if you can enlighten us
on the subject.


1 Faites attention
2 Ba souvenir
3 Bolingo lady
4 Mbula esili

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Ambiance Congo said...

Great record by a great singer. He worked with Tabu Ley in the 80s. He has since passed away. Very much missed.

moos said...

My idea David,
I liked it instantly, thanks..

Akua Frema said...

Thanks! Great album ..and I also enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work

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