Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eddy Gustave - Merengues 1, Eddy'Son

Saxophone player Eddy Gustave is from Guadeloupe. He started his own label
in Paris where he produced lots of Congolese music of which plenty examples
on this page. Surrounded by all these great African musicians he made this
instrumental Merengue album. I don't know in what year.
If you can tell us, please do. Sweet stuff by the great Eddy Gustave.


1 A bailar merengue
2 Merengue Harengue
3 Celedonio
4 Juanita - Morel
5 Hora de carnaval

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avocado kid said...

sounds like a nice one!

Anonymous said...

Great post! A local (NY area) radio dj played a medley with an old calypso by Gustave recently, It would be funny if its on this record.



honkyfish.com said...

thanks for all thos great records ! your feed our souls :)