Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa, AIT / RAS 1977

Another Lp by the great Ikenga, some time ago we had an album
by them without title too. These guys are completely cool, such
hypnotic highlife. The Ikenga Super Stars of Africa, led by Victor
Okoroego, weigh in here with a funky slice of Ikwokilikwo. The
Ikengas were born in 1973 as "The Nkengas" when they split from
bandleader Osita Osadebe, in the process read_more


1 Ikenga go marry me
2 Ikenga in Africa

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icastico said...

Love it.

trumpetaaa said...

wonderful !!! thx thx thanx

david said...

fantastic post....found a copy of this on vinyl awhile back and it's a pretty sweet record. thanks for sharing