Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Le Grand Maitre Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz - La Vie des Hommes, Choc Choc Choc 1986

I received some request for more Franco, 'le Grand Maitre' made
some 150 albums and I have a few left unposted. He was a real
heavyweight, not just physical (over 300 pounds at his peak),
with about 1000 songs on his name he remains one of Congo's main
artists. Favourite theme in Franco's songs was the difference
between men and women, this LP is from the period in which he
peaked on the subject. It's one of my favs with the great
voice of Malage de Lugendo, superb material.


1 La vie des hommes
2 Ida
3 Celio

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flageolette said...

Great Post!

Linked yours in the side-bar,

Best regards Moos,

ismael jr. said...

Soy asiduo visitante de tu blog y estoy buscando de Franco el LP donde esta el tema el carabine, serias amable si lo tienes en subirlo, muchisimas gracias.

Anonymous said...


I'd have to say that "Celio" is one of my favorite tracks from the last part of Franco's career. The copy I had had quite a few warts, so this is really appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Dank! Zeer mooi!!

Anonymous said...

Zeer mooi! Dank!!

Petrockstar said...

sweeeet. you, your blog, and le Grand Maitre himself all rule!