Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meireles e sua Orquestra - Brazilian Beat vol. 2, London 1967

If you like a good Brazilian Beat, this is the thing for you.
Meireles' orquestra was famous for it's renditions of popular
Brazilian numbers. Although it ends with a couple of songs
I heard a few times too much, this is a great album.
It's been recorded 42 years ago and sounds as if it was yesterday.


1 Ritmo
2 Madureira chorou
3 Nêga do cabelo duro
4 Praça onze
5 Máscara negra
6 A banda
7 Marchinha no grande galo
8 Allah-la-ô
9 Cidade maravilhosa
10 Mas que nada
11 Garôta de Ipanema
12 Desafinado

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moos said...

Oi Nelinho, I received your message, thanks.
I made a wrong click and removed it by accident. sorry, bemvindo no Global Groove... e fica ligado..

Anonymous said...

Hi Moos,

Most of the time we don't pay attention to prety things nearby.

This LP's selection with genuine batucada intro in most of its songs is something heard only in events emphasizing brazilian culture and roots.

Farther there is no carnival party without most of these tunes.

Thank you for your deference.

Carlos Alberto

flageolette said...

Thank you :)


jamz8 said...

Thanks a lot, I found it at:

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Anonymous said...


could i have a new link for this album? I rwally need praca onze!

Thank you!