Friday, March 6, 2009

Neguinho da Beija-Flor - Ofício de Puxador, CBS 1985

This morning I got a strange surprise. The Blogger Team sent me a mail
I violated other people's copyright by posting a reggae compilation
on my paralel page. When I went there to remove it ( which I always do )
I found out it was already removed. I didn't know and still don't if
this is a usual thing to happen. Have any of you collegue bloggers
ever experienced this before ? Tell me about it.

Neguinho da Beija-Flor comes in with this 1985 samba album.
Assuming it is here to stay, I can tell you it is a nice
and kind of traditional album. With the participation of
a group of experienced musicians like Wilson das Neves' rhythm
section and many others. Powerfull and smooth samba with
the strong voice of Neguinho da Beija-Flor.


1 Ofício de puxador
2 Dinheiro do pis
3 Bem melhor que você
4 Sem batismo e sem Adeus
5 Se liga doutor
6 A Deusa da passarela
7 Bom dia, melhores dias virão
8 Fim de nós
9 O homem do colarinho branco
10 Angela
11 Problema social

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Olavo di Txada said...

yes, this has been reported from others - the google team parenting more than they should, and fast! consider wordpress?

Anonymous said...

isnt there usually a warning before the stormtroopers of death and censor step in(march/goosestep)?

moos said...

that's what I thought..

Roxana27 said...

- now i'm getting hot... the blogger team pusseaters must mind their own business, this is a community of friends with non-profit purposes and they seems to be out of the history...
- thanks for the music, maxim respect for every good project :*

moos said...

thanks guys,
let's see it like this,
the challenge to stay ahead of trouble sharpens our pencils.
keep it cool and blog on,
the future is ours..

grooVemonzter said...

Greetings Global Groove and thank you always for your great post!

I haven't had anything taken down by google (yet) but I've had several videos taken down at youtube. They don't give any warning either. Just the video is gone and a message saying the video broke some rule. It's their site so I can't complain. But it is frustrating.

Please don't let this stop you from posting. We all appreciate your post. Some of the best music on blogspot is right here.

PS... If you have any more Sir Shina Adewale music it would be a blessing.